When you received the Pursuing More of Jesus workbook from Lifeway, you also received a white sheet of paper with this note:

Due to printing error, the homework for Seminar Two should be as follows: (John 15:17-27), not the passage in the Participant’s Guide.

Leader, please make a copy of this worksheet for each participant to replace the pages 34-44 of the Participant’s Guide.

As a leader, I’m reading a few days ahead of the online group so I have time to write the blog posts. It was better for me to discover this now instead of Monday morning! Here are the correct scripture verses for the next week of study:

Seminar Two Verses

I’m not a fan of publication errors, especially when I have to write out the words to all these verses. Each day of the study we list “Today’s Scripture Verse” so watch the study carefully next week.

  • One solution is for you to print the verses from using the NIV translation that the author uses for this study. Cut the verses to fit into your workbook and past them on the correct days for Seminar Two.
  • Another solution is to use a notebook for Seminar Two lessons. Print the verses, paste them into the notebook, and continue the study with steps two through five.
  • You could also write each verse into your workbook on the correct page.
  • Or you can cut up the white insert with verses John 15:17-27 and paste the verses on the correct days (my favorite option)

Being Martha not Mary, I can face my frustration at this inconvenience with the knowledge that it will be over in five days and then the workbook returns to normal. If you’re Mary in spirit, then you know that its the words of scripture that matter most. Ah…sigh…learning to be like Mary takes patience. What would Mary do?

Let’s move on…Monday we begin Seminar Two and pursue more of his courage in our convictions.