PursuingBookWe’ve finished the final week of study for  Pursuing More of Jesus with Anne Graham Lotz! Don’t forget to fill out the summary on page 76 and create an action plan based upon this week’s study.

You’ll want to listen to the video or audio session for Session Four, Pursuing More of Jesus–  available at Lifeway for $3.99 audio download and $4.99 video download.

This was one of my favorite audio sessions from Anne Graham Lotz as she shares More of His Glory and her walk in faith.

Anne shares her personal story of being a young girl with blind faith, maturing as a woman accepting her own faith and her Mom’s journey home to Heaven. When you listen, Ann walks you through her life ans shares personal stories that will imprint your heart.

As she discusses death, Anne says:

  • Eternal life is eternal. If you could lost it, it would not be called eternal. You receive eternal life.
  • Death is when you faith becomes sight.
  • Your eyes open to the face of Jesus.

Anne continues the seminar with ideas about spending more time with Jesus. She discusses being homesick for the God she knew as a little girl, and adjusting her priorities to spend more time with Him. Her message is powerful and convincing, so please find time to listen to Session Four, Pursuing More of Jesus*

*reminder, we do not work for or are affiliated with Lifeway or Anne Graham Lotz

Blessings to all,