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By November 7, 2010Invisible War

Welcome to our study on Spiritual Warfare. Our study is based on a book called The Invisible War by Chip Ingram. You will not understand spiritual warfare by following our blog articles, you must read the published book for the full teaching. As with any online bible study, we facilitate a discussion about the book and its contents as related to scripture. This week we’re discussing the first four chapters of the book- Spiritual Warfare 101. We learned that we’ll be assailed by the enemy and we need to withstand an attack from the enemy of God. Ingram writes “Your first responsibility is to be aware of the battle, your second responsibility is to depend on God’s strength and your third responsibility it to use the protection God had provided.” Notice that it is your RESPONSIBILITY to act and winning the battle does not come naturally. There is nothing passive about spiritual warfare. Satan schemes our downfall. Ingram provides a list of Satan’s schemes on page 50, based on an examination of his names in scripture:

  • Satan, meaning adversary
  • Devil, meaning slanderer
  • Lucifer, meaning shining one
  • Beelzebub, meaning lord of the flies
  • Belial, meaning false god
  • The evil one, meaning absolute corruption
  • The tempter, meaning to exploit and entice
  • The prince of this world, meaning a master of false systems
  • The accuser of the brethren, meaning he will condemn you

We’re all familiar with Ephesians 6 and the verses about putting on battle gear. In Spiritual Warfare 101, we’re introduced to the reasons why we need the battle gear and how to identify what we cannot see. “Awareness makes us sober and alert, always conscious that there is an adversary who is prowling around because he wants to destroy those who believe in God and blind those who don’t” says Ingram.

We learned this week about who we are fighting and what the invisible war really is. There are specific times in your life when you need to be ready to put on the armor of God. To win a battle, you need to know the enemy, his schemes and the tools given to you by God. The danger is to ignore the enemy or to give him credit for everything that happens in your life.

Prayer Requests
Heavenly Father, we come to you in prayer and protection as we journey into a spiritual warfare study during the next four weeks. Bring awareness of the battle into our hearts and minds. Provide discernment so we may see that which is demonic and that which is simply one of life’s events. Strengthen our ability to fight the battle and guide us into our battle gear as we win the war in Jesus name.

Please post any prayer request you have on the Bible Cafe Prayer Wall. Print a copy of the prayer requests and intercede for those who are asking for your help.

Chip Ingram Quotes

  • Our temptations are not random.
  • We live in a fallen world and bad things happen. Not everything occurs because of demonic schemes.
  • There are spiritual realities that every believer will either face up to or be defeated by, and only a solid understanding of our spiritual armor can prepare us for those realities.
  • Jesus was in the heat of a spiritual conflict and His greatest resource was prayer.
  • There is a visible and an invisible world that intersect, and we live in the intersection.
  • Our enemy isn’t playing tag; he’s seeking someone to devour.
  • We are involved in an invisible war, a cosmic conflict that has eternal implications.
  • There is one Creator and everything else is a creature.
  • This fallen world is a battleground, not a playground.

This Week’s Memory Verse (NASB)

Be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His might. Put on the full armor of God, so that you will be able to stand firm against the schemes of the devil. Ephesians 6:10-11*

You are from God, little children, and have overcome them; because greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world. 1 John 4:4*

*click on the bible link and you can translate the verse into another bible version from BibleGateway.com

For Next Week

  • We’re reading Spiritual Warfare 201
  • Please read chapters five through eight in your Invisible War book
  • If you are watching the DVD series, please watch session three and four

Group DiscussionAnswer one question or as many as you want

  1. What is your natural tendency in conflict- to fight or flee? Does this tendency undermine God’s strength in your life? (page 30)
  2. What is your reaction to people who periodically attribute their problems to demonic activity?Are there times when you consider their explanations valid? Are there times when you dismiss them right away? What makes the difference? (page 41)
  3. Do you have a greater tendency to assign too much or too little credit to the enemy? What steps do you need to do to achieve balance in your thinking? (page 57)
  4. What truth from reading Spiritual Warfare 101 has been most helpful to you? Why? (page 63)

Love in Christ,

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  • Laurie says:

    1.What is your natural tendency in conflict- to fight or flee? Does this tendency undermine God’s strength in your life? (page 30)

    I’ve had the tendancy to do both. When I want to fight, it is when I am feeling strong in the Lord. When I want to flee, sometimes it is because of things going on within me that I need to overcome (i.e. pride, etc.).

    2.What is your reaction to people who periodically attribute their problems to demonic activity? Are there times when you consider their explanations valid? Are there times when you dismiss them right away? What makes the difference? (page 41)

    I think I usually believe them. I’ve never known anyone that uses that as a crutch.

  • Jenn (SavedandSassy) says:


    Thank you so much for your posts and raising awareness about Spiritual Warfare. As I have learned more about this over the last year (and having many personal battles myself) I often felt when sharing this with others it was similar to discussing aliens landing in my backyard! I mean, I have been a Christian all my life (yet began a relationship with Him last fall), and was subject to “religion” and I had never heard anything about spiritual warfare! Not one sermon, not one lesson, nothing. My first introduction was last winter at our new home church…

    Seeing the abundance of comments about this very real issue has comforted me in such a way, knowing there are others that know what I am talking about, have experienced it and are standing firm and fighting back!

    Again, thank you my friend! Love you!

    His work in progress,

    • Christine says:

      Interesting perspective Jenn, now that you said this I do not remember my church speaking about this subject. I have more than 500 archives from my pastor from itunes, so I am going to search and see if he had a discussion on Ephesians.

  • Christine says:

    While reading through the comments from this week’s discussion, I thought how easy it is to see the good from God. We see His hand in our lives and we praise Him. It is more difficult to see the prowling enemy aiming arrows at our backs.

  • Lisa H says:

    I have been attacked in the nastiest way this week. My mom had to have outpatient surgery on Thursday so we were getting her ready. She was taking a shower with the antibacterial stuff and the water wasn’t going down in her shower. I was like, what? Not again! Sure enough the septic backed up in the house. Beelzebub, meaning lord of the flies – or the god of FILTH – was visiting me! I was so very stressed out … my was going for surgery because she has stage 5 kidney failure and needs a dialysis shunt. I was totally stressing, even though I didn’t really “feel” like I was stressing. I walked around my house and prayed specifically rebuking Beelzebub in the name of Jesus Christ. The “back up” went down with not too much “yuck” and I was able to get a service out that afternoon to clean it up. And, the cost was not nearly as bad as I was anticipating. Even tho Beelzebub meant it as an filthy aggravation, God turned it into a blessing to me.

  • Mindy says:

    1.What is your natural tendency in conflict- to fight or flee? Does this tendency undermine God’s strength in your life?

    My tendency has been to fight, not giving the situation to God but reacting with a hot head and an impatient ego. I tend to make the situation worse and wish I’d held my tongue. :o/

    2.What is your reaction to people who periodically attribute their problems to demonic activity?Are there times when you consider their explanations valid? Are there times when you dismiss them right away? What makes the difference?

    I appreciate it because it means they are looking at the invisible war rather than just themselves and the superficial situation. I forget to look at the big picture, taking things into MY control and thinking it’s me or the people/situations around me causing the problems. This study is really helping me see beyond that to lean on God and look at the larger situation.

    3.Do you have a greater tendency to assign too much or too little credit to the enemy? What steps do you need to do to achieve balance in your thinking?

    Too little. I think my doubt or discouragement etc is from me or the people/situations around me. I forget to realize Satan is the master of deception and to tell him to flee from me so I can lean on God and get my balance back.

    4.What truth from reading Spiritual Warfare 101 has been most helpful to you? Why?

    That Satan attacks my thoughts but he will flee from me if I recognize it and stand firm in God with faith.

  • Marla Saunders says:

    Oh ladies, would you all pray with me? My daughter is just being torn apart right now. In addition to the other spiritual attacks on her, she was diagnosed today (officially…not that I didn’t realize this before) with an Eating Disorder. She is so full of anger and her eyes glare at me even though she doesn’t say she is mad at us. And all this on a day that should have been full of good news for her today. I know I said that my natural tendency is to fight, but I don’t think I have any fight left in me. Please pray.

  • Gisela says:

    My first inclination is to step up to my enemy head on… I have always been like that before i was saved…and now God uses that side of me for His kingdom. In my spiritual youth, I have made many mistakes. I often would step out ahead of God because I never feel any fear when faced with demonic forces. At times, I’ve been guilty of even looking for a fight…in which I was severely rebuked by The Holy Spirit. Though I have failed and at times, allowed my emotions to gain the upper hand in the past, i believe with more training, i will become an exceptional warrior for my King Jesus. I confess I need more temperance in this area and my heart is be my utmost for His Highest and part of His Elite Special Force that is ready in season and out, to go into battle without hesitation….AMEN!

    • Christine says:

      Thank you for bringing this perspective to our attention. I’m going to pay careful attention and make sure I am not stepping out ahead of God. I try to rest in Him, listen for His voice, and then follow His heart. Your comment reminds me to try harder, because the enemy can tempt me to walk faster than God.

  • Laurie says:

    I received my book yesterday, so I’m getting a late start. I just finished Chapter 1 “Why You Struggle” and I just wanted to make a comment. I’ll come back to the questions after I’ve caught up.

    I found it interesting at the beginning of the book when Mr. Ingram was preaching in a service and the demon possessed man interrupted the service (or his introduction, if memory serves me correctly) that no one bothered to pray over this man; and this was not the first time this poor, miserable possessed creature of God had interrupted a service. Although the author does not elaborate on the subject, it makes me wonder if the congregation tended to his spiritual needs through prayer and attempts at casting out the demons. My perspective of the author’s statement is that the congregation merely removed the man. I find it disturbing that there was no mention of any kind of help for him. I was hoping to hear something along that line further in the chapter, but found none.

    It seems that this congregation was fleeing conflict. Perhaps it would have been more suitable to stop the service and face the conflict and fight together as a congregation. I pray this man has found peace.

    • Christine says:

      Chip Ingram writes “three or four ushers got to this man before he got to me, and I was informed LATER in a debriefing session that this individual, as far as they could tell, was demonized….If I didn’t believe in spiritual warfare, I certainly did now.” He was sharing his experience of a demonic encounter in his new church. Ingram has divided the study into four sections, and he demonstrates how to respond to a demonic encounter. It’s too early in the study to suggest to people how to do this. As you read on, you’ll see his church ministers to these people and some have come to accept Jesus. The first chapter is a lesson on the invisible war and Ingram used this encounter to share a personal experience. At the end of the chapter, he asks you to consider your own encounter with spiritual warfare. In the middle of the book he shares a story of ministering to demonic people such as the one mentioned in chapter one.

      Are you speaking in love or in anger, when you judged the pastor for not stopping the service and praying for the man who was attacking him? You are only on the first chapter and you said “It seems that this congregation was fleeing conflict.” You also said “I found it interesting at the beginning of the book when Mr. Ingram was preaching in a service and the demon possessed man interrupted the service (or his introduction, if memory serves me correctly) that no one bothered to pray over this man.” This is an assumption and you don’t know what they did.

      Would it had pleased you if the book was written this way:

      “three or four ushers got to this man before he got to me, and I was informed LATER in a debriefing session that this individual, as far as they could tell, was demonized….If I didn’t believe in spiritual warfare, I certainly did now”…AND ONCE THE MAN LEFT AND I WAS NOT IN DANGER OF HARM, WE ALL PRAYED FOR HIM.” After reading the entire book, twice, I have no doubt Pastor Ingram and his entire congregation did just that. 😉

      The pastor at my church has private security guards. If someone showed similar behavior, the security guards are instructed to secure the safety of the pastor and the congregation. After the introduction, I am confident my pastor would have us in prayer and also in forgiveness for the individual who wanted to attack us.

  • Sue Alice says:


    Thanks for just listening. No worries on this side either. Sorry about the school library…..they should have a better selection of Christian books or so it seems.


  • Marla Saunders says:

    Good morning ladies. I have been trying to respond to this for two days and each time I sit down my house erupts in this or that! In fact, even now in an almost empty house my sweet hubby suddenly needs to work on an email issue with my computer! Which leads me into the questions:

    1. Fight or flee? Hmm…when i am aware of the activity my tendency is to fight, because I know that we have been given the power to win that battle.

    2. Reactions to people: I believe that Satan’s most effective tactic with me — in the past — has been to keep me unaware of the everyday implications of his work in my world. I just don’t notice him as long as life continues on its path. So I tended to suspect people of seeing demons under every bush. Lately, however, I’ve come to realize that once in awhile you need to look under the bush. The enemy is real and he is fighting my family. I can’t afford to dismiss anyone anymore.

    3. Balance in my thinking: Oh Lord, please help me here. That’s why I’m taking this study. I know that I need to be prayed up and studied up all the time. I know that my days go better when I take that time — and I want that time — but so often I get interrupted by little piddling things. So prayer and study time. Wise counsel (which I’m attempting to get by reading the book). Companions on the journey (online and off). And finally, I’m thinking I need to have an open mind to other viewpoints.

    4. The first truth that has sunk in is that this is a war that is already won, so I do not need to be afraid. I just need to keep on going.

  • Sue Alice says:

    I am reading a book called “A Christmas Snow” by Jim Stovall which has been turned into a movie also. Jim Stoval states in the copyright page that he will not capitalized satan’s name. ” We choose not to acknowledg him, even to the point of violating grammatical rules.”( Jim Stovall 2010 A Christmas Snow) I have never thought of that before, but this does bring up a new point. This just helps to show that he is not human and we should have no fear of him. So I am choosing not to capitalized his name any more. Thanks for reading this.

    Blessing to everyone.

    • Christine says:

      Are you giving too much attention to the enemy when you do this? A capital letter does not show authority or respect, it’s a simple grammar rule. Look in scripture and see if his name is capitalized. Also read how Michael and Jesus treated the enemy and then make your decision.

      But even the archangel Michael, when he was disputing with the devil about the body of Moses, did not himself dare to condemn him for slander but said, “The Lord rebuke you!” Jude 1:9

      Jesus said to him, “Away from me, Satan! For it is written: ‘Worship the Lord your God, and serve him only.’ ” Matt 4:10 NIV

      Jesus turned and said to Peter, “Get behind me, Satan! You are a stumbling block to me; you do not have in mind the concerns of God, but merely human concerns.” Matt 16:23

      As soon as Judas took the bread, Satan entered into him. So Jesus told him, “What you are about to do, do quickly.” John 13:27

      The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet. Romans 16:20

      The Lord allows Satan in our lives to bring us to faith or to strengthen our faith. Satan can cause you to sin if you anger. Keep your heart on God and the shield of faith he equipped you with, the battle is already won.

      • Sue Alice says:


        Thanks for the post. I realize a captial letter is just a grammer rule, and I realize it does not show authority or respect…..the point is I am just trying to dispersonalize satan…..if there is such a word. In scripture his name is capitalized, does that make him any more powerful, or bad? I think not eitherany way we look at it ….are we wrong?? I know what I am trying to say, but may be going at it wrong. Am I making any sense? My sister and husband say people need to think like me, but sometimes that is so hard to do. Maybe one of them could explain it better, I will ask Judee to clear this up maybe….if it is okay with you.

        Blessing to you all.

        • Christine says:

          I understand the intent, I’m just not certain that’s what Jesus would do. When in doubt I always look at God’s Word for answers. No worries 🙂

          Last night my 9-yr old was reading a children’s book to me called Ivy and Bean. While reading aloud, the character in the book built a volcano out of dirt in her front yard. Then she told her friends to pretend they were bringing offerings to “the gods.” My daughter saw the word, (no capital) and she would not say it aloud. She paused, and replaced it by saying “they were bringing offerings to that word” and I could see the discomfort in her face. The same sentence came up again and this time she stopped and said “I’m not going to say that word, its wrong. I’ll just skip over this sentence.” The book was from her library at a Christian school. I volunteer as librarian so now we need to discuss this as a school- do we allow the book in the form of entertainment, or do we remove it because it offends God. I’ll leave the decision to the school authorities. The same school has the entire collection of Harry Potter books and very few CS Lewis books. Maybe God placed me there for a reason? 😉

    • Peggy says:

      I never capitalize satan or enemy but it’s just because I don’t… whereas I do with God, Jesus, Father, He, anything referring to the Almighty! This is just my personal preference. However if I would ever use Michael or Lucifer I would capitalize them. I just wanted to put in my two cents. Oh, and when I read prayers or even scripture that do not capitalize the pronouns when referring to God, it bothers me…who knows why? It just does… it helps me to clarify which “he”… and I do need all the help that the Holy Spirit can give me even via grammatical capitalizations… was this part of the questions? ohhh and sorry Christine, but I do think it shows respect to capitalize God’s name… but certainly not the devil, demons or other spiritual entities.

  • Sue D. says:

    1.I flee from the conflict, though perhaps it is more a contemptuous saunter. I don’t want to fight this fight, enough already. I am TIRED. I realize it is His strength not mine, intellectually, I’m not taking a hold of the power He has already supplied.

    2.My reaction to people who attribute their problems to demonic activity? Panic and then avoidance or dismissal.

    3.What steps do you need to do to achieve balance in your thinking? I probably don’t attribute as much of the troubles in life as I should to demonic activity. I need to develop this spiritual discipline, and I see this as God’s leading. I may have signed up for this study on a “whim” but there are no accidents.

    4.What truth from reading Spiritual Warfare 101-Spiritual Warefare is not attempting to gain the victory. It is standing firm in what we already possess. As believers….we fight from victory. p. 61

    • Christine says:

      Praying for your strength to fight the good fight. I’m reminded of this verse:

      Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith. For the joy set before him he endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. Hebrews 12:1-2

      When exhaustion creeps in, we tend to slip into comfort and lose our passion to endure. This is an excellent time to call in prayer warriors and depend on intercession when you are too weak to fight. Surround yourself with an army and ask for their strength. Someday, you’ll be in the army and lifting up another friend. 🙂

  • Dave Pope says:

    Spiritual Warfare 101
    It is in my nature to fight instead of flight. Satan is real and he is trying to under mind all of us. He is the great deceiver. But now it is time to put on the full armor of God and defend His righteous name and reclaim His kingdom for our children and our children’s children. Let us not be fooled by his deceptive ways. Satan is sometimes very subtle in how he attacks us. I know that is how he was deceiving me. He allowed for me to not let God take control of my personal demons and I thought that I could handle the mess I made of my marriage and my finances. It took a slap in the face to realize how wrong I was and how much I hurt the ones I loved the most. But now I am fighting back by putting God first in my life and then allowing Him to bless my marriage and my family. Satan’s know’s my achilles heal and he has no problem stepping on it. Heavenly Father, I pray to you for guidance in my daily walk. May I never forget who is in control. May Your word guide me daily and may I be a holy example of your love and mercy. Continue to bless my brothers and sisters in Christ who have been attacked by Satan and may your mercy be upon them. Let us come together as one to fight against this spiritual warfare that continues to plague our great nation. In Jesus Christ name, amen.

    • Christine says:

      I loved it when you said “I am fighting back by putting God first in my life and then allowing Him to bless my marriage and my family.” So often we are tempted to listen to the voice of our friends and family, telling us why we should abandon a marriage or relationship. Our eyes and heart need to be centered on God and for His will to prevail in our home and in our lives. He will carry you like a Father carries a son (Deut 1:31) and the flaming arrows of the enemy cannot touch you. May you continue your submission to God’s will and your awareness of the invisible war. Standing in agreement with you on your prayer, in Jesus Christ, amen.

  • Dedie Pope says:

    1. What is your natural tendency in conflict- to fight or flee? Does this tendency undermine God’s strength in your life? (page 30)

    My natural tendency in a conflict is to fight back out of fear. I believe this undermines God’s strength in my life because I tend to make more of a mess of the situation rather than resolve it. This response also shows lack of faith. I believe God’s strength comes sometimes in the form of being still and seeking the discernment of the Holy Spirit before going into battle.

    2. What is your reaction to people who periodically attribute their problems to demonic activity?Are there times when you consider their explanations valid? Are there times when you dismiss them right away? What makes the difference? (page 41)

    I believe in spiritual warfare so, when someone attributes their problems to demonic activity I believe there is truth to what he or she is saying. I do not believe I intentionally dismiss someone’s explanation right away. I tend to want to learn more of what he or she is going through and pray with them or for them. Even if, the problems someone is facing is not demonic the fact that he or she believes it is is more than enough reason to pray for God’s strength in his or her life.

    3. Do you have a greater tendency to assign too much or too little credit to the enemy? What steps do you need to do to achieve balance in your thinking? (page 57)

    I believe my tendency is to assign to little credit to the enemy. As mentioned in the book I, usually recognize attacks, when they are big and not see the smaller ones that are occurring. The two steps I believe that would bring balance is first to have an awareness and secondly to understand how the enemy tries to ruin me. This can me accomplished by understanding the names of the enemy and the meaning behind them.

    4. What truth from reading Spiritual Warfare 101 has been most helpful to you? Why? (page 63)

    Although, I know the Lord protects us it is always good to hear, “We do not fight for victory: We fight from victory! This basic truth is freeing and strengthening.

    • Christine says:

      Until I read this book, I gave little attention to spiritual warfare. Those times when I felt an attack and knew I needed help, I asked others for intercession. Like you, I spent much of my time calming my fear. When I made the decision to read the book, I feared I would unleash a box of trouble. When I read the book at night before going to bed, I worried I would have creepy dreams of the enemy. None of these things happened, and I gained confidence in myself and my ability. It wasn’t until I started leading the Spiritual Warfare study that I had the attention of Satan. However, I’ve already finished the book and was prepared for the attack. I fight from victory, not fear.

      A few days before starting this study, I was under the influence of God and experiencing the most beautiful dreams of my entire life; beauty I could never describe, and with so much love from the Lord. Armed with His Presence, I had the courage to lead this study with love, not fear. God knew my needs before I did. Each time an arrow of fear comes my way, I can extinguish it with the image of the dreams. To God be the Glory.

  • Sue Alice says:

    First please be kind and let me mention this….Thanks. Both of my dogs WANT all my attention while I am typing this or trying to…..one under the desk pushing at me, and the little one behind the chair making pet me noises. Both saying WHY are we not cute, and getting all your of attention. SATAN works in the most sneaky was. WATCH OUT please. Thanks for letting me share this.

    1. I am a fighter, I can not ever remember a time I did not fight for something or someone else. I know now it was mostly Satan getting me to stay and fight, for God would have me flee and solve the conflict some other way.

    2. I just did not believe them…thought they were high or drinking at the time. For I use to drank and I saw some pretty weird stuff. Until I came to the Lord I did not know any better, or about Satan or his crafty ways.

    3. I think the Devil is very active in this world at this time…take a look around and see what is going on. To balance this out in my way of thinking I need to pray more, be in the word more, and above all know Jesus is there to care for me, and fight Satan with me.

    4. Just to realize SATAN IS A BIG BULLY!!!!!! He needs to go
    back to HIS PLAYGROUND!!!!!! Stay away from our playground and the LORD’S playground. Just leave us ALONE for we are the children of GOD.

    Have a blessed week to all of you.

    • Christine says:

      You said “I am a fighter, I can not ever remember a time I did not fight for something or someone else. ” My prayer is that someday you will have peace and no longer need to fight your battles. I know some of your battles, I know the exhaustion and hurt, and I know that you do all you can to swat the enemy like a fly. After you move into your new home, spend some time in the Presence of God and just relax. Enjoy His love flowing over you, enjoy His sweet gifts, and rest in Him. Imagine yourself a little girl sitting at the feet of the Father….and know the peace and love He gifts you. My prayer for you is that Christmas will be a time of knowing how much He truly loves you, and giving your burdens to Him while His gift of peace washes over you and your family.

  • Nickie says:

    I had to go and pray about the answers yesterday but I tend to flee from conflict but I have people tell me that I am agressive… so I must run if I dont want to fight but I will try everything not to start a conflict and this puts me in a bad place because I tend to hold my anger and let things pass and then I blow up but not at the person… it is usually my husband or my family…. I take it out on the wrong people…. so I have had to face some of my conflicts and it makes me physically ill… but I do have peace around me after it is done… I think the devil finds joy in this and I need to rely more on what Jesus would do and not my own physical nature…

    I also tend not to say anything is someone says they are always under attack from the devil…. that would be conflict… but I will pray for them that they find the strength that is needed in the situation…

    be blessed with this study… it is eye opening

    • Christine says:

      I too avoid conflict. When I was a child, conflict usually ended with me being physically or emotionally hurt. I started to build walls around me so I would not be harmed and I hid behind the walls when I sensed danger. Reading this book helped me realize that was not God’s plan for me and I need to stand strong and fight in His name for His child…me.

      • Joanna says:

        I went thru the same thing, Christine. The book showed me that I have to give God the chance to fight for me. I have an explosive temper that’s why I avoid confrontation at all cost.

        • Christine says:

          When we fight in God’s name, we have the gift to show God’s love to others. We can fight in love, not in fear, anger, resentment, hatred or bitterness. Armed with the Fruit of the Spirit.

          • Nickie says:

            Amen…. I to have had the walls up and it will eat at me until I am sick…. but I have learned that being in Christs love doesnt mean being stepped on…. I will pray that his strength is in me…. and that it will be spoken when needed to 🙂

  • Rhonda says:

    1. Most of the time my tendency is to flee. I do not like conflict. But in the case of spiritual warfare, I need to understand that the power of the Lord is available to me as a believer and that when evil comes my way, I can stand my ground and be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power.
    2. Until reading this book, I tended to think people were being silly for attributing negative things in their lives to satanic attacks, which answers question #3. I guess I always assigned too little credit to the enemy. This book is helping me to understand I need to have more balance so I can recognize an attack and be better prepared by understanding satan’s strategies and schemes so that he cannot get a foothold in my life.
    4. I always associated demonic activity as Chip said, with “weird, paranormal phenomena”. And Chip said that is dangerous because it allows us to ignore the invisible war. And that’s exactly what I was doing, ignoring the invisible wars going on in my life. I’m looking forward to reading in the next chapters how to be better prepared for spiritual battle.

    • Christine says:

      I did just what you said in answer #4. I thought anything related to Satan had to be a weird thing, something you’d see in a movie. I dislike those movies and never spend time watching them or reading books with similar content. When I had a full frontal attack from Satan, the event was so paranormal that I finally recognized him. When I won the battle with him, I was in amazement. I wanted to know more about the gift inside me that was able to overcome the enemy. I was searching ideas for the next Womens Bible Studies and I saw Max Lucado’s church studying “The Invisible War by Chip Ingram. I read the book, and made the decision that more people need to be informed. What better place than an online bible study with more than 30,000 visits a month! 😉 Yes, Satan hates me. But God my Father loves me more, for the bible tells me so…I BELIEVE.

  • Kym says:

    I’m so thankful for this study. I’ve always been aware of demonic forces and attacks but this was great info and opened my eyes to even more and how to fight. 

    —What is your natural tendency in conflict- to fight or flee? Does this tendency undermine God’s strength in your life? (page 30)

    My natural tendency is to fight and fight hard!

    —What is your reaction to people who periodically attribute their problems to demonic activity?Are there times when you consider their explanations valid? Are there times when you dismiss them right away? What makes the difference? (page 41)

    I tend to believe it. I’ve witnessed and have been involved in demonic attacks. The only time I tend to “narrow my eyes” at someone is when it’s an excuse for everything wrong in their life. Even things that are of their own “fault”.

    —Do you have a greater tendency to assign too much or too little credit to the enemy?

    I see now I was giving the enemy TOO much credit. I’m fighting FROM victory. Not for! 

    —What steps do you need to do to achieve balance in your thinking? (page 57)

    Just being enlightened thus far is extremely helpful with my thinking. I am now aware of what I’m really fighting with which is helping my balance. 
    —What truth from reading Spiritual Warfare 101 has been most helpful to you? Why? (page 63)

    See above. 🙂 I’ve learned so much about what God equips us with to fight. I always knew of the armor of God but I didn’t really realize how much it was doing when applying it. This is huge for me to know and really recognize how the enemy comes at us and to expect it but equally expect to be victorious from the enemies tactics.  

  • YOLANDA W says:

    I guess I should post this because i thought it was attack,but then talked myself out of thinking that until i just told my bestie(whos in this bible study,as well) and she said yes its an attack and prayed for me!…….As i was posting my previous post for discussion, I started having a terrible pain in my neck that radiated down to my hand(my right hand that I type with)..it was terrible and lasted for about an hour! I finished my post and just started praying,but then i couldnt even remember scriptures or even words from scriptures that I know…i just started saying jesus,jesus,jesus over and over again..then i remembered in chapter 4 where chip states that i already have the victory over satan, so i just started saying i have the victory…the pain finally subsided mostly,but i still feel a little pain in my neck….all i can say is woo..hes not playing,but Im not either!!

  • Lisa H says:

    1. What is your natural tendency in conflict- to flee! I will contribute to ‘conflict’ when I need too, and don’t you dare say anything about my boys, but typically, flee is my first and immediate response.

    Does this tendency undermine God’s strength in your life? Yes it does. When I flee I am so deep in the pit I can’t see straight. I have an email ministry and for the last month, there has been several days that I have forgotten to post the message. I forgot – that just made me feel all the more worse. The pit clouds my mind to where it seems I don’t have room for God.

    2. I don’t remember if I’ve ever heard anyone attribute their problems to demonic activity. Until I started reading this book, I had forgotten that I used to pray over my house. I would walk around the house praying specifically to God to put a hedge of protection over my house and everyone in it. I just this minute remember telling satan to get out of my bedroom and to leave me alone. But at the time I didn’t realize what I was doing and looking back I know I was not correct in the prayers or the way I told satan to get away from me. I just remember someone at church telling me to do it.

    3. Do you have a greater tendency to assign too much or too little credit to the enemy? My balance is way off. But it depends on the situation. I can see myself (in the past) giving too much credit to satan and other time being very cavalier about it like it was really no big deal. I believe that is due to lack of knowledge. I need to increase my knowledge of satan and his schemes. I did a study on the names of God and Jesus, and pray specifically using those names when I need to, but I have not recognized the schemes of satan and his minions.

    4. What truth from reading Spiritual Warfare 101 has been most helpful to you?
    On page 29, Chip lists the three responsibilities we have to acknowledge and accept in this horrible ongoing struggle. This has been the most helpful to me. I believe I have always known, ‘in the back of my head’, that satan was real and he caused a lot of problems. I did not ever look at it as a ‘war’ or that I was an active participant, or that I had any responsibility in said ‘war’. I never respected satan for what chaos he can create. I never thought he deserved respect, in any form. I now have learned differently.

    This is a great study, thank you Christine for facilitating it. I have a ton to learn, as even right now, I don’t want to give satan any credit for distracting me from reading or waiting so long in the day to post these answers (when I have been home all day!)

  • Niki Rogers says:

    1.What is your natural tendency in conflict- to fight or flee? Does this tendency undermine God’s strength in your life? (page 30)

    *** Along w/what many others have already mentioned, my natural tendency is to FIGHT when I find myself in a conflict situation! God has allowed me to overcome the adversery in many different situations- so at the end of the day, regardless of how miserable or afraid I am, I know where and from whom my help comes.

    This book has allowed me to see how often Satan robs me of my time, thus distracting me from God and from the Spiritual Food that I need in order to strengthen The Word in my life. W/out the proper time studying God’s Word- I don’t rely enough on the scriptural foundation that I feel is needed to battle Satan daily! I feel I carry unecessary burdens and worry or stress over small things.

    So far, this book study has opened my eyes to the importance of knowing that an invisible war does exist and for being prepared, dressed and ready for battle each day.

  • YOLANDA W says:

    My normal tendency is to fight…I’m not one to run or flee.Im a very strong willed person and like to at least get my point across…this probably undermines Gods strength because I should always remember to pray about the situation and let God handle it.

    – Until I started reading this book, I would always disregard other people’s problems as demonic attacks. I did this because I never really realized that the enemy is real and around us at all times. I guess I thought that if I didnt acknowledge him,then he has no power. This book is really opening my eyes to how he is really sneaky and can use so many things to attack us..those minute things like receiving a harmless phone call during your devotion time as a distraction…I was talking to my husband about the book and what Ive read, and he even told me of a time where I dismissed him when he was telling me about a time when he felt that he was being attacked…

    -as I stated before I gave too little credit to the enemy..I never acknowledged him, but now Im aware and trying to stay conscious at all times…these few chapters have really enlightened me and have given me soo much to readand study…even certain scriptures that I have read previously have a new meaning to them for me…

    -all the “truths” have been very helpful for me because I have been oblivious about spiritual warfare…i have learned so much in the last few days and Im happy that through this book I am being prepared.

  • Renee says:

    1. I am a flee person; I just go away. However, to flee is not the answer in spiritual warfare. Stand strong the name of Jesus is our answer.
    2. Sometimes it is Satan. However, (other than those lies whispered to me) so many times it is God. I feel he has me go through situations for me to grow, or to show his glory. He humbles me a lot and it is all for the greater outcome… Maybe that is the answer to #3.
    Something that happened just this weekend; it involved gossip. My weekend was a rough one and it would be easy to say … Hey it’s a spirtual attack. However, when it was all said and done the events put the person who was being gossiped about in a good light and I was able to share that news and how she helped me. That was God working it out.
    #2 – I don’t hear many people even mention the enemy.
    4. I was able to reflect on some things in the past and go … Oh my!! That’s what that was. Things other than just the whispered lies.

  • Yanni/Yolanda D says:

    My natural tendency is to be strong and put up a fight from victory of the battle that Jesus has already won…. I would have faith in what is said and taught from the Bible and stand firm in my belief of it. God wants us to be strong and attentative for the things to come. He wants us to know what we are up against and wants us to know that it wont be easy because Satan is tricky so we have to stand strong and spiritually be ready.
    There are times when I may believe that someone is speaking truth of demonic activity. I believe because God has spoke of it so it is truth to it. I have also encountered/seen some things with people myself. But what kills me is when someone may have something bad happen to them or not get something that they may feel they soooo deserve- and they automatically say its Satan~ Im frustrated with ppl on this because things happen for a reason for the most part… And it may be because God didnt see fit for whatever reason to happen for you. I tell them pray about it, God may have something better planned out for you that he didnt want to anything else to interfere. Now there is times when you see ppl that exaggerate on things but you can make them right away and know they are not sincere… For the most part I listen to everything that is spoken to me~ you can mostly feel if something is not valid or if someone is not genuine in what they speak. You pray that everyone is but there is some folk that arent.
    I knew that Satan was very mischevious and deceiving but honestly after reading this book it has seriously opened my eyes as to the extent. I feel silly saying that, because I should of known the extent of his tricks and deceit…
    I would have to definately say that the truth for me from reading this book is definately #2 We Are Involved In An Invisible War. I knew that an invisible war existed but again I didnt know in detail of the invisible war. Knowledge is definately the key. I have been referring this book to all my friends and family. Its like I see things clearer than what I thought it to be.. Throughout the day Im praying more and Im more alert to things that Satan may have up his sleeve.

    God Bless….

    • Yanni/Yolanda D says:

      I was writing so fast and had so many thoughts flowing from the questions that I answered Ive seen a typo, Sorry…. In my second sentence it started I would~ I stand correct in saying I DO have faith in what is said and taught from the Bible and stand firm in my belief of it.

  • Miki LeValle says:

    4. I think the most that I take from this study is the level of alertness we should have throughout the day. I used to try to remember to put on the armor once a day, like when you put on clothes, but now…the consciousness of identify truth and being ever more prayerful has truly been made applicable in my own life.

  • Christina says:

    My parents taught us about spiritual warfare at a very young age — some of my earliest memories are of them praying and standing in faith over my sister, who was born premature. At that age (around 5), all the talk of rebuking satan and demons kinda freaked me out, but I have always been aware of the spiritual world. Even so, there have been long periods of my life where I have very nearly forgotten that it exists. At this stage in my life, however, with kids and a marriage and the world as it is — I know I have to keep my eyes open to what’s going on.

    Keeping the balance that Chip talks about is key, though, and something that I definitely need help with — although we need to be prepared for battle — we can’t give satan all that credit — and we must remember the battle is already won. That is the truth that has stuck with me most through the first four chapters. It reminds me of a passage of scripture that I go to whenever I am feeling particluarly weak and vulnerable to attack, 2 Chronicles chapter 20. It is a great chapter of victory and mirrors our call to prepare ourselves and show up for the battle, but that we are not so much called to “fight” as to “stand” (which is enough of a battle as in itself!)

    In this chapter, Jehoshaphat is told “Do not be afraid or discouraged because of this vast army. For the battle is not yours, but God’s. … You will not have to fight this battle. Take up your positions; stand firm and see the deliverance the Lord will give you.” (v. 15)

    So we show up, and we stand, with full knowledge that the victory is ours. I love it!

    A great week, looking forward to reading the comments of others!


  • Angie says:

    1. My natural tendency is to flee. This undermines God’s strength in my life because when I flee I do not even give Him the opportunity to show Himself strong on my behalf.

    2. Until I began reading this book I was very skeptical when people attributed their problems to demonic activity and dismissed them immediately. Now that my eyes have been opened to the reality of this invisible war I will give more consideration to the validity of these explanations.

    3. I have a tendency to assign too little credit to the enemy. I need to continue studying God’s Word in order to know and understand the enemy’s schemes and to grow my knowledge, understanding and faith in God.

    4. I am most helped by Basic Truth #2 – We Are Involved in an Invisible War – Prior to knowing this I thought the war was being fought in the heavens between good and evil. Now I understand that I am an active participant in this war and will be a more proactive and productive member of the Church.


    1. Thank you Christine for leading this study. I am very impressed and encouraged by your organizational skills and knowledge and I appreciate you sharing yourself with us. It is an absolute pleasure spending time on this website.

    2. May I say that this is one of the best books I have read in ages? This author’s writing style is so clear and concise that I can’t get enough of it and don’t want to put the book down.

    Looking forward to everyone else’s responses and week 2 of the study!

  • Jayme says:

    1.What is your natural tendency in conflict- to fight or flee? Does this tendency undermine God’s strength in your life? (page 30)

    my normal tendency is to fight. Yes this tendency does undermine God’s Strenth, the reason being for me is the following:

    I always tend to fight but not with the words/wisdom that God has given me. I tend to be hot headed and just to jump down everyone. I have noticed that with the the last week when I started reading this book that my children have not been the good children that I know that they have been in the past. I have caught my self just jumping down there throat to get things down correctly. This would have normally been played off as a charater flaw of my children wanting to irratate mom. but I realized on Saturday that this was the devil trying to push me in the areas that he knows that I have trouble and have to work very hard to control.

    One thing Saturday afternoon that I caught my self relying on GOd to help me was at my daughter soccer game. I did not feel that she was hustling like she normally does and that would be where i lost it yelling at her and putting the fear of mama in to her. But this time I just praised her for the good that she was doing and then in the second half she came out and was hustling like she normally does. They did not win the soccer game but the team played like a team. Passing and communicating with one another.

    I am ready to read the next 4 chapters.

    • Christine says:

      The book has opened your eyes to the invisible world. This was the same experience I had, after reading these chapters I started to see how the enemy was using my relationships against me. Instead of responding in emotions, I started responding with a pure heart and focused on who I am in Christ. I am washed with the blood of my Savior. I do not need to win a battle with my kids or husband, I need to fight the source of the battle which is Satan. This is a new view and one that is in alignment with the Fruit of the Spirit.

      • Renee says:

        I used to be a hot head and did the fight thing, then I turned into a flee person! With God I am working on staying the course and acting out of love.
        Besides the whispered lies I do find that Satan tries to divide relationships. I find myself coming to frustration with family members (nonbelievers … So I think they are easier targets); a fight gets picked and I pick it up and start to go with that flow. I have to stop myself and let it go, or ask God to help me let it go. Happened just this evening. I stopped and prayed – God, I see what is happening here. Step in and bring peace … And help me to keep my mouth closed. It worked. Amen sister!

  • De Anna says:

    Thank you for the discussion questions…

    1- my natural tendency in conflict is to want to stand my ground, especially if I feel that I am right. My first step, though, is to evaluate the conflict to see HOW I should respond…How to speak, when to speak, etc…and to pray for guidance and the scripture to be the foundation of the conversation.

    2-“I’m just not gonna let Satan defeat me on this…” is a common phrase that I hear from believers from time to time. Most of the time, when this is spoken, I feel they are giving the enemy too much credit for random distractions we face…because on the other side, they are not as quick to give God praise for demonstrations of HIS glory…There must be balance: If you can see the workings of the Enemy, you MUST be able to see even MORE the workings of God and know His Word. However, if a known spiritually mature believer speaks wisdom and how God is at work in a matter, according to HIS Word, I do not hesitate to believe for an instant the they have a word of knowledge in the attack.

    3- know the word. know the truth…pray for discernment, test the spirit.

    4-knowing that I am not alone!!! Regaining a sense of purpose and why the enemy has tried his best to “sift me’ in regard to my faith…because there was a sifting needed!!

    Grace and Peace be yours in abundance!

  • Amanda Taylor says:

    1. My tendency is fight! I’ve had to do so my entire life so I think that’s why its my natural reaction. Yes, because I rely on my own strength and my own logic.
    2. I think its very normal but that’s because its very normal for me.
    3. In reading this I realized that I do give to much credit to the enemy in my life. The steps I need to take are building up my prayer and worship life and giving God more credit and glory for what He has done in my life and in my past.
    4. “We must respect the foe and not fear him” Why? I realized just how much I’ve been fearing him. This just really put my view of Satan a new perspective.

    What an amazing first session! I feel like I really learned a lot. There were some phrases used in the book that expressed things perfectly that I have been going through. I’m really excited about the next step though. I want to learn what invisible weapons I have and how to use them better!

    • Christine says:

      After reading this session, I saw that we can give too much credit to the enemy and he can become an idol in our lives. When we focus too much on Satan, we pull our eyes off God. We need a healthy balance.

      • Renee says:

        Good post. Let’s be aware, but not give the enemy too much credit; it glorifies him. Be aware, ask for protection daily, and keep your thoughts on Godly things.

    • Angie says:


      I hope all is well with you. I saw your prayer request regarding your kidney stone on Nov. 12th but don’t see a post in the Spiritual Warfare study since Nov. 8th. I don’t mean to be forward but was thinking of you so wanted to check.


  • Peggy says:

    Step by step! Thank you once again Christine…

    I will answer only the first one for now but I will be back. After reading that part in Chapter 1 of our struggle, I almost don’t want to answer.

    1. For the major part of my life, I would FIGHT! Sometimes only in the flesh, with words not of a Christian battling against someone who does not believe in Christ…that alone is an attack that rises up a fighting spirit in me! And though I might have felt strong enough to handle, I did not handle it well and the after effects were not good. So after years not learning, I began to have a natural tendency to FLEE! I ran from everything and everyone, feeling defeated before I even attempted. It’s when I learned as is shared after this that when “I am weak, that God is strong” and that it is in His power and on my knees in prayer that I will be able to confront the right way. I’m so thankful that the same power that arose Jesus from the death, dwells in me.
    I hope that this is how I better resolve conflict. Gotta stop running from it.
    Now that is what undermines God… not standing on what I believe firmly! I want His strength and words through the power of His Spirit more now than ever.

    Hope to be back and answer 2-4… need to keep reading to do that(sorry) :0(
    It’s hard to read in Kindle for PC… my eyes need a rest!

    Great answers Christine! (Course this is the second read for you (lol). Thanks for the prayer and the directions on how to pray or ask for prayer! I love the quotes that you chose from Chip. Who would think that as we know the names of God that we should also know our adversary’s many names, though I knew them, I did not think about this would help knowing his schemes so I’m more ready to discern what is from him.


    • Christine says:

      Thank you Peggy. I’m looking forward to your answers for questions 2-4. Yes, I have read the book twice, the first time I read it with personal interest and the second time I read it asking the Holy Spirit to open my heart and eyes and reveal to me what I needed to share in the bible study.

    • Peggy says:

      2. Most often I find the opposite that people do not attribute the attacks or things that are repeatedly occurring as demonic activity. However, I generally pray and ask God to reveal the truth. If anyone, including myself, goes over board attributing to satan, I reverse the curse with praise to God. I hardly ever would dismiss them or it, and I see most explanations as valid. I have difficulty in discerning so I listen to learn and ask God. Sometimes, the truth comes too late or years later for me in retrospect. What makes the difference to me is how uncomfortable I am with it or if its extreme. When it’s a new believer, I get irritated then pray. When it’s someone who knows Jesus, I become concerned and pray, but wonder why they don’t realize it. When it is against innocent or ignorant people that do not realize that the enemy is using them or fighting them, I seek God’s direction and power but I must admit, I get really angry about satan’s schemes. (I wonder why?)Probable because he knows this and uses this but God can use this also!

      3. I go both ways…sometimes too little and sometimes too much. I need the balance from God. I use to blame much on the other person or myself, not realizing we were being pawns in his evil game. I should filter through scripture but I tend to ask others if possible because I do not feel adequate to balance this but I’m learning. My eyes are wide open and I desire to see the enemy and his schemes clearly by learning his tactics and being ready with a strategy from God’s Word. Jesus gave us the model. Prayer
      ~ my problem is I’m feeling I spend too much time in prayer and not resolving the conflict or defending what I know or see in God’s spirit.

      4. I really have to say DITTO to what you wrote, Christine. There is so much that I have highlighted but I have truly seen so much from my past in a truly different way and light; and how satan has come at me for far too long through people.I am beginning to think I have been deceived since I was a teen… I hope I have the same vision of showing more love and grace with more discernment. I would really like to walk in God’s truth in this battle.
      People have prayed over me many times, but I believe that God is wanting to break the deception that has entered and destroyed my life far too long since being raped as a teen, that spirit entered and I am commanding all deception and curses to be broken off of me. Even my unresolved marriage conflicts, my rebellion in marrying the wrong person in the first place, and I thought I was just paying the consequence for poor, unhealthy choices but it’s always goes back to the root. The roots/weeds need to be pulled up that are not from God and roots of God need to be established and watered in His truth. Perhaps this ties in to doing “Breaking Free” and “Life’s Healing Choices” and I am being set free and can see more clearly the detours and messes of my life. I do not want to give the enemy any more foothold or territory or credit or whatever he thinks he’s taken from me and my position in Christ, because I am redeemed by Jesus and I will share Jesus ’til I die no matter the obstacles that he places in my way, Jesus is my Defender! PTL

  • Christine says:

    1. My tendency in conflict is to flee. This undermines God’s command because he equips me to stand firm in faith and win the battle.

    2. When I hear people blaming Satan on every little thing, I start to question it. I never take the time to question them, I simply avoid the discussion because the subject makes me uncomfortable. Since I’ve read this book and experienced a full frontal attack from Satan, I now have more interest in other experiences and want to learn from them.

    3. I give too little credit to the enemy and usually carry the burden or blame another person. I was not aware of the invisible war until now. To find balance, I will look at clusters of events and filter them through scripture to see if they are schemes from the enemy.

    4. Understanding how Satan most often comes at me, through people, gives me the vision to have more grace and love towards people. From the Spiritual Warfare 101 study, I was able to look into my past and see clear evidence of the enemy’s hand, though at that time of my life I was unaware of Satan’s presence. I was blinded to his existence…a dangerous position to be in.

    Note: just before this study began, I noticed a spiritual attack I would not have seen prior to reading this book. I also had a dream last week where an evil man said “give me your daughter. Give me the girl in the green dress.” Since the dream, my daughter Katie (age 9 ) has had unusual experiences. She got her first bloody nose in more than 2 years, she has lice in her hair, she got asthma from the lice treatment, and now she has bronchitis. In addition to this, she was carrying a soup bowl and the entire bowl of warm soup spilled into my clean hair, down my back, onto the floor. Rather than feel fear or anger, I saw this as annoyances and I remembered the dream. Katie always wears a green velvet dress. 😉

    • Rachel says:

      I am so sorry for this unsoliceted advise, but I can’t stand it.
      I was going to warn you about the commercial lice treatments… why put lice killer on our heads? if it is strong enough to kill a bug… wouldn’t eat it… can mess up hormones, throw off mineral balance etc. etc. etc.

      So get rid of lice by beauty treatment as follows (much more like Abba to have a natural, beauty enhancing way that defeats the enemy’s lice); and you can do this with your daughter as a ‘spa time’ .
      You totally coat your hair & scalp in mayonaise (smothers lice) wrap your head in saran wrap and wait an hour before washing out. While you wait you can paint nails, facial, etc & have girl time.
      to help your daughter not have reactive asthma & nosebleed, give her calcium, magnesium, potassium and zinc. The RidX or lice killer used, depletes the body of these nutrients (they try to nutralize them & protect the organs & blood). Give RDA of zinc. All other nutrients are safe and often very defficient even in kids.
      I only want to be helpful. I hope this helps. In Him, -Rachel

      • Christine says:

        We realize now that the lice medication is bad stuff. Since then, we had a woman come to our home and use a natural treatment. 🙂

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