We’re reading week one of our workbook Ruth: Loss, Love and Legacy by Kelly Minter as we participate in the Beth Moore Summer Bible Study 3. If you have any questions as you begin your reading, don’t hesitate to contact Christine. There are nine women in the group participating in their first Bible study, so please participate in discussion questions so they may learn from you and grow in faith. We have women in the group who lead bible studies in church or at home, and your comments are encouraging to others. Everyone is encouraged to participate in the discussion. If you feel uncomfortable posting your comments on the blog, then please email Christine privately. We’re helping you stay accountable in your desire to study the Word and find intimacy with God.

How I Study My Workbook (for new people)

Many have asked how I organize my workbook when I study. I complete my study in the early morning, so I am able to reflect on the words and lesson throughout my day. Sitting in a comfortable place with a cup of tea and my two small dogs, I will start my study with a blue highlighter. I’ll highlight all the scripture references for the entire week study, before I start reading. This helps me locate the verses in my bible, and I’m able to return to my place in the workbook as I look for the blue marks. Other women in my bible study also write the page number next to the verse in the workbook, in case they want to revisit the verse in their Bible without searching for it again. If the verse is powerful and speaks to my heart, I’ll place a star beside the blue mark. As I read the daily lesson, I will highlight my favorite phrases with a yellow marker. If I see a quote I want to tweet @LifeVerse (my Twitter account) I will mark the sentence with a “Q.” It reminds me to tweet the quote. Remember when you tweet the quote, reference the author as the source. If I see something in the book that I want to discuss with the group, I write “discuss” next to the sentence or “pray” as a reminder to come back to the paragraph. If my method seems complicated for you, then I encourage you to create a method that is most comfortable for your study. Once you create it, you’ll make it a habit for lifelong bible study.

Our Amazing Group of Women

We have about 145 women participating in this online study, from more than 35 states. We’re reading the blog in different time zones and posting comments throughout the day. Yesterday, the launch day of the Summer Bile Study, we had more than 1,600 visits to this blog! After reading all the introductions, I found some common elements in the group:

  • First time in bible study- 9 women
  • Hosting a home small group- 4 women
  • Relocated and seeking friendship -2 women
  • Mother-daughter learning together- 4 women
  • Need accountability- 11 women
  • Recovering from illness- 4 women
  • Grieving the death of a child- 1 woman
  • Seeking reconciliation of a marriage- 1 woman

Women in Need of Prayer

  • Elsabe- diagnosed with breast cancer this year, in remission
  • Meghann- grieving her daughter who died in December
  • Pamela M- recovering fro a recent surgery
  • Rachell- double masectomy two weeks ago
  • Renee- preparing for a mission trip to Kenya in August
  • Susan S. -caretaker for disabled husband
  • Tammy- diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma
  • Vanessa- daughter with Rhett syndrome, husband just lost job
  • Whisperings- severe depression

Be sure to post your comment for the Summer Bible Study Launch Day. Or email your comment to Christine, as mentioned above. If you missed the opportunity to post your comment, we will contact you later this week to help you stay accountable to your first week of bible study. As Beth Moore said on her blog today, “we are a beautiful community of women!” When we share our thoughts with each other, we grow in faith.