From Serpent to Cross

By April 3, 2010Misc

Serpent in the BibleWhere does God want you to be? Looking at your life, today, are you sitting with the serpent listening to his lies, or standing at the cross in praise of the Father. This became important to me and I want to share it with you as well.

Nine years ago, I was sitting with the serpent, following a worldly view and ignoring God. So He got my attention through a Season of Grief. During that season, I started seeking Him and turning to Him for comfort and hope.

In this Journey, I started listening to God.

I found myself where God wanted me to be, not where I wanted to be.

In this Journey, I’ve been placed in situations that are outside my comfort zone, but inside God’s comfort zone. He has a plan for me.

A few times I’ve argued with Him….debated with Him…and then thanked Him for being right, when I was wrong.

I know My Father.

Today I listen, I seek His advice, I thrive in His love and I seek ways to honor Him.

Where are you sitting, today.

Is there a serpent by your side…or a Father who loves you so much He died on the cross for your sins.

Accept His love.

At the cross.


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