Summer Bible Study-Week One

By June 24, 2010Ruth

We’re reading week one of our workbook Ruth: Loss, Love and Legacy by Kelly Minter as we participate in the Beth Moore Summer Bible Study 3. If you have any questions as you begin your reading, don’t hesitate to contact Christine. There are nine women in the group participating in their first Bible study, so please participate in discussion questions so they may learn from you and grow in faith. We have women in the group who lead bible studies in church or at home, and your comments are encouraging to others. Everyone is encouraged to participate in the discussion. If you feel uncomfortable posting your comments on the blog, then please email Christine privately. We’re helping you stay accountable in your desire to study the Word and find intimacy with God.

How I Study My Workbook (for new people)

Many have asked how I organize my workbook when I study. I complete my study in the early morning, so I am able to reflect on the words and lesson throughout my day. Sitting in a comfortable place with a cup of tea and my two small dogs, I will start my study with a blue highlighter. I’ll highlight all the scripture references for the entire week study, before I start reading. This helps me locate the verses in my bible, and I’m able to return to my place in the workbook as I look for the blue marks. Other women in my bible study also write the page number next to the verse in the workbook, in case they want to revisit the verse in their Bible without searching for it again. If the verse is powerful and speaks to my heart, I’ll place a star beside the blue mark. As I read the daily lesson, I will highlight my favorite phrases with a yellow marker. If I see a quote I want to tweet @LifeVerse (my Twitter account) I will mark the sentence with a “Q.” It reminds me to tweet the quote. Remember when you tweet the quote, reference the author as the source. If I see something in the book that I want to discuss with the group, I write “discuss” next to the sentence or “pray” as a reminder to come back to the paragraph. If my method seems complicated for you, then I encourage you to create a method that is most comfortable for your study. Once you create it, you’ll make it a habit for lifelong bible study.

Our Amazing Group of Women

We have about 145 women participating in this online study, from more than 35 states. We’re reading the blog in different time zones and posting comments throughout the day. Yesterday, the launch day of the Summer Bile Study, we had more than 1,600 visits to this blog! After reading all the introductions, I found some common elements in the group:

  • First time in bible study- 9 women
  • Hosting a home small group- 4 women
  • Relocated and seeking friendship -2 women
  • Mother-daughter learning together- 4 women
  • Need accountability- 11 women
  • Recovering from illness- 4 women
  • Grieving the death of a child- 1 woman
  • Seeking reconciliation of a marriage- 1 woman

Women in Need of Prayer

  • Elsabe- diagnosed with breast cancer this year, in remission
  • Meghann- grieving her daughter who died in December
  • Pamela M- recovering fro a recent surgery
  • Rachell- double masectomy two weeks ago
  • Renee- preparing for a mission trip to Kenya in August
  • Susan S. -caretaker for disabled husband
  • Tammy- diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma
  • Vanessa- daughter with Rhett syndrome, husband just lost job
  • Whisperings- severe depression

Be sure to post your comment for the Summer Bible Study Launch Day. Or email your comment to Christine, as mentioned above. If you missed the opportunity to post your comment, we will contact you later this week to help you stay accountable to your first week of bible study. As Beth Moore said on her blog today, “we are a beautiful community of women!” When we share our thoughts with each other, we grow in faith.

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  • Shannon says:

    I am just going to say… this Ruth bible study is so awesome! It is such a blessing. I just realized after I am re-writing my comment for the third time… the first I wrote last week didn’t submit… we’ll see if this one does. Satan at work on those…hmmm. BUT… the first week of study was so truly touching. I love the last sentence about walking and crying forward. This is where I am at this point in life and the tears I have shed have been tears of question, tears of “did I hear God wrong?”, “what are we doing?” We have bought a house an hour and a half away (foreign land) to get closer to family, it’s a 1922 house that is being renovated, we are selling our home in familiar land in a housing market that is just horrible right now. We have a roller coaster ride of emotions and we are truly following everything we have recieved as God’s path for us. It is a test of faith, I know. The life we will have at the end of this craziness will be His life for us. This bible study has shown me the way to follow God’s lead and remember to have trust and faith in Him. He is carrying us on this journey and even through the tears, stress, fears, challenges that we face each day with our “transition” that we must move forward. We are all in different seasons and reading each of the responses above allows me to feel that we are all in the same boat just different circumstances and whether we have tears of joy, fear, loneliness, we are crying together as we move forward. Blessings to each of you.

  • Sue Schwendemann says:

    Christine, Thanks earlier for all the kind words. I am almost back on track to finish the study. Thanks again. I will not LET SATAN get the best of me.



  • Victoria Milam says:

    Ok, I know that I already replied to this but didn’t see it showing up, so if this is the second comment that you see like this, forgive me! 🙂

    The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places;indeed I have a beautiful inheritance. Psalm 16:6

    Thank you for agreeing to take this journey into the book of Ruth with me. I know that it is no coincidence that God led us to this study. I am so thankful to Him for it. I love growing in God, but how much better is it to grow in Him with your best friend.

    Love you!

  • Victoria Milam says:

    I am so very happy that you agreed to begin this journey with me! I know that it was no coincidence that I was led to this study! I believe that God has a plan for our lives: The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; indeed, I have a beautiful inheritance. Psalm 16:6
    We were meant to take this journey together! And I am so glad that we are!
    Love you BFF!

  • tracy greve says:

    this is exactly what i have been looking for,i am however a little behind in the studies but plan to burn a little lamp oil this evening catching up,ruths life sounds so interesting,i was admittedted into the hospitol on the 22nd and spent 3 days in icu on a ventilater praise the lord for bringing me through it and thanyou so much christine i wont disapoint you this is my second bible study the first one was through my church i found it so addicting i wanted more but there wasnt one available yet and then i foun bible cafe this is just awesome God Bless you and thankyou christine and everyone that put this together

  • Jess Fox says:

    At this point, I think mostly of Naomi. She followed her husband to a foreign land and now has lost him and her two sons to go back home. She must have felt lonely and probably would enjoy the company of her daughter-in-laws. However, her pride caused her to encourage them to go back. What a strong, determined character Ruth is to recognize Naomi’s position and insist on staying with her. Amazing that she used Naomi’s beleif to keep Naomi from insisting by saying “…may the Lord deal with me…” And those words would prove to come true. It rolls off the tongue of many to say, “I sware to God”. I pray I will be evermindful of the power of the tongue!

  • Lauren says:

    I loved the concept of “hesed”… When Kelly asked us to descibe it in the margin in your own words, I wrote, “loving someone else completely, showing them respect, and doing good things for them because it is what they need, not what you need.” Seems like in today’s world, it is easy to get wrapped up in what we need as individuals, and not concentrate on what others need. Sadly, this happens in even the closest relationships. Thank God that we have that covenant relationship with Him, that His love reaches to us even in our lowest places! I was also touched by the last lesson, on how our words can impact others. I especially liked the emphasis made on having humble speech, even when being assertive… definitey something I need to work on!

  • Mary Ann says:

    Hello everyone, I’m coming in late as well. I’m finishing up day 4 and will catch up before next Tuesday. This is my first Bible study with others.

    The biggest problem I seem to have is coming up with detailed answers, when required. I’m asking God to open my mind so that those thoughts will come through in a way that makes written sense.

    I love the idea of a Bible study where I can connect with so many people!

    • Christine says:

      I found it helps to study first thing in the morning, before my day begins. This way, I can think about the study during the day and reflect on my answers. Give this a try and see if it works for you too!

  • Tasha says:

    Just finished day 5. I’m also in a season of moving painfully and tearfully foward and I’m okay with that. Florida

  • Trish says:


    Coming in a little late but can’t wait to get started! This is my first online study and I am really looking forward to it. I already had the workbook, just had not started it yet. It will be much better with a group.

    Haughton, La

  • Kelley says:

    Great week of Bible study. Learned so many new things. One of the items that struck with me is the comment that Kelly Minter made “Although there will be weeping in this life, the direction in which we weep is what truly matters”.

    So many times it is easier just to go back to our old ways instead of facing the future and what is to come. Nobody wants to get out of their comfort zone. It is so great to know that with God walking beside us it is possible to cry and walk forward at the same time! Can’t wait to start this weeks study.

  • Janise says:

    Hi all, just finish session 1 and it was amazing. I learned so my about my journey that I am going through and how similar it is to Naomi’s & Ruth’s journey. God does bless people even if we don’t see it. We have to trust in the unseen to really see God!!!!

  • Susan says:

    The study this week gave me a few things to really think about – – first off, I am grateful that God’s word is always pertinent to today . . I have read through Ruth before, but it holds so much meaning to me today . . .when I read the verse when Naomi says to call me “Mara” (bitter/sad) I realize that while I am going through this time of deep grief, I don’t want to live in bitterness or sadness . . I want to rise above that. I realized that it is a choice that I have I can become overwhelmed in this journey that I don’t want to be on and become a bitter person, or I can trust God with each hour (I’m not up to days yet where there aren’t tears) and be Spirit-filled.
    I really appreciated when she said to “cry forward”. I had never heard that expression before and yet it deeply touched me. It’s okay for me to not be okay – I am broken-hearted . . . but I need to keep moving forward in my relationship with God and with others.
    I’m excited about getting deeper in this study.

  • Renee says:

    My 82 year old mother with dementia fell last week and landed in the hospital. On Tuesday. I have been quite busy with that so was able to really start or post. However, I have now checked her into a nice rehabilitation facility. They have her busy so I am back on track with the study! I will not be stopped from doing this study! 🙂

    • Christine says:

      Thankful your mom is healing Renee! I’ll pray for her. Your attitude to overcome is inspiring and infectious 😉

  • Rachel says:

    I am so excited about everything we are learning! I love all the detail that Kelly has put into explaining each couple of verses. Day 4 and I can already see that this is going to be amazing!

  • Jerilyn says:

    The group I’m in has been meeting for two weeks now. We all love this study and are amazed at Kelly’s ability to make us look at the book of Ruth in a different way. Many of us have commented that we like reading the various scripture to see how it relates to not only the story of Ruth and Naomi, but to our own lives as well. At times Kelly apologizes for moving so slowly through the book of Ruth, but each time we examine a piece of scripture or reread verses we learn something new.

    • Christine says:

      Thanks for sharing how the group is doing. I also enjoy going slow through the scriptures, I learn much more this way. I like the way Bible study brings the Word to life when we apply it to our own situations. We’re not reading the Bible, we’re LIVING the Bible. Very different from what I learned in school.

  • Ginny says:

    Something that has spoken to me already is what Matthew Henry said about “leaving something isn’t always the best solution”. It’s easy to want to run when you’re in a hard place, or to just “disengage” so to speak. But that’s not always what God wants us to do.

    I also love the idea of writing God a letter. I’m getting my book today so I can write my letter to Him this weekend. I’ve written things to Him before, but they were more like prayers. I guess in a way this will be too, but I’m just going to do what is suggested and tell Him how I feel instead of asking Him for things.

  • Deborah says:

    Please add me too! I got my book today and posted an introduction on my blog. I love what this group does. I’ve had trouble staying accountable to most on-line studies….please….make me accountable!

    • Christine says:

      Look out Deborah..I’ve been tweeting with the trainer Jillian Michaels (Biggest Loser Trainer) and learning some good ideas for accountability. I’m happy to be your coach 😉 In this study, I will be contacting people who are not posting comments, and helping them with any obstacles to completing their study. I’m 100% committed. Read My First Bible Study and you’ll know why!

  • Nikki says:

    Please add me to the study group. I’m going to get my workbook today so I’ll be a day or two behind. Can’t wait to make some new friends on this site 🙂

    Hattiesburg, MS

  • Christine Smith says:

    I just finished reading day two of the study and I’m in awe of how much we can learn from the life of Ruth! While I am familiar with her story from the bible, I was not familiar with her heart…as we are learning when we read this study by Kelly Minter. I enjoy the way Kelly is weaving Ruth’s story into our own lives.

    I’ve written so many notes in the sidebar of my workbook, I can’t wait to discuss the lessons with you. If you have something to share and don’t want to wait until next Tuesday, please feel free to post it here as a comment.

    Blessings and love and faith in Christ to each of you!

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