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Beth Moore Bible Study

As promised, our next bible study will be a Beth Moore workbook. Since her workbooks are usually ten weeks long, we will not begin this study until after the kids get back-to-school. Our next study will begin September 14, 2010. We’d like to start thinking about the next workbook, and your input is valuable to our online Bible study. Please read the Beth Moore Bible Study Chart, available here.

Beth Moore Workbooks

  • A Heart Like His- 11 weeks, David
  • Anointed, Transformed, Redeemed- 6 weeks, David, with Kay and Priscilla
  • A Woman’s Heart- 11 weeks, Moses
  • Believing God- 10 weeks, Faith
  • Beloved Disciple- 11 weeks, John
  • Breaking Free– 11 weeks, Captivity
  • Daniel- 12 weeks, Daniel and End Times
  • Esther- 10 weeks, Esther
  • Faithful, Abundant, True- 6 weeks, with Kay and Priscilla, NEW
  • Jesus, the One and Only- 11 weeks, Jesus
  • Living Beyond Yourself- 11 weeks, Fruits of the Spirit
  • Stepping Up Through Psalms- 7 weeks, Psalms
  • The Patriarchs- 11 weeks, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob
  • To Love is Christ- 11 weeks, Paul
  • When Godly People Do Ungoldly Things- 7 weeks, Seduction

Once you have studied the Chart of Beth Moore Resources, please take the poll below and let us know what study you’d like to read next.

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Please take a moment and vote for your preference for the next study, thank you! You can vote for more than one, so feel free to check those books you’re interested in.