Living Beyond Yourself Week Ten: Self-Control

We’ve just finished our last week of Living Beyond Yourself by Beth Moore. In week ten we studied self-control and looked at scripture examples of men who were in control and those who lacked self-control. Our study examined the concept of boundaries and protection, with our body as a prime target. “The key to self-control is the refusal to allow our enemies (the flesh, the world, or Satan) to rule or hold us captive in any way…. Christ has given us the victory over our flesh, our world and our accuser… They cannot presume authority over us” writes Beth. Our self-control reclaims our spiritual territory in who we are and whose we are. Claim it.

In this last chapter, Beth discusses many life areas were we are tempted to lack control. She then offers biblical references to remind us of the importance of standing our ground and walking in faith, not self. If you struggle with self control, I highly recommend these Beth Moore studies:

  • Breaking Free
  • When Godly People Do Ungodly Things

Beth concludes our Fruit of the Spirit study with a checklist of activities to keep you grounded in faith. Imagine tending to your garden as you apply these activities. To nurture your spiritual garden, Beth recommends:

  1. Begin your day by acknowledging God’s authority over you
  2. Yield to Him and abound in His presence
  3. Seek Him and look through spiritual eyes
  4. Glorify Him with your mouth
  5. Praise Him all day long
  6. Attribute all satisfaction to Him
  7. Praise Him for the blessings and remember them
  8. Rest in Him

(source: Living Beyond Yourself, Beth Moore)

Prayer Requests

We welcome any prayer needs from the group and ask that you will print a copy of the prayers, place them, in your workbook and pray for these women. If you have a prayer request for our prayer wall, please click here.

Beth Moore Quotes

  • Love keeps us afloat and self control keeps us anchored.
  • We are desperate for self-control and in its absence we are drowning in self-defeat.
  • Self makes the choice over the issue of control.
  • Only you can allow God to work contentment in you.
  • It is not God’s will for us to be mastered by anything other than Him.
  • Craving food tends to be an acceptable Christian addiction.
  • All sin boils down to an issue of authority. His will or mine?
  • Any day not surrendered to the Spirit is surrendered to the flesh by default.

This Week’s Scripture Verse-NIV

Turn my eyes away from worthless things; preserve my life according to your word. Psalm 119:37

What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul? Matt 16:26

For Next Week

Study is complete!

Be sure to join us in our Christmas study: Jesus the One and Only

Group Discussion- Answer one question or as many as you like

  1. Can you think of a way in which Satan has stolen victory from you through a broken-down wall in your life? (page 203)
  2. In the past year, can you identify at least one way you have struggled to avoid being conformed to this world? (page 214)
  3. Share a favorite garden tool from this week’s lesson.
  4. How does God want you to respond to what He showed you in Living Beyond Yourself?

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  • Jennifer D says:

    3. Share a favorite garden tool from this week’s lesson. The word self control—how people need to learn how to make sure that they have self control in their lives, treat people the way they want to be treated.

    A couple of things: would I recommend Living beyond yourself as a bible study—yes I would. Did I enjoy all the learning’s in this? Yes I did.

  • Lauren says:

    I just watched the last video session of Living Beyond and all I can say is Wow! For those of you who aren’t watching the Videos, Beth keyed in on our bodies being the temple. I personally really needed to hear that! She even made me look at exercise in a whole new way 😉 She also talked about dedication, or rededication of the temple as celebrated by the Jewish Hanukkah. She invited us to have our own “Hanukkah”, or rededication to the Lord, during the video session. After finishing, I researched the Holiday because I am not familiar with it, other than knowing that it is the Festival of Lights and the Menorrah is lit during this time. I find it fascinating that the lighting of the Menorrah signifies that there was only one available container of oil that was not defiled. We, too, only have one type of “fuel” that is undefiled to fill us- Jesus Christ. He is the Light of the World. I also think it is fitting that the Feast of Dedication centers on lights. I know that the meaning is not the same to us as Christians, but I was awestruck to think of celebrating light, rededication, and the sanctification of the temple so God’s glory can come down. I am planning to celebrate Hanukkah, which begins December 1st at sundown, in my own rededication to the Lord, not by the lighting of the Menorrah, but by letting God’s light shine through me. I think as we enter the Christmas Holiday, it is good to be cognizant of the true light of the world. With this in mind, I am thankful that I can enter into the Jesus, One and Only Study with a renewed mind and heart. Thanks to God for His many blessings! Thought you all might enjoy this insight. Forgive me if it seems off base. God bless!

  • Amanda Taylor says:

    I had some major health issues come up and am just now getting back on my feet. I plan on starting back where I had left off with this study because I know that I really need it. Since the study is finishing up here I will post my blogs over on my personal blog

    Please join me over there! I’ll also jump back over here to comment on your comments but don’t know if you will get them or not. I just want to hold onto this you know and still finish this thing out even if it is late. Thanks everyone. You guys have been great!

    • Christine says:

      You can post your comments here also, there are other women finishing the study late and they would find comfort in your comments. We do not remove the blog posts,so you can finish at your own pace. praying you feel better soon!

    • Lauren says:

      Praying for you, Amanda! Hope you feel much, much better soon!

  • Laura says:

    1. Can you think of a way in which Satan has stolen victory from you through a broken-down wall in your life? (page 203)
    Finances, maybe, I am a control freak. Less debt would be more freedom.
    2. In the past year, can you identify at least one way you have struggled to avoid being conformed to this world? (page 214)
    I tend to slip into bad language especially when I am angry!
    3. Share a favorite garden tool from this week’s lesson.
    Sorry if I already used this one, a hoe. The hoe gets the weeds out. If the weeds are left unchecked they take over, much like our sin. Breaking out the hoe and getting all those weeds up is not fun work, but it has to be done. Like being in the word it’s not the “easy” path but it is so worth the reward!
    4. How does God want you to respond to what He showed you in Living Beyond Yourself
    I discovered I felt closer to the Spirit, all these years. But now I have a new appreciation for the Holy Spirit. I cherish it much more. I realize it’s sensitivity, and it’s awesome power! With this new discovery, I need to nurture it’s growth in me, and heed it’s leading whenever I hear it beckoning me to action.

    I have completely enjoyed this study. It was a perfect combination of challege, yet sensitive to timing. I can’t wait for the next one. I feel fed!

  • Sue Alice says:

    This study brought out alot things I, would rather have forgotten in my life, but needed to deal with at this time or probability would have never been dealt with. My lack of self-control would be my temper and anger the most, and I think, also I am some what of a contral feak. My toes were stepped on a few times also. I needed this study at this season of my life, I feel as if I learned more than I bargin for. As Renee says “Correction is hard to take, even when done out of love, but it is a good thing.” I do not do the correction thing very will either. Christine thanks for doing this study with us and for us.

    Blessing to all and a wonderful holiday season. See most of you November 30th, I hope.

  • Renee says:

    I lack self control of the tongue. I am a lot better, but plan to study this and arm myself. Really, it starts with the heart. You wouldn’t be complaining about something unless you were feeling it in your heart first. A friend of mine even called me on it this week. I was really upset and felt she was judging me. I said, “Can’t I even vent a little here?” I was also embarrassed. I prayed over it and then felt glad I had a friend who cared enough. Correction is hard to take, even when done out of love, but it’s a good thing!

  • Michele says:

    Have enjoyed this study, even though I did have my toes stepped on more than once. Especially this week. I have struggled in more than one area of my life when it comes to self-control. Thankfully, He is a forgiving God. So now I must pick through the mess I’ve made and put things back together in the right order. Thanks for all the helpful insights during this study. And may God bless you all.

  • Lauren says:

    I can’t recall one specific instance but I know that when I am not studying and actively seeking God, I am more vulnerable. Only through Him can our weakness be made strong!
    In this world, it is acceptable- expected, even- to have a bad attitude, and I find myself falling into that frame of mind. Just this morning, I found myself complaining about a situation. I stopped and asked myself, “What is this? Where is your bridle at?” =) I have become much more aware of my actions.
    I think that God wants me to take what I have learned and apply it. I pray that He will fill me with His Spirit so that it is manifest through me. For the past couple of weeks, as I have attended different church services, verses centering around being a light have kept coming up. Our world is so dark, and the dark doesn’t even know they need the Light. I want to be that Light, and it is only through His perfect love and action in my life will that be possibel. So many attributes, or fruit, of the Spirit do I neglect to portray, because of stubborness or attitude. But as I enter this Thanksgiving and Christmas season, I enter with true joy and Thanksgiving, because knowing what came in the end of all of it, death on a tree, Jesus still came forth to die for me. I am so unworthy… but He thinks I’m worthy!
    Sorry to have gotten on my soapbox. You guys have a great Thanksgiving… looking forward to Jesus, ONe and ONly next week! God bless!

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