Summer Bible Study 3 Starts Today!

By June 22, 2010Ruth

It’s time for Summer Bible Study to begin! Welcome to the online Bible Cafe, as we launch our newest study with Beth Moore: Siesta Summer Bible Study Three. Beth Moore has posted the Siesta Summer Bible Study 3 Launch on her blog. When you visit her blog, you’ll see a 13 minute video segment to watch.

Our online group has about 125 women from more than 32 different states. Each woman participating in the study brings a unique aspect to the group, from the seasoned Bible study warrior to the first time student. As Beth says in today’s blog post “the more alike you all are, the less you may sharpen one another.” We’re all here for the same purpose: to find intimacy with God through His Word. We’ll gather here each week on Tuesday, to discuss our workbook lessons, pray for each other, and grow in faith.

Discussions are essential to our growth and learning, so be sure to post a comment. Simply go to the end of the blog post, see the discussion question, and post a comment. If you want to reply to another member in the study, hit the “reply” link below her comment. You’ll notice comments are on moderation status…because we are a women’s blog, we’ve attracted well over 3,400 spam comments! These have been filtered out of the system via comment monitoring. We update the blog many times during the day, so visit as often as you like!

Today’s Scripture

In those days Israel had no king; everyone did as he saw fit. Judges 21:25 NIV (if you click on the reference, you can translate this verse to another version using

“But blessed is the man who trusts in the LORD, whose confidence is in him. He will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream. It does not fear when heat comes; its leaves are always green. It has no worries in a year of drought and never fails to bear fruit.” The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it? “I the LORD search the heart and examine the mind, to reward a man according to his conduct, according to what his deeds deserve.” Like a partridge that hatches eggs it did not lay is the man who gains riches by unjust means. When his life is half gone, they will desert him, and in the end he will prove to be a fool. A glorious throne, exalted from the beginning, is the place of our sanctuary. O LORD, the hope of Israel, all who forsake you will be put to shame. Those who turn away from you will be written in the dust because they have forsaken the LORD, the spring of living water. Heal me, O LORD, and I will be healed;  save me and I will be saved, for you are the one I praise. Jeremiah 17:7-14


  • Write a letter to God on the inside cover of your workbook. Tell Him where you are in your life right now, and where you hope He leads you during your 6-week Bible study journey.
  • Complete the first week (Session ONE) in your workbook. We’re meeting again next Tuesday to discuss session one, and then we’ll move on to session two.
  • Contact Christine if you have any questions about the study or homework.

Group Discussion

  1. Characterize your life in this present season using ONE WORD.
  2. Share a specific goal you have this summer for being in bible study.
  3. Give specific reasons, based upon Judges 21:25, why doing what each of us sees fit at any given time could be dangerous.
  4. How does Jeremiah 17:7-14 compare or contrast to Judges 21:25?

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  • Lenell says:


    My name is Lenell and I live in Massachusetts. I’m really excited about joining this bible study. This is my first women’s bible study on-line and I’m look forward to the discusssion on Ruth. I know I’m late starting the study but I believe God will speak a word to me in this group study.

    1. Confused
    2. Goal: Closer walk with God and seeking direction for my life.
    3. Sin takes control of our lives without the Lord.
    4. God will provide us with peace and comfort and without him we are lead to sin.

  • Susan says:

    Thanks Christine for keeping me accountable.
    2.To grow in the Lord.
    3.When I let self get in the way it is usually a mess. When I trust in the Lord and wait on HIM it is always as it should be.
    4.Contrast. We need to strive for a pure heart always praying for guidence in serving HIM.

  • Micki says:

    1. Scared
    2. Trust God with ALL my heart with ALL my soul and with ALL my strength that is within me.
    3. The world is such a challange to me each and every day. I was surfing the web for a Christian womens chat room/study and found this web sight. Little confused but will learn soon how to navigate. ha. I love the Lord so much. But, right now my heart is hard, scared and angry. I have been married now for 4 years. No children, just two cute sister kittys named Joy and Faith.
    My goal is to trust God with all these trials that are going on in my life; attacks from satan, pure genuine love in my heart, exercise for good health, delivered from anxiety and depression that rules my life (not good), work and have a healed marriage with my husband. My husband is being tempted by the world and I am concerned and worried about that. Will you please pray for us? His name is mike and I am micki. We are Christians and love the Lord very very much. I am so broken and lost. I have many many mornings sitting figuring out….what do I do today?
    Thankyou to all you believers out there. I will continue to navigate this websight. Amen

    • Christine says:

      Welcome to the study Micki, I’m glad you found us! Sounds like you’re already on the path to trust the Lord heart, soul and strength (Deut 6:5) my life verse. It may help to start praying Deut 1:31 “LORD CARRY ME.” You can also find comfort in this Jeremy Camp Song- Carried Me, Footprints in the Sand: When you finish reading a week’s lesson, come here and join the group discussion. It’s okay to read behind the group, there are three other women who are just starting the study and you’re all on week one!

  • Cynthia says:

    I just came across this bible study and I don’t know the questions that are asked but, I’m desperate for the spirit of God. I want to become closer to God because He is the reason that I’m living. I have a strong thirst for Him and I don’t want His spirit to leave me. I need his Holy spirit to guide my life and point me in the right direction. I want Him to fill my cup and let it overflow with His love so that I will be a positive influence to everyone around me. I did read Jeremiah 17: 5-16 and what I gained from reading this passage is that we should put our trust in God alone. When we trust in God, we will be as trees with roots so deep that our trials and tribulaltions will not keep us from trusting in Him and because he will be our “living water,” our “leaves will stay green and we will keep producing “delicious fruit” through Him. We should not put our trust in people because we will have “no hope for the future.” God knows the depth of our hearts. He knows our secret motives therefore, we should look to Him to save us and heal us from our evil ways. We will be truly blessed if we trust Him with our lives.

  • Sari says:

    1. wounded
    2. healing and trust. Learning how to surrender completely and draw from the Bible into my own life.
    3. Without some sort of a guide line we run over each other – we neglect others and their feelings in our paths. We jump from one thing to another without a clear map for ourselves even.
    4.With guidance and the first reason for doing things we do things for love and out of love. We have a purpose-an end result.

  • Susan Severson says:

    1. Conflicted.
    2. To participate, grow, and learn! And to finish!
    3. When everyone does as they see fit, people get hurt. You cannot live life in a bubble – you must always consider how your actions affect others. The folks who live life unto themselves are often viewed as angry, petty, and dangerous. And they destroy themselves as much as their actions destroy others. God did not create us to be alone, or to live as though we are alone, or to live doing only what makes us feel good. As soon as we do what feels good to us, we injure our relationship with God. Eve was the first to test that theory!
    4. When man does what is in his heart, instead of searching for God, he leads himself into heartache and ruin. God knows the plans He has for us, and if we will only search Him, we can be assured of His peace.
    That said, I know that I often struggle with knowing if the choices I make please God! He is so often silent! That is why in this current season I am “conflicted”…I am not sure I know the next path to take…

  • Cathy says:

    1. Happy!
    2. I hope to focus on Gods Word daily and to gain a deeper understanding. I hope to become more disiplined in my study of The Word.
    3. In Judges 21:25 “everyone did as he saw fit” promotes selfishness and greed, the “whatever floats your boat” mentality that so many have today leads to chaos in the world. I see our world coming to this day by day. In Jer 17:7-14 “Blessed is the man who trust in the Lord,whose confidence is in him” put your trust in HIM and only HIM and you shall be blessed. In todays world you see you can”t trust the stock market,other people,economy but TRUST HIM and YOU shall be blessed. The WORD never fails and never returns void. Keep a pure heart. “I the Lord search the heart and examine the mind” In all your deeds do so with a pure heart. I find myself somethimes doing a good deed, because I know it’s the right thing to do, but my heart may not really be in it. I have had to ask for forgiveness many times. The two passages are total contrast. One promotes me myself an I,the other Him and Him alone!

  • Mary Sawyer says:

    1. Overwhelmed
    2. To find daily respite from stressors and a refuge where I can feel the renewing peace of God.
    3. Doing what we see fit and what we want pulls God out of the equation. We block out God when we put our wills before His. He knows what is best for us and it is for me to learn to trust Him.
    4.The two verses contrast with each other. One describes following self and the other describes following God.

  • Jackie says:

    1. Stressed
    2. To learn to listen more to Gods still small voice instead of my own.
    3. I have lived, in the past, doing what I wanted when I wanted. It does not work. I have to live my life for God and doing God’s will or I will live in a destructive state.
    4.Jeremiah tells us to live in Gods Word not in ourselves where Judges tells us we are ok doing what we want. We must however consider the consequences and I for one do not want those consequences of not living in God’s Holy Word. I want the rewards of a life everlasting with HIM who rules the heavens and will one day rule the earth.

  • Hi New Member says:

    Stress dh is having complications from his diabeties and might lose a big toe. Please pray for us. I want to do this study to meet other christian women. I love bible studies in general and really love Beth Moore. We must stay in the word and not lean on our own moral strenght. Have a great day and God bless.

  • Heather Glau says:

    1. Waiting
    2. Focus on God.
    3. We can’t live this life for ourselfs.
    4. Contrast…We need God to rule over us. Keep us grounded, focused.

  • Cindi Wilder says:

    1. Overwhelmed
    2. To begin to spend time daily with God again.
    3. Because as it says it Jeremiah 17:9 “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked…” we are headed for destruction if our wicked hearts lead the way.
    4. If we rely upon our hearts to direct us instead of the word of God we will be deceived.

  • Rosalie says:

    There are 10 ladies in our small group Bible study, meeting every other week in my home, starting on June 22nd.
    1. The gals described their life as: thankful, joyful, chaotic, frustrating, challenged,and new beginnings.
    2. Goals for the study included: accountability, grow more in love with God and His Word, to bring meaning to my summer, priority to be in God’s Word, more disciplined in studying and reading God’s Word.
    3. It’s dangerous when living for ourselves alone. It is forsaking God and being selfish. However, what God says is right.
    4. The Lord gives strength to those who are trusting in Him.

  • Mary says:

    1. Currently in my pit.
    2. To think of God’s way first before I react/act on life’s situations put before me. To put my total trust in God. His instructions are the way.
    3. “In those days Isreal had no king, everyone did as he saw fit.” It seems to me that this is what a lot of the world is turning to today and the only instruction book we have is God’s truth and we need to Know and Love Him from the bottom of our hearts and spread His word to others. In other words we need to be his diciples of today.
    4. Jeremiah 17:14 is giving us hope and showering us with His love and our reward is coming.

  • Tasha says:

    2.To allow this encounter with God to complete and fulfill me.
    3.It’s dangerous when we allow destructive behaviors and attitudes to overtake us. It destoys us.
    4.Those who intentially position themselves towards the things of God, will be unshakable.

  • 1. Determined
    2. My goal for this summer online bible study is to draw closer to God. I also want to learn more about the bible.
    3. If we have no instructions (bible) or King (God) then we do whatever we please. I feel that is very dangerous because often we do things that we want in our life that is destructive to our lives.
    4. I believe Jeremiah 17:7-14 is telling us basically if we have God as our King and we trust him then we will thrive and have no worries. What an awesome thing to know, that our Lord loves us so much. That with Him we will soar through Him in life and in the end be rewarded for our conduct.

  • Shaunda N Morrow says:

    1. One word for my life in the present season is: ANTICIPATING

    2. Goal: Allowing myself the opportunity to have a deeper understanding of God’s word and to practice applying these truths to my life. Accountability!

    3. Doing what each of US see fits says it all…it’s all Us and no God!!! Let thine will be done. We have no clue of our purpose or direction without the leadership from God our Creator. It would be like taking a road trip without a map, no direction, waste of time, wasting energy, put yourself in harms way, unecessary searching for directions, easily lead astray, exhausting and so on and so forth!

    4. Polar Opposites: Jeremiah speaks of allowing God to lead your life whereas Judges speaks of allowing Self to lead your life. Jeremiah speaks to Victory in Christ and Judges speak to Self Destruction.

  • Jerilyn says:

    1. transition
    2. Two goals for this study are to set time aside to study God’s word and be in relationship with Him that I might truly hear His direction for me.
    3. Judges 21:25- By doing only what we see fit, we focus only on our own selfish needs and do not take into account others or their feelings.
    4.The verses in Jeremiah warn of living a selfish life while also explaining that we will be taken care of if we live in God’s word. The contrast is between living in the dark (selfishly) and my living in the light (of God).

  • Lori says:

    1. Yearning
    2. My goal for being in Bible study this Summer is to come to know God
    intimately, as the only One who can ultimately fulfill all of my longings.
    3. Doing as I see fit, in my own human understanding, could lead me far away
    from God’s will. Even if I were doing something that was in itself good,
    if God had in mind for me to do something better, then I would still be
    missing out on His greatest blessings, and would not be experiencing the
    level of joy I could have if I were to fully follow His will. Not
    following His will puts me in danger of bringing God’s wrath and
    punishment upon myself. Everything I want to experience comes as a result
    of doing His will for my life.
    4. In contrast to a man who does what is right in his own eyes, there is a
    man described in Jeremiah 17 who trusts in the LORD. The man who does
    not live under God’s authority and who does not trust in Him is not
    blessed. He is punished and recompensed for His deeds, as God searches
    the heart and examines the mind. That man will be put to shame. The man
    who trusts in the LORD is blessed. He has “no worries,” and bears fruit.
    His life impacts other lives and he makes an eternal difference.
    A great contrast to Judges 21:25 (where there is no king), is Jeremiah
    17:12 — God is King here, and we see He’s been King from the beginning.
    His throne is glorious.

  • Karen says:

    2.To stay in the word of God – I love a group Bible Study and have yet to be a part of one that didn’t offer life-altering wisdom through the study of God’s word. I thirst for the knowledge and love the fellowship!
    3.As human beings, we are inherently sinful and fall short of the knowledge of God. Left to our own ways to do as we saw fit, we would no doubt make selfish decisions that would plunge us even further away from God’s voice and direction for our lives.
    4.The two verses are direct contrasts – one putting trust in ourselves (decietful), the other in the Lord (righteous and all-knowing).

  • Jodi Arnold says:

    1. Busy
    2.My goal is to stop and take the time to study God’s word every day and in doing so to provide my family with a more God centered mother and wife.
    3.It would be an even scarier world to live in if we all just did as we see fit.God always leads me in a path that is right for me a that time and place, when I do things on my own I usually fall hard.

  • Victoria Milam says:

    1. Longing
    2. I thirst to learn more. I want to dive head first into the Word and learn as much as I can. I want to become an example for those around me, especially my children. I also want to gain the strength to withstand some of the strongholds that are in my life.
    3. What we see fit doesn’t always fit into God’s plan for us. If we follow our own wants instead of His, we are setting ourselves up for the enemy to grab hold and pull us as far down as possible.
    4. Jeremiah 17:7-14 describes the great things that are awaiting those who follow the Lord’s commands and it also describes the things that await those who disobey and do as they see fit. “Blessed are those who trust in the Lord…” And I read further up in verse 5, “Cursed are those who trust in mortals…” The world will lie to you; You really shouldn’t make your own decisions; Consult the Lord, and He will lead you down the path to righteousness.

  • Renee says:

    One word: Wondering
    Goal: to stay focused on the word during the summer break
    Judges: when we choose to be in control of our lives we miss out on the destiny and purposes that God has planned for us. And we fail to experience the joy, peace and blessings of walking in God’s will. Additionally there is a snowball effect as we miss out on the divine appointments and opportunites to reach others because we fail to see them when we walk in our own will.
    Jeremiah: when we choose to follow Christ and seek His will for our lives we will still experience storms in life. But when you know that you are in His will then your circumstances will not dictate whether you bear fruit or not. In His will you will still be able to bear much fruit even when you are experiencing a storm of life. And when we are in control we may still gather riches and rewards of this world but they will not be lasting. The rewards received while walking in the center of God’s will are eternal and the kind we should be seeking.

  • Heather says:

    2.I am reading through the One Year Bible with my husband, Mark. I am so grateful for this, but I desire to personally grow closer to LORD. I am hoping to do this through this study.
    3. & 4.I don’t want to do what is “fit” in my own eyes. I desire to follow God and be like the tree planted by the water receiving the living water that Jesus has for me to learn from and apply to my life.
    The LORD has clear warnings to us in these passages about doing our own thing or what is “fit” in our own eyes. Our hearts are wicked and can deceive us as stated in Jer.17:9 if we don’t stick close to God through His Word, prayer and obedience to Him. God though also gives us great encouragement through the Jeremiah verses in our reading passage. We can be like a tree planted by the water with green leaves. We can have confidence in Him and bear fruit for Him.
    I am glad for this warning so that I might be careful not do do as I see “fit” in my own eyes, and I am greatly encouraged that if I stay close to Him I can be like that tree whose leaves are green and bear fruit even in drought.

  • Joan Tracy says:

    1. Blessed
    2. To learn more about the word of God. To understand and delve deeper into the meaning of the scripture and not just read “some words”.
    3. Humans can be very sinful. Only doing what we want can definitely lead us down the wrong path and away from God.
    4. The two scripture show opposites. Having faith and putting your trust in God leads to salvation; not having God in your life leads one astray. It would be a very empty life.

  • Sarah says:

    1. Blessed
    2. My husband just became a youth minister and I’m honestly hoping to gain some lessons from this that I can share with the girls in our youth program.
    3. I’m so different from day to day. Some days I’m faithful and praying, but other days (esp. when I’m feeling “down”) I don’t pray and I’m not following God’s word. So if I’m doing what I “see fit”, it’s going to change depending upon my mood/day.
    4. The scripture in Jeremiah tells us the consequences of doing what you see fit, both good and bad.

  • Meghann says:

    1. Healing
    2. To delve further into my Biblical studies within a study group where I can read other’s thoughts.
    3. If everyone does as they see fit, everyone will act on selfish impulses without care or empathy for anyone else. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we act to serve who/what is important: God, our family, our friends, our community, and lastly; ourselves. If we care and provide for others, God will provide others to care for us.
    4. Therefore; as stated in Jer 17, trust in the Lord brings His children everything they need. To serve yourself is to trust in yourself; and you are fallible. To serve and trust the Lord is to look to one who is infallible – and who will never let you down or forsake you.
    You should not praise yourself: anything you have that is praiseworthy is because the Heavenly Father gave you that gift – He is the one to be praised.
    “Heal me, O LORD, and I will be healed; save me and I will be saved, for you are the one I praise.”

  • Tamara says:

    1. Anxious.
    2. This summer, I want to get closer to God through reading his word.
    3. My ultimate goal is to read the workbook everyday, and read the Bible along with it.
    4. Doing whatever we want to do is dangerous because we could be getting ourselves into trouble by not relying on a trusted, reliable and secure foundation. We cannot trust that we will make the right decisions based on our own judgement; our judgement has the capability of being clouded by selfish reasons, so we cannot trust that our judgement, and decisions based on these judgements, will bring good to our lives.
    5. Jeremiah 17:7-14 tells us that trusting in the Lord will always bring us peace and prosperity; there will never be a need that is not supplied. Judges 21:25 tells us that “everyone did as he saw fit.” The problem with this type of living is that everyone was left to live however they believed was acceptable, and this type of mentality promotes selfishness, greediness and a whole plethora of other sinful types of thinking. God wants His representatives to live according to His will because His will is safe, consistent and will never change. Thank you, Jesus.

  • Julie says:

    1. One word: STRESSED!
    2. Goal: Replace worry and uncertainty with God’s Word, this Bible Study!, & Prayer.
    3. Judges 21:25. We all have selfish motives, even in the name of good intentions. Focusing on God’s commandments and seeking His will provides a pathway for our walk.
    4. Jeremiah 17: 7-14. This passage is very sweet to my heart and is a source of encouragement. While I am a believer and trust in the Lord, I am experiencing a season of extreme challenge that has been causing me worry and sickness. I knew I needed to get deep into God’s Word and prayer. So, here I am. I chose this study and found this group. Little did I expect this study to hit me upside the head with a 2X4. While the Judges verse oozes chaos. The Jeremiah passage is like an oasis in a desert.

  • Shannon says:

    1) Nervous
    2) To stay focused and keep God’s word close to my heart since we are in the process of moving and not actively involved in church. Learning and allowing myself to trust God in all that is going on in our life as we make life changing (leap of faith) decisions.
    3) If I did whatever I wanted “as we see fit” would be my own personal destruction. I cannot live my life doing whatever I wish without having God to judge my actions. If my heart is filled with the spirit I am reminded constantly of his desires to try and act justly and not as I see fit in situations. Our actions are our witness to others and I want God’s love justified in my heart knowing I have him as my judge.
    4) My trust is pure in what God’s plan is for me. I am to follow his guide and remember to keep my eyes on Him. That what His plan is for me will bring me through the darkness and into the path of his light.

  • Jennifer Deffendall says:

    1. Busy
    2. Being closer to God, Learning about Ruth, Focus on God more, and Reading more on God
    3. It is true that everyone is worried about me and the not the big picture. People need to be reminded that we all need to work together not separate. Being on our own is not working so why don’t we just start listing instead of interrupting it would be better.
    4. Wow, that is a lot of items to go through. It tells me that we to read the bible or even listen to the bible. That is there no matter what. God is there to pick me up and encourage me when I am feeling down. God is my protector no matter what.

  • Jean says:

    1. Anticipating
    2. To grow even closer to God, that I might always hear His voice
    3. My perspective is never completely accurate. Only doing what is right in my own eyes will place me in peril. I must ask God for His wisdom and guidance.
    4.Total opposites! The verses in Jeremiah show us the way . . . when our hope is in the Lord, we will not be anxious and will not fear!

  • Judy says:

    I am a little late getting started also. I was finishing Priscilla Shirer’s ONE IN A MILLION- a phenomenal study! Thanks for the reminder email.

    1. Stretched
    2. To remain connected to Jesus during the summer and during the changes in my family’s lives; to experience the abundant life that Jesus promises me.
    3. Society’s rules and norms have so eroded that they are almost non-existent. Therefore, if everyone did what “he saw fit”, there would be no order or law. How much better to follow God’s commands for us- the one who loves us supremely and wants the best for us!
    4. We must remain connected to God in order to know what it good and right. In that way, we will be blessed by God when we put our confidence in Him.

  • Pamela says:

    1. Healing

    2. My goal this summer is to “Be still” and know God’s perfect will!

    3. The danger in doing what is right in our own eyes is simple-OUR vision alone is flawed and tainted. The ways of man are not the ways of GOD. God’s plans for us are powerful-greater than we can imagine! However powerful plans are not easy!

    4. When we trust in the Lord we have a sanctuary that is unchanging and eternal.

  • Deanna says:

    1. Lonely
    2. Freedom (Mind & Heart)
    3. I have proven this one out way too often with my sight limited and filtered thru my own agenda,lost and wondering in circles. I find however when obedient, His ways always lead to right paths.
    4. Love that thought of a tree planted by the water or the reference in Psalms to Oaks of Righteousness…I am surrounded by massive Live Oaks that shelter and shade, ahh to be Strong, Steady and Sheltering, rooted totally in the Lord , doesn’t get any better!

  • Tamara Brown says:

    Hello, My name is Tamara Brown and I’m from Orange, VA. I am getting a rough start this week as it was my week to get chemo treatment for Hodgkins. Here are my group discussion answers.

    Group Discussion
    1. – Healing (spiritually and physically!)
    2. – begin a regular habit of bible study time and grow a stronger relationship with the Lord.
    3. -doing what we see fit at any given time has many repercussions. Leaves us open to get sucked into worldly ways by not stopping and praying on what the Holy Spirit says to do.

    4. -We have no worries when we trust/consult the Lord first according to Jeremiah 17:7- 14. Doing what we see fit as is said in Judges is too much like taking a gamble on life.

    • Christine says:

      Recommend you start your day by reading “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young. It’s a short daily devotional and centers your day in Christ.

  • EVA MARTIN says:


  • Karen says:

    My one word in this seasons of my life is: Well. It is well with my soul. I am an empty nester,losing loved ones.New grandbabies.New job.
    Things change but God doesn’t.
    My goal-Be closer to The Lord in this everchanging world.
    Their would be no order.Chaos..
    The Lord is the Glue, the peace in the midst of the storm.Trust in him he is our King, even if we do have a King.

  • Angie Cortes says:

    My name is Angie I am 42 yrs. young, I live in Orlando, FL, I am a wife and mother of 4 and two step kids, ages 24-16. Two grand babies Aniyah and Miliah by my step daughter.
    2)One word: Discovery
    3)My goal: strength in God’s word.
    1. Characterize your life in this present season using ONE WORD.
    2. Share a specific goal you have this summer for being in bible study.
    To continue to discern things in my life and understand how God wants my life to be. I stay more focused and in tune with my life where without the Word I am out of focus and I put my life issues on the back burner.

    3. Give specific reasons, based upon Judges 21:25, why doing what each of us sees fit at any given time could be dangerous.

    We don’t know what God has in store for us and when we aren’t in line with God’s plans our lives are a wreck. We can’t do
    whatever we feel like it because that isn’t what God wants for us. That doesn’t always prove to be a good thing for us
    because we aren’t always capable of making the right decisions.

  • 1. Characterize your life in this present season using HAPPY.
    2. Share a specific goal you have this summer for being in bible study: To grown even closer to God, and to learn how I can best serve Him.
    3. It can cause chaos in the world, especially in today’s world.
    4. It teaches me that in order for my life to bear fruit, I must walk with God at ALL times, not just when it is convenient for me.

  • Jess Fox says:

    Hello all,

    1. Patient
    2. Not just this summer, but need a group to study with!
    3. No law lends to lawlessness. Of course we have grace, but I, for one, need discipline to be able to experience a complete healthy walk with the Lord.
    4. I lost my job this summer. I have been in predicaments so many times in my life where the bear necessities had to be provided by God because there was no money. I KNOW I will be provided for. There are droughts many times in a person’s life. What I am learning during this time is that God has a specific place of opportunity for me. It’s exciting to see that my life is being reshaped by Him so that I may serve Him better! “The Lord is our sanctuary…” is sometimes easier to receive when you are stripped of your daily comforts.

  • Renee says:

    1. Transitional
    2. Start reading scripture and making it part of my life; not just listening to podcasts
    3. It reminds me of work. Our team of teachers is an independent team. Independence can be a good thing, but it can go too far and it causes friction. You can’t be a total island based on your desires.
    4. I am relying heavily right now on trusting the Lord to guide me In some descisions I am about to make. I always have a plan. He knows the desires of my heart so some of my plan works, but then he takes it and does it his way and then it is always so much better! Imagaine that. 😉 I want what will benefit our relationship; not take away from it.

  • Janet Whisennant says:

    1. Finding – moved to a new city: finding a house, finding a church, finding a job, finding a new hairdresser, finding my daughter starting college in August, finding 30 pounds since we moved here 3 years ago, finding menopause last year, finding God faithful through it all…
    2. My goal is to stay in the Word
    3. I missed the discussion time, but I have thoroughly enjoyed week one. So many reminders of why I need Jesus.

  • Sandi nieto says:

    1. Grateful
    2. My goal is not to be distracted but to be hungry for more of Jesus
    3. The people turned from God and began serving other gods…where today we serve our own hunger, our own desires and our own pleasures
    4. But God tells us that we are blessed if we follow Him…and to do that we must put other desires aside and truly follow where He leads

    This is going to be a great study and though I am alone in doing it, I have a heavenly Father that is with me every step!

  • Anna says:

    I know I am late posting this but our small group did not meet until Thursday night and I just now had time to get back to the computer. WE had 4 girls including myself meet Thursday night.
    1. our “word” for our present seasons were “grace, blessed, protected, and stretched.
    2. Our Goals were: growth and sharing, more time in the Word, and Not slowing down (in the Word)just because it is summer.
    3. Our discussion on Judges 21:25 brought out thoughts of confusion, mass amounts of personal hurts, and destruction.
    4. Our discussion of Jeremiah 17 lead to : When your trust, hope and confidence is in God you will produce good fruit and be prepared for droughts…rather than destruction.

  • Susan says:

    Joining late – – but glad to be here!

    1. Fearful
    2. summer goal – to grow in my trust in the Lord
    3. Chaos only brings pain
    4. good things from God versus selfish living . . . seems like a no-brainer and yet we all struggle with that don’t we?

    Jeremiah 17:7 is my life verse . . .I love it in the amplified version:
    “Most blessed is the man who believes in, trusts in and relies in the Lord, and whose hope and confidence the Lord is”. My life verse bracelet has the words – believe, trust and hope on it, a reminder to me during this time of trial to do those three things! I find myself touching the hope bead a lot during each day – – a tangible reminder to keep hoping.

  • Tonya says:

    1. Renewal
    2. Summer goal-to have a closer relationship with Jesus
    3. It is what is going on today. Its dangrous cause your going against the Lord
    4. Jeremiah 17:7-14 compare or contrast to Judges 21:25 the man who is blessed in the lord will bear fruit. The man who is not blessed with the Lord will not bear fruit.

  • Deborah says:

    As always…I seem to be running late to everything.

    1. tired
    2. get on fire for God
    3. Judges 21:25 – no king and everyone did whatever they wanted….kind of reminds me of today. The dangers of this attitude – we all become self-serving, arrogant in our pride, uncaring of others’ needs and concerns….me attitude
    4. Jer. 17:4-14 – blessed is the man whose confidence in the Lord….trusting in the Lord, standing firm like a tree by the waters, bearing fruit, not worrying, healed, saved….God attitude….I want this!

  • Marrissa says:

    1. growing
    2. to grow spiritually in my walk with God
    3. it leads to too much chaos, hurt, and pain.
    4. God will provide everything we need/desire if we live our lives for Him and trust in Him.

  • Jenn says:

    1. Unfocused

    2. To turn my back to the world and it stress and focus on God. Letting the rest fall behind Him in line.

    3. Judges 21:25 is such a clear picture of the world today. Everyone is worried about ME. The problem is, as everyone is out to satisfy themselves, it can hurt others in the process. Just because something works for one person doesn’t mean its right for someone else. Without rules to follow, people are left to their own devices – typically leading to sin.

    4. Following God’s will and trusting in Him leads to blessing and fruitfulness, being full of the Spirit. It is a sharp contrast to living one’s life lead by your own desires and emotions. As is is stated – hearts are deceitful – how can we follow them for what is right and wrong? Our desires of the flesh are what cause the sin in our lives, separating us further from the relationship God wants with us.

  • Joeanna says:

    Hi, I am flying solo in little RI. I am a single mom-surviving and exhausted.LOL

    1. Disconnected
    2. To get closer to God, to get back my first love for Jesus
    3. We can mess up God’s plans for our lives bigtime by doing what we see fit.
    His plans are beyond our widest dreams.
    4.When we keep God as our King we don’t have to fret, He takes care of us

  • Jacki says:

    I am starting late also. This is my first experience in a online bible study and my first time on a blog.

    My word would be mourning. I am also unemployed and feel that something in my heart has just died. I am very blessed with a wonderful family and am so thankful to God for the blessings he has bestowed on me. However, I have this sadness in my heart. I just do not know what God would like me to do. So I am praying and waiting for guidance. I am in my drought and trying to work through it.

    I will begin my studies and hope to grow spiritual and emotionally. I hope to live my life as God would like me to and find the joy and peace that I felt with such abundance before.

    • Rachel says:

      I can relate to the way you are feeling. I will be thinking of you because I share the saddness you discribe. You are doing a good thing by joining this bible study. From my own experience diveing head first into God’s word is a sure fire way to be back on your happy feet in know time. I’ll be praying for you!

    • Jean says:

      Two summers ago, I found myself in a similar drought. I hadn’t lost my job but had totally lost my joy for the job, and in teaching, that’s everything. I prayed and searched and obeyed God, even when I didn’t want to do it, and He was so faithful. I will pray for you; please check out my website for devotionals and encouragement.

  • Nikki says:

    Jumping in a day or two late, but I’m here 🙂 I’ll pick up the work book this afternoon and try to catch up quickly. I’m doing this solo (but with you nice ladies) in South Mississippi. My one word would be fearful. I’m fearful as I near my 36th birthday still single. My desire is for this study to help me grow closer to God and for him to fill this void in my heart.

  • Rachel says:

    Hope I’m not too late to start.

    1. Newborn
    2. My entire goal for this summer is to learn about God and Christianity. For the past several years, I have been lost in agnosticism and atheism, and just a few days ago I began feeling like there was a change working its way through my heart and soul. It’s really unexplainable why I suddenly realized that God is a part of my life no matter what I want to believe, and I see it as a sign from God that I have stumbled onto this bible study that began just days after I “saw the light.” That said, I don’t even own a bible yet, and I will probably be behind in this study because I don’t have the book either. I hope that through this study I become stronger, learn more, and become courageous enough to commit my life to Jesus.

    3. If everyone did what he or she wanted, regardless of the consequences, we would live in a state of total anarchy, fear, and unhappiness. Without the loving protection of God’s law, we would live in a literal Hell.

    4. With God, we can not only survive but flourish through every season of life.

    • Christine says:

      It’s never too late to start, welcome Rachel! The lessons are short and simple, so you’ll catch up in no time. We’ll post updates once a week on Tuesday and have a group discussion for sharing.

  • Christine says:

    1. Blessed
    2. I want to grow closer to God as I complete this bible study.
    3. What we see fit to do is not always the right thing to do. When I look back at my life, I can see where I didnt get to do what I wanted and things turned out a lot better than they would have if i had gotten my way.
    4. Jeremiah 17:7-14 tells us to trust in the Lord and our life will be fruitful, where Judges 21:25 says that everyone did whatever they wanted.

  • Sallie says:

    1. full

    2. To strengthen myself spiritually and physically.

    3. When we are self-serving we move further and further away from God with each self serving act allowing Satan to sneak in more and more.

    4. If we trust God and serve God our lives will wonderfully rewarded, if we don’t it will be lonely and miserable. I have lived on both sides and now I couldn’t possibly live my life without God in it.

  • Stacy says:

    1. Grieving

    2. Emerging from a spiritual drought . . . ready and excited to reconnect in a deeper way with the Lord and refocus my life on Him.

    3. Any time our hearts are turned away from God, we will find the path of sin. When we do whatever we see fit, we allow ourselves to be king. Countries without “kings” are deemed unsafe and lawless. Not a place we want to find ourselves.

    4. When we trust in the Lord, we will be blessed, bear fruit, withstand droughts, be healed, be saved. The key is to be sustained by God and not by self.

  • Janise says:

    1. Chaos

    2.To walk closer to the Lord and get back into the Word. Also get through my chaotic journey.

    3.When I do things on my own I see to always suffer the consequences of getting into trouble.

    4. When I read this verse much of it made me realize that my trust in the Lord is not as good it I thought because I am not confident enough in myself or the Lord. That is my weakness me I am stuck trying so hard to please everyone I forget to just sometimes please me so and can please the Lord too. Help!

  • Lil says:


    2. To press in and study as much as I can to overcome this never-ending season and to know what God would want me to do, to hear his voice and to exhibit and attitude that shows my faith instead of the stressed out angry person I currently am right now.

    3. I exhibit this behavior more often then I would like to lately, we are not able to see what God has for us and we are caught up in details of this world.

    4.This scripture was just what I needed to hear! It says God will give us the right heart for any season of life if trust him and trusting him is by staying in the word, praying and doing what god would have us do and this will lead to a righteous life here and in heaven. In Judges people ran from crises to crises doing what ever they felt they needed to, their life on heaven and on earth was just chaos.

  • Carla says:

    1. Growing
    2. Continue to grow in knowledge of God’s word and gain a better understanding of God’s will for my life
    3. When we do as we see fit, we are only doing things based on what we see in the natural.
    4. Jeremiah 17:7-14 gives a solution to Judges 21:25. Instead of doing things as we see fit, we need to put all of trust in the Lord.

  • Angie says:

    1. Dependent

    2. I wanted to do a bible study so that I can stay plugged into the Word. I know this be a great place to be held accountable and a place to take my relationship with God to the next level.

    3. We are nothing on our own and like Jeremiah says, “Our heart is deceitful.” How can a deceitful heart know what is best for life? We have to plug into the source of life to know truly how to live.

    4. Judges is about having no leadership and guidance for living. Without structure, an individual person and society will be chaotic. In Jeremiah, it shows us who our leader is: The Lord of all creation. If we follow him and lean on him for direction, our lives will be blessed and will have a purpose.

  • barbara says:

    1. worried
    2. my goal is trust in the lord no matter what.

  • mararenee says:

    1. Uncertain

    2. Because I like measurable goals, I’d have to say that my biggest goal with this study is to actually COMPLETE it. To do the homework every day, with a sincere heart and a desire to learn- most importantly, not to have to play catch up or become discouraged because I’m “not good” at organized Bible studies. Generally speaking though (and not so measurable, but a goal nonetheless, I’d love to have a spirit of discernment honed in me so that I would *know* when I’m hearing His voice and that I would *know* how to move in His will for my life- that I’d be able to respond in faith, no matter how scary or “out there” His call may seem to be.

    3.People need boundaries, rules, clear expectations. Without that in place from a central source, chaos and selfishness would rule the day. If we all simply did what is right in our own eyes, ALL of our relationships would fail. Our focus would only be on whatever WE needed individually and God did not create us to live in a vacuum. Our behaviors affect others- ALWAYS.

    4.God Rocks. A part of the Jeremiah verse came to mind as I was praying last week for a friend who was shouldering many heavy things, so I emailed it to him. Now, here it is again, reminding me that I too, need to be planted by His stream- with my roots, that I send out, tapped into that stream in order to have hope that is REAL especially in times of worry, fear, uncertainty or trouble. Thank you Lord, for the reminder.

  • Heather says:

    Hello, this is my first online bible study. I’m very excited to be a part of this.
    1. Calm
    2. To have a closer relationship with God and myself.
    3. If you react to quickly to the situation you may not have a good outcome. But if you took the time to think and pray it may come out the way you want or he way God wanted to.
    4. Having God in your life, you just have this unexplaninable Joy. With out God you are out there on your own.

  • Kelley says:

    1. Restless
    2. Goal: To become more aware of God’s direction in my life
    3. As humans we have a tendency to do what benefits ourselves the most. In doing this, we disregard others and God.
    4. Selfish decision making will become a roadblock in our relationship with God. Those who love and trust the Lord will be ultimately rewarded.

  • Ginny says:

    1. Suffering
    2. Saturating myself in God’s Word is my goal. Staying focused on Him. Having a disciplined study to follow with other believers.
    3. To me, the scripture in Judges shows a self-serving person which always gets us into trouble. And based on the scripture in Jeremiah, our hearts are so deceitful “doing what is right” in our own eyes without being rooted in the Lord can bring on terrible consequences, mistakes, and pain.
    4. There is a contrast in these 2 scriptures of one man seeking his own way, and another sinking his roots deeply in trusting God. Only the Lord can heal, only the Lord can show us the right way. Our dependence needs to be on Him in order to be filled with living water, and do what is truly right.

  • Rachell says:

    1. recovering
    2. my goal is to spend much needed time learning more about the Word. I am also in a local bible study, Breaking Free.
    3. it would be so great if we could “safely” do whatever we wanted to do without fear of hurting ourselves or others. but, that is not the way life is, so we need to follow some rules (or commandments).
    4. my one word is recovering, because I was very recently diagnosed with breast cancer and had a double mastectomy almost 2 weeks ago. so, the verse dealing with healing really speaks to me. fear, to me, is not knowing what the future holds and facing it alone; faith is not knowing what the future holds and facing it knowing that whatever it is, God is with me always.

  • Michele says:

    2.My goal is to learn to trust the Lord to provide a way instead of always finding my own.
    3.If we have self-serving motives we hurt those around us and we fall out of God’s will for our lives to be intimate with him.
    4.Unlike the Israelites in the day of Judges, we should be grounded in the Lord, trusting him to provide.

  • Cathey Stott says:

    1. Transition
    2. My goal is to Seek God’s Heart.
    3. Trying to be King (or Queen) of my own life is like stumbling in the dark. It’s easy to stub my toe.
    4. In contrast, planting my self by the River of Life will sustain me, deepen my roots and allow me to be fruitful for the Purpose of the Lord.

  • Elsabe says:

    1. Remission.
    2. Goal: to grow in wisdom, and be closer to God and Jesus.
    3. If we all did what we wanted to do, selfishness would increase. We need to be helping each other.
    4. If you trust in the Lord, you will be strong, and be rewarded by your deeds. Seek first his wisdom before acting upon a decision.

  • Rachel says:

    1. Overwhelmed
    2. To be open and honest with God and myself. To listen to Him and to you all so that I can grow through this experience.
    3. Our actions void of God’s will can be very dangerous. I know, I have seen this myself. It’s not fun. Thankfully we have a God who does forgive and He has lifted me out of the many holes I have dug for myself.
    4. It truely is amazing the way God deals with us. If we are willing to love him and even when we are not He is there. If we choose to obey God we will be happier and life will be much more rewarding. If we do not things will be much harder.

  • Whisperings says:

    1. Overwhelming
    2. To increase my desire to live while decreasing my desire to die.
    3. Judges is quick to point that out there was no king in that day. Romans 14 reminds us that none of us lives to ourselves or dies to ourselves for we were bought with the blood of Christ. We should not want to do our own thing and cause a brother to stumble by doing so.
    4. The passages are similar in that both talk of man’s own ways but Jeremiah speaks of doing what we do for the one upon the throne of the Lord where in Judges the only one upon the throne was the people themselves.

  • Debbie Marquardt says:

    1. Loneliness
    2. Summer goal: To reconnect with the Lord and allow Him to fill up the void and hurt in my heart.
    3. When you place yourself on the throne, watch out! Nothing but heartache, brokenness and despair can come from it!
    3. The contrast is this – separate yourself from God and you will be fruitless, living a life without true joy. With God, though troubles will come, you will be able to stand and praise Him through it all, reaping the rewards He promises to give.

  • Lupita Manrique says:

    1. Renewal

    2. Strengthen my faith by studying His living word.

    3. Because we are human and we fail. We are sinners and until we educate our conscience and develop a close relationship with God, it is dangerous to just do what we see fit without praying or consulting God.

    4. Jeremiah gives us hope and confidently proclaims that our conduct is just and honors God, we will be rewarded. Judges on the other hand is kind of scary, to think of a mass of people just doing what they see fit.

  • Jessica says:

    Hi Everyone!

    1. Hectic

    2. Summer Goal: A better understanding & closer relationship with the Lord

    3. I kind of look at Judges 21:25 as being dangerous in the same way allowing a child to just do what they want as dangerous. The child can’t see the whole picture, they see a light socket & want to explore it. The child does not understand what his/her actions may cause & that lead to much pain & suffering.

    4. Then you look at Jeremiah 17:7-14 & you see how if you are following His word, there will be joy, and love & stability. The child that I referred to in #3 would not be tempted to explore the light socket b/c there has been a child proof cover over the plug.

  • 1. Drought
    2. I need to get back into the Word; let His healing rain fall on me.
    3. If we followed our selfish desires it would lead to chaos and destruction. Ummm, maybe even end up in a season of drought and famine….
    4. Okay, I had not read this passage before I came up with my “one word.” Imagine my surprise when I did read it – “It has no worries in a year of DROUGHT and never fails to bear fruit.” Okay, God, I am listening. 🙂 If I/we remain in Him and trust in Him, He will reward us accordingly.

  • Melissa F says:

    1. HECTIC
    2. Realign my priorites to make more time for Him.
    3. Without authority, anarachy rules. There is no order. Without God’s authority and supervision in our lives, we are driven by selfish desires and by our sinful nature. It becomes all about us and what feels right, irregardless of how our actions affect others.
    4.The passage in Jeremiah shows that being grounded in a relationship with the Living God will prove to be our source of nourishment and will sustain us no matter what is going on around us. He will mature us into the person He sees us as and we will be able to look back and see Hs hand at work in our lives and give Him the praise.

  • Tamara says:

    Ok, I am soooooooo amp’d up right now! I will read the bible passages tonight, and post my response then. Thanks so much for creating this site. I had been thinking of creating a women’s online bible study group, and came across this one instead. God is good. Chat with you all later. Tamara

    • Christine says:

      We always have opportunities to lead a study at the Bible Cafe…so if you enjoy the format, and decide you’d like to lead a study, let me know.

  • Sue Schwendemann says:

    Hi everyone,

    1. Stressed/unplugged

    2.Being closer to God, listen more to the Lord/people around me. Listening for that small still voice.

    3.If we are more into ourselves than God, not doing/spending quality time with Him we open the door to Satan’s attacks. Still learning on that one.

    4.Learning to trust God more. Serve Him, not ourselves or our pastimes.

  • Rachel Shears says:

    Hello everyone!

    1. Transistion
    2. Seeking peace and trust in His plans as my family and I experience many changes.
    3. People have a tendency to allow their emotions or feelings(“the heart” in Jeremiah 17:9) to rule their actions or reactions. And a lot of the time our feelings are operating on selfish motives. This can lead to a very selfish and vengeful society.
    4. As in Jeremiah 17:7-14, if we go to God and trust in Him for our answers and direction and not be led by our self motivated emotions or feelings, all our actions fill be rooted in His wisdom, love, and grace resulting in a peaceful and loving society.

  • 1. Thankful

    2. Summer goal: Experiencing a closer relationship with the Lord.

    3. Judges 21:25 – The danger that lies in doing what is right in our own eyes, is that we don’t “see” the necessity in staying close to our Great Shepherd. A sheep will see a patch of tempting grass on the other side of some broken rocks and will scramble after it, not realizing or recognizing that his/her shepherd has already led him to the best place to feed. Instead the sheep will go somewhere that is dangerous, causing her to get into trouble and possible injury, leaving herself open for an enemy to attack her; being separated from the rest of the sheep. (Oh boy, I could continue this, perhaps I shall on my blog!)

    4. How I love this passage! Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord! Such a contrast to the one who does right in his own sight. Whose hope is the Lord, no guess work here. The one who does right in his own sight is being lead by his heart which is deceitful and desperately wicked. But the one who trusts in the Lord and whose hope is the Lord will be blessed beyond measure. He will be able to say, “For You are my praise.” Those who follow their own way will end up with nothing and will be ashamed. Oh Lord, let me be the one who can say, “For You are my praise.”

  • Christine says:

    EXAMPLE of how to comment on the discussion questions:

    1. Blessed
    2. Summer goal-to experience more of His love in my heart.
    3. If we are self-serving rather than God-serving, we open the door to Satan’s flaming arrows.
    4. The Lord rewards us by our conduct, and serving ourselves rather than serving God will blind us to His treasures.

    • Christine says:

      EXAMPLE of how to reply to someone’s comment:

      Hit the “reply” word below the comment. Please use this only when you want to “talk” to a specific person in the study. Otherwise, use the comment box below the blog post.

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