What Is an Inductive Bible Study?

lifeversebooksIf you’ve purchased your workbook for our new study Pursuing More of Jesus by Anne Graham Lotz, then you may have felt an initial fear: “Where are all the fill-in-the-blanks?”

Don’t be intimidated by the simple format of the workbook. There are treasures within the study and the workbook is simply a Bible Study tool, a resource for learning more about Jesus. The first audio lesson is called a “Workshop” and contains detailed instructions on using the workbook. We’ll go over this information when we begin our Bible study.

What is an Inductive Bible Study?

“Inductive Bible Study shows you how to discover God’s Truth for yourself. The concept behind the inductive study method is to get students personally, intimately involved with the subject, observing carefully for themselves.” Source:  Precepts Ministries

What are the Basic Steps for an Inductive Bible Study?

  • Observation: What does it say?
  • Interpretation: What does it mean?
  • Application: How does the meaning apply to me?
  • Source: Christian Women Today

How do we study as a group?

Each of us will have our own observation, interpretation and application of the scripture verses in this study. We’ll be looking at the focus of the study: Pursuing More of Jesus. As we read our daily lessons, we’re observing scriptures about Jesus, interpretating the verses and applying them to our OWN lives. For example,

  • A Mom with seven kids will have a different interpretation than a pregnant Mom expecting her first baby
  • A woman facing illness or cancer will have a different interpretation than a woman training for a marathon
  • A single woman will have a different interpretation than a woman married 35 years

While the scripture verse remains consistent, the interpretation and application will be different for each woman in the study.

How do we learn?

We learn from each other by sharing our tender moments and discoveries in our workbook. We’re not encouraging a religious debate, we’re sharing our opinions. Your opinion is valuable as God speaks to your heart and reveals something you did not know. Share that with others in the group, because your words may encourage another, motivate another or give courage to another.

How much time do I need?

Your lessons will require about 45 minutes to an hour of your time, five days a week.

How much does it cost?

It depends where you buy the workbook. If you order online, the current price is $11.95 shipping. If you buy it at a Christian bookstore, you avoid the shipping costs.

The audio sessions are optional and the current price is from $3.99 a session. If you decide to buy all six sessions then your audio cost would be about $24. This is a GREAT price. I purchased the Leaders Kit and paid $199 after shipping!

What else should I know?

Pursuing More of Jesus was originally published under the name My Hearts Cry

Thomas Nelson Press is releasing a book version of Pursuing More of Jesus

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  • TAMMY says:

    I am having trouble getting the button. Could you help me with this.

  • TAMMY says:

    I’m so excited about this study. I did not realize it was an inductive
    bible study. I just purchased the The New Inductive Study Bible. This
    will be new for me. So pray for me. I need wisdom and understanding.

  • Christine says:

    The reason we’re waiting so long to start our new study to allow busy women to get through the first few weeks of school. Adjusting to carpool, teacher conferences, kids separation, etc. We wanted a little extra time for you to get into a routine so you will not fall behind in the study.

    The second reason we’re waiting is to allow some women to finish the Me, Myself and Lies Bible Study.

  • Theresa says:

    I think that this is going to be fun. Truly where else can you all study the same thing and get so many differents views, all relevant.

  • Sandra King says:

    Great post. Learning to study inductively has been the most important factor in my Christian growth. Many blessings on your study. Oh – and thanks for linking to my blog. 😀


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