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We’re just a few weeks away from starting our new Bible Study. We had so much self-discovery and fun in the last study, we’re really excited to get started with Pursuing Jesus.

There are just two simple things you’ll need to do before we start on Sept 14, 2009:

Step 1: Order your workbook- Available at LifeWay Stores

Step 2: Introduce Yourself to the group-send email to the blog author (Christine) and she’ll post your introduction (we don’t give out your email info)

You’re welcome to invite a friend, family member, coworker or someone from church. There is no minimum or maximum age requirement in this group and diversity of opinion makes the study beneficial for all.

We don’t meet in a chat room format, we simply connect using the comments feature of this blog. We redesigned the blog so its now easier to find the comment “button.”

We read at our own pace and you’re never “behind” in the study. The benefit of the online small group study is the flexibility to meet the demands of family, health and work while balancing the joy of learning the Bible.

Read and post when it works best for you! The blog authors will post daily updates, one for each day of the study. It helps if you subscribe to the email feed, then you’ll get a daily message for the current study. We do not distribute your email information.

If you have questions about the study please email Christine.

Get your book today and you’ll be ready to start Pursuing Jesus at the Bible Cafe!

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Founder and Ministry Director of the Womens Bible Cafe™ since 2009, Christine has led 60+ online Bible Studies for women. She completed a Graduate of Biblical Studies from Liberty University. She's an inspired writer, Amazon Top Reviewer and Blogger Follow on Facebook

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