butterflysmA few months ago I had a simple dream that lasted less than five seconds. In this dream, I saw a bright butterfly with orange, red and yellow wings. As I looked at the bright butterfly I heard the words “KNOW ME.” I knew that was my invitation to know Jesus and that my hearts desire was to create an intimate relationship with him.

At the conclusion of our last study Me, Myself and Lies I asked the group to help select the new Bible study and they chose Pursuing More of Jesus. Recalling my five-second butterfly dream, I followed my heart and trusted my faith. I’m in awe of the study we’re about to begin. Please join me and a few other Christian women as we begin our online study and follow our hearts towards intimacy with Jesus.

Tomorrow we start a new Bible study written by Anne Graham Lotz called “Pursuing More of Jesus.” We’re a diverse group of women with one common goal: knowing Jesus. We know Jesus when we study the word of God. We know the worldview when we watch TV, read magazines, listen to religious people who are not authentic, or follow the latest trends.

If you don’t have the workbook, join us anyway and you’ll use a notebook to record your study. We’ll dip our hearts into the word of God and read our Bibles.

To participate in this online small group Bible study for women, you’ll need to have:

Most likely you have these items, so you have no excuse for not participating in this simple study. If you’re hesitant, then start the study with a notebook to journal your thoughts-you have nothing to lose. If you enjoy the study, then dig deeper when you use the workbook and listen to the audio or video lessons by Anne Graham Lotz.

If you are new to Bible study, this is an excellent study for you. You will not be introduced to the author’s interpretation of the Bible or specific applications of the Bible, you’re simply reading and learning to understand the words of scripture. There is very little reading in this study, as we walk through the pages of scripture a verse or two each day. There is much to gain from this study as you develop a daily habit of reading your Bible and listening to the word of God.

The online Bible Cafe is a convenient study for women around the world and in any circumstance. If you are a Mom caring for a child in a hospital, this is a perfect study for you because the schedule is flexible to your needs. If you are a Grandma babysitting your six grandkids during the day, caring for your husband at night and feeling little time for Bible reading, this is a perfect study for you. If you’re busy working long hours at a job and unable to participate in a church study, or too tired after work to meet in small group, this is the right study for you. If you are a college student away from church and home, then connect with other women in this online study and stay connected to God. If you’re a new Mom feeding your child with midnight buffets, then join us from the comfort of your home computer.

You’re invited to get your Bible, a notebook and a pencil and join us in the study of Pursuing More of Jesus. Come back tomorrow or subscribe to the email feed and you’ll see where this study leads you in your walk of faith.