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Since we often incorporate music into our womens Bible study, we welcomed the opportunity to interview Adie for her new album Just You and Me.  We’re excited to share this interview with our readers, as well as giveaway a CD version of Just You and Me. Her new album is available in stores on March 9th, 2010.

Just You and Me-Adie Camp

Adie Camp is a singer, worship leader, homeschooling mom and wife of recording artist Jeremy Camp. She was raised in South Africa, and spent time as a worship leader in Nashville. Today Adie is focused on spending alone time with God, and helping her family live as intentionally as possible through Speaking Louder Ministries.

While her daily life is overflowing with activity, Adie keeps her focus on God, and says “ultimately at the end of the day it’s our relationship with the Lord and our heart toward Him that really is the most important thing.” Her family finds balance by homeschooling, allowing the family to stay together, even when Mom and Dad are on tour sharing the news of the Lord.

In defining her strength, Adie replies “We all have our struggles. We all have our bad days. As a mom sometimes you feel like you’re going crazy. In that, I hope I can encourage people to just go to the Lord. For me as a mom there’s no way I could do it unless I work on my relationship with the Lord on a day-to-day basis. It’s like plugging into your power supply. It’s like I’ve got to charge all the way up before I can handle the day and do ministry alongside Jeremy.”

God’s presence is the driving theme behind her new album Just You and Me. The last track on the album, Only You, is Adie’s favorite as she uses her voice in praise to God. Another song on the album reflects her intimate moment with God, as she miscarried her second trimester baby, and found comfort in His Presence. Her words “Oh God I need you/ I need you here with me/I know you hear me/ You’re my shelter in the storm” from the song Shelter, are symbolic of the strength she found by trusting Him.

As I listened to the music, I found myself reflecting on the Lord and my personal relationship with Him. Soon I found my own daughters listening to the music, asking me to replay certain songs and mentioning them by name. Just You and Me by Adie has now become a “carpool favorite” as I listen with my children. Adies’s music has inspired some insightful family discussions about God!

Bible Cafe Conversation with Adie Camp

When I listen to Christian radio, often I hear specific words that touch my heart at the EXACT time I need to hear it. Many people would benefit from music like yours, yet are unaware it exists. Living near San Francisco, we have access to ONE Christian radio station, supported by the listeners. Do you see Christian music crossing over into mainstream radio stations?

Adie: I wish it would more, because I think it would be so amazing to be able to get the message of hope out to people, especially those who need it the most.  It seems like in years past that it’s hard for Christians to get their songs out there, especially without having to change lyrical content. I think Christian music is stylistically more relevant than it’s ever been and so we would love to see it happen more.

What if we could organize one million to worship at the same time, using social media such as Twitter? How might God react? How would Christian Music business react?

Adie: It depends what you mean by ‘worship’. Sometimes I think it might make more of a difference to us than to God, since He always sees the condition of our hearts and He’s out of time anyway and there may be a million people worshipping Him as we speak. But I definitely think it would be magnificent and I look forward to the day when we’re all in heaven together doing just that! It would have to be powerful and life-changing if we all got together to worship the Lord!

At the Bible Café, we have a group of women who study together from around the country. Many are not comfortable with church small groups, or find them inconvenient for several reasons. What does the ability to organize people without geographical bounds mean to worship, and to fellowship?

Adie: I think it’s great that they have a place to go where they do feel comfortable to learn more about the Lord. I think media is playing a much larger role than ever before in connecting people. Although I believe fellowship is very important, an intimate relationship with the Lord is more important than anything and that comes from one on one time with Him anyway…

When I listen to your music, I hear many scripture verses inside the lyrics. Is there a particular scripture verse that you would identify as your life verse, or one that stands out more than the others for you. Why is this verse meaningful?

Adie: That’s a tough question for me. I’ve never really been one to have a life verse, I have many verses that I cling to. I feel like God has given me different key verse at different time in my life and to choose one over the other is a tough choice. 😉 I will say that I love Proverbs though and I read them almost every day. I could never stop asking God to give me wisdom and understanding. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths.” Proverbs 3:4-6

I received a pre-released version and a free copy of Adie’s new CD Just You and Me for giveaway at the Womens Bible Cafe. Thank you Adie and Overture Media!

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How do you spend one-on-one time with the Lord?

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  • Gretchen Flores says:

    I spend my quiet time randomly since I have small children. Today I did it early before they woke up. Other days I try to escape while they are playing. I read a passage of scripture, praise God, repent,and submit my requests.

  • Suzanne Arroyo says:

    I love spending one on one time with my Maker out running in the morning. I realy feel Him talk to me through His beautiful creation. He speaks to me sometimes through very cool parables that I love to share with others. Or I just feel His presense and He fills me with His peace and joy.

  • Jill says:

    following adie on twitter

  • Jill says:

    I became a facebook fan

  • Jill says:

    I retweeted the giveaway.

  • Marie says:

    The best time for me for devotions is right when I wake up in the morning otherwise I get too busy and forget or I’m so tired I fall asleep. Recently God led me to read Isaiah 40 every Sunday morning. It is amazing how every time I read that chapter I see something I never saw before. I love to go for walks and listen to the birds, especially early in the morning right after sunrise. I call it “God’s Morning Song”. It’s usually very quiet at that time of day so it’s easier to listen to God’s voice. I find it very refreshing and energizing.

  • Andrea says:

    With a 3month old, it can be hard to have a regular quiet time so I try to make my entire day a time of worship. As we go for walks, I try to pray for the neighbours, as the baby sleeps, I try to put on worship music and as I read blogs, I try to be in prayer for the authors and their needs.

  • I have heard Adie sing before, but just on you-tube. I finally saw her and Jeremy in Valparaiso, IN and I wished she would have sang more. She has an angellic voice and a beautiful heart for the Lord. I spend my time with God reading his word or listening to Christian music (usually Jeremy Camp) while I go for a walk and enjoy our Lord’s beautiful creation. Adie, thank you for sharing your heart and for being a positive role model as a mom and wife. God Bless You!!!!

  • janice knezevich says:

    I spend time with god every morning and every afternoon on my way to work and on my way home listening to Smile Fm radio and singing at the top of my lungs to him (God). I also spend alone time with God in the evening I tell my husband Iam going to the bedroom to spend time with God, he knows that means don’t bother me I am in an important meeting with my father. I close the door and read my bible or get on my knees and pray and sometimes I do both. I love my alone time with God it helps me focus on what is important in live and helps me put into prespective those things that really are not so important. It keeps me balanced and fills me up.

  • Joann says:

    I’m a fan of Adie on Facebook.

  • Joann says:

    Wonderful interview and exciting giveaway!

    I spend one-on-one time with our Lord three times each and every day: in the early AM as I offer morning prayer and read scripture, afternoon (during naps) as I read more scripture, reflect, and form a resolution, and at bedtime examine my day to celebrate my successes and to repent for my failures. Once a week, I include a one hour visit to church for adoration.

    As a mom, these steps are all necessary for me to persevere in walking the demanding path He has set before me.

  • Melody B. says:

    I spend one on one time with God in a variety of ways. My favorite way is to stop everything get outside or sit by a window and gaze at nature. I let my mind relax and allow God to speak to my heart. I also talk to Him and focus on Him whenever I’m by myself; be that the shower, driving alone or while doing laundry, etc. I try to always allow those down moments in life so that I can be with my Lord. Lately I’ve been taking moments to purposely love on God. I want Him to be the first and most important love of my life.

    Can’t wait to hear Adie’s new album.

  • Jennifer Eckert says:

    most of my alone time w/ God is spent listening to music especially while I’m alone in the car. I also do a lot of popcorn prayers for various situations through out the day but need to work on being more intentional about my prayers and about reading God’s word daily.

  • Alisha Nichols says:

    I retweeted this article

  • Alisha Nichols says:

    I am a fan of Adie on Facebook

  • Alisha Nichols says:

    I followed Adie Camp

  • Alisha Nichols says:

    For me, One-on-one time with God means Digging to his word, talking to Him in the car alone as I drive from place to place and even when I’m in public, worshiping him as i walk from one place to another.

  • Anna Price says:

    My favorite time is at night before I go to bed, when it is just God and me. It’s then that I pray for those I love and share my heart with Him and I am reminded of how good and great and gracious He is. That’s the moment I know that no matter what’s going on in life’s craziness that I have hope. My heart belongs to Him and that’s the most important thing. As I focus on Him, everything else will fall into place.

  • Jeri Taira says:

    I love early mornings. It’s my time to be reminded that He’s in charge of everything and I can rest in that. That He’s gonna be with me all day long in every situation and He’ll give me everything I need just when I need it. Throughout the day, I like taking short praise or prayer moments. It’s like my shot of espresso. Those short moments are still of high quality time with my Savior….makes me smile and boosts me to go on. How awesome that we get to spend time with Jesus. How awesome.

    We just recently started a new thing. When my husband comes home we all do our hellos and how was your day? He takes our dog on the back deck and has his quiet time with God. Sometimes I join him, sometimes I can tell he could use the sweet quiet so I let him have that time.

  • April Crandall says:

    I have to say that I should make more one on one time with God but I find that most of my time spent with the Lord is when I am listening to music. I love music and it helps me focus souly on him. I had the pleasure of seeing Adie in concert 13 days ago in my home town of Valparaiso Indiana. The songs she sang touched my heart and I just cried and cried, it was beautiful.

  • Kathy says:

    I have heard Adie in concert before and get the pleasure of hearing her again this weekend! It will be awesome. In the last year I have really been working on my alone time with God and find in the evening before I go to bed works for me. I listen to Christian music all day and that is a great opportunity to be so close to the Lord too. Thanks for sharing this great article.

  • Leann Cooper says:

    In response to Adie’s comments on one on one time with God, I of course read the Bible and pray. But being a visual artist, i also enjoy time with God as I use the gift He has given me! =)

  • Beth Gillihan says:

    I usually spend my one on one time with the Lord right before bed when the kids and my husband are all in bed and everything is quiet. My youngest starts kindergarden in the fall and hopefully I will be able to have more quiet time with Him!

  • Theresa says:

    Oh …I am not entering the Giveaway!! I just wanted everyone to know how amazing she is…..Give Danielle my entry. 😉

  • Theresa says:

    Been a fan of Adie for years. I got the great pleasure of seeing her in concert. I fell in love with her then. My girlfriend and I ran to the lobby and bought her CD. It is one of Hope’s favorites. As soon as Christian put it on presale I bought it. It should be delivered any day now!! Can’t wait!!!

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