anneGIf you’ve looked at the author information page in your workbook Pursuing More of Jesus by Anne Graham Lotz, then you know she has been speaking in ministry around the world for over 30 years. She is an award-winning and bestselling author of numerous books, and the mother of three children and three grandchildren. Anne was born in 1948 and is the second daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Billy Graham.

For several years Anne taught the Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) and in 1988 she founded AnGeL Minsitries, for the purpose of “reviving the heart of God’s people.” She travels and preaches worldwide as a female evangelist.

In addition to our study, Anne has published an eight-week Bible study called “I Saw the Lord.” She has also published a new book called The Magnificent Obsession. Max Lucado describes her new book as “We crave. But behind these yearnings is a deeper one- a craving for God. In these pages, Anne identifies this longing and shows us how God and only God can satisfy it.” Dr. Henry Blackaby thinks her new book “should be carefully read by all who are diligently seeking God’s will.”

Recently, Anne Graham Lotz was featured in an article by Time magazine, entitled “Billy Graham’s Daughter, Anne Graham Lotz” (Sept. 2,2009). When challenged by the Time reporter, Anne responds “Even in my own life, I’ve found that religion can be one of the greatest impediments to finding God. And by “religion,” I don’t mean “faith.” I mean rituals, creeds, traditions, and often leaders — all of our means of trying to connect with God. They can get in the way of developing a relationship with God.” Christianity Today called Anne a Relevant Maverick in an article written October 21, 2008.

With 30 years ministry experience, Anne is challenging Christians to seek authentic leaders who follow the word of God. “The only way we can discern the true from the false is to know the Shepherd’s voice-God’s Word,” she writes in Pursuing More of Jesus. She is disliked by many when she challenges other religious speakers for not speaking Biblical truth. Anne is passionate about Bible study and says “one of the primary reasons we need to be in a disciplined study of the scriptures is so we can saturate ourselves in the truth.” When you participate in her inductive Bible study, she encourages you to discover look at the words of scripture and Pursue More of Jesus.