More of His Voice-Seminar One (Day 2)

FlockWelcome back to the Bible Cafe as we continue our study  Pursuing More of Jesus by Anne Graham Lotz.

Today’s Scripture Verse

The man who enters by the gate is the shepherd of his sheep. The watchman opens the gate for him, and the sheep listen to his voice. He calls his own sheep by name and leads them out. John 10:2-3

Prayer Requests

God, we ask that you speak to our hearts as we study Pursuing More of Jesus. Give each woman in this Bible study the gift of time, allowing her to read your word and reflect on its meaning. Provide her with the resources she needs- such as quiet, uninterrupted time, a willing mind and a loving heart. Let the words of scripture flow from her Bible and workbook into her heart. Thank you for revealing yourself to her with your words. Amen.

Individual Activity

Complete pages 20-21 in your workbook.

Group Activity

What did you learn from these verses? Is there a lesson you learned when you studied these words? Did you make a new discovery or remember a forgotten one? Why do you think this verse is important?

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  • Danielle says:

    For me, this scripture sort of changes the way I looked at the previous scripture. Previously, I’m looking at John 10:1 and thinking “The Pen” is obviously somewhere I want to be, that must be God’s kingdom.

    However, now I read John 10:2-3 and learning once I’m in “The Pen” this is something God will actually call me out of.

    For me, my major focus here is “He calls his own sheep by name and leads them out” I feel my concern should be “Will I hear him?”, “How will I know it’s him calling?”. If I am not in touch with God and he is not a regular part of my life, how will I or anyone else recognize his voice when he actually calls?

    I’m looking forward to the rest of the scriptures to see which way my they take me.

  • Charmaine says:

    It is my desire to follow him. Today I got lost in the picture on the lesson page. I just had to sit there and look at it for a long while. It spoke to me in so many ways.

  • Elena says:

    Had a slow start yesterday, but am really enjoying this format for study! Sooo thankful for technology and using the internet for something so positive and life-giving!

    The words in the Scripture that spoke to me today were at the very end…”He…leads them out”…Am I trusting Him and will I follow/obey Him when he leads me out of the safety of the pen into the unknown of what bigger things He has planned for me, or am I begging him to let me stay in the safety of the pen? Thank God that it’s a progression, He prepares us: “the watchman opens the gate” “the sheep listen” “He calls his own sheep” (these first steps are like Bible study, learning to see the open gate and listen to/recognize the voice) THEN “He…leads them out”!

  • Desiree says:

    To me, this verse says that when my heart is seeking truth, and enters to know more of God’s word, the rest of me (my mind and body) will also follow. My actions (sheep) will be in alignment with my heart and mind.

    I will seek truth and wisdom through God’s word. Every aspect of my being will follow and be led by truth.

  • Penny says:

    I had a WOW moment too. The Gatekepper, the door (gate) and the Shephard…The Tinity.. They all know my name. Thank you Jesus.

  • Looking at the “scene” and people in this verse and John Chapter 9, I identified the following:

    the sheep pen: represents the church, places of worship,the temple of the religious people in John 9, Bible study small groups

    the shepherd: the man or woman of God leading me to faith, the religious leaders in John 9

    the watchman: the holy spirit

    the sheep: believers and non believers,the blind man in John 9

    the gate: my Bible, the word of God

    I see the trinity in Jesus the Shepherd, the Watchman the Holy Spirit and in God through scriptures

  • Theresa says:

    I have read this particular scripture a few times. This time when I read it and concentrated on it, I had a WOW moment. I know that this is going to sound funny but….

    He really knows MY name!! He is going to call me through the gate when the time comes. Guess What….I am going to follow! He won’t have to call my name more then once.

    This led me to another question though. A question that I have actually been thinking about a lot lately.

    Does He know your name? Your Spouse’s? Your Kids? Your Friend’s?

    To Live It Out…..I am going to attempt to get many others name’s on his list.

    Envision it as the most hip nightclub ever. There is a bouncer and he is checking to make sure people are on the list before he lets you in. You are standing in that line with a bunch of people you know. It is finally your turn to see the bouncer. There you stand with the rest of your group. Your name is on the list, most of the people in your group are on the list but 3 or 4 aren’t. They get turned away at the door…So while we are in the HIP Club….Where do they go? What kind of party awaits them?

    Let’s Get their names on the list before it is too late!

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