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FlockWelcome back to the Bible Cafe as we continue our study  Pursuing More of Jesus by Anne Graham Lotz.

Today’s Scripture Verse

The man who enters by the gate is the shepherd of his sheep. The watchman opens the gate for him, and the sheep listen to his voice. He calls his own sheep by name and leads them out. John 10:2-3

Prayer Requests

God, we ask that you speak to our hearts as we study Pursuing More of Jesus. Give each woman in this Bible study the gift of time, allowing her to read your word and reflect on its meaning. Provide her with the resources she needs- such as quiet, uninterrupted time, a willing mind and a loving heart. Let the words of scripture flow from her Bible and workbook into her heart. Thank you for revealing yourself to her with your words. Amen.

Individual Activity

Complete pages 20-21 in your workbook.

Group Activity

What did you learn from these verses? Is there a lesson you learned when you studied these words? Did you make a new discovery or remember a forgotten one? Why do you think this verse is important?

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