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Welcome back to the Bible Cafe, as we discuss our first week of study. If you want to jump right into today’s discussion, go right to the end of this post and start sharing!

We have more than 150 women participating and I wanted to thank you for your comments during the study. Some women are sending their comments by email, not quite comfortable with the online format, and that’s just fine. As you’ve noticed I am holding you accountable to your study. Your participation is what matters, not how you answer the question. Last summer we learned this during our group study: “We can feel inadequate or inexperienced and even intimidated when we study together. In our own minds, we’re ‘Not Perfect’ because another person says something more spiritual or more powerful.” If this speaks to your heart, then read the full discussion we shared on Being Perfect.

We’ve just finished reading our first week of Ruth: Loss, Love and Legacy by Kelly Minter. We started our study on day one, reading about the journey Naomi took with her husband and two sons and ended our study on day five, when Naomi begins her journey home. We looked at the decision to go forward or turn back, and watched as Orpah and Ruth made their individual choices. In our study, Kelly introduces us to the concepts of weeping forward, hesed, and prolonged obedience vs willpower. Everything is working against Naomi and Ruth, and we are about to walk forward into their journey of redemption.

I enjoyed this comment that Ginny posted last week: Something that has spoken to me already is what Matthew Henry said about “leaving something isn’t always the best solution”. It’s easy to want to run when you’re in a hard place, or to just “disengage” so to speak. But that’s not always what God wants us to do. We’ll talk about this today in our group question below. Be sure to post a comment.

Enjoy this short video clip from Kelly Minter, posted on YouTube


Last week we asked you to describe your present season of life in One word. These are the words that describe our online group:

Anticipating-2, Anxious-2, Blessed-4, Busy-2, Calm-1, Checking-1, Dependent-1, Determined-1, Discouraged-1, Discovery-1, Drought-1, Exhausted-1, Fearful-2, Finding-1, Full-1, Grateful-1, Grieving-1, Growing-2, Happy-1, Healing-2, Hectic-2, Loneliness-2, Longing-1, Mourning-1, Nervous-1, Newborn-1, Overflowing-1, Overwhelmed-2, Patient-1, Recovering-1, Remission-1, Renewal-2, Restless-1, Stressed-2, Stretched-1, Suffering-1, Thankful-1, Tired-1, Transition-4, Uncertain-1, Unemployed-1, Unfocused-1, Unfulfilled-1, Unworthy-1, Well-1, Wondering-1, Worried-1, Yearning-1

Prayer Requests

We have more than 150 women participating in this study and know that each of you are unique with special prayer needs. We’d like to pray with you, so please post your prayer requests here.

Kelly Minter Quotes

  • The people had a history of turning to God during seasons of punishment but forgetting Him during seasons of prosperity.
  • Bread is always available at His table for anyone willing to return.
  • Although there will be weeping in this life, the direction in which we weep is what truly matters.
  • It’s possible to cry and walk.

New to this Study or Just Catching Up?

If you are just starting the study or catching up, here are the posts you’ll need to read:

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Group Discussion

In the workbook on page 22 Kelly Minter writes “Although there will be weeping in this life, the direction in which we weep is what truly matters.” Has a certain hardship in your life caused you to turn around in your weeping, or to weep going forward? Please share your personal experience.

***Feel free to include your own questions or responses to this week’s lesson.  You can answer the group question or post a new question in the comments below.