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Welcome to the Women’s Bible Cafe, an online small group Bible study. Our next study begins on February 22, 2010 and is 5 Conversations You Must Have with Your Daughter by Vicki Courtney, a six-week study.  We’ll be participating from mid February until the Easter, the first week of April.

As a mother of two daughters, I know this study will help initiate conversations with my children. However, this study is also helpful for school teachers, Sunday school teachers, mothers of sons, grandparents, and anyone who has a conversation with a teenage girl! Everyone is invited to participate.

How to Participate

  • This is a small group study and there is no cost to join the online Bible Cafe.  You need to purchase your own workbook for the study, available from Lifeway stores. We support our ministry with sponsor ads and do not profit from this website.
  • Order the workbook version of  5 Conversations You Must Have With Your Daughter by Vicki Courtney- don’t order the book version.
  • If your order online, allow 7-10 days for shipping from the time you place the order.
  • Audio and video sessions are optional, about $4 to $3 per session you download.

Introduce Yourself

  • Your first name or a pseudo-name
  • Your state or country
  • How many children or grandchildren to you have, and how many girls

It is fun to know more about each other in the small group study, so we’d like to know the answer to this question:

What was the color of your high school prom dress?

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  • Nikki says:

    will this study be up for a while? I just found this site I would still like to go through the study I really need to do this for my girls. Thank you for letting me know. Nikki

    • Christine says:

      We never take the studies down, it will always be here and you can participate at any time. Just read your workbook, then come here and post your thoughts for discussion.

  • Melissa Adams says:

    Hey Ladies. I’m Melissa, Mom of 6 with 4 daughters (18, 17, 13, and 11) and two boys (8 & 5). I read Vicky’s book back in the summer and am seeking to lead a bible study in our church. Prom dress.. light pink! :0)

  • Fiona says:

    Hi, I’m Fiona from Oregon and I have two daughters, 11 and 4. I’ve heard really good things about this book. This is first online book study.

  • Stephanie says:

    Hi, my name is Stephanie. I from small town near FT.Worth TX. I have 3 daughters 21yrs 20yrs 15yrs. My older 2 are only 10mths apart, born in the same yr. I have 2 grand daughters as well 2yrs 4yrs. Nice to meet you all.

  • Melinda says:

    My name is Melinda & I’m from Texas. My baby girl just turned 10.

  • Shelly says:

    Hi everyone, I am from Mississippi. My daughters are 20 and almost 16. This study looked interesting to me as did the idea of doing it online. Thanks for this opportunity.

  • Melissa says:

    Christine, I just have a question: Why did you ask that we buy the workbook and not the book version. Thanks.

    • Christine says:

      The workbook is written with a daily bible study and daily lessons. Please look at the link to see a sample lesson from the workbook. The original book does not include a bible study, you can look inside the pages on Amazon. Click the link and then under the book photo, click “search inside this book.” You’ll see that the books are NOT the same. Be careful on Amazon, the are calling the book a “Bible study.” Look for the words “THE BIBLE STUDY” on the book cover, and you know that is the correct book for this study.

  • Jackie says:

    Hello – My name is Jackie. I’m from Staten Island NY and I have a 18 year old boy. I currently live with my domestic spouse who has four grown daughters and two grand-daughters. Two live with us, one is in College and the oldest lives on her own with her husband and baby. It’s been overwhelming since our families blended,dealing with different attitudes and not knowing how to address the girls since they are not mine. I’m a born again christian and God is my strength to deal with it all. I am looking forward to the weekly bible study. Thanks for this great site.

  • Christine says:

    I’m Christine, I am from California near San Francisco. I have two daughters ages 8 and 11. My prom dress was this really ugly green…not lime green, but close. Maybe we should dig out our prom photos, post them here and then you can see my Farrah hair that matched my prom dress!

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