Reading Schedule for Me Myself and Lies Online Bible Study

Below is our reading schedueld for Me, Myself and Lies a Thought Closet Makeover by Jennifer Rothschild. Each week you’ll be reading from the workbook and answering the workbook questions, about 30 minutes of daily study. Some women prefer to start their day in the Word and with God, so you may want to set your alarm clock 30 minutes early and get up for bible study. Often in the early morning the house is quiet, there is a newness to the day, you are rested, and emotions have not settled into your heart from a busy day.

In scripture we know that Jesus got up early and prayed alone. He was not tempted by our modern technology for the morning news.  I know from experience, once the television is turned on, it stays on! If I turn on the news to catch the weather, I’ll see a top story announced and then wait 55 minutes until that top story is finally broadcast. I just lost an hour in my day and my 30 minutes of alone time with God. So instead of turning on the news, I turn on my electric tea pot, make a cup of warm tea to start my day, and sit down with my workbook, bible and God. I do this before my husband and children arise- so I am not distracted by their needs.

Since I read two bible studies a day, I’ll read my second study when my school-age children are present. I’ll read at night, climbing into bed, and my children will follow me. My youngest daughter gets her Purple Princess Bible and sits beside me reading a page or two before she switches to a children’s book. I am modeling my values for my children- the Word of God- and also reading instead of watching television. It’s normal and natural for them to see either my husband  or myself reading our bibles or Christian books. We’re not extraordinary, we’re ordinary people just like everyone else. We just choose to priorotize God in our lives, placing Him at the top of our schedule. We still watch television, we just do so after we’ve spent time with God, or we record the shows on the DVR and enjoy them later without all the advertising. You’ll have a challenge to study when you are tired, yet if you push through the tiredness, the rewards are eternal. Try making a cup of decaf tea or coffee, sit down with your workbook and get comfortable in His Word and Presence.

January 10- Introduction and Launch Day

January 17- Discuss Week 1

January 24- Discuss Week 2

January 31- Discuss Week 3

February 7-  Discuss Week 4

February 14- Discuss Week 5

February 21- Discuss Week 6

Each lesson is accompanied with an optional video or audio session. Due to the expense we do not require them for our online study, yet they are highly recommended. In the author’s own words and voice, you hear more about the weekly lesson and her own experiences. These video and audio sessions are available to download from We are not affiliated with Lifeway or the book authors and recommend them only to enhance your study.

Once a week we’ll post a summary of the lesson and group discussion questions. Each Monday we will have a group discussion, post your comment anytime during the day or later in the week.  Be sure to subscribe to the blog by email you you get the updates. Look at the top right of the page to sign up for the emails.

If you have any questions about the format or the study, please post them below as a comment.

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  • Mikala says:

    I am going to be leading a bible study on this book soon and wanted to have some other perspectives on it! Looking forward to it! Mikala

  • Jennifer D says:

    I have my book and ready to get started.

  • Erika says:

    Waiting for my book to arrive and I cant wait to get started.

  • Amanda says:

    Hi all! I’m super excited to begin this study! I definitely desire to clean up my thought closet. Can’t wait to hear everyones feedback aout how God is using it to transform their minds!

  • Linda says:

    Got my workbook today! I’m excited to try this new way (to me) of doing lady’s Bible study. And to get to make some new friends.

  • Sue says:

    I have already been worried about being able to keep up and have thought maybe I need to back out and just do it on my own, slower pace. This is because I’m still in the Jesus One and Only Study — which has been a wonderful, powerful help in my life. So I’m just stating that I’m really going to try and keep up, because the topic of this new study seems like something I have struggled with all my adult life. My prayer is that all of us will be greatly blessed by God during this study — that He will engineer our time to have this precious time with Him in His Word — that it will benefit us so much that we eagerly seek this time each day. In Jesus’ Name.

    • Christine says:

      I do not recommend taking two studies unless you are very disciplined. Since you already have the MML workbook, why not read Jesus the One and Only in the morning (45 minutes) and Me, Myself and Lies before bed (30 min). Get into a routine and it will be much easier. This has worked well for me. If I miss the morning study, my entire day is out-of-sync and I am walking in the flesh and not walking by faith.

      • Sue Alice says:


        That is what I try and do….one in the morning, before my husband needs something and the babies need out, and work on the other in the evening when things around here quite down….which it never really does.

        My day is messed up if I don’t spend time in the Word in the morning…..just like Christine….seems as if I just open the DOOR and let the ENEMY in.

        Prayers and blessing to you.

  • Sue Alice says:

    This is for all of us doing this study together. May we be a joy to each, help one another in times of questions, and times of I can not kept up…it may be hard, but remember the light at the end of the tunnel…we will have gotten rid of all the junk in our minds. LOL Blessing to all of you, and may God keep you under His mighty wing.

    Thanks Christine for being our mighty leader, and a remarkable woman for our Lord.

  • Sue Alice says:

    Count me in please. Blessing to you and yours. Thanks for all you do.

  • Jax says:

    I just found this site (thanks Kaye) and am assuming we need to buy the book to get started?

  • Tiffany says:

    I started this about a year ago and NEVER finished it!! I would LOVE to join in on this. Count me in!

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