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By July 9, 2009Misc

Last night before going to bed I wrote this on the blog:

In every single case, my Wise Guide will grab both my feet (if they point in a wrong direction) and pull them back towards the wisdom of God! They are not giving me a gentle tug, they will give me a really hard dose of Biblical reality and wisdom.  She will encourage me with words from scripture, offer a prayer and send me right back to God with my problem. What a Blessing in my life.

Later in the evening, this happened:

Last night as we snuggled in bed, my seven-year-old daughter apologized for her bad behavior during the day. Earlier in the day she was disciplined for a lengthy temper tantrum when I told her that Club Penguin was no longer accessible. She earned herself 5 minutes of time out for her backtalk, until she discovered she had accumulated a 35 minute time out in her room. Angry, she kicked and pounded on the heavy mirrored doors of her bedroom closet, earning more time for her anger management.

In the evening, she wanted to apologize for saying “I wish you were dead. I wish God never made you. I wish you were not born.” I accepted he apology and explained that in anger we say hurtful things that we do not really mean. I showed my forgiveness and reminded her that I love her now and forever. I apologized for my own behavior when I became angry with her.

Continuing the conversation, my daughter then elaborated on the source of her anger. Remember, she is just 7 years old and speaks like Abigail.

“Mom, Satan grabbed hold of my feet. He walks with me all day long, holding my feet, waiting. Then he started going up my body to my stomach, past my heart and right to my mind when I was really angry. He knew I could not keep him away from my mind once I was angry. Inside my mind, Satan twisted my words and would not let me focus on God. He went back into my mouth and made me say things that I knew would hurt you. I’m sorry Mom, I know that it was wrong to let Satan past my feet. Sometimes God allows him to do that so God can show me how much I need him.”

Sisters, I am telling you that this is the Presence of the Lord our God.

If you are new in Bible Study, you’ll develop an intuition to recognize and know when God “speaks” to us.

Continue your Bible Study and Know Him.

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