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By March 25, 2010Misc

studythebibleAs we finish two Bible studies this week, Discerning the Voice of God and 5 Conversations You Must Have with Your Daughter, we’re starting to plan ahead for our next online Bible study. As always, we’d like you input and suggestions for study. Tell us what you’d like to see at the Women’s Bible Cafe.

Let’s think about:

  • Is there a study going on at your church you’re interested in,  but unable to attend because of the time frame?
  • Was there is a study you missed in church small group, because you were participating in a different study at the time?
  • Did a friend seem really excited about a specific bible study, and you’d like to take it too?
  • Did you listen to a speaker at a womens conference and now you’d like to read her Bible study?
  • Is there a specific subject or concern that you’ve been praying about, and a corresponding Bible study?

Let’s gather our thoughts here at the Women’s Bible Cafe and start working on ideas for the next study. Please make your suggestions below…

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Founder and Ministry Director of the Womens Bible Cafe™ since 2009, Christine has led 60+ online Bible Studies for women. She completed a Graduate of Biblical Studies from Liberty University. She's an inspired writer, Amazon Top Reviewer and Blogger Follow on Facebook

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  • Lisa says:

    I would love to do a study about deepening my prayer life…not sure what is out there on this subject. I love church, love reading the Bible, love small group — but I struggle with personal prayer…

  • Karla says:

    I stumbled accross your site and find it very interesting. I look forward to anything you may be doing. I would be interested in Beth Moore’s Daniel but maybe you already done that in the past. But I am up for anything!!

  • Sandi Wood says:

    I really liked Priscilla Shirer’s study. I would be interested in something from Kay Arthur, Anne Lotz or Priscilla Shirer.

  • Tonesha says:

    I am interested in becoming part of one of the studies. How do I get started??

    • Christine says:

      Subscribe to the email link (top of the page, right side). As soon as we select a new study, you’ll be notified by email. Welcome!

  • Susan says:

    Hmmm . . not sure, I really enjoyed Beth Moore and this Priscilla Shirer. what about one of the Shelia Walsh books? I planned on doing the Anne Graham Lotz one, but was invovled in another study at the time. I know that whatever is picked, I’ll be joining you! I’ve gotten a lot out of these studies – -thank you for making the time to lead us! You are a blessing in my life!

  • Nicole says:

    being new to bible study groups, i’m not sure whats out there as in authors. But always in for a deeper relationship with Christ. I’m hoping to piggy back on the last of the Breaking Free (from when I didn’t finish Lesson 8.5)

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