One In a Million- Session One

One in a MillionWelcome to our new Bible study…today we begin learning One in a Million: Journey to Your Promised Land by Priscilla Schirer. Priscilla is passionate about the Word of God and it is always a joy to learn through her teaching. We begin our six week bible study with session one: Shackle Free. Before we begin reading, make sure you have posted an introduction. We ask that you will pray for the women leading this Bible study and that you will pray for each other we we grow, learn and spend time with God.

We’ll begin our study today by reading week one, day one. This is found on pages 8 to 13 in the workbook. You’ll want to read today’s lesson in your workbook and tomorrow we will talk about the lesson. So for today, you are reading week one, lesson one.

Some people like the benefit of the audio and video sessions for the study. These resources are available from Lifeway, and convenient to have. If you were sitting in church small group, it usually includes the video session followed by a small group discussion. Here at the Bible Cafe, we do things differently because we are geographically separated in many time zones and countries. So we do not watch and listen together, we do this alone. We recommend the audio sessions to enhance your learning, however due to the cost, they are optional. I have enjoyed listening to the sessions with my iPhone…once I purchase mine, I download and listen several times. Charmaine mentioned the benefit of this last week, sometimes the lessons are so moving, we want a second cup!

If you want the benefit of the audio or video segments, these are the links:

Links for Session One

One in a Million Audio Session One

One in a Million Video Session One-Shackle Free

*We are not affiliated with Lifeway or Priscialla Shirer and we do not receive profits, benefits or discounted services.

If you are not listening to the audio sessions, then be sure to download the answers to the viewer guide. If there is a problem with printing, please contact Lifeway.

Begin your study today by reading week one, day one.

Peace and Grace,

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  • mrsjhagen18Julie says:

    I just started this study last Monday and am so excited to be doing another Priscilla study! I am Julie, from Aberdeen, SD. I have 2 children, 24 and 22. My husband and I have been married 25 years. Hoping to hear from more people following the study as well.

    • WBC says:

      We are currently leading two different studies now- “What Love Is” by Kelly Minter and “Covenant” by Kay Arthur.

  • Susan says:

    I haven’t heard from you this week – -so I’ve been praying you are well.
    I am excited about this study – having just heard the 2nd audio – – I know that God is with me, but to have that affirmed through the message Priscilla gave today left me in tears, and repentance that God would forgive me my fear, and asked Him to give me courage.
    So, again thank you for leading us on this journey.

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