anneGWe’ve completed the third week of study- Seminar Three of  Pursuing More of Jesus with Anne Graham Lotz! Be sure to fill out the summary on page 60 of the workbook and design your action plan based upon this week’s study.

You’re now ready to listen to the video or audio session for Session Three, Pursuing More of Jesus–  available at Lifeway for $3.99 audio download and $4.99 video download.

Once again Anne has presented a compelling presentation, this time for the Holy Spirit. The session is about an hour long, so be prepared to spend about 90 total minutes as you pause to write notes on the study.

In this seminar you learn the Five Purposes of the Holy Spirit:

  • Wisdom of God (Counselor)
  • Comfort of God (Comforter)
  • Truth of God
  • Holiness of God
  • Another Jesus

Anne Graham Lotz grabbed my attention when she said the Holy Spirit is not:

  • an “it”
  • a dove
  • a ghost
  • a flame of fire
  • a feeling
  • an emotion
  • an ecstatic experience

She quotes scripture and gives Biblical references to the meaning and purpose of the Holy Spirit. Anne shares her personal experience of being Born Again and accepting the Holy Spirit into her life. This powerful testimony reveals how we discover our faith and we must individually accept it since “God doesn’t have any grandchildren.” Anne discusses the real meaning of “born again” and how you find it. She says “If you can’t remember when you invited Jesus or the Holy Spirit to live inside you, how do you know you did? You may forget the year, but you won’t forget when you did it. If there is doubt, revisit that decision.”

Finally, Anne shares an analogy of the Holy Spirit as a puzzle and the role he plays in our lives. When you watch this lesson, you’ll know that Holy Spirit is a “he” and not an “it.” If you’re confused, then watch or listen to the audio-the cost is $4.99 (video) or $3.99 (audio) from Lifeway.

Please post a comment about the following prayer written by Anne Graham Lotz:

  • I want more of his ___________ in my disappointment
  • I want more of his ___________in my decisions
  • I want more of his ___________ in my day
  • I want more of his ___________ in my dream
  • I want more of his ___________in my steps
  • I want more of his ___________in my sotrms
  • I want more of his ___________in my home
  • I want more of his ___________in my service
  • I want more of his ___________in my heart
  • I want more of his ___________in my life

Blessings to all,