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By August 3, 2010Ruth

Congratulations to all the women who just completed the study of Ruth: Loss, Love and Legacy I’m so proud of you!  More importantly, you’ve delighted God with your persistence in finishing the study. We started our study with Naomi losing her husband and two sons, and completed our study with the birth of the Savior, a kinsmen-redeemer.

Beth Moore has posted her final post for this year’s Summer Siesta Bible Study. You can read the Summer Siesta Bible Study Wrap Up here. Below is the video Beth has created for weeks five and six of the study.

Summer Siesta Bible Study – Ruth Final Week from LPV on Vimeo.

Prayer Requests

Throughout the study, we have been praying for you individually. We starting a new prayer wall as we begin our new study of Jonah today. If you have a prayer need, please submit a new one here.

Kelly Minter Quotes

  • The last thing we sometimes think of is how we can bless God or someone else with our coveted treasure.
  • Faithful obedience and love to God during our earthly years can affect things long after we’re gone.
  • Only God looks on the heart perfectly.

This Week’s Scripture Verses-NIV

Children’s children are a crown to the aged, and parents are the pride of their children. Proverbs 17:6

Let us draw near to God with a sincere heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled to cleanse us from a guilty conscience and having our bodies washed with pure water. Hebrews 10:22

Group Discussion- From the Beth Moore Blog

  1. Turn to p.122 and review the paragraph in the middle of the page beginning with the words, “I wonder if your life can be easily explained.” Follow your review by sharing what you wrote in reference to the “Personal Response” portion just below it, if you feel led.
  2. Turn to p.136. Kelly wraps up Week Five by asking us to have a closing prayer time over the one thing that touched us most in that five-day unit. If you feel comfortable doing so, please share that one thing with your small group or, if you’re going solo, share it with me and the rest of your participating sisters.
  3. Turn to p.144 and look at the wonderful bold print at the bottom of the page. Review the answer to the question, “Who suddenly takes center stage and does this surprise you?” Then, glance up to the top of the next page (p.145) and share your answers to the “Personal Take.” Have fun looking over those next couple of paragraphs Kelly wrote about “you know, the women!”
  4. Day’s Four and Five are so powerful that I cannot choose just one portion for you to review. Please glance over the entire ending to the Bible study, stretching over both lessons, and share what you have gleaned from God concerning LEGACY. God is just better than He has to be, isn’t He?

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  • Jennifer Deffendall says:

    1. No, I do not believe my life can be easily explained. Why because it can be complicated, confusing, and miss leading. I know my life is no perfect, buts its fits me.
    2. Stepping out is not easily for me always. I am learning to trust God with my future.
    3. Naomi and Ruth is stepping out which is good.

    So sorry for answering over a week late, my schedule was a little a chaotic last week.

  • 1. The Lord calls me to live a life of sacrifice and servanthood. I follow His lead and listen as He guides my life. I ask and receive His blessings.

    2. I enjoyed page 127 when Kelly said “our heritage is not a deal breaker.” When I look at many people in scripture and their personal heritage, I see how God uses their heritage for his purpose. Our heritage is our HOPE.

    3. I loved the twist in the story of Ruth, when it turns back to the story of Naomi and her redemption. We don’t know much about Ruth’s childhood or past, and when we meet her she is a widow about to be abandoned by her mother-in-law. Who was Ruth prior to this? In the story, it did not matter because the story ultimately is about Naomi.

    4. I couldn’t put the book down from the minute I read that the mother of Boaz was a harlot (NKVJ)…because I wanted to know “who’s the father!” Soon it was answered, Salmon, Rahab’s husband, only to be unanswered at the bottom of page 159 with a disclaimer by Kelly Minter! I realize the outcome of the story is more important than the relevance of the birth line…still, I’m feeling like a cliffhanger here, looking for historical closure.

    I really enjoyed the study and the importance of our redeemer in these four chapters of Ruth. The study opened my eyes to redemption of family lines…something I’d never considered before. Sadly I did not get to cook the wonderful meals listed in each chapter… so when I return to the “Ruth Cookbook” I’ll probably stumble on these words again and my own study notes. Thank you to all who studied with me and made the experience more enjoyable. {{{HUGS}}}

  • Heather says:

    1. I beleive God is calling me to do something unusual, I think he is calling be to co teach a bible study for the pre school moms of my church. I am very excited to be reaching out in this direction I just pray that i will be His will.
    2. How I want to branch out more into this life with God, it is a big change for me and my family.
    3.I like the part that the women said “the restorer of life and a nourisher to your old age”. b/c its like Naomi is gettig her life back, she has a grandson to replace the sons that she has lost. Now she can be a mother again. God is wonderful.

    Sorry i am answering so late.. but i will miss Ruth very much.. thank you for bringing her into our lives..

  • Lil says:

    1. I am willing, I am hoping this involves a job 😉
    2. The humility and sacrifice of Ruth, her hard work and utter trust in God, Boaz’s likeness to Christ, Naomi’s full circle transformation and the amazing legacy that God has for all of us if we draw close and remain faithful.
    3.I was happily shocked often people in the bible with bad attitudes are often never heard from again, But God is the kinsman redeemer he softened Naomi through Ruth and Boaz, but most importantly through his faithfulness. I am so glad he gave her life such a great full circle turn it was amazing and i hope I one day can witness some legacy in my own life.
    4.Oh My every time I was down something in this study spoke to me and made me sit up and remember God is still present and working. thank you so much for this website, community and linking up with Beth Moore this was amazing.

  • Victoria Milam says:

    1. Lord, I am willing. Use me. Please show me what my purpose is in this world. I want to do all that I can to bring you glory. Light my way Lord. Amen

    2. Lord, I know that You know my name, even if no one else does. Thank You for taking me, a wretch, and making me beautiful. All the rest of my days I want to glorify You for all of Your wondrous works. Thank You Jesus! Thank You Jesus!!

    3. The book began with her. God made her the tool, the reason, for Ruth & Boaz coming together. Oh I know “the women” in my church. They are the ones that I can ask for prayer day and night, that hug me every time they see me,that love me for me and love God because He is God!

    4. God can use anything…anyone for His will. So much can come from so little with Him. I’m just amazed at His mercy toward us sinners in this world. I love the hesed throughout the entire book! My friend Cara and I use that word often now! This has been an amazing journey and I am so thankful that I “just so happened” to come to this site that day in late June searching for a study to enhance my relationship with God. Thank you…but most of all Thank You Jesus! See ya’ll in Jonah!

  • Renee says:

    Although I am not responding to the questions, I wanted to post something because I did finish! The timing of this study was perfect for me and helped me with some family issues I had to deal with this summer. So wonderful! On another note, my husband (who does the cooking) and I were making out the grocery list and thinking of meals for the week. I was reading recipes from Ruth and he said, “Where did you get that cookbook?” I said, “it’s not a cook book; it’s a Bible study!”

  • Christine says:

    I have learned so much from this bible study. Thank you for having it.

  • I’m sorry I never got back to the discussion. I really meant to, but God has answered prayers and given my husband a job! It just became official yesterday and we hope to be moved (from AR to SD) in about two weeks. Yikes!

    I have loved this study and it really helped me to get through a difficult summer. God is good!

  • Shannon says:

    I’m like Lauren.. I’m sad this study on Ruth is over.. It went by so fast. It has pulled me through a rough summer. It has shown me that I can be overwhelmed and not sure if the path we’re on is the right one, made me a little upset over my questions that run through my head about our literal move to another town… but what I have learned is I can go forward (weeping all the way) and feel a peace at the same time. Only God can provide that sense of protection, shelter beneath His wings. My daughter gave me a note the other day for my birthday and she simply said that she admires me, said I was the most influencial person in her life, that my determination and dedication makes her feel grateful that I’m her mom. Yes, it brought tears to my eyes and I am proud to call her my daughter/my best friend! But what I see in her words is that I am (through all the craziness in our life) that I am showing strength and (hope) I’m passing on a “legacy” for her to keep and pass on in her life. This study has blessed me more than words can express. God sees through our frustration, bitterness, heartbreak, fears and most of all He remembers us through our past (good or bad). I pray I can be a Ruth everyday and that I pass on that legacy through my kids, their kids, for generations to come. I’m sad this study is over, excited about what I learned about Ruth that I will hold dear in my heart, and excited to start the next journey in the Jonah study. God bless each of you.

  • Michele says:

    1. I was led by the Lord to do something sacrificial (with a lot of prodding) and my life is better for it. I hope to be able to respond properly in the future more immediately and cheerfully.
    2. What touched me most was that lives and situations where significantly changed through being faithful. God is good!
    3. Naomi came from a devastated life and bitterness to being restored and blessed with a beautiful grandchild.
    4. I was amazed how God used such damaged, lost people in his plan for salvation. It shows that any one of use, no matter how bruised in life can be used in a miracle.

  • Sue Schwendemann says:

    1. Lord… I will try to do the unusual.

    2. Learning to live for the Lord, follow him wherever he leads me.(hard to do sometimes)

    3. Naomi; closed with her to show all she been through and she returned to the Lord. After all her losses, grief, bitterness ans unbelief she came back to the Lord.

    4. God paved the way for the kinman-redeemer through Naomi.

  • Lauren says:

    I can’t believe this six weeks has gone by so fast… sad that we are finished with Ruth but excited about Jonah!
    What really got me about the story coming back to Naomi is that we saw the transformation from a bitter old woman who had everything taken away from her to a woman who was glorified through her legacy in a way she would have never imagined. She thought she had nothing to offer Ruth, but her kinsman redeemer paved the way to THE Redeemer! Just when we think we have nothing to offer, God can prove us wrong! We must first accept his redemption, and then as a result will see a transformation in our lives!

  • Joeanna says:

    2. What touched me most about unit 5 is The Lord’s Grace, He used a prostitute to give birth to the great grand father of King David, ancestor of Jesus our Savior. I hoope I show grace like that, that I don’t judge people by their outside.

    3. Naomi takes center stage, the Lord wants us to see that He takes us when nobody else can stand us. He used Naomi even though she was bitter and stuck in self-pity(where I have been the last year) and poured His grace, unconditional love, and favor on her (me).

    4.My legacy starts with serving Him.

  • Vanda says:

    2. Our past as ‘foreigner’ (Ruth, Tamar, Rahab), ‘cursed’ (Tamar – 2 husbands died), ‘prostitute/harlot’ (Tamar, Rahab), is forgiven and forgotten, we can move on in Christ and be used by God in amazing ways.

    3. I belief that Naomi is an elder in the community before she left. She has had high standing before and when she returned, she was embraced by the community. Without Naomi, there wouldn’t be Ruth.

    4. God has provided his son as a Kinsmen Redeemer to redeem us not just from poverty but from sin. To give us a way out of sin, to be in His life and have an inheritance as children of God. Just as Ruth was obedient, we just have to follow His will for our lives for His work to be done through us and in the generations to come. Ruth wouldn’t have known at that time that her insistance to follow Naomi to Bethlehem would lead to her becoming an ancestor in the line of Christ, the true Kinsmen Redeemer! We might not see what’s ahead generations to come, but we can be faithful each day and trust God to do the rest.

  • Lori says:

    2. Ruth’s enduring, eternal legacy touched me the most. I want to leave
    this same kind of legacy — an eternal one, that impacts the kingdom of God profoundly.

    3. I think that maybe it was because she was the one, who, as a whole, seemed to have suffered the most. It brings full circle the story of Naomi’s redemption — though the story would continue. Ruth was completely devoted to her from the beginning of the story, and it is fitting that she is shown being completely devoted to her here at the end also.

    4. God has shown me the kind of person that makes a legacy He is proud of — people like David and Ruth. David and Ruth had their hearts set fully on Him. David was called “a man after God’s own heart.” Ruth was called, “a woman of excellence.” I want to have a heart that draws God’s eyes when He looks upon this earth. And to leave a legacy as those two did.
    God has shown me that complete devotion to Him, as Ruth displayed, is necessary in order to leave this type of divine legacy. I must obey Him wholeheartedly. Also, He’s shown me that teaching future generations about Him is part of leaving a divine legacy. This includes the work I have done with children. I love this. Also, learning to look at the heart is something that will make me so much more like Him. This can be a big part of the story of the legacy I long to leave.

  • Cathey says:

    3. I love the fact that Naomi receives significant billing at this point. One thing I love about the Bible is that it is full of heroes and heroines that are imperfect but are still used by God in mighty ways. Naomi started her young adult life on sure ground with God. But after a series of losses and grief, she found herself bitter and questioning God’s goodness. She felt sorry for herself. She was depressed. She whined. Don’t we all do this sometimes? But God is so patient and forever leading us gently back to a productive life and uses us in ways that we could never even imagine- Just like he did with Naomi. How encouraging to know that God can till use me for His kingdom even if I’m not always in the most agreeable state of mind!!

  • carla says:

    1. Lord, i am willing!
    2. Willingness- learning to have it for God w/o doubt, self seeking,fear, or thinking of what others may think of your willingness to serve/follow God completely
    3. Naomi. i believe that it closed with her to show that it’s when we’re sure that God has left us that he shows himself merciful, using the unexpected to remind us of his love and compassion for us
    4. I have been just been reminded of how much God loves me!

  • Okay, I am going to come back later today and do the discussion, but I’ve been wanting to share this all week:


    Hope that link works! It is a song by Andrew Peterson that mentions a few of the names we just studied. 🙂

  • Mary Ann says:

    2. I just marveled at how God had a hand in Ruth’s life, every step of the way. It made me realize that He has a hand in mine as well!
    3. Had it not been for Naomi, Ruth would have never met Boaz! It was only because of Naomi’s loss that Ruth left Moab and ended up in the arms of Boaz.
    4. I was amazed at how Ruth and Boaz affected our entire history, not to mention that Boaz must have been drawn to her because of Rahab and her history. I admire Ruth for her obedience to Naomi and her steadfast ways.

    This study has made me feel as if I’ve witnessed the entire story. I can visualize the things that happened. God is amazing!

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