An Encounter (Ruth Week 3)

By July 12, 2010Ruth

We’re halfway through our study of Ruth: Loss, Love and Legacy as we complete session three. This week was filled with many concepts, such as kindness, humility, righteousness, gifting and redemption. Each concept and lesson seemed to reach deep into my heart.

  • In kindness, I learned that I have more to give and my sacrifice only touches the surface of the field
  • In humility, I learned that I need to embrace humbleness rather than fear it
  • In righteousness, I learned that Jesus covers me in white linen
  • In gifting, I learned that I need to move from dependent to provider in my family
  • In redemption, I learned that I am an heir in the family of Christ

Although we are reading scripture from Biblical times, the messages are relevant to life today when we stop, read a verse at a time, and think about today’s application. If you turn to the back of the workbook, on page 169, Kelly Minter has created a playlist for this weeks study. We’ve selected one of the songs from her list, so enjoy the music God of Justice, We Must Go by Tim Hughes:

Prayer Requests

Thank you for posting your prayer needs, we have been praying for you individually. If you have a special request, so please post your prayer requests here.

Kelly Minter Quotes

  • When God has ordained the humbling, you can be certain that His love is the catalyst.
  • All are welcome at this humble table.
  • Apart from Christ, we are excluded from the right to dine at God’s table.
  • We all have something to give, even if we are broke or broken.

This Week’s Scripture Verses-NIV

You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail. Isaiah 58:11

For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though he was rich, yet for your sakes he became poor, so that you through his poverty might become rich. 2 Cor 8:9

Because you are sons, God sent the Spirit of his Son into our hearts, the Spirit who calls out, “Abba, Father.” So you are no longer a slave, but a son; and since you are a son, God has made you also an heir. Galatians 4:6-7

Group Discussion- Answer ONE or as MANY as you like!

  1. Are you in a season of reaping (cutting the harvest), sowing (planting the harvest) or both? How can you be generous in your season of reaping or sowing?
  2. Does God have you in a season of humbling, or have you walked in one in your past? What happened during your season?
  3. On page 70 Kelly asks “How did you find refuge under the wings of God?” If you have experienced His refuge, please share your story below.

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  • Jennifer Deffendall says:

    1. I am in the season of reaping and sowing. I understand that I need to make sure that I make time for God, which I do during the day or even before I go to sleep. .
    2. When my husband was deployed, it was hard. I know that he was their through the completely entire time. This made it easier.
    3. Making the time to listening to him is the best thing I could do. I am finding refuge each day.

  • Victoria Milam says:

    1. I think I am in both. I am sowing seeds in my family-two young children and a hard-headed husband 🙂 And reaping-I’m seeing God work in my life through my friend Cara and through my unbelieving co-worker and his family. I think I generously try to share as much as I know about Christ as I learn myself…I don’t want anyone to miss out on Him!
    2.I think I could consider it a season of humbling. I am learning that it isn’t all about me. I know myself to be a selfish person and so becoming intimate with God has been a big step-because it’s all about Him!!! And it’s hard sometimes, but I love Him so much that I will step down as far as He wants me to!
    3.I think I find refuge each day. I battle with myself constantly and only find peace when I am talking to Him, singing about Him & to Him, and just diving into His Word. He comforts me in my daily struggles. I find refuge in Him daily!

  • Cathey says:

    Several years ago I went through a time of humbling. At the age of 42, I had a major stroke. As a result, I was no longer able to work full-time. I didn’t realize how much I defined myself by my work. As a rehab therapist, I helped others and it made me feel good about myself – because of my work. After the stroke, I realized that my self-esteem could not be tied to my work (or anything I do for that matter). It had to be tied to Jesus. So, in the years since, I have spent regular, quality time in Bible Study and prayer. As a result,God has opened a way for my to work as a Pastoral Counselor on a part-time basis. My life is soooooo much sweeter than before I had the humbling stroke.

  • Susan says:

    1. Both. How do I word this? Sowing words and deeds of comfort to others. Reaping–kindness and generosity is coming my way and I hope this is something others have felt from me.
    2. Very much a season humbling.
    3. I found refuge thru my divorce. HE gave me peace and protection. I am finding refuge now thru my husbands job loss. Again peace and protection.

  • Brenda says:

    Hello fellow followers of Jesus Christ,
    I’d like to begin by saying i am grateful to have met Christine on twitter and been introduced to her bible study.
    I have always known Jesus. As a child I remember our entire family always attended church together. On Easter I remember as a little girl how I thought it was so awful to get up at 5 AM to go to church for sun rise church service and then we would again attend our regular service at 10:300am as well on Sunday.
    On Christmas Eve we had and still do a candle light service at 6:30pm all the children perform a program about the birth of baby Jesus, and then we would sing hymns and Christmas Carols. That was over 30 yrs ago and my church to this day sill does that.
    The on thing I regret it not learning the bible as well as I should have.While I listened to our pastor I guess as a young girl I thought I could learn from listening.
    As an adult, I know that there is so much more to the bible that I do not know. So know I need to do these studies, pay attention, learn from others as well as learn from the bible.
    I look forward to learn with all of you.

    • Christine says:

      Each woman who started her first bible study did not know the Bible, including myself. After years of study, I still have much to learn and need to look up verses and keywords. It’s impossible to memorize verse by verse, impossible to read from cover to cover….because it is a living Word, a love letter from God and we digest bits of it each day, one day at a time. None of us are experts….only Jesus knew the bible to that degree. We’re limited by our own life experiences, bible translations, religious teachers and experiences. When you read it daily and learn through a study workbook, you will find yourself craving more intimacy and words from God. It is our daily bread!

  • Vanda says:

    I just wanted to add that it is so wonderful that God has provided a “kinsmen-redeemer” in the law to protect the unprotected. Jesus as our kinsmen-redeemer has not only redeemed us but continues to protect us. We can go to him when we have absolutely no one else to turn to and He is always there for us. Since the days of the Old Testament until today, “The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.” Amen!

  • Vanda says:

    1.Both reaping and sowing. Reaping – We’ve relocated for a year due to husband’s work and I’ve seen God’s work in our lives in practical ways such as an opening for an apartment, school for the kids, a church and even bible study groups for our family.

    Sowing – right now (like this week) my in-laws who are non-belivers have come to visit us for 3 weeks. we hope that our lifestyles will be a witness to God, to them. we claim that they will see God as we love one another.

    2.Does God have you in a season of humbling, or have you walked in one in your past? What happened during your season?

    Having my in-laws living with us for 3 weeks is humbling for me. To have a pair of family members who are more like strangers living with us is hard for me. I’m also humbled by God’s word through this bible study by what Ruth has done for her mother-in-law, a reminder to honor our parents (including in-laws), to serve our elders and to be a servant and let God do his work through us.

    3.I used to work for a totally self-made man who would be unscrupulous to get what he wants and where he wants. I remembered one day that Ps 1 clearly popped in my head: Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked, or stand in the way of sinners or sit in the seat of mockers. I prayed for a way out. A few weeks after this (I was pregnant at this time), I went away for 6 months paid maternity leave and was posted to a different department when I came back to work. I believe that God was definitely protecting me.

  • Pamela says:

    1. Right now I am reaping and sowing. After living in the same town for over 20 years surrounded by family and friends we moved about 4 hours away for my husband’s job. Although we were nervous about the move we knew it was God’s plan. We have lived here for a year and are reaping the blessings of trusting in God-new friendships, job opportunities, and chances to serve. I continue to sow as I strive to strengthen relationships and listen to God’s voice.

    2. I have been through many seasons of “humbling” but the most life changing was my struggle to have a child. My husband and I excitedly bought a copy of What To Expect When You’re Expecting and thought we would be expecting within a few months. One year turned into two-then five-then seven. This journey brought me to the lowest point in my life and it was there I heard the voice of God-powerful and loving.

    3. When I was 4 I experienced the protection of God in a beautiful way. It is something difficult to put into words but something I will always remember. Angels are among us!

  • Lil says:

    1. I am reaping and sowing. But Mostly sowing God has placed in unemployment with lots of bills for a reason. I have drawn closer to him than I thought possible and while there have been rebellious moments I am delighted in him and the patterns we are building right now. God is answering my prayers so much in this season my father is finally going to get counseling for his problems and this will involve the whole family, but I am soo at peace and excited about our families journey even though I will be away from them while this is going on.
    2. Im humbled right now because I have no earthly crutches of career,steady income, boyfriend to escape to when I feel overcome. Sometimes I would these things, but right now I have to rely on God and though sometimes its rocky I know victory will come soon and I will be able to put things like money,relationship etc in the right places in my life after God and not before.
    3. I found the refuge under his arms right now by study and forming new christian friendships and being very connected to my new church I know God knows my financials and he will pay off every bill and give me provision wether that comes in the form of a job or not. Having my father go to counseling shows me Gods wings are wide and he is revealing that he hears me and answers prayers in his own time, but at the perfect time.

  • Sue Schwendemann says:

    1. Sowing, I would say for I care for my husband. He has a bad heart. Also trying to bring him to the Lord.
    2. God has been humbling me lately by doing without things I need. Learning to lean on Him more.
    3. By learning to trust God more so I am under the shelter of his wing. Let go let God.

  • janet says:

    I found refuge under the wings of God through His promises. They were all I had as I was raising my prodical sons. His Word was my only truth – all else around me was sinking sand… Today, I can thank Him and praise Him for so many promises that became realities for me over time.

  • Tamara says:

    Does God have you in a season of humbling, or have you walked in one in your past? What happened during your season?

    God is humbling me now. I am finding that I am not as conscious of what other people think of me. I am focused on living God’s word and honoring Him, and only Him, through every trial and tribulation. I am also focusing on Him in the good times. God is showing me that titles mean nothing; He is more concerned with my heart than a job title.

  • Tamara says:

    Are you in a season of reaping (cutting the harvest), sowing (planting the harvest) or both? How can you be generous in your season of reaping or sowing?

    I am definitely in a season of reaping. Many doors have opened for me over the past two months that I find it hard to keep up. I do my best to stay on top of God’s word, and apply it over my life daily. I can be generous in my season of reaping by sharing what I am learning with my friends and donating my time and money to my church. God is good.

  • Shannon says:

    1) I am in a season of sowing and reaping. I’m sowing my future in the physical labor that is involved in trying to get our new life together in a new town, a new (old) house, and new surroundings. I am reaping in the scripture that God continues to use to get me through each day. I am so diligently trying to sow the seeds of hard work and determination in the eyes of my children. Having them see me each day work on our situation, having them see me each day knowing I have prayed for them and spend my quiet time in the Lords presence is sowing seeds for them.

    2) I think this study is placing me in a humbled state. I have been so anxious and tired over the work we are doing that I have allowed my heart to sink at times. I think God has lifted me from the humbled/don’t know what to do next state to a lesser

    3) I am continuously being sheltered and covered by God’s wings. His faith is guiding my every move right now. I pray I can be the humbled servant he deserves.

    • Christine says:

      The work that you do is blessing your home. Have you read the she has a weekly home blessing ritual. Each week on Monday, she lights a candle, plays christian music, and for one hour cleans her home and prays over it as she works. As you labor over your new home, you are blessing it.

      • Brenda says:

        That Christine, is an excellent idea. I have been sitting here think of cleaning rearranging things wandering how to find motivation. I like to buy sage bundles and light them to chase away demons/evil, but a candle is an excellent idea. As well as blessing my home I can be honoring my lost loved ones at the same time. Thank you. Off to clean now. 🙂

        • Christine says:

          We need to learn the Word of God-scripture-and those words will be your shield in a spiritual attack. You’ve already experience this a few times since I met you!

  • Jyothi says:

    right now I am going through both reaping and sowing. I am involved in an organization that helps rescue women and children from sex trafficking and helps to restore them through the love of Christ. I am also in the process of starting my own organization for awareness of sex trafficking and a counseling org for sex abused victims. I am reaping because God has blessed me beyond belief with a man after God’s heart and I will soon be getting married to the man of my dreams. Also reaping through getting my masters at a Christian college and am able to learn through wise men and women who love the Lord.

    GOd is totally doing a makeover in my heart and it is humbling.. yet I am stubborn and have so much to learn. Its been hard to deal with a lot of uncertainty, however I know that this process is only to shape me.

  • Joeanna says:

    Last week I got an awesome surprise related to our study of Ruth. While looking for a scripture, I opened my bible and my eyes landed on Isaiah 54:4-5. 4″Fear not;…..You will no longer remember the shame of your youth and the sorrow of widowhood .
    5″The Creator will be your Husband……He is your Redeemer..
    *Isn’t He Beautiful?

  • Carol says:

    I am going through a season of sowing right now, especially with my 4 children. I often find it difficult to raise humbling, God serving children in a world of ‘me, me, me’ and ‘more, more, more.’ Maybe I am noticing it more now that it is summer. Each day, my kids wake up with the same question..what are doing today, I am so bored, can we go to …(chuckie cheese, great adventure, etc) They are not satisfied with playing in the yard, riding their bikes, having a local picnic. It saddens me that this is what our world has become. When I was y oung, we went outside with our friends from morining to night without any sign of a video game, fast food, or facy equipment. I sure miss those days. God has recently shown me the joy and benefits of living a simple life. Unfortunately that meant giving up some friends and environments that did not follow the same life style. It is certainly an adjustment for my family and I congtinue to question myself. God holds me tight and moves me forward in my decision.

  • Heather says:

    Ok I just finished day 1 of wek 3.. and i really hope we talk about the last discussion question beause i really have a geat answer ( I think) I don’t want to jump ahead so i guess it will have to wait for tuesday..

    • Christine says:

      Please ask your question Heather, so we can discuss it together! You’re always welcome to start a new question…simply post it as a comment.

  • Rachel Shears says:

    Hello Everyone!!

    1. I believe that at any given time we can be both reaping and sowing in different areas of our lives. Right now I believe my husband and I are beginning to reap in the area of business and finances with the start of a new construction business for us this week(huge prayers please!!!) and I think having only been married for 3 years, we’re still sowing into our marriage and family. 🙂 We’re trying to sow into other’s lives by helping them with employment and living arrangements until they’re on their feet.
    2. I’m also coming out of a season of humbling. Eight months ago, my family and I much like Ruth, left the city of my birth and all my family, to move to Georgia and start a new life and ministry. Life there did not go at all how we thought or planned it would, yet here we are in Oklahoma, having no prior idea that we would be here and doing what we’re doing. God is faithful.
    3. I’ve taken refuge and still continue to reside under God’s wings by clinging to His promise in Romans 8:28 that he means “all” things for our good. He is so faithful to His promises and His people.

  • Penny says:

    I am about 6 yrs out of an abusive marriage. So I am trying to spread my wings and fly …I’m not sure I am ready to date anyone, but I believe He is calling me to go a little farther and seek friendships with people other than the ones I have always had since i was married.
    This is scarry, but not as scarry as Ruth must have felt going at night to lay at the feet of Baoz.

  • Michele says:

    1. I am in a season of sowing. It seems I have been here for so long but I know the payoff will be more than I could ever dream of. I can be generous in my sowing by trying to set a cheerful example and support others to do the same.

    2. I am forever being humbled but I know I need it. Maybe someday I will learn the lesson for good and not need so many corrections.

    3. I have found refuge under his wings at the most desperate times in my life. In times of extreme suffering, he is the only comfort that will get me through.

  • tracy greve says:

    I think im in sowing and harvesting it all began 12/17/2008 when i had emergency gaullbladder surgery they found cancer in it the miracle of it was it haddent penetrated the gaulbladder muscle yet after recovery i went through 6 weeks chemo and radiation and then 7/5/2009 i under went a liver resection to make sure there was no more cancer and clean up damaged tissue from radiation from then on it was complication after complication i averaged 2weeks a month in the hospitol for the next8 months the Lord carried me through it all recently i was scheduled to have a stent change little did we know the dr would find i had been bleeding internally from 3 ulcers in my stomach i spent 3 days on a ventilater in icu praise God he was watching over me im home now but have to do iv anitbiotic therapy at home its been a rough couple years but the Lord has taught me alot through it all and there is nothing he cant do,hes my best freind my savior hes my everything and i am so gratefull to the Lord not only was he caring for me but my family as well and he has placed some very wonderul drs and freinds in my life, and wonderful church family Praise and thanks to God for all of you at bible cafe and may God Bless you and protect all of you all the year through.

  • Mary says:

    1. Right now I am not in either reaping or sowing, I am being humbled. I am trying to sow what little I have with others though, through volunteering and helping friends in need.

    2. I am really in the season of humbling by God right now. I am still learning everyday that I need to see myself as lower than anyone else. Pretty much everything that I love has been taken away during this season and I am so tired of crying, but I know God’s plan is the right plan. When we tell our children No about something they so desparately want because we know it is bad for them and they keep asking why, why, why; well that is where I am right now and I so want to get out of that place where Satan can keep attacking me. (Please pray for me sisters.)

    3. I believe God has saved me from myself. I would say I was pretty much a Pharisee. I did things so I could look good not because it was really the right thing to do for God. But God, has struck me into the pit and I have had to learn about Him because all of my life I really didn’t know Him, I knew about Him and that he was a loving God, but I never took the time to really get to know Him and teach my children about Him. God has shown me that He is way to everlasting life and I need to be focusing on His ways and not mine. Live for truth and not the flesh.

  • Carla Lowe- Tucker says:

    1. Both (more sowing though). I can be generous in reaping by sharing what is given to me. I can be generous is sowing by also sharing but mainly what I’m already wealthy in such as joy and kindness.

    2. Yes. because I’ve been kind of down in my spirit by my “lack of”! I think that this part touched me the most because i am a stay-at-home mom and a Realtor. I feel very under/ unappreciated at home by my husband and it gets very frustrating b/c i do so much and it all goes unnoticed. Plus, with my career i have many bouts of being broke! I hate having to depend on people especially if they can possibly say, “well, I’ve done this and that” for you. Which i believe is one of the ways that God is dealing with me.

    3. It all co-relates with my first pregnancy b/c it’s not until then that i stopped fighting and actually took refuge under his wings. Leading up to my first year of college and my first pregnancy there were major issues going on at home. We lost our home and moved into an apartment, I was almost raped, I did many things that I’m not proud of, and Everyone at home subconsciously blamed God and we all stopped seeking his help and turned to our own ways of coping! Although, i was away from home, the things that happened there still determined my everyday life and the growing Gap between me and God. My pregnancy, self-doubt, and feelings of worthlessness brought me back to God and under his wings is where I’ve taken refuge since!

  • Renee says:

    1. I’m sorta in both seasons. I’m reaping the blessings of a faithful God, personal obedience and hard work, primarily by my husband. My family is truly blessed and as we’ve chosen to pick up our cross daily and follow Christ, He has blessed up beyond anything we could imagine. Not that our blessings have anything at all to do with us – they are just a gift from our Amazing God 🙂

    But I feel as though I am sowing into a new season of harvest. I presently spend much of my free time discipling and sowing into the lives of some amazing women who are new believers. I’m not sure exactly when the harvest will come or what it will look like but I know that the time God is using me as His vessel to sow will surely bring a bountiful harvest for the kingdom. I am truly blessed with a husband and children that get the bigger “kingdom picture” and are very understanding when they are asked to sacrifice family time for sowing time.

    2. I have been through seasons of humbling but the one that stands out the most to me is when shortly after being born again I wanted a “position” of leadership at my church – a seat at the table. I had a title, big paycheck, and was a leader in corporate America so I believed I deserved to have a title and be a leader at church too. Here I was, newly saved, thinking I deserved something – oh Lord, forgive me! So I tried everything I could to finagle my way into church leadership. Time after time the door was slammed shut in my face. As time past and I began to grow a little as a Christ follower, I realized that my motives for wanting a position was all about me and my desire to be looked at as someone important – I wanted to know what was going on behind the scenes. I didn’t want to be a leader, I just wanted to feel important. Once I finally got it and begged forgiveness from God for being so prideful, I promised that I wouldn’t ask to be a leader ever again. I wanted to serve and I wanted to do so without drawing attention to myself but to do so in order to glorify Him. I began serving wherever there was a need and my heart changed. I was truly the one blessed in my attempt to be a blessing to others.

    Not long after God called my family to my hometown to become a caretaker for my 98 year old grandmother. We moved, found a church and began to serve where needed both at home with grandma and in church. Within a couple of months I was asked to join the staff and to be a Growth Group (bible study) leader. God promoted on His terms and in His time. I am eternally grateful that He did not allow me to humiliate myself back when I thought I was ready but chose to gently and lovingly humble me and then lift me up in the way that brings Him the glory, not me. I check myself daily to make sure that I don’t try to get in the ways of His plans for me and thank God for allowing me to be a servant leader for His kingdom.

  • MaryAnn says:

    1. It’s a mixed bag of sowing AND reaping. I’m very blessed but I am also struggling with a personal issue that keeps me sowing.
    2. I can tell God knows exactly when I need to be in a season of humbling. I’m in one now and I’m actually glad.
    3. I had an adrenal crisis a few months ago, but didn’t know that’s what it was. I was put on steroids and the day after being released from the hospital, I lay writhing pain on my bed. I felt as if every internal organ was three times it’s size. I just remember praying for God to help me accept the pain and then to give me peace of sleep. It felt like, I’d no sooner said those words, I was asleep. I physically felt under the wings of God. Praise to the One who protected me from more pain.

  • Heather says:

    1. Since i have just come to know the Lord in my life, I think i am in a season of sowing.. I have been doing alot of studying the bible and going to church and the more i learn the more joy i feel in my heart. So i beleive that i am working on my faith to make it stronger. So that when i come acoss on a trial in my life i will have all this faith billed up and then i can do some harvesting. I am also sowing the word of God into my children. We are involved in out first Vacation Bible School at our church and it has just be alot of fun.

    3. I took refuge under God wing when i was seperated from my husband and i tried to find a passage that would help me understand what i had to do. when i found that passage and prayed about it I just knew that i had to go back and fix the problem in our marriage. I gave my husband the wake up call that he needed so it was time to think about others and go back and deal witht the problem. I did and now we are better then ever..
    The passage i found was Phillippians 2:3-4. Let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit, but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than himself. Let each of you look out not only for his own interests, but also for the interests of others.

    • Mary says:

      Once again I say God Bless to you. I applaude you for turning to God to help you in your marriage and may your family continue to grow in His love for you.

  • sandi nieto says:

    3. God placed me under his wing during the birth/life/death of my youngest son. For 15 years He held me during trips to the hospital and long nights with a fever. He has never left my side and during my prayer time this morning I thanked Him for taking my son home. NOW he is complete and whole. As much as I could do here on earth, my heavenly father has healed him and set him free. Yes, I miss my child, but I will see him again one day! Which reminds me of the song…”What a day of rejoicing that will be! When we all see Jesus, we’ll sing and shout the victory!”

    • Mary says:

      God Bless you Miss Sandi and you will see your son again. He will welcome you along with Our Lord to everlasting life. Blessings to you.

  • Judy says:

    Conway, SC

    1. I am in a season of sowing and reaping. Two out of three of my adult children have recently experienced great changes in their lives, which of course caused a lot of change/ stretching in our lives also. My daughter has a brand new baby (grandchild #2!), and my son has gotten married and relocated for his job. In these transitions, I have had the opportunity to do a great deal of sowing, as I help out and contribute to making their transitions easier. I am also sowing in terms of my prayers for each of them, especially while I am unable to be close enough geographically to either of them to satisfy me.
    However, this has also been a time of reaping great joy. I have not only enjoyed time with my daughter and 4-year old granddaughter, but the joy of new life, and one more to spoil. My son and his new bride are branching out and enjoying a new way of life and new experiences, and it is a joy to watch that happen. They are enjoying the fruits of many long years of school and their own sowing.
    I pray that my Lord will make me the parent and grandparent I need to be, and will continue to give me the opportunities to sow in their lives.

  • Ginny says:

    1) I’m in a season of sowing right now as well. I’ve been through (and am still going through) a season of preparation for what I believe is my destiny and it has to do with a complete life change going from employee to entrepreneur. Funny how it has been happening too; because literally “everything that can be shaken, has been shaken” in my life, yet I see God’s hand in all of it. Can’t wait for the harvest!
    2) This same season has also been a season of humbling for me, although I’ve been through other humblings in the past as well. God has allowed me to be in a place where I’m being attacked from the ones that I have loved the most, and He has given me instructions that I’m not to defend myself. It’s very painful, but I know He’s in the middle of it. I get through the seasons of humbling by clinging to Him and asking Him to teach me what I need to learn from these times.
    3) I find refuge in quiet times with Him. Early in the mornings, and just telling Him how I feel. He responds through a friend calling right when I need it, or a “word in due season” from my pastor or other spiritual leader. I know He’s near, even when He remains silent. I’ve walked long enough with the Lord to know that He is always out for my good, and that He makes beauty from ashes. So my faith plays a big part in finding refuge under His wings as well.

  • Lauren says:

    I have thought long and hard about these questions, and am still a little unsure in my answers. AS for what season I am in, I would have to say that I am in a sowing season right now… I have a young son and am trying to sow those seeds in him. Also, as a college instructor, I try to sow God’s good work in my students by my example… but in saying that, I also say that reaping can be a surprise. We often don’t know how the seeds we have sown will turn out; only God does.
    I am trying to be more humble. As the oldest, I have always tended to be bossy, loud, and to be honest a tad bit obnoxious. I am working on how to get my point across gently and to really be a servant to others… but man, is it hard to put others’ needs first sometimes? Too many times I’ve reverted to stomping my foot with my hands on my hips, screaming, “No…” just like I did when I was a little girl.
    I’m still trying to figure out how to be honest with God and myself… still getting used to the “me” that is “ok” but not perfect. I thank God that while I’m a work in progress, He knows what the finished product will be, and that just like a good Daddy, “Abba Father” loves me despite my imperfections, selfishness, and, yes, my temper tantrums! Thank you Jesus!

  • Joeanna says:

    1-Right now I am in a season of reaping with my health. I am always tiered and muscle, aches,sinus infections, or migraines. I’m waiting on the Lord to heal me.
    I am a single mom so it’s hard to keep going everyday.I guess what I have to offer Him is brokeness right now.
    2- when My ex-husband left, I had no clue how I was gonna make it financial.I was so anxious and depressed. BUT GOD was so close to us, he has made me a much better woman than I could have imagined making myself no matter how much I “faked” it to those around me.He redeemed me of all the horrible things my ex did and said to me.He brought so many wonderful people around to help my son and me.
    As I write this I feel soo loved under His Wings 🙂

    • Joeanna says:

      Opps, I meant sowing as a single mom..and the health problems are humbling me because I want people to think I can be it all and look good while doing

  • Shaun says:

    God has me in a Humbling Season. I acquired an illness two years ago that causes me to have relapse in my limbs, leaving me unable to walk, weak, and with little strength. This has definitely been a humbling experience. I went from being busy, busy, busy mother of 4 boys, teacher, church participant, wife, daughter, friend, etc. Now, I have to be dependent on others when I go through a relapse. What I have learned is that business does not equate to godliness. I have had to readjust my position in life. Soooooooo, humbling. But as God is humbling me I am finding freedom in Him, peace in Him, inner joy. It has taken this season of Humbling for me to find refuge in Christ and to truly be dependent on Him. I wouldn’t change anything for the hardship I endure with this disease. I’m actually grateful for this season in my life.

  • Renee says:

    1. Sowing, sowing, sowing. I am the only family member to take care of my mother. Not in my home, but I am the one who is arranging nursing care, talking to doctors, etc.
    2. Oh God sure did humble me! I am learning a competitive sport. I thought I was big stuff until I started to travel and seek instruction in Europe. Those people ate my lunch and had me knocked down to the bottom. It was very tough for me. However, I ended up relocating to an exceptional competition barn after my travels. If God hadn’t had me knocked off my high horse I would have never been able to start over with a better attitude and really start learning my sport. I don’t take myself so seriously and realize I have a lot to learn. Humble.
    3. God keeps me under his wings. I was so far away from him before I had it really messed up. He swooped me back up when I was at my lowest and I just stay under the wings!

    • Sue Schwendemann says:


      I know it is hard to care for someone you love. I took care of my step-mom, than my Dad till they both passed. I am now taking care of my husband at home until he cannot stay at home any longer. Just remember you can get through this time with the Lords help. I will be praying for you.

  • Martha says:

    I am just awe struck that He redeemed me. I belong to Him!

  • Christine says:

    1. I am in a season of sowing right now in 2 different areas. The first one is in parenting, my 4 year old is quite a challenge, but it is getting a little easier and I have to remind myself that if I sow now, I will be able to reap later when she is older.

    The other area is exactly the same one you are going thru Christine. I have prediabetes. I went thru 3 months of doing great, I lost 20 pounds and only ate the things that I should. I have been backsliding for the past month though and I really need to get back on track so that this does not turn into diabetes. I have 20 pounds to go to be where I should.

  • Lori says:

    1. I am in a season of sowing through beginning to follow God in giving of
    my time to minister to others. Right now, I’m involved in volunteering
    at a Christian crisis pregnancy center, and to a lesser degree, in an
    online prayer ministry. This week I’m also helping with Vacation Bible
    School at my church. There are just so many, countless opportunities for
    me to invest my life in others’ lives, and I’ve realized that I am not
    being nearly as generous with my time as He would have me be. In this
    season, I have some extra time until I find a new job. So, I think that
    God wants me to be more generous in my sowing right now by seeking out
    new ways to reach others and by making sure that I am giving freely of my
    time — that I am not just giving a little here and there, but that I am
    fully investing in others’ lives — that I am truly showing them the love
    of Jesus.

    3. I’ve come to find refuge under His wings in this season of my life by
    learning to trust Him for His provision. Right now, this involves
    trusting Him to provide for me financially. It’s been a lesson of
    learning to rely on the fact that He has everything under control — so
    there is no reason for me to worry. Also, in the past, I’ve been
    comforted during hard times of depression, as He showed me that I can
    cry out to Him and know that He completely understands. He is my
    Comforter in those times, and He is my joy.

  • Kelley says:

    1. In my life it seems like I am in an ever changing cycle of reaping and sowing. My son just finished his first year of college and has moved back home to go to school closer to home. This past year I have felt that I was mostly in a reaping season but since he has moved back home, I feel that has changed into a season of sowing again. He is learning about adulthood and I am try to continue to plant seeds to show him that God loves him and wants him to draw closer. He is a believer but the college experience has moved him father away from the Lord.

    I am trying to be generous in this season of sowing by being understanding and not condemning, honest and caring, and trying to show him that I love him at all times. Believe me that can be HARD sometimes!

  • Christine says:

    3. I found refuge UNDER HIS WINGS (Psalm 91:4)when my husband and I were separated for six weeks. My husband had an undiagnosed mood disorder, was under the care of a doctor,and moved out while we waited for his medication to take effect. We were covered in prayer by our pastor, church friends and some family members. At the same time, other friends were encouraging me to leave and start a new life. I stayed, and I’ll never forget the words of my mother-in-law “What are you doing here, I thought you were getting a divorce!” She is a nonbeliever, and saw God heal our marriage through faith. This weekend, we celebrated our 18th year anniversary and we draw closer in love bound by our faith.

  • Christine says:

    2. One of many humbling experiences was the day my business website was deleted! Completely destroyed, no backup, and dissolved from the Internet, in October, just before the busy Christmas season. I was crushed! I’d spent years designing the site, loading products, writing text…only to have it destroyed by a new employee at my hosting company who hit the wrong button. I cried, I yelled, I got on my knees before God saying “I created this business to serve you, I’ve given it my entire effort, WHY did you allow it to crash?” And the small voice of the Spirit said “because I’m building you a new site which is much better.” So I listened, reclaimed my strength, and rebuilt my site after escalating the problem to the highest level of tech support. With a sense of humor, I’ll never forget that the IT person who helped me rebuild my site in less than a week, was named Christian.

  • Christine says:

    1. God has me sowing right now, and I’m a reluctant participant. He has chosen my body (temple) for the harvest, and wants me to have more energy and strength. It’s been almost three months since I was hospitalized for blood sugar problems, related to diet and weight. Along with my prediabetes, I’ve had a frozen shoulder for 12 months, requiring physical therapy, injections and strength building. Many people with frozen shoulder have prediabetes, so I know this is my warning sign from God. In obedience, I’ve given up caffeine and my beloved latte drinks, replacing them with herbal teas. I’m dragging my heels about a personal trainer, yet I know it’s necessary for the harvest. I’m eating healthy with the Jillian Michaels cookbook, and inspired by her weekly television show. Through my efforts, I am “mastering my metabolism” so I am able to reap the harvest God has planned for me. I have 30 pounds to lose in order to be a healthy weight and prevent diabetes.

  • Julie Hodges says:

    this is a life changing study well that is the way the bible works right

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