Grieving Grandpa

By April 10, 2010Misc

GrandpaAs I remember my Grandpa today, one year after his death, I realize that I’m grieving twice. You see, Grandpa died last year on Good Friday. As expected, this year on Good Friday I was remembering two deaths, Grandpa and Jesus.

Grandpa was not a believer of Christ. He often used the name of Christ as a cuss word. Grandpa was a World War Two veteran, served many months on a submarine, and later was a prison guard. One of his prison guard duties was to escort Charles Manson to his doctor appointments. Grandpa was not a believer.

He lived in a house with a devoted Lutheran wife. He and Grandma met when they were 14 years old, married at 16 years old and stayed together until his death last year.

At his memorial service, the chapel was filled with a family of believers. We spoke of Grandpa’s legacy and we cried tears for Grandma’s loss. Grandpa sternly warned us that he did not want a celebration after he died, saying he “hated people who drank and ate and had a party after someone dies.” Grandpa was not a believer. He feared death and was too stubborn to listen to those who believed.

Grandpa’s last words on April 10, 2009 were cussing God.

I grieve my Grandpa today because he did not know the most powerful love of all: Christ.

Grandpa loved children, especially little girls like me. He wanted the world for me, never angered at me, was patient with me and loved me with his heart and soul.

I wanted that for Grandpa, too.

Today I grieve that Grandpa did not know Christ.

I pray that you will know God’s unfailing love, experiencing peace and lack of fear. My Grandpa’s legacy motivates me to lead each of you in Bible study.  On the day you die, may it be a celebration of life and a hope for your future. May you rise with t he King and be embraced by His love. May your last breath be “into your arms I welcome your love, Father God.”

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  • Anonymous says:

    Sweet picture of your grandparents. I was always so envious of other kids who had grandfathers when I was growing up. My maternal Grandpa died when I was five and I was not allowed to know my paternal grandpa because he was an alcoholic and my Father had nothing to do with him. Sounds like yours really loved you. Sad He wouldn’t receive the gift of Jesus –perhaps working as a prison guard hardened his heart making it hard for him to believe(??)-So sorry for your heartache Christine.

  • Nancy says:

    I am so sorry this has been a difficult day for you. I pray that the Lord will comfort you on this solemn anniversary and bring peace to you in the days ahead.

  • Nicole says:

    I’m so sorry that your grampa didn’t know Christ. That’s gotta be hard on the whole family.
    This September will be 2yrs that my grampa passed away from cancer. He knew Christ. Knew that he was going home to heaven. Praised God through the pain until he could no longer speak but then I knew he was Praising God in his head.
    I’ll say a prayer for you today. I know the first year is always hard. Does it get easier? Not so sure. There are days that I still cry when I remember something. My worst fear is forgetting what he sounded like. And that will make me cry.

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