Arriving (Ruth Week 2)

By July 6, 2010Ruth

Welcome back to the Bible Cafe, we’ve just finished reading session two of Ruth: Loss, Love and Legacy by Kelly Minter. When I think of the word “arriving” I am reminded of my recent family vacation, a five-hour drive through the mountains until we reach our destination: Grandma’s house. In order to get there, we had to plan our trip, hire the dogsitter, pack the provisions, check the safety of the car and follow the route on the navigation screen. As Kelly Minter writes, “arriving denotes the glee of much anticipated destinations and the end of long journeys.”

This week we learn that Naomi ended her long journey to Bethlehem and arrived home with her daughter-in-law Ruth, just in time for the harvest. We are connecting with Beth Moore this week, as she posts her second update for the Third Summer Bible Study. If you want to visit her blog to read the full post for week one and week two of our study then click here. Remember, Beth is posting every-other-week and we are posting once a week  and you need to post your comments here, not on Beth’s blog.

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Prayer Requests

Thank you for posting your prayer needs, we have been praying for you individually. Please remember Terresa in your prayers, her cousin Sandra died on Thursday and the memorial service is on Saturday. It is very difficult for her 93 year old grandmother, who raised Sandra as her own daughter.

If you have a special request, so please post your prayer requests here.

Kelly Minter Quotes

  • God doesn’t want our “right answers;” He wants our hearts.
  • The concept of harvesting always applies, it’s just a matter of what side you’re on- sowing or reaping.
  • It’s not our weeping that brings us the harvest but our sowing.
  • God carves our paths, authors each stroke, and weaves our courses into others’ lives.
  • Ruth was a most unlikely candidate for exceptional treatment.

This Week’s Scripture Verses-NIV

No Ammonite or Moabite or any of his descendants may enter the assembly of the LORD, even down to the tenth generation. 4 For they did not come to meet you with bread and water on your way when you came out of Egypt, and they hired Balaam son of Beor from Pethor in Aram Naharaim to pronounce a curse on you. 5 However, the LORD your God would not listen to Balaam but turned the curse into a blessing for you, because the LORD your God loves you. Deuteronomy 23:3-5 (Click on the link to translate into another version)

When the LORD brought back (YOUR NAME) to Zion, she was like women who dreamed. Her mouth was filled with laughter, her tongue with songs of joy. Then it was said among the nations, “The LORD has done great things for you.” The LORD has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy. Restore our fortunes, O LORD, like streams in the Negev.Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy. (YOUR NAME) who goes out weeping, carrying seed to sow, will return with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with her. Psalm 126

Group Discussion-from Beth Moore’s Blog

  1. Read Deuteronomy 23:3-5. Can you think of anything that happened in your life that Satan would love to use to curse you? Think conceptually, not literally. What has the enemy tried to use, and your family has turned into blessings. Pray this scripture over things that happened in your life and ask God to turn them into blessings for you.
  2. We’ve already answered this question, last week. Weeping Forward.
  3. Look at page 42 in your workbook, where Kelly tells about her sister Megan. If you were writing a novel that was secretly about yourself right now and right in this season, and you had to name it in the form of a question, what would it be?
  4. Look at page 45 in the workbook, concerning Psalm 126. Read the Psalm aloud, inserting YOUR name into the verse.  Practically speaking, how can you sow in your weeping?

You’re welcome to comment on just one of these questions, or all three, depending on your comfort level.

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  • Jennifer Deffendall says:

    1. Satin was trying to get into my life and cannot get in. I try to do my best when it comes to dealing with satin and casting him or her out. I believe that the part of the problem was when I had to have a medical problem and (satin) was there and I was casting him and letting Jesus in.
    2. done
    3. What do you need me to do for you Lord?
    4. Making sure that I focus on God, asking him how I can do everything and trust in him.

  • Victoria Milam says:

    1. When my husband was laid off for a couple months over a year ago…That is when I really began to draw closer to the Lord and trusting Him to bring us through. Now we have been members of our wonderful church over a year now and although my husband is not as involved as I am, we are growing daily in His Word and making a better life for our children through Him.
    2. Done
    3. Which way do you want me to go Lord?
    4. I can sow in my weeping by always keeping my eyes on Him and knowing that through anything, He holds me. Letting go of my frustrations, my worries, my sorrows, and changing my mindset to where I give it over to God.

  • Susan says:

    1.Thru the end of my last marriage of (30) years I have learned so many things. I have grown in and toward GOD.
    2. Done
    3.What do I need to learn from this?
    4.Focus on Jesus.

  • Vanda says:

    1. I feel inadequate when some of my peers (previous Sunday school or old school friends) are moving to better and larger houses, their kids going to better private schools, affording to stop work because their husbands are earning more etc. Satan uses these to cause envy, doubt, self pity when I should be rejoicing with my friends the blessings that the Lord has given them and me.  

    3. Which field?

    4. Sow seeds of faith and learning during times of weeping. Keep on reading the Word, learn about God’s character. I’m also reminded that we should consider it pure joy to be in times of difficulty. For that is when we build our own character.

  • Renee says:

    1. The enemy has tried to use generational sins/curses to tempt my family down some of the same destructive paths and behaviors of other family members and previous generations. But the Lord has guided my steps and ordered my destiny and He knew the plans He had for me which did not include those patterns of sin. So both my husband and I both have broken strongholds in our lives through Christ who strengthens us and now we live a blessed life in victory over those areas that the enemy wanted to use to bring about the destruction of our family.
    2. done
    3. So, What Are You Teaching Me Through This Season, Lord, and Why Am I Not Getting It?
    4. I can sow in my weeping when I never allow myself even during times of weeping to forget the purpose for which I was created and the destiny that God has placed on my life – to go and make disciples.

  • shannon says:

    1) I think as hard as Satan tries to destroy and bring havoc on my current situation, God continues to show me He is in control. God has shown me his love and encouragment through scripture that He is protecting me through the storm.
    2) I am weeping forward and this is good. “Be encouraged… it’s possible to cry and walk”
    3) “I’m Standing Next to You”
    4)My tears are sowing my heart. I will reap God’s word, His encouragement, I can go through today and tomorrow and will reap the works He has shown me. I see a testimony in the end. He will allow me to weep forward and I will be filled with joy and His great things.

  • Nikki says:

    1) Satan uses the mistakes of past relationships to remind me.

    2) done

    3) it’s not all about me

    4) my daily quiet time and faithful Bible study. God always knows the right verses to speak to me,

  • barbara says:

    1. i am still waiting for my families struggles to be turned to blessing.
    waiting and praying for god’s hand to move in our lives. weeping forward.

    2. answered

    3. does it ever get easier? when god.

    4. with prayers to an almighty god who knows when, where and how to answer

  • Julie B. says:

    1. I am going through a particularly difficult season right now–one that has driven me deep into Bible study and prayer and meditation. I have to lean on God–there is no way that I can solve any of this on my own. That’s how I found this great group and an incredible study that is PERFECT for this time in my life! I find that the closer and more dependent I am on God, the more I feel attacked from all sides. I pray with an expectant heart and lean on scripture for sustanance.
    2. Done
    3. ‘Are We There Yet?’
    4. This study of Ruth is definitely God sent! Reading scripture, and praying and meditating on God’s Word helps me sow while weeping. I find myself pouring out ALL of my challenges to God–finding the list exhausting and overwhelming–somewhat embarrassed that it take SOOOOOO long to get through the list. While weeping, praying and searching for reassurance, I came across a portion of a devotional that brings me peace and encouragement…I hope it helps you too.
    ‘When we pray, we need to pray great big, God-sized prayers that acknowledge His greatness, instead of the tiny little faithless prayers that our narrow vision generates. What may seem impossible to us is like a wink to God for nothing is too hard for Him (Jeremiah 32:17).’
    Much love ‘siestas’…you are in my prayers!

  • Marty says:

    1. Satan has definitely used my abusive childhood to hold me in a prison for many years. He whispered the damaging self-talk to me every day and I listened instead of listening to my heavenly father. I’ve felt damaged and unworthy for most of my life. God opened my eyes 5 years ago and really made me see how wrong my thinking was. I led a life of shame, shame for what had happened to me. God made me realize this abuse I endured was horrible, but that he loves me. He ultimately protected my mind from the horrible abuse I endured. He was always guiding my steps. He is the Father of the Fatherless and he has given me everything I need to overcome this curse and be courageous. This study has been very emotional for me, but I have really seen how truly blessed I am and that God has been my fortress and he has tucked me in the shadow of his wings even when I didn’t know how to ask for what I needed. He has given me a purpose and a way to sow in my weeping. The blessing I have received in light of this family curse is that I had the greatest Father all along even when I didn’t realize it as a kid and he’s always there for me to call on when I hurt. “Anyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved” Roman 10:13 I have asked Jesus to break all holds that keep me in bondage and I know he is healing me and filling the wound daily with his amazing love. He is my savior and my best friend.

  • Martha says:

    I was late getting my study book but have now caught up! Arriving ………..that has stuck with me all week.

  • Debbie Marquardt says:

    1. There are multiple occasions I can think of when words of doubt, feelings of low self worth, and past mistakes creep into my mind making me question just how anyone could love me! I cannot think of one bible study that I have participated in where God hasn’t used it to once again show me that no matter what, I am the apple of His eye. He is using this time in Ruth to not only show me (again!) that I am his cherished child, but also to bless me and give me hope that in this season of humbling (husband’s lost job, new home/new location, lost best friend)and when the time is right, He will lift us up!
    2. Completed.
    3. Lord, will you please fill up the hole in my heart?
    4. I am beginning to see more clearly that while I am weeping, God wants me to sow seeds of friendship with Him and to sow positive thoughts on all the “great things” He has done in my life. Drawing closer to Him and humbling myself will ultimately bring songs of joy when this season of weeping is over.

  • Rachel Shears says:

    Hello ladies!!

    1) I am a recovered earner. By that I mean, whenever something bad would happen in my life, I would immediately think God was mad at me or didn’t like me(Yes, I know I wasn’t taking to heart His words enough), so I would immediately start to pray and ask what I could do to get back in His good graces or throw up my hands and say “I give up!”. It’s so funny now to think back to those days and that mentality! I think the enemy would loved to drag me back to mindset as often as he can.
    2) Done
    3) “Where from here, Lord?”
    4) I could sow while I’m weeping by using my faith in God and His promises to minister to other believing and non-believing women that are going through the same or similar thing. It’s often times, that God allows us to go through a situation to be able to give our testimony of His goodness through out it.

  • Lupita says:

    1.) I think Satan would love to see me give up on my marriage and on my husband. He tries to put negative thoughts in my head but God helps me to cast them out, to forgive and not hold a grudge. God is turning this into a blessing because I am clinging to God and strengthening my relationship with Him and praying and reading my bible daily.

    2. Completed

    3. How many times must one forgive?

    4. To sow while I am weeping to me means that I must use this suffering to get closer to God. For me to realize my dependence on God and be humbled. I am sowing by calling out to God in prayer every day, reading my bible and finding hope in His word.

    I’d like to ask that you all please keep my husband in your prayers. May he let God in his heart and be healed. Thank you.

    • Rachel says:

      1. Yes. An issue between my husband and I.
      2.Weeping as we speak (or type), my participation in the blog today is me weeping going forward.
      3.Why Me? Why Now? (I am very down today…sorry)
      4.You can sow in your weeping by continuing to get out of bed in the morning. By continuing to be there for your family and loved ones. By working hard at your job or whatever you do each day even though you don’t feel like it. I think weeping going forward can involve just those simple things.

      • Rachel says:

        Oops Lupita, I put my response in your box! I guess it was meant to be though because I was just reading your post and was thinking about saying something to you.
        I want to say that I will pray for you and your husband that he will become a believer. I can relate to you because my husband does not share my beliefs either. When we met he did believe but 7 years later he has lost his faith. But, I know God is powerful and he can do anything. Even turn the stubborn hard hearts of our husbands in to gentile loving hearts that belong to God!

    • Rachel says:

      Oops Lupita, I posted my response in your window! I guess it was meant to be because I was thinking about saying something to you anyway.

      I just wanted to say that I will be praying for you and your husband. I can relate to you because my husband does not share my beliefs either. When we met he believed but now 7 years later he has lost his faith. But the good news is we have a powerful God who can take the bitter hard hearts of our husband and change them in to gentile loving hearts that beat only for Gods will. God bless you Lupita, I will keep you both in my prayers.

    • Michele says:

      Please keep faith. Forgiveness is hard but with God anything is possible. He can take a damaged marriage and restore it. My marriage was in shambles a few years back and it is so much better now. Although things are not perfect and my husband has not been saved yet, I can tell God is softening his heart. I’ll keep you both in my prayers.

  • Marrissa says:

    1. I have a hard time letting go of past mistakes. But I know that God does not want me to dwell on them. He has provided me with a wonderful husband who accepts me for me and has blessed us both with two little girls.
    2. ~
    3. How much longer do I need to wait?
    4. I was a teacher for seven years. While I was in college, my professors kept telling us how important it was for us to be a “reflective practitioner” so we would not become stale in our professional growth. I have always tried to appy that to both my professional and personal life. I think that same thought process applies here. If we can reflect on what brought us to the point of weeping, then perhaps we can sow in our weeping by learning what God wants us to learn from the situation and grow from the experience.

  • Pamela says:

    1. I grew up with a beautiful, loving, bipolar mother. Many people were supportive and compassionate, but others were harsh and critical. I was very protective of my mom and felt it was my duty to be an extraordinary daughter to prove to the world that my mom was incredible! I loved my mom dearly, but life was painful and confusing growing up. When I was very young (6-7) I remember my dad telling my sister and me not to talk about Mom’s struggles or the “adventures” she often took us on. Fear, shame, confusion, and pain became part of my existence. She committed suicide 14 years ago and I miss her terribly. Throughout my difficult moments in childhood, God was always there and I experienced His power, love, and grace in amazing ways BUT…I TOLD God on countless occasions to make sure that when I married and had a family that my children would NEVER suffer with any form of mental illness. I mean, after all, I had ALREADY endured… RIGHT!?!?

    So I boldly told God what I WOULD NOT endure and He gently and lovingly told me no. I have an incredible child who struggles with Sensory Integration Disorder, Anxiety, and OCD. Because of my experiences growing up I was able to identify my son’s needs early and prayerfully find the resources to give him the support he needed. The fear, shame, confusion, and pain that Satan planned to use against me long-term were transformed into peace, pride, understanding, and joy.

    God was preparing me for things I couldn’t do!

    3. God Wants Me To Do WHAT?

    4. On page 45 regarding sowing and weeping I wrote…”Just hold on to the bag of seed and keep moving! Hold that seed and trust in what you know-seeds GROW! Weep and plant-Don’t stop!”

  • Janise says:

    Satan likes to use my ex as a weapon it is so hard to get over the anger and bitterness when you just keep getting dragged back into court and everything else. The curse that I see for me is holding on to all the past hurts, pain & and bitterness. I feel like I failed God and everyone around me because I could not make him happy I don’t want to be cursed anymore.

    2. complete

    3. Why Can’t I Let it go NOW?

  • Jess Fox says:

    I would like to comment on the first question about curses on you in your life. When I was sixteen, in 1971, I got pregnant. I was from a middle- class Christain family who was very active in our church. Not that it is now-a-days either, but it was totally unacceptable to be a pregnant teen-ager at that time. My parents who were church leaders, were hurt and in their pain, put curses on me, saying I would never be what God had planned for me afterall. That is not even the half of what stigmas were placed on me by my family, church members and leaders, my school and society in general. In Deuteronomy 23 it said that Balaam was hired to curse the people. Today, we can speak and think so negatively about one another there is no reason to hire someone else to do our cursing for us. We must all be careful not to fall into satan’s trap.

    Today, the little girl I had, is my very best friend. I don’t know how I would have gotten through life without her. She has been my rock, a blessing and definately not a curse.

    My point? Without Jesus in your life, it is impossible to overcome what others will say and think about you. And with Jesus, all things work together for good, according to his purpose, if you love him!

    • Vanessa says:

      Jess, thanks so much for your comments. Right now, my husband and I are in the “other pair of shoes.” We are the parents of a pregnant teenager who is unwed and living with her boyfriend (she is 19). Believe me, the stigmas are still there. Satan has tried to turn this baby into a curse through comments that people have made to her and to us. With God’s help, I am choosing to look on this child as a blessing. My grandson is God’s child, His creation, how could he not be a blessing? And yes, Jesus will work all this out for good and for His purposes… thank you for sharing.

      • Christine says:

        Praying God’s blessings on your grandson and your daughter. May His love shower over them both.

        • Julie B. says:

          Vanessa, I am sorry for this time of challenge. However, I do know that your attitude and support for your daughter will speak volumes and be a testimony to others. It reminds me of Week 2 – Day 5 of our study…Matthew 12:1-8. May God bless you and your family!

  • Lil says:

    1.My parents and my poverty, they were unable to sell their house for years and boy did we pray and petition as did soo many I dont know how many here and in heaven. My parents were faithful and not desperate. we all sacrificed and did not jump at the first offer made.We waited and encountered many disappointments and finally after years my parents sold their house. This is brings tears to my eyes and they now rent and maybe we will never be rich, but now they can pay bills and continue to help me in my time of need and I am so grateful to God, them and my praying family. Satan tried to make this a curse but he did not stand amen
    2. Completed

    3. Dear God May I please glean?

    4. I first drew very close to God and volunteered for a ministry and then my faith waned which shows I needed to press in. I am sowing in my weeping by staying busy learning to cook, reading,I want to stay busy like Ruth and honor God in the stillness of being unemployed for so long. but most importantly praying,bible study, and wrestling with God for the blessing of a deeper relationship.. I want to be like Jacob and the Angel not demanding in a the manner of a spoiled child but wrestling with a purpose! this time I wont stop wrestling with the word, my prayers, study and worship until i get the deep relationship I need with God, it wont always be easy, we will disagree just as in a human relationship, but Im staying the course for my seeds I sow will give way to something beyond my vain imaginings on earth.

  • Heather says:

    1. as with most of you its your past that i think satan would love to throw back at us and me included. I have put my past under lock and key and i have the faith that they will stay there.
    2. Done
    3. My Journey has just begun, where will in it end ?
    4. when you sow in your weeping you are sending out little prays out to God like sowing (planting seeds) seeds, you are sowing prays. and when they get answered then you can reap your rewards. or like in planting you get a beautiful plant. when you weep enough you pray which in turns gives you peace.
    I’m new at this so not sure if i made any sense there..

  • Michele says:

    1. There has been quite a few generational curses in my family (and my husband’s) that Satan has tried to use against us. I think God uses these to make us stronger especially as we begin to overcome them with him.
    2. Done
    3. The name of my novel would be “How can I be the Mother you blessed me to be?”
    4. You can sow in your weeping by still pursuing God and his word.

  • Lauren says:

    Tonight in Bible study the Pastor made an excellent point that I really thought applied to this set of questions. He said when we look at what Satan uses to fight his battles, it’s not necessarily the big stuff that he uses. Instead, he uses the little stuff, which then accumulates to make big stuff. That made so much sense to me… so many times it feels as if one more bad thing happens, I will explode! He also touched on the verses from Romans that we read, talking about how Jesus came while we were sinners to die for us… it is so neat for me to have something I have just read “jump off of the page” in real life!

  • Renee says:

    My aging mother with dementia does not believe in God. I believe Satan spends time with her mind. She is extremely negative and self destructive. Since I am the only family member who will have anything to do with her and taking care of her, I am exposed to a lot of negativity. It can really start to get to me. With God’s help and a lot of Ephesians 6:12-18 I am keeping a good attitude. Satan would love to drag me down with her. It almost worked and I was feeling destructive as well, but God won’t have any of that for me. We’ve been working on this for awhile. God’s light is shining brightly right now.
    Don’t Speed Down the Road (AKA Stay at the Rest Stop Awhile)

  • Sue Schwendemann says:

    1. There are many occasions in my life that satan’s flaming arrows are used to cause curses in my life. Some sins have been with me for a long time and still I cannot break them. But the BLESSING is that I tried to learn to pray before temptation takes a hold over me.
    2. Done
    3. When Is a Enough, Enough Lord?
    4. I can sow my weeping, by being more patient, not losing my temper so much over dumb things (things I cannot control or have no control over), but the BIG ONE is LET GOD (listen for that small still voice).

  • Sandi nieto says:

    I know that Satan is trying his best to remind me of past sins, in which I have repented and asked forgiveness, but Satan is reeeeally trying his best to take my joy and consistently drag up those past sins. I prayed about this and now when these thoughts come up I begin praising God for His forgiveness and thank Him for reminding me that I am covered by His blood. It’s my way of turning something ugly into joy! No longer will I let Satan take my joy!!
    Question three: my story would begin…”once again she stumbled…but by golly, she just keeps on getting up and moving forward!”

  • Lauren says:

    The title of the novel about my life would be “I’m Me, but who do You want me to be?” As I was reading Kelly Minter’s day 2 of Session 3, it spoke right to me. I have so often struggled with hiding my weaknesses… so afraid to show the world who I really am. this past year, though, as I realize that God loves me for me, I have come to a better acceptance of who “me” really is… but know there is so much more that God wants from me. It is my prayer that He’ll guide me to help fulfill my purpose.
    I loved Psalm 126 when I completed the Psalm of Ascent study… such a wonderful thought that our God can turn our weeping into laughter… through refining us in His love, we will one day rejoice when we see how far He has brought us!

  • Ginny says:

    If I were writing a novel about myself, the title would be, “Is this Path I’m taking the Right Path?”

    I can sow while weeping by extending mercy to those who have broken my heart. I can give them more than they are taking from me. I can continue down this path that seems to be so hard and with little or no fruit showing up, knowing that God doesn’t want me to grow weary, and that I will reap one day.

  • Mary says:

    1. Satan has been attacking me for so long and I then I would run to God and he would help me out of the situation and then I would go right back into my old life, until a year ago, Satan attacked again and God has been fighting for me, this time when I turned to God, I go to know Him and have learned the stories of the bible. God will fight for me, Exodus 14:14 The Lord will fight for you, you need only to be still.
    2. Done
    3. Did I dig this pit myself or is Satan attacking?
    4. We need to be joyful for our troubles as in the book of James. God is Good, all day, everyday.

  • Shaun says:

    1. There have been MANY occasions in my life that satan has used as curses or stongholds in my life but have ultimately been a blessing. Some stongholds have been with me most of my life and others for a season of my life. One recent example of what I viewed as a curse but turned out to be God at work happened this summer. Our church hosted a camp for teenagers that my two olders sons would have like to attend. However, after discussing with my husband he didn’t feel like it was the best idea since we were trying to get our finances in order. Old feelings of inadequacy crept inside. satan injected every thought in my mind as to why my boys needed to go to this camp and I was less than a mother for not standing my ground against my husband by letting them go. Long story short, I stood in agreement with my husband. I prayed to God about my mental attacks. A peace & calm came over me. Weeks later a good family friend called and invited the boys to a christian camping trip, that was further and filled with more adventure that I could ever imagine for my boys. The boys returned on the 4th of July with rave reviews about their trip.
    2.Completed 😉
    3. I’ve come this far by Grace…will I go the distance in Faith?
    4.I definitely need to do a better job at sowing during my weeping by committing to the rituals that sustain me before weeping ouccured (i.e. prayer, scripture reading, church attendance, bible study). During my times of weeping these rituals slowly began to fade away from my life. Leaving me weeping backwards before I take an inventory of my life and realize what is happening. It takes me longer to rebound when I don’t sow during weeping.

  • Jessica says:

    1. I can think of a few but while the curse may be different the target was the same every time, my marriage. My husband & I struggle financially and while it is tough I find that there is a blessing in it. We have struggled to provide for our family as a team, side by side. We could have turned on each other many times, blaming the other for not being careful, or buying something that was too expensive but we don’t, never have. Instead we regroup when one of us falls & start moving forward again.
    2. Done
    3. When do I get to sit & smell the roses?
    4. To sow while I am weeping is to remember that if God brings you to it, He will bring you through it. So, I need to just keep moving forward & let the Lord show me what I need to see

  • Lori says:

    1. I think that Satan would love to curse me, conceptually speaking, by
    continually prompting me to compare my life to the lives of others who are in my age bracket. I’ve gone through a long “season” of not being able to work due to health issues, and it is all too easy to look at how much my peers have accomplised in their careers and become discouraged and self-critical. The same thing applies to my singleness — I look at others my age who have been married for years and already have children. Of course, I know that God does not want me to compare my life to others’, as we all have individually journeys, and I know He will work everything out for good for His children.

    2. done last week

    3. How Can I Maximize My Singleness for You, LORD?

    4. I can sow in my weeping, (which would be weeping through depressive
    episodes and periods of discouragement and frustration) by doing the following: a)I can help others who are depressed or discouraged, and who therefore may be frustrated as well. I am doing some of this right now through volunteering for a Christian crisis pregnancy center. Also, I’m involved in an online prayer ministry through a former church of mine. I reach out to people who are hurting and just need someone to “listen.” I need to be doing more, though. I can reach out to others on this online prayer ministry. I am seeking God’s guidance on how to continue ministering to people who are depressed, since I’ve been in that boat many times and have seen God deliver me time and again. I’ve also been convicted that I need to be doing things that are close to the heart of God — ministering to orphans, widows, and the needy (those experiencing hunger, etc.)

  • Carla says:

    1. Yes. there are definitely times when Satan tries to bring my past to the surface to cause hurt, anger, embarrassment, anything to tear my focus away from God. He never succeeds because whenever my past comes to mind, i’m grateful for how far God has brought me!

    2. Answered last week

    3. How didn’t you know how good it would feel to give it ALL over to God?

    4. By tithing the right way! The spirit of conviction was all over me last week (even though that definitely wasn’t the intent) because many times i’ll give to God last. I’ve felt conviction on this subject before this study but, last week i knew while reading it that trusting God completely is more than just saying it, it’s allowing the spirit to work in all aspects of our lives and not being afraid to trust him in other areas (like our finances)…it’s an action word!

  • Carla says:

    1. I can definitely think of things that Satan has tried to push in to my face to cause discomfort, shame, hurt etc. but, his attempts always fail because when i look back i think of how far God has brought me

    2. (answered last week)

    3. How didn’t you know it would feel this good to truly give it ALL to God?

    4. By tithing the right way! last week dealt with me personally because I’ll usually give to God after I’ve given to everyone else… me, he’s been dealing with me on this before ever doing this bible study but, last week’s study really convicted my spirit!

  • 1. Oh, I can think of many things. I guess one would be having a child with special needs. I could blame God and turn from Him. I could let the stress destroy my marriage. Bitterness could take root. Instead I thank God for the special angel he is sharing with our family. It isn’t always easy, but my husband and I work together instead of against eachother. Because of their sister, my boys are more compassionate. So many blessings!

    2. Done.

    3. Where do we go from here?

    4. I struggled with these one because I honestly don’t think I am doing a good job of sowing right now. With my husband’s job loss there is a lot of weeping. I guess I can sow by continuing to encourage him when he gets down about his situation.

    I particularly liked p. 43 this week. “….the assurance of provision. With each grain of barley we see opportunity, sustenance, hope and a reminder that God’s timing is perfect.” I am holding on to His assurance of provision!

  • Mary Ann says:

    1. Work is a struggle for me right now and Satan continues to try to plant negative seeds in my mind so that words I speak are not gentle and kind. I have several verses placed around my computer to keep me focused on God.
    2. Done
    3. Is this life on pause?
    4. I think,to sow in my weeping, I need to keep my mind and eyes focused on God and remembering that I must move foreward to reap.

  • Joeanna says:

    1.satan tried to keep me in self-hate from childhood emotional abuse. The Lord in His mercy showed me what His word says about me that I am the daughter of the KIng, and that I am the apple of His eye.

    The title of my novel would be: Is my Boaz coming?

    In my weeping I can sow by worshiping God, reading scripture, praying all day long, and serving others.

  • Kelley says:

    1. Christine I so agree with you. Satan delights in throwing things that have happened in the past back in my face to try to make me feel unworthy. Just knowing that my Savior loved me enough to die on the cross for me makes me look to Him to hear the real truth – that I am worthy and mistakes in my past can be used to make me a stronger person. God will ultimately turn the negative into positive.

    2. Done

    3. What’s next Lord?

    • Jyothi says:

      I agree, that is how the devil attacks me as well… my insecurities and things of my past- at times making me feel unworthy.

      My title would be How Do I go deeper with the Lord?

  • Christine says:

    1.I think satan would like to keep me looking backwards at the mistakes that I have made in the past and not looking forward to Jesus to help me and heal me.
    3.Who knew parenting was going to be this difficult?
    4.I can sow in my weeping by continuing to keep my focus on Jesus no matter what.

    • Ginny says:

      Hi Christine – just had to send you a quick word and say absolutely that the enemy will try to keep reminding you of your past mistakes. Don’t open that door to him or it will definitely hinder your progress. You’re forgiven, forgive yourself, and I’m reminded of a quote I heard years ago, “when the devil reminds you of your past, remind him of his future!” Love that!

  • Christine says:

    1. During a season of grief, I saw many chances for Satan to throw arrows and turn my feet. I followed the wisdom of Psalm 37:7 BE STILL. I listened to Deuteronomy 1:31 LORD CARRY ME. I carried my life verse in my heart, loving the Lord with all my heart, soul and strength (Deut 6:5). I saw the Lord turn my grief into blessings.
    2. Done.
    3. If I wrote a novel about my life right now, I’d name it “What does God have planned for me?”
    4. I can sow in my weeping when I focus on scripture verses as I weep, resisting temptation to focus on failure, fear or frustration.

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