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Beth Moore has posted her update on the Siesta Summer Bible Study as we’ve just finished reading week four of Ruth: Loss, Love and Legacy. From the comments you are posting, I can see that many of you are enjoying the study and the weekly lessons. A few of you are not posting comments and sending them directly to me by email. This week, I’ll contact those who are not participating and hold you accountable to your growth plan. Four more women joined us this week and will be posting  when they complete their week’s lesson. For those of you who have already completed the lessons and are reading ahead of the group, you may want to read Embracing Your Second Calling: Find Passion and Purpose in Your Life based upon the life of Naomi or Failing Forward: Turning Mistakes Into Stepping Stones for Success which parallels the decision Ruth made when she decided to walk forward with Naomi.

Here is the video update from Beth Moore, for week’s three and four of our Bible study. This is followed by FIVE interactive questions by Beth Moore, listed at the end of this blog post.

Summer Siesta Bible Study – Ruth Session 3 from LPV on Vimeo.

Prayer Requests

I have printed your Prayer Requests and placed them inside my workbook so I can pray for you individually. If you have a special request, so please post your prayer requests here.

Kelly Minter Quotes

  • We’re fearful of finding out who God really is in relation to our deepest longings.
  • When we’re wrapped up in garments of mourning, we’re unavailable for whatever else God has for us.
  • The place of surrender is the most freeing place to be, and the hardest to get to.
  • It was the breadth of God that carried her to such heights.
  • God has called me to be a deliverer of His gifts, not a creator of them.
  • Ruth’s dreams and reality began to latch into each other like colliding waves.

This Week’s Scripture Verses-NIV

Your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you. Matt 6:18

Her mother-in-law asked her, “Where did you glean today? Where did you work? Blessed be the man who took notice of you!” Then Ruth told her mother-in-law about the one at whose place she had been working. “The name of the man I worked with today is Boaz,” she said. “The LORD bless him!” Naomi said to her daughter-in-law. “He has not stopped showing his kindness to the living and the dead.” She added, “That man is our close relative; he is one of our kinsman-redeemers.” Ruth 2:19-20

Group Discussion- Answer ONE or as MANY as you like! (From Beth Moore’s blog)

1. Turn to p.68 and review the first segment “For Discussion”: Describe a time when you were overcome by a man’s kindness. In keeping with the example of Ruth and Boaz, try to think in terms of an unexpected kindness.

2. Read Ruth 2:19-20 and review the climactic revelation in this Book of the Bible. After you read those two Scriptures, turn to p.85 and review the first couple of sentences of the paragraph in the middle of the page as follows: “It’s interesting that up to this point Naomi knew she had a kinsman-redeemer named Boaz but had no idea Ruth knew him; Ruth knew Boaz but didn’t know he was a kinsman redeemer. Suddenly these two pieces of information collided to potentially change the course of history.” Our divinely ordained collisions may not change the course of human history but they certainly change the course of our own personal history. Can any of you think of a time when God orchestrated an encounter or experience where you (or perhaps both/all parties involved) could say, “Only God could have known”? If so, share it. These would be really cool to hear in your blog comments so consider sharing one of the most meaningful examples.

3. Turn to p.95 and, if willing, share your answers to the “Personal Response” section at the very bottom of the page: “Describe a time when you’d done everything you could do and then had to wait for someone else’s response.”

4. Turn to p.108 and read the final paragraph on p.108 aloud (“If Ruth slept at all that night…). Then review the answer to the question in the middle of the page: “What did Boaz promise to do if the nearer relative chose not to redeem Ruth?” Then, share your responses to the discussion portion just below it where we were challenged to put ourselves in Ruth’s place. What kinds of feelings and thought processes would you have had in her exact situation?

5. Share a brand new insight she’s gained from this study regarding Christ as your Redeemer.

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  • Jennifer Deffendall says:

    1. I think the person who has been the best in kindness is my step dad. I do not consider him as a step dad, I consider him as my father.
    3. I am not working at this time. People ask me all the time when are you going to get a job. I say I am not sure because the job I have is seasonal and I enjoy it. I work during the tax season, which can be stressful. People have this misconception that if you are not working you are not contributing to society. I see myself as person who works on housework, advancing my education for work, doing bible studies, and volunteer for career transition workshop. I do not see myself that I am not doing anything wrong. I enjoy what I do and how I do it. I am person who is perfect in god’s eyes.
    5. Listen to him

  • Victoria Milam says:

    1. My husband is not lovey-dovey at all, and one morning he stopped me as I was pulling out of the garage, motioned for me to roll my window down and came over to me to give me another goodbye kiss before I went to work. So unexpected, and that set my day up for success and positive attitude!

    2.When I met my husband! I worked at a daycare when I first moved to AR-knew noone! A girl there invited me to dinner with her boyfriend and his roommate, kind of a double date. Her bf’s roommate just happened to be-you guessed it-now my husband! At the time I wasn’t even attracted to him. But somehow, someway, God put that attraction in my heart and this September we will celebrate 5 years of marriage, and 2 beautiful children! Thank You Jesus!

    3. I do this at work all the time. Various projects that I do the grunt work and then have to wait for the ok to send them through.

    4. I would have been relieved that he would do it;that he was willing. But scared that the other relative would be willing as well. I think she loved Boaz, even at that time, and if the other relative was willing to redeem her, she would be forced to never say “I love you” to Boaz;And it would be so painful, because his “as surely as the Lord lives, I will do it” proves that he loved her just as much!

    5. Follow His guidance and obey Him, because He knows His plans for me. Even though I can’t see what the ultimate ending for my life is, He does and I should just trust in Him.

  • Sue Schwendemann says:

    1. My step-brother, at my mom’s funeral. I was standing by my self and Steve KNEW, I could not be strong for everyone any more. We went for a walk, hug and a long cry. My husband also…. opening doors, pulling out chairs, doing the laundry/ironing(uniforms), food shopping and always holding hands. Remember please that was over four years ago, now all we do is read books together mine/his and watch T.V/DVD’s. We go to church on Sunday if he is up to it. Sorry to stay he has gone down the hill that much. (miss those times) But the Lord is good.

    2. Have not been there yet, I think.

    3. Trying to help my husband, and he does not what help. He feels as if he is using me. Than later he states I should have let it you help me. Been easier on me.

    4. Happy that Boaz was going to care for her. Wondering who was this other man, was he kind, older, and able to care for her? Questions in her mind running away with a speed of there own…did she sleep at all that night?

    5. Let go let God, I have said this many times over the past months, and learn to be more humble.



  • Cathey says:

    1. When I was a little girl, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had surgery and treatment which saved her life. What my parents didn’t know was that my Dad’s employer has failed to file the proper paperwork to keep their medical insurance current. Consequently, they were left with a huge medical bill. My uncle (married to my mom’s sister) offered to sell their house to pay for the medical bill and any future expenses. As it turned out, the hospital and doctors kindly allowed my Dad to make payments over a 10 year period and my uncle didn’t have to sell his house for us. Uncle JB lives with the Lord now, but I have never forgotten his kind offer.

    2. When I was in college, I was looking for a summer job. In previous years, I had worked in a factory during the summer and made great money. I was offered this same job again, but I was also offer a job cooking for a Day Care center. It paid less, but I was so drawn to this job that I couldn’t turn it down. Lo and behold, there was a young man doing some construction work at the Day Care center. I found out he was the boss’s son. Long story short: we met, he left me flowers in the kitchen, we went bowling and wound up exchanging wedding vows a year later. Only God could have known that I needed to take the job as a cook that summer!

  • Susan says:

    1> My precious husband brought me breakfast in bed. I felt very loved and special.
    2. My new husband. Only GOD knew.
    4.Scared, relieved, apprehensive and doubting self as well maybe.
    5> So thankful that He is mine and I am HIS.

  • Rachel says:

    1. When I read this I thought of a man who was a regular customer at a place I worked for several years. During this time I was pregnant and not feeling very well. This man stopped at my register simply to tell me just one thing, that I was more beautiful at 8 months pregnant then he had ever seen me. I knew he meant it with a true and loving heart. It was a simple gesture but it made my day and 3 years later I still remember that moment like it was yesterday.
    2.Yes when I met my husband! I had known of him for years and had always wanted to meet him but God new it wasn’t time yet. We went to the same high school for 4 years and never spoke a word. It wasn’t until 2years after graduation that we met. We’ve been together ever since.
    3.This is kind of a funny thought but it just came to mind. Any of you moms out there will be able to relate. I am potty training my son right now. I have done everything I can like buy him his own pott. We do a victory dance. We jump up and down and he says “are you happy!?” and I say “I’m sooo happy!” Now I am waiting….. he will decide when those pull-ups are gone for good! =)
    4.She must have been surprised, excited, and scared all at once.

  • Lil says:

    1.I have to say not having a reliable father that anytime a man does what he says he will my heart is aflutter and I love when men repair anything, hang anything or help me move. Kindness from Men is just wonderful.
    2. I was in a bible study with a woman and during the icebreaker , she talked about being a nurse with hospital connections our groups were shuffled around, but the next study after suffering for two years with chronic insomnia and no help from any doctors, this woman finally lead me to the doctor that saved my life. I haven’t seen her in study since but wow God is great.
    3. right no unemployed, I have worked connections, websites, employment agencies, any way possible, but God has called me in this season to stop being desperate or harried and while I still apply for jobs I am in waiting state and I am not harried or desperate.

    4. Im sure that she totally trusted God, but I know the details were still scary or at least an adjustment would she like the redeemer, would he be kind to Naomi, could she do all that he asked… I hope that I would have faith, but I know I wouldn’t have slept.

  • Pamela says:

    1. When I was in high school I had a tire blow out on my way home from work one night. A kind older gentleman stopped and asked if he could help-I was almost at the point of tears. He could see I was overwhelmed and he drove me around the corner to his house. His wife made me a cup of tea while her husband changed my tire. A seemingly small act of kindness-yet I remember it 22 years later!

    2. When My oldest son was 2 we were strolling through the mall when I felt called to go to a department store restroom. I did not need the restroom and had never been to this particular restroom before…when I went in a met one of my prayer warrior friends hugging a woman in tears. The tearful woman worked at this department store and was struggling with infertility. So in this small department store restroom we prayed over and comforted this woman. My beautiful adopted son sitting in his stroller gave her hope. I was able to share my 7 year struggle with infertility with her! It was a beautiful encounter!

    3. International adoption process!!! A season of working and waiting…

  • barbara says:

    4. i am divorced and was having a very hard time accepting it when God led me to the verse Isiah 54: 4-8. my heart just lept that is my favorite verse.

  • Vanda says:

    1. Man’s Kindness
    The context of this was that we hit a wall of legalese on an extremely major issue at work. We needed legal advice and representation. I was coordinating the issue but I was defintely not equipped to face the wall of legal issues. I called a senior legal advisor from another department and not only did he give us the advice, he cleared his busy schedule and agreed to go wth us to the meeting and face the issue and then even continued with it to give us point by point explanation and words to say. I will never forget his kindness. He didn’t need to, but he did.

    2. Divine orchestration
    We were told of our move in Summer last year and had only 2 months to prepare. I couldn’t get any school’s response the whole of summer for my daughter’s preschool. so by the time we arrived, school registration was already closed for pre-schoolers. I called a christian kindergarten (that everyone said always had a long waiting list) and left a message. a week later, i received a call from the director of the kindergarten to say that they “NEEDED A GIRL” for a class!! God had reserved a place for my daughter in that school.

    3. Waiting…
    Continuing on with the story of the school. We were entitled to school fees as part of my husband’s moving package if we couldn’t get into the public school. In our case, the public school’s preschool was full. I had to do the paper work to get the fees approved. we submitted and waited… for 4 months (from Aug to Jan)! in the meantime, we kept paying the school fees out of our pockets. finally, in the first week of this new year, we received the email that said that Finance has agreed to pay for my daughter’s school fees together with a cheque for past payment and future ones for the rest of the year. Amen to that!

    4. Thought processes
    An emo roller-coaster ride! I would be relieved that Boaz loved me and wanted me even as a foreigner and a widow. I’d be angry that Boaz was so “righteous” that he’d give this other stranger a chance – I mean, can’t he just take me and not say anything to this other guy? Who’s this other guy anyway? I’d be fearful to meet this other person whom I don’t even know – it would be a blind marriage. Wouldn’t it be so awkward to meet Boaz later if this stranger actually wanted to redem us. Does Naomi even know who he is?

    5. I shared in last week comment that I find it so marvelous that God has provided in the law for someone to protect the unprotected. We now have Jesus our kinsmen-redeemer who protects the unprotected. Whom we can turn to when we have no where else to go. Who has redeemed us from sin and has given eternal life to those who belief, despite lineage (Abraham’s promise). He has given us an inheritance when we did not have one – that we are children of God.

    • Janice says:

      Vanda, I agree with you on “Thought Process”, in my brain I would know what he was doing was right but also confused since this is a different culture. My heart would say if you really wanted me you wouldnt even ask the other relative. I would feel like property.

      • Christine says:

        Your thought process may include emotion, while Ruth’s through process was strictly obedience? Pray about this and see if it speaks to your heart.

  • Michele says:

    1. I had a hard time coming up were I had been overcome by kindness but I did have my family Physician who took the time out of his busy day to address a very emotional issue that I was having in my life. I was struck by how hard he tried and just how compassionate he was on a day that I was an emotional wreck.

    2. I started attending a church a few years ago when I was having some problems. I kept a low profile and tried to blend but there was a senior pastor who asked me every week for a few weeks if there was something that I wanted to discuss or needed help with. I always came and went smiling so there was no way he could have known that there was an issue without God’s prompting. It gave me the reassurance that I was right were I needed to be.

    3. When my daughter was going into Kindergarten I wanted to send her to the church school that she attended for pre-K but my husband was not agreeing with my opinion and we did not know how we would pay for it. I spent the end of her pre-K year and summer praying (along with others) that I would find a way, financially and with my spouses blessing, to send her. In the end, the finances came through and my husband accepted the idea. She is getting ready to start 2nd grade at the same school and we feel so blessed that she is attending.

    4.Although excited about the prospect of marrying Boaz she must have been anxious about the thought of having to marry another man who she did not know or felt emotionally attached to. She would have know way of knowing if he was kind like Boaz and faced the prospect of losing the one who she has known and probably loved at this point.

  • Debbie Marquardt says:

    Summer activities intervened, and I have been playing catch up the last couple of weeks. Hopefully by Tuesday, I’ll be back on track with the study… That being said –
    1. I would have to say that with the exception of my dad, my husband is the one man I can think of who shows acts of random kindness toward me. A good example is what he did for me yesterday. My hubby is 4 months into recovering from a very bad infection (MRSA – flesh eating bacteria), and we almost lost him (which is a story in and of itself). His scars are completely healed now, but he is still quite weak but slowly gaining strength every day. Yet, yesterday he installed a dishwasher in my kitchen, because its been two years of hand-washing for me and he said “enough is enough”. It was a physical struggle for him, but he did it out of love and devotion.
    2. Again, God divinely put my husband and I together. Its quite a long story, but the short side of it is that my hubby asked his pastor if he knew of any nice girls in the congregation (and that he was tired of searching and coming up short). The pastor said that he knew of two gals in the church. One Sunday after church, my pastor was at the door shaking people’s hands with Dave at his side, and I was the first of the two gals who came out the door (not the other girl!). It was a match made in heaven (literally!), and we were married six months later.
    3. I’ve done everything I can do to fix a broken relationship, and now the ball is in her court. The cool thing is that through this study, God has given me peace about the broken friendship – and all the bad dreams I’ve had in the past about this friend have ceased to be sad dreams (I used to wake up crying about her). Guess I’m starting to heal….
    4. I cannot imagine all the thoughts rolling around Ruth’s head that night. From fear (who is this guy Boaz is gonna try to fix me up with?!!!), to feelings of hope that Boaz cared about her and would take care of her no matter what.
    5. I am so grateful that Christ is my Redeemer. I cannot imagine life without Him!
    Loving this study and all the wonderful sharing that everyone is doing. You all are blessing my Summer!!!

  • Joeanna says:

    I’ve been stuck on question #1 all week. It really sent me for a spin, I usually stay clear of men’s way. I don’t understand why maybe because growing up I was terrified of my dad. It’s like the Lord won’t let me answer any of the other question till I realize that men have shown kindness to me.

    • Christine says:

      God has you facing a wall right now, and you can pray through it. Pray for Him to remove the blocked vision, reveal what is keeping you from seeing. He opens your heart to see…so stand still at the wall, pray and listen. This is awesome!!!

      • Joeanna says:

        I need to work on truly forgiving my dad. God wants me to leave my past on the “Threshing floor”.” Love doesn’t keep a record of wrong”-1cor:12-13.This is what I heard in church today.
        God is The Author of my Life so there is no reason for me to be afraid of men,(which I didn’t realize I was)..God has not given me a spirit of fear.
        I am so overwhelmed by how close to God I feel as a result of this study. There is POWER in God’s word.

  • Shannon says:

    1) I know I’ve got three main men in my life that have always shown me beautiful hesed (kindness), my husband, my son and my father… so in thinking this, what other man has shown me “out of the way” kindness? My memory takes me back to a time that I was on a plane traveling across country to the West Coast with my two young children to meet up with my mom and aunt. I had my stroller that was checked and ready to go on board so I could have it to switch planes in Chicago. The stewardess hatefully reprimanded me for bringing it on board even though it was checked. She told me to find a place to store it, offered no help while I was getting myself, my 5 year old and my 15 month old settled. I was beyond tears but a man who was watching and already seated several seats behind me, got up, excused his way to me and took the stroller and placed it in one of the overhead compartments. As we were getting ready to unload the plane when we reached Chicago… he came to me again and retrieved the stroller for me. I was so thankful for his kindness and help.

    2) I had a sweet, sweet cousin of mine who moved from California to Georgia. She moved in with my family for about four months until she could find a place of her own and become settled. She was in her early 20’s and living that early 20’s lifestyle, staying out late, “having fun”. My kids were younger and having her come and go as she did was somewhat questionable in their eyes. Where was she going all the time? Why does she stay out so late? We talked and had our “living under our roof” conversations, she understood and was hoping to find a room-mate and a place of her own but it just wasn’t happening soon enough. I was laying in bed one morning, praying about it, still and quiet and I heard a voice “I’ll handle it”. I remember my eyes opening and I looked around, nudged my husband who was asleep and asked him if he said anything.. he didn’t and I realized I heard the voice of God. I was so still and I just kept replaying it over and over in my head, all day long. Late that afternoon, my cousin called me on her way home from work. She was so excited and told me that she and another girl she worked with, whose room-mate just moved out, would be moving from my house into her friends apt the following weekend… WOW… HE handled it! I was in such shock, not that God did exactly what He said he would do but that I did truly HEAR God speak to me that morning while I was lying in bed, still and quiet. I was such a God orchestrated event. Only God could have known how difficult it was becoming for her to continue living in our house.

    • Mary says:

      Wow, what a blessing you received. I bet you never lose faith or doubt God ever again. Thank you for sharing that great experience.

  • Renee says:

    I am responding to question #2. I lost my horse to cancer this summer. I know it’s not a person, but this was something God and I had been working through for the last couple of years. After I had to put her down I asked God for another horse if it was his will that I should continue with my sport. I also asked that if it was his will that he pick the horse. It took a bit more than a month, and several horses that didn’t work out, but I finally found one. After buying him I was looking through his papers and saw that he was born in Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz means holy cross.

    • Lil says:

      First of all I love that you ride competitively I never rode to that level but close. I am so sorry for the lose I know that God will bring great thinks with the Holy Cross baby. thank you for sharing

  • Ginny says:

    I’ve been on vacation so I’m a little behind…will be answering questions this weekend. I will say though that I am loving this study. The Lord is speaking so many things to me through it and as usual He’s making Himself known to me in a deeper way. I had a very specific and very painful thing happen that the Lord wanted me to surrender to Him and respond by “if your enemy is hungry, give him bread to eat” and He told me to keep my response private. He then spoke this very scripture to my heart that Christine shared in ‘this week’s verse”. I just love it when God confirms His word like that. More later!

    • Christine says:

      I just read two scriptures this week where the Lord tells someone to “keep this private.” Your comment is confirmation for me as well 😉

  • Mary says:

    self study, Texas

    1. When I was going through my personal crisis these past 15 months, one of my bosses would call in to the other secretary and check on me. He is Vietnamese and was always so kind and philosophical. He wouldn’t call me because he didn’t want to make me cry so he would check in with the others in my office when he was traveling.

    2. Only God would have known…My son had a drug problem and I was having trouble coming up with the money to get him into rehab and my friend and her husband gave me the difference that I didn’t have. They specifically told me that I was not to pay them back and then their son was in a very bad vehicle accident and walked away without a scratch. After seeing pictures of the car I could not believe that he even lived, it was very frightening, but I realized that because they helped me save my son’s life, God saved their son’s life. And only God could have known.

    3. I believe I am currently in my season of sowing and right now I have done all I can do and I need God to do the rest. Since my struggle began 15 months ago when my boyfriend left, I have sold my home and am packing it up, I don’t know where I am going to go because I don’t have a job and don’t know where I will end up. My boyfriend’s attorney won’t return my attorney’s calls because we still have a few things that need to get settled and I am in the waiting period because I don’t know what else to do except cry. I am so grateful for this bible study because I know that God is working through me and will continue to do so. Just put one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward.

    4. I imagined Ruth wondering if this other kinsmen was anything like Boaz. I believe that she would be comparing him to Boaz’s character. Was he kind, gentle, and of noble character? Would she be able to be grateful if the other kinsmen chose her?

    5. What a calming effect this bible study has on me when I am into the Word. I hope I can make time every day to sit with the Lord and reread this book when it is over. “God is my redeemer and my vindicator” I try to remember to say this daily mantra to myself quite often.

  • Rosalie Clark says:

    Our small group is so enjoying this study and sometimes “ouching” with what God is teaching us through the book of Ruth.
    1. Kindnesses shown to us by husbands and neighbors, thankful for these, yet we felt undeserving were a few thoughts shared.
    2. Divine collisions – meeting their mate, coming to the Saviour, given opportunity to share friendship and the gospel as running in a triathlon. Only God could have known and orchestrated!
    3. waiting for a child to turn to Christ; waiting for a job; waiting for a spouse to come to church with me, were a few of our thoughts.
    4. We had fun thinking thoughts with Ruth as she lay on the threshing floor – nervous, excitement, did I do the right thing?, did I say the right thing?, what am I getting myself into?, OR God is with me; God is in this; I must trust Him.
    5. God has made me new, given me a place in His kingdom, saving me from eternal punishment, given me a reason to live — for His glory. He bought me back. Praise His name.

  • Janise says:

    This study is such a reality check and a dream that I wish would come true.
    There is some much that I have read in this study that reminds me I need to let go of the hurt at someone has done to me. But Ruth’s bravery and strength she trusted in a God she did not really know. Letting go of the hurt is so hard when it is constantly thrown back in your face everyday and you don’t have the money or the strength to keep fighting. So what do you do give up everything or do you keep fighting? I trust in God I have trusted in him since this whole situation has happened. Now the dream part is finding a Boaz that will stand beside you and give you the courage and strength to keep going. To help let go of the past that keeps putting you down. To protect you from the hurt to tell that person to stop and leave her alone. Is there someone out there to do all of that?

  • Christine says:

    2. The adoption of our daughter was orchestrated by God. We were foster parents and I did not want any infants because I was afraid that I would not know how to take care of one. We really wanted a toddler. My daughter was offered to us to foster 3 times, 3 different descriptions of her situation, (at 3 months old, 4 months old and 6 months old) before I finally got the courage to say yes. Now that I look back I can see God all over it and it makes me wonder if he was up there just shaking his head at me because I was too afraid to say yes. 🙂 I am so thankful that I finally listened to him because the fostering turned into adoption.

  • Kristin Holder says:

    I am so speechless in regards to Ruth. She absolutely takes my breath away. Literally, her courage, perseverance, patience, and work ethic is encouragement for me. I have been thinking of her everyday since the study began and how wonderful her story is…this being the first time that I have read Ruth. However, I have not read ahead, because each day I look forward to my time in the study wondering what she will be doing next! Amazing and unfathomable are the 2 words that come to mind when I hear the name Ruth….

  • Lauren says:

    Once again, I am really enjoying this study and getting on here and reading everyone else’s perspective on it. I have learned several things and also been provided insight on things that I hadn’t thought of in the other times I read Ruth. That is what is wonderful about the Bible to me: it is God’s Living Word, so each time you read it, something else stands out.
    1- I am fortunate to have many caring men in my life, from my young son to my grandparents on either side. I have also had many “random” acts of kindness… two in particular stand out. The first was a stranger who let myself, my sister, and my cousin use his phone when my car broke down in a rural area in the middle of the night. This was over ten years ago, and I did not have a cell phone, and it wouldn’t have worked anyway where we were at. He not only let us use his phone, he also invited us into his house, let the two girls (4 or 5 yrs. old) watch Nickelodeon, and gave them something to eat. He missed a movie date so that we could stay there at his house until my parents could get there. Another is simiiliar, and involves an elderly gentleman who took me into his house late at night when my car caught on fire. He called my dad for me and let me stay until Dad and my then boyfriend could get to me. Later on, I was able to return the favor as a nurse when I cared for him as a cancer patient.
    3- As a nursing instructor, it is hard when it is time for my students to take state boards. I feel like I have done everything I can do for them, they then have to prepare on their own and I have to pray and wait to get their results.
    4- A range of emotions… elated, thrilled, ecstatic that Boaz had said he’d be willing to care for her… maybe even love for him… grateful, definitely. But scared, because who was this other man? What if Boaz had just brought him up because he didn’t want to be obligated? What if he wasn’t as nice as Boaz? So many changes Ruth had faced… another one now? I’m sure she didn’t sleep much!

    What an awesome God we serve… and we are so blessed to have a kinsman redeemer… that’s right, a KINSMAN who was willing to give all HE had so we could reign with him… bought me out of slavery so that I could be rich! Thank you, Jesus!!!
    God bless!

  • Heather says:

    1. My husband for the past serveral years have been unkind to me. But latly since we have gotten our lives together has been very kind to me and our 2 sons. I know it may not seem an unexpected to you but to me it very unexpected.
    2. I don’t think i have has this happen to me yet..
    3. I’m trying to help a friend out with her situation and its really hard sometimes when i think i am helping her and she does the complete oppasit its very hard to sit and wait to see what she is going to do.
    4. I think at first her heart probaly sank when he told her about the other closer relative. then he gave her hope when he told her that he would be her redeemer if the other guy would not do it. but i also think that she might have thought What am I not good enough for you that you will only take me only if you have to. So its some big Roller coaster that she is on.

  • Karen says:

    I was at the beach and my kids were 4,6 and 7. The tide was coming in and my car was stuck in the sand. I didn’t see anyone around us to help. My 4 year old said Lets pray mommy, I said thats a great idea, so we did and when I opened my eyes, Three very tall men walked over to our car and literally picked the front end of the car up and told me to slowly back up,I did and said thank you and drove off. I looked in my rear view mirror and the men walked the other way. I don’t know where they came from, but I do. My 4 year old daughter Amanda said See mommy God sent his Angels to help us. The hairs on my arms were standing staight up. Wow.

    I have many stories that coincided, This one is When I moved to Fla I didn’t have a good friend.I prayed for one and I did have many girl friends but not real close. I would often be at the ER with my dad,he had type 1 diabetes. I would sit outside with my my mom waiting while they worked on my dad. One of the times I remember a women with her two young boys. We spoke to each other and talked for quite a long time. She had recently lost her husband who was in a motorcycle accident. We prayed together.( Every time I had the poor me’s, God always put some one in my life who was so much worse than me).
    One day at church I was talking to a women who was always alone,I asked her to lunch. We went and had a blast, she was so much fun,sweet and honest. We became good friends. Still are. We were talking one day and I was talking about my dad who passed away. The conversation led to how many times I was at the ER. She said she remembered talking to a lady at the ER with her dad,and diabetes. Turned out she was the women with the two young boys at the ER I talked to and prayed with.

    I don’t know if this is what you are asking. My daughter was in a relationship at the age of 19, with a guy who was clearly going the wrong way, everyone saw it but her. He ended up in jail, she was determed to save, help or fix him. She would drive 4 hours to and from the jail. I even went with her a couple of times because I was afraid of her being alone on the interstate. I had long talks with her praying for her. She was going for her BA in nursing at the time which is pretty hard and stressful. I was at my wits end, I knew she was going to have a breakdown. I had to totally give it to God. She had to make the right choice. I had to wait on her response.

    Boaz said: as surely as the Lord lives I will do it.
    I think Ruth was afraid,but also living under Naomis God, hopeful. This is where fear and Faith hit head on. wow

    I often feel alone in this big world. Faith is a muscle I have to strengthen every day, when I fear something, I imagine a giant wing hovering over me and protecting me. God is faithful.

    • Christine says:

      Beautiful story of angels helping you! You remind me of what my own daughter said (age 7 then) about angels protecting us. As we waited at a stop sign, a teen driver came around the corner head-on into our car. In seconds, the teenager swerved and went onto the sidewalk. I heard sirens frantically rushing to another accident, and said to my daughter that we needed to pray for the other accident. My daughter said “mommy, God saw the car coming at us and he told his angels to cover our car with their wings so that we were not hit.” Later in the day, I learned the story of the other car accident at the exact same time as our incident. My husband’s friend had just lost her adult daughter in a head-on accident and we heard the sirens going to her rescue. When I saw the mom later, I gave her a beautiful scripture necklace to comfort her in her loss. Her daughter had been drunk driving when she hit the other car head-on.

      • Karen says:

        What a mighty God we serve. I am glad you and your daughter are ok.

      • Lauren says:

        This reminds me of when my husband was in a car accident a few years back. One of the vertebrae in his neck was broken and doctors were afraid he might be paralyzed. As his ambulance rushed him to the nearest hospital, my little sister was cheering at the local high school football field. She heard the ambulance sirens, and something (? we know who) told her to pray… she never did that! Turned out she was praying for her brother-in-law… and he is alive and well with no permanent damage. Needless to say, we are in a habit of praying for ambulances when we meet them!

        • Christine says:

          Before I was a believer, I would hear and ambulance and think “how sad, look away.” Now, when I hear the sirens I see the opportunity to pray for the person in need of emergency, and also to pray for the safety of the rescue workers who will provide assistance. I’m teaching this to my children as well. I tell the kids to pray when they see accidents. We saw an accident in June, on the way to school and prayed about it. My daughter found out it was her teacher in the auto accident,and thankfully, not hurt. If we know them or not, we pray, because that’s what the family of God would do. Pray for one another.

  • Sorry I haven’t been here! I’ve been doing the study and enjoying it, I just have been having computer issues…. it works when it wants too! Unlike Ruth, who has no problems working!

    Hmmmm…. I have never really been shown kindness from a man other then my father. Until the Lord brought my husband into my life. We lived in two different states and communicated via internet and phone for about a month’s time constantly. (We were childhood sweethearts reunited so we had a lot of catching up to do.) His act of kindness is truly more hesed…. He drove all the way from Oregon to Arizona in the last winter storm (rain, snow, hail and ice) to get me (Jan 21, 2010). We stopped in Las Vegas to get married on the way back (the next day). And arrived at him home on the 23rd. His love and kindness has done more for me in my relationship with the Lord than any other relationship I have ever had. I have never had anyone show that kind of love to me before. And he still shows that kindness. What a blessing he is to me.

    When Boaz told Ruth he would redeem her if her closest relative didn’t, she must have been having a lot of feelings roiling around. I think as she laid at Boaz’ feet she had to wonder if this other relative was as kind as Boaz. She must of felt a bit scared. I know I would have. I bet she even prayed some to this “new” God that the other relative wouldn’t want her so Boaz would redeem her. She knew him and had experienced the hesed he had for her. She knew what it was to be under his shelter, protected and provided for. He hesed her, a Moabitess, a foreigner, a widow, one who was considered less than a servant, when he didn’t have to. I’m sure she didn’t get much sleep at all that night, because I sure wouldn’t have. I remember when my husband showed up at my job after driving over 26 hours straight, I was so overcome that he was really there in Arizona, he had really come to get me, I cried, I laughed, I cried some more! My customers thought I was crazy! But I didn’t hardly sleep the night before because I was scared, nervous, excited, happy…. all of the every emotions Ruth must have felt that night.

    Thank you for having this wonderful study. I truly am enjoying it and drawing closer to the Lord.

  • Sandi nieto says:

    There are two occasions that I can think of in regards to a man’s generosity. One is when I moved to Tucson, AZ and had two children, one who was severely handicapped. I didn’t have money for my electricity bill and was crying to my friend who lived at my apt complex and telling her that I needed electricity to keep my son’s feeding pump going and his other electrical contraptions that kept him alive! I was so distraught and a man who lived there came up and said that he heard my problem and offered to pay my bill. Normally I would say, ‘Oh, no, thats ok, I’ll be fine’, but I needed this so badly, so I accepted. I couldn’t believe his kindness.
    The other occasion was when I was taking my handicapped son on an airplane. I had him in a wheelchair and was running thru the airport so as not to miss my plane. I was the last to board and of course the wheelchair doesn’t fit down the aisle so I had to disconnect his feeding pump and carry him sideways thru the aisle to get to our seats. He was five feet tall and i am five foot three. So after getting our two bags and my purse and me struggling with my son, I managed (by myself) to get to our seats. I was in the beginnings of a migraine headache and was huffing and puffing and the flt attendant came to me and said that there was a gentleman in first class who wanted to give me his meal and would I accept it. Well, that was the straw that broke the camels back and I started crying. So here I am trying to hold my son up in his seat because he kept leaningnforward to fall out (he couldn’t even hold up his head for any extended length of time) and I’m crying and I have a full shrimp meal while everyone else is having peanuts. I will never forget that day.
    Oh, and the guy that paid my elec bill? Well, we’ve been married now for 17 years!! How about that?

  • Marrissa says:

    3. I am waiting right now!! I was an art teacher for several years. When my daugter was born last year, I became a SAHM. In April, my mom suggested I try to become an illustrator for children’s books. After much prayer and careful thought, I decided I would go for it! I created a website and uploaded several illustrations. I sent out the link to my website to several publishing companies. And now….I am in the holding pattern. It takes a while to get a response, if any, from publishing companies. I know that it is all in God’s hands. This is something new for me. I never thought I would ever go in this direction with my art. The only way I can describe it is by saying that it just “feels” right. I am certain I will be illustrating children’s books one day….I just have to wait to see what God has in store for me!

  • Julie Hodges says:

    Every experience God gives us, every person He puts in our lives, is the perfect preparation for the future that only He can see. ~Corrie ten Boom

    Julie Hodges

  • Julie Hodges says:

    Good morning! Our group met last night even though we are a week behind everyone we laughed and cryed and shared our hearts with each other…
    I made small key chains with a name on the back and each one of picked one with God’s word on one side and the person we are to build up, pray for and encourage we parted untill we meet again next week. some deep feeling were shared praise God and to Him be the Glory.

  • Jacki says:

    1. I grew up in a household full of men. My mother had died when I was ten and what remained was my four older brothers and my father. Unfortunately, there was not much kindness in this environment. I did not know that there were men who truly loved, respected, and were kind to women. Then I met my husband. He had such a kind and gentle heart and he held my hand and showed me that I was worthy of respect, kindnes, and love. To this day he continues to hold my hand and show me this.

    2. I was living in Cincinnati in 1992 and a friend asked if I would like to go to Florida with his finance and meet a group of people for a weekend. I needed to get away so I said yes and we flew to Panama City, Florida. The next day I met one of the guys there. We sat on the beach and talked a lot. We had realized that we grew up 20 minutes from one another and attended the same university previously and had mutual friends. We did not meet until we were on that beach in Florida at just the right moment that God had intended. That man is my husband. My gift from God.

    3. Currently I am unemployed. I am trying to do everything that I am supposed to do to find a job. I have had a interview with one company and had even taken and passed the computerized personality test. They have said that they are interested in me, however, I am still waiting. It could be 30 days or it could be longer. I am just sitting a praying, and also trying to get my resume out to more people.

    4. Ruth must have felt a mixture of many feelings. She must have been happy that Boaz wanted to redeem her. She must have been apprehensive in wondering who the other person was and if that person would redeem her. She must have felt the love of Boaz from his kind words and actions.

    5. I have always heard that Christ was my redeemer but I did not give much thought to it. I know that he died for me on the cross but I did not realize that he is my redeemer each and every day in every day circumstances. It takes on a whole new meaning for me and multiplies my love and appreciation for him.

  • Kelley says:

    4. When I put myself in Ruth’s position, I would have to say that I would have been very anxious and nervous at the prospect of having to wait. At this point, Ruth felt a close bond with Boaz and to know that she might have to give that up for someone else, that would have been very difficult and heartbreaking.

  • Lori says:

    1. I think of my brother. He has been a great listener for me in my life. Once, not too long ago, I went through a period of severe depression at a time when we lived in the same town. I cried to him and just freely talked to him and shared my feelings one day. He sat right beside me on the couch and suddenly, he started crying. I said, “Why are YOU crying?” He said something along the lines of, “I just feel like I know what you’re going through.” It was a clear picture to me that my pain was his pain at that moment. He was hurting to see me hurting. That is such a sweet and tender moment in my memory.

    2. In my life, I have long struggled with the longing for the assurance of my salvation. As I am an obsessive-compulsive person anyway, my salvation, as it is the most important decision in my life, is a decision I have the tendency to want to check and recheck, etc., etc., if you are familiar with OCD tendencies. One day I was ready to change my desktop wallpaper for my PC, so I went to a Christian website that has great, free desktop wallpaper downloads with accompanying Scripture, etc. As I glanced over the selection, one caught my eye: the background was the Bible opened to a passage of Scripture. I can’t remember exactly how it was displayed; either the verse was written boldly or it was written across the screen — in red letters — “IT IS FINISHED.” I felt that God was speaking to me that day through that screen, although I guess some might question that. I became more convinced when I looked at the wallpaper choices a few days or a week or two (?) later, and that wallpaper choice was gone. I think some of the other options remained the same. It seemed to me that God put it there at the exact right time. At a time when I was desperate for some kind of assurance, I can think of no more powerful way He could have spoken it to me. I know that “It is finished” refers to the work of the cross; but at this moment it carried new meaning for me in addition: I had come to God asking Him to save me, and there was no more I could do. It did not need doing again -and again, and again. It was finished! It was a powerful visual image that I need to remember always.

    3. I think of the process of submitting job application after job application and then doing interview after interview after interview. It is a process of doing my very best and then waiting on the response of another, who has the power in the situation. I also thought of going to someone to ask her forgiveness for something that had happened years before. After doing what I knew God had been telling me to do, I had to wait on her response.

    4. I would feel relieved that redemption was certain, yet longing for Boaz, quite honestly, because I would probably feel anxious to meet the nearer relative simply because he was totally unknown at that point — totally unfamiliar. Boaz was already known to be wonderful. It would be hard to imagine that anyone could be a better redeemer. I would feel great peace that Boaz’s feelings were known now, and as Kelly pointed out, knowing that he wanted to redeem her. I seriously doubt I could have slept either that night!!

    5. There has been a great insight of recognizing the comparison of Boaz as kinsman-redeemer to Jesus as my ultimate Redeemer: I was spiritually poor, as Ruth was materially poor. Boaz, materially rich, had the power to redeem Ruth, and desired to do so. Jesus had the power to make me spiritually rich through His death on the cross, and that is what He willingly did. It is a vast contrast between my former spiritual helplessless and poverty, and His incredible power and unfathomable riches.
    This has really been the first time I’ve seen the Gospel in light of the book of Ruth. I have read Ruth before, but have never made this connection until it was pointed out in this study. Oh, how powerful.

    • Christine says:

      My 12 year old daughter has OCD, so depression and anxiety are common visitors in our home. ;-( Thankful for a big God, who sees and knows what we experience, and continues to offer us the protection of His wings. I agree with you, this is a new viewpoint of Ruth and a very powerful one. When we read the bible a verse at a time, it’s easier to digest and absorb its nutrients.

      • Lori says:

        I will pray for your daughter, Christine. I think my issues with depression began around that age. What a wonderful thought that God offers us the protection of His wings.

        By the way, I am so glad I found this website! It is terrific.

  • Carla says:

    1. During my freshman year of college, i was on the step team for my dormitory. The night before the step show, we had a very, very long practice i became upset with the leaders and stormed out of practice. As i walked home the fact that i was walking alone registered as soon as this guy walked out of the library. I was too far and maybe too stubborn to turn back around and wait for my team as we usually walked home together so, i prayed basically that he wasn’t crazy and that he would help me if something happened. The dorm was considered on-campus but, it was actually about 15 minutes off campus by foot and the path home was really dark so, i stayed far enough behind him to run back in case he decided to come after me but close enough for him to hear me if i needed him. long story short, this truck out of nowhere approached me and the driver asked me to come to the car and when i said no, the passenger opened the door as if he’d come get me. The guy ahead called out to me asking if i needed help and as i ran to him the truck sped away. The guy whose name turned out to be James walked me the rest of the way home and though i never saw him again I’m forever grateful that he was there! He was definitely my guardian angel that night!

    2. #1 is all that i could think about during this question too b/c only God could have put him there for me. There’s no telling what might have happened and the craziest part is that I’d been passed the library and almost on the dark path home completely alone when he passed me in a near sprint, putting him ahead of me.

    3. Right now in my career and with finishing school but God has already given me the victory in both!

    4.That he would redeem her if the nearer relative wouldn’t! I would have excited to know that he was willing to redeem me, annoyed that a wrench (being a new person) was thrown in, nervous about who the new guy was, and grateful that either way I’d be redeemed

    5. No new insights just remembering how good God has been to me. it makes me think of a part of the Clark sisters song “blessed and highly favored”….”It could have been me, It should have been me, It would have been me, if it wasn’t for the blood!”


    • Christine says:

      As I read about the guy protecting you, I immediately thought “angel” and how much God loves you. I also notice that you “prayed that he would help me if something went wrong.” God answers your prayers.

  • Mary Ann says:

    1. Once, when I was employed, my boss found out that his boss used to have lunch prepared for the secretaries on Secretaries Day but, he was not planning to do that in that year. So, that day, he came into the office at noon, took me into his office, sat me in his chair and presented my lunch and told me to sit back and relax because this was my day. He closed the door and left. That was a very overwhelming kindness to me!

    3. I have to say, again, the day I got out of the hospital in March, I was in so much pain due to the dosage of steroids. My internal organs felt three times their size and very painful. I knew that I had to talk to God, praying that he would take away the pain. Finally, I lay in the bed, in so much pain and just prayed that he take the pain away and give me peace of sleep. I had to wait until God was ready—then finally, I was asleep.

    • Christine says:

      I was hospitalized in April and I have been praying a “body prayer” each night. Laying in bed, I start with my toes and pray for the Lord to find any cells that contain illness, and remove the toxic cells from my feet, replacing them with healthy cells. I then go over my ankles, lower legs, etc. As I do this, I have very strange ‘prickly’ sensations in my body! It takes awhile…from toe to head. After a few weeks of this I developed a severe pain in my kidney, it was inflamed for three days and I was ready to call the doctor. So I prayed with my friends over it, asking God to release the toxins, and the pain went away. I’m now praying for God to RELEASE any toxins in my cells, wash over them with his oil, and blanket me in His protection. And I feel fantastic!

      • Mary Ann says:

        What a wonderful idea! Often, I just accept whatever has happened to me as God’s Will. I need to remember to pray for those things and ask for a miracle (because I sure know He does them every day!)
        Thanks so much!

  • Still loving this study…..

    1. I had trouble thinking of something here. Not that men haven’t been kind – just nothing that really stood out. Okay, here is something…. My daughter has special needs and was in desperate need of a new bed; something that was bigger than a crib, but still safe and secure. A retired man from our church designed and built her a beautiful bed. A special needs bed would have cost several thousand dollars. All he charged was $300 for the materials. Mr. Tom’s kindness will always be remembered.

    2. Shortly after moving to a new town I formed a friendship with another young mom. As we were getting to know each other, she told me that her mom was a pediatric neurologist. I actually joked that I hoped I never needed to meet her. Only God knew that a couple years later I would be seeking answers to why my daughter wasn’t developing normally. My dear friend’s mother became my daughter’s doctor and led us down the path to a diagnosis.

    Another example that I think fits here….I was on bedrest for complications early on in a pregnancy. A friend came to visit and pray with me. Just before she left, she prayed that God would heal my baby, but if that was not His will, that He would take the baby quickly. I was shocked when I heard those words. My friend was barely out of the driveway when I miscarried. I had never experienced such an immediate and obvious answer to prayer. God knew that my friend’s prayer would be a comfort to me at that moment.

    3. I can’t think of anything personally, but my husband has been experiencing that with job interviews. He does his best and then waits to here if he is “the one.”

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