Through God’s Eyes

By March 23, 2010Misc

john109Do you see hurting people through God’s eyes? Think about the people that trust you enough to ask for prayer, as they share intimate stories of hurt, betrayal, fear and loss. These are the people God sees. When you look at the prayers through the eyes of God…you understand how much incredible pain God feels for His children.

  • Pain for their suffering
  • Pain for their hurt
  • Pain for their fear
  • Pain for their betrayal
  • Pain for their sin

Through the eyes of God, so much pain. He sees and He cares, so He sent Jesus to earth.

God knows we are desperate children and He needed to prove His unyielding love.

God knows that His children are lost…and like any loving parent…He will seek His children to the ends of the earth until they are found.

  • When you seek comfort…do you look for food or addictions
  • When you seek strength…do you call on your friends
  • When you seek healing….do you read the latest self-help books
  • When you seek courage…do you look for revenge

God sees His children…and He sees them reject and turn away from His healing love, His comfort and His strength.

Yet He patiently waits for His children.

He is the life…the air that we need to breathe…..

Just take a moment today and BREATHE.

May the Presence of the Father live inside you.

God loves His children.

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