Duty or Delight Bible Study Week 2

We’ve just finished week two of Duty or Delight by Tammie Head, and learned about our rights as God’s redeemed. On page 59 in the workbook Tammie lists three important rights. You may want to grab a 3×5 index card and write them down, then carry them with in in your wallet. Throughout your week, look at the three rights and remember them. Better yet, put a copy on your mirror and start your day reading them! Center yourself on God’s truth.

Tammie asked this question and then explained the difference between guilt and conviction.


People often ask me how they know when the difference between guilt and conviction and I refer to something Chip Ingram said in his book the Invisible War. He explained that guilt draws us away from God and conviction draws us near. It’s a good practice to ask yourself  “Is this thought bringing me closer to Jesus or making me pull away?” If you are still in doubt, pray and ask the Spirit for confirmation. You may see signs of conformation or signs to steer you away from a decision or action. “It is imperative that we keep God’s word in our mind and Satan’s lies out of it,” says Ingram. “You do not have to live where the condemnations of your heart take you.”

Tammie asked us to consider this important question: “What if we obeyed God not as a way to justify ourselves but purely as a way to bring God pleasure?” Give this some extra thought during the next week.

Prayer Requests

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Tammie Head Quotes

  • When we are desperate, we become willing to listen to whatever God says.
  • God considers the lapse of time between slavery and freedom critical.
  • Sometimes life isn’t working because God is stirring a holy dissatisfaction.
  • Every hunger begins and ends with the sufficiency of Christ.
  • Eat more bread by consuming larger doses of God’s Word.
  • The blood of Jesus covers us with the rich approval of God.
  • Satan, the ultimate accuser, uses our feelings of guilt to distance us from God.

For Next Week

Group Discussion- Answer one question or as many as you like

  1. Remember a season when God did not take you down an easier route. What lessons might you have missed if given a quicker and easier path? (page 41 )
  2. Why do we seek approval even though we already have it from Jesus?
  3. How do you feel about the massive rejection God set Himself up for? (page 49 )
  4. Share a favorite moment from this week’s study.

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  • Carin says:

    So behind…..But still here 🙂

    1.Remember a season when God did not take you down an easier route. What lessons might you have missed if given a quicker and easier path? (page 41 )
    Seems to me that this study keeps bringing me back to finances. Apparently, I am highly convicted with this study. Yes, God had us in a easy route. We didn’t worry about money and spent it like it would continue to rain on us. Now that it stopped we have taken a hard look at what we did and how we will do things different. I don’t think my husband would have never been able to understand it unless he was put in a drought. He waited for work for over a year.

    2.Why do we seek approval even though we already have it from Jesus?
    Human nature.

    3.How do you feel about the massive rejection God set Himself up for? (page 49 )

    I cannot even fathom or imagine what he went through. Even the “little” things that other people did to him (the little things that bother me like lying, cheating etc…) I get mad over just the lying and cheating let alone that physical pain he went through.

    4.Share a favorite moment from this week’s study.

    The things that God is convicting me of……

  • Jennifer D says:

    4. Share a favorite moment from this week’s study. Page 37 the verse of the week. Middle of page 46, the paragraph. The song on page 50. Page 58 the questions, making you think and be decisive in answers.

  • MaryAnn says:

    I agree about the daily markers. I’m going by where I believe God is leading me. If I get to a spot where I feel God is speaking to me, I take time to think about that a while. Because of this, I am only about to finish week 3. But, I feel it’s important for me to practice feeling God’s nudge.

  • Lauren says:

    I loved the question about God’s rejection. I had never really thought about that. He created us to be in relationship with Him… to love Him and praise Him forever. He laid out a plan that included sending His only Son for the redemption of the World, to suffer and be rejected. HE knew what was coming, yet continued anyway for us. WOW! How amazing is that? I dont’ even have words to describe it…
    I really enjoyed reading about the Passover and the correlation of the Last Supper. Thinking about God’s Word being made flesh, and how we are supposed to eat of the flesh because it is The Bread of LIfe.. this is the only way we can be satisfied.

  • Cindy H says:

    1. Right now, my family and I are going through one of our most difficult seasons. God is telling us to stand on faith and on Him alone…….that’s the only way that we can get through this. But, in the midst of this season, I see God’s hand weaving the circumstances to His good and to ours.
    2. I guess this is one of the most difficult lessons that I have learned as a “people pleaser”. It takes courage to stand on God’s word, even though it may not be pleasing to others.
    3. Oh my goodness, right now my family feels broken and rejected. It is such a comfort to know that God, the God of the Universe, allowed his son to be rejected so that we know that He is truly there just for us and knows exactly how we feel. )
    4. I totally identified with aommie when she talked about looking for approval from God. He had to get it through my thick head that He loved me no matter what and He was pleased. That taught me to be a God pleaser instead of a people pleaser.

  • Cara Louise Reitbauer says:

    WELL- after having only gotten partway through by Monday am I ever glad I persevered and FINISHED lesson 2! The closing scripture from Romans 8 was just so appropriate- without knowing it was in our book I found myself thinking about it a couple days ago and even posted it yesterday on the facebook group I administer! SO I when I saw it at the bottom of page 57 I was jsut so humbled as to how God will repeat things He knows we need to hear because He knows we are apt to miss it the first time! Since I am also going through Beth Moore’s “Living Free- Learning to Pray God’s Word” (an EXCELLENT study, by the way!), I felt compelled to turn the scripture into a personalized prayer:
    “O God, You are so securely and solidly FOR me! You gave entirely of Your Son and it is His blodd that allows me to never be separated from You again. Through all the difficulties of life You are always with me. Your love for me will sustain and PURSUE me no matter where I am or how hard I try to hide! Help me this day to catch another glimpse of YOU!”

  • Sheree says:

    I also miss the daily markers as I see several others have posted that as well. So I make my own daily markers. Before I begin a new week of Bible study, I would go through the unit and divide up the chapter by putting the date at the top of the page. That way I know that I will stay on track. Just thought I would pass that on. One thing I love about this Bible Cafe is that it gives you the opportunity to read and study new Bible studies written by various authors. I have ordered my book on Ruth and look forward to reading and discussing this new book with y’all in August. Thanks, Christine, for all you do with this Bible Cafe for Women…what a blessing it has been 🙂

  • Jennifer says:

    I sat outside under the big Wyoming night sky and pondered the fact that God knew I’d sin, and that greatly, yet decided eons ago to create me, love me, die for me, and give me grace. My heart cannot comprehend the risk He took. I am overwhelmed with joy because He did!
    Why do I seek approval from others who let Him down as well?

    • Christine says:

      Amen Jennifer! God knew before we sinned and He already had His plan for redemption in place! It’s our choice to accept forgiveness and redemption or to continue to live in guilt and shame. Walk in the Light.

  • Monique L. says:

    Remember a season when God did not take you down an easier route. What lessons might you have missed if given a quicker and easier path?

    Many years ago, after getting my BS degree and searching for work for a LONG time, I finally found a job that was about 2 hours away. I was very grounded where I was, so I didn’t even consider moving. For six months I made the commute in order to gain the much desired “experience” that most employers seek. Looking back, I feel like God put me in that situation in order to build my faith and my confidence in order to succeed in my work and life. Each morning I listened to Joyce Meyer tapes soaking up the word of God, and each afternoon/evening on the way home I listened to Contemporary Christian radio station, learning and enjoying more Christian music than I ever had in the past.

    I later found work much closer to home, but I feel like God helped me so much during that time. As difficult as it was, I understand and appreciate the experience and am very grateful for what I have now. Given an easier path, I would not have spent as much time in God’s word. If the new job had come easily, I would not have had to lean on Him daily!

  • Sue Alice says:

    I also miss the daily markers, but I just keep reading and studying until I come to a good stopping spot. Sometimes I will just finish the study in one sitting. Now that I am more house – bound due to my husband having an air cast put on this left foot……I just keep on going. LOL

    1. Remember a season when God did not take you down an easier route………when I lived in my car for over six months. What lessons might you have missed if given a quicker and easier path? Not knowing I could survive on my own and without much help from any one expect a few GOOD police man who watched over me and let me park under the same bridge for all that time. I found out that I needed GOD again and I could not do it all on my own. I am just not strong enough for that…….. maybe stubborn enough…….and a few other things. God always makes sure we see the light sooner or later. I am so thankful for that.

    2. Why do we seek approval even though we already have it from Jesus? One word…….. we want to BELONG to some one. Okay more than one word. LOL

    3. How do you feel about the massive rejection Jesus set Himself up for? AWFUL!!!!!!! He did not even know of us yet…we were but a twinkle in His eye. Yet He was beaten, put on trail, made fun of and SPENT three of the worst hours hanging on the cross for our sins. And again before we were here!!!!!!!! I thank Jesus every day fro saving me. PRAISE GOD.

  • Allison says:

    # Remember a season when God did not take you down an easier route. What lessons might you have missed if given a quicker and easier path? (page 41 )

    My season: what I went through from age 12 to age 20, although the affects of that time have taken years to recover from. I can’t even begin to understand what might have been had there been a “quicker or easier path”. I have tried to reason that I am a good parent because of what I went through. I want to be what I did not have.

    # Why do we seek approval even though we already have it from Jesus?

    Approval from those around us is instant (or disapproval for that matter) The approval from Jesus is a faith-based, intangible source. If I had more faith (and less guilt) and stood firmer on the Word of God, I would probably feel differently about this question.

    # How do you feel about the massive rejection God set Himself up for? (page 49 )

    It is difficult to wrap my brain around this one, probably for the same reason I gave to the above question. If you hurt the feelings of those around you, they usually let you know it, but God hurting is something that most people aren’t allowing themselves to think about. The more we study the Bible and learn about God the more we come to understand…We don’t deserve the love God has for us.

    # My favorite moment from this week’s study: I like what Christine said in the opening paragraphs for this weeks lesson:

    Chip Ingram said in his book the Invisible War. He explained that “guilt draws us away from God and conviction draws us near.” I hope to consider that as I work through my feelings of guilt.

  • Rebecca says:

    Remember a season when God did not take you down an easier route.
    A few years ago my husband lost his job. At that time we had one child in college and two at home. It was a difficult season in our lives. But God is good and the lessons were valuable. I learned to really depend on God to provide, to look to Him each morning for all that I needed. Everything passes through His hands and there was a purpose for my pain.

    Share a favorite moment from this week’s study.
    I delight in the fact that I don’t need to “do” anything to be loved by God. His love is perfect.

  • Carolyn says:

    Remember a season when God did not take you down an easier route. What lessons might you have missed if given a quicker and easier path? (page 41 )
    My daughter was very ill for seven years. Navigating her health issues was not easy, but the walk taught me strength, patience, love and endurance.
    Why do we seek approval even though we already have it from Jesus?
    Because we’re impatient and crave instant gratification.
    How do you feel about the massive rejection God set Himself up for? (page 49 )
    Share a favorite moment from this week’s study.

  • Rhonda says:

    I think reading Tammie’s words that God created us for His satisfaction struck a chord with me. If He is going to be satisfied with me, then I MUST be worthy, beloved person! Now, I already knew this but to see it put like this was just what I needed at this stage of my life. It seems I have always had to learn life lessons the hard way. I have been the “run through the fire” type of person my entire life and when I encounter things I can’t control I didn’t know what to do. Only after years of such behavior have I learned that God wants to do these things for me, not because I am am not capable or worthy, but because He loves me. What I am enjoying most abou this study is seeing how all of us are at different life stages, yet come together to find our truth and strength in God. It is so inspiring for me to see how God is working in other’s lives.

    • Christine says:

      We are worthy not because of our deeds, our careers, our social status or what we can offer to God. We are worthy because we accept Jesus and we BELIEVE. 🙂

  • Sheree says:

    What an awesome time of Bible study it was this week!! One thing I recall as I ponder why God did not take me down an easier route during tough seasons of my life, I would have missed out on who God is, and that He is everything to me…. my Provider, my Counselor, my Redeemer. He fills all the empty spaces in my soul that cannot be filled up with anything else, and yet I still want instant satisfaction, as Tammie stated on the top of page 41. I’m no better than the grumbling Israelites. However, I know God has a lesson for me because I’ve seen what He has done in the past, and I know He will do it again in the future. I thought the question she asked, “Do we really want freedom as badly as we think” was quite profound and made me really stop and think. I know as long as we live on planet Earth, we will continue to have trials and tribulations, and we can choose to make ourselves miserable during those times, or we can find freedom in Christ to carry our burdens for us. My daily Bible verse on my cell phone yesterday was Matthew 11:28-30. What an awesome reminder! I am loving this Bible study. I hope everyone has a great week with God this week 🙂

  • Sharon Barnard says:

    In the path God took me I learned life’s struggles bring an inner strength. A strength that I could not have just from myself. If it had been easy I would have patted myself on the back and said good job. Instead I was brought to my knees asking for mercy and that strength to get through it all. It took awhile but it does build faith and a bit of character. In the end I began a new way of thinking. He comes to mind in all sorts of ways during the course of each day.

    My favorite thing taken this week was the reminder that in confession of sin I one step at a time change. I let the past go. He has forgiven me it is over.

  • Ginger says:

    1.Remember a season when God did not take you down an easier route. What lessons might you have missed if given a quicker and easier path? (page 41 ) Since I was a little girl, I had life all planned out – married by 24, three kids by 30, etc. God had other plans – when I was still not married at 40, I went through a bitter season. I don’t think I was consciously bitter, but definitely looking back now I realize I was angry that God had not allowed me to have what I wanted (key emphasis on the word “I”). However, in His grace and mercy, God forgave me of that bitterness and restored me to fellowship with Him. Had He allowed me to have my way and in my timing, I most certainly would have married the wrong man and been in an unhappy marriage. I am so thankful that God knew better than I, and caused me to wait on the man of HIS choosing (who just so happens to be absolutely perfect for me, although he is NOTHING like I would have chosen for myself). Sometimes I laugh at God’s sense of humor in it all!

    2.Why do we seek approval even though we already have it from Jesus? Sometimes I think I do this because other people often appear more real to me than Christ. I can actually see them, hear them, feel them, touch them. It shows a lack of faith and belief on my part, I know, but the reality of the here and now sometimes provides immediate gratification/approval/acceptance when God is not as tangible. However, a good friend of mine once reminded me that every time we hear a word of encouragement from a fellow believer, get a hug from a brother or sister in Christ, etc., those are the words and arms of the Lord. That put things in perspective for me.

    3.How do you feel about the massive rejection God set Himself up for? (page 49 ) I am still trying to figure out why God would do this. I know it is out of His incredible, endless love for us. But why does He love us? It certainly is not because we are loveable! It has to be that it is just His nature, His character. It’s so hard to believe because we do not see that kind of love here on earth. I think that’s why we are commanded to model it before a watching and lost world – they will know we belong to Christ if we have this kind of unconditional love for one another.

  • Sara says:

    “It’s time we dump who we’re not and reach for who God is.” This line and the lines around it really spoke to me, because it was almost as if with every line I was able to throw off some of my chains. I struggle constantly with what people think of me, and a persistent message for me this week was that if I am doing right in the eyes of God, I don’t need to worry about others.

  • Rebekah says:

    …Angie, I have an idea of what your going through! This past year God has definitely taught me to wait on him.

    1. This past year has definitely been a season when God has not taken me down an easier path. At the beginning of this year we decided we were ready for more children and needed a bigger home in preparation for a bigger family. Well we sold our house..which took much longer then expected, started building a bigger one that is also taking longer then expected. AND we are still waiting on God to bless us with another baby. When we decided this, I had a timeline all complete in my mind but nothing happened in my time it has all happened in Gods time. And I am so thankful that he has taught me this! I worried and stress way more then I should have. But God definately taught me he has us in his hands!

  • Laura says:

    1.Remember a season when God did not take you down an easier route. What lessons might you have missed if given a quicker and easier path? (page 41 ) A. Going through a time of deep depression a decade ago led me to see that God was calling me out of independence and isolation to being connected with others in the bodyof christ in intimate relationship and accountability
    2.Why do we seek approval even though we already have it from Jesus? A. This need inside me to be approved can drive me to long for for words of affirmation from others despite being fully known and fully approved of by my Abba Father because of the blood of Christ shed for me.
    3.How do you feel about the massive rejection God set Himself up for? (page 49 ) A. His love for us is so magnificant, yet how devastatingly sad that so many remain blind and deaf, unaware of and unaccepting of His love and forgiveness. He deserves absolutely everything, all reverence, all honor, all worship yet because He wants us to freely love Him, He gives us free choice and that means allowing for many to reject Him.
    4.Share a favorite moment from this week’s study. A. Page 43, “He wants us to want Him more. He allows and even creates wilderness places in our lives to shake us from our apathies and lukewarm conditions. Why? Because God created us for satisfaction and He knows we are most satisfied by Him.” Also going along wih this, page 56, “Nothing in this life will ever bring the satisfaction we’re longing for like the presence of Christ.”

    • Monica, NY says:

      That quote on pg. 43 & 56 was AWESOME!! Thx. so much for the reminder! I’m thankful that God is most glorified in me when I’m most satisfied in Him! That was a John Piper quote but I love it & it is so true! 🙂

    • Cara Louise Reitbauer says:

      Laura- I too have experience a tremendously dark time of depression- and have come out on the other side with such a tender heart to other Christian women who are hurting. He has led me into some exciting but scary adventures of leadership and shepherding that I know I would never have been equipped for except having walked with Him through the painful valley. Yet even though I have experienced His freeing power on my behalf I still find myself like you captive to the approval of others- it can be so difficult to break out of that mindset! I think we are conditioned early to always ‘be a good girl…’ and being compared to others…we need to stand in Christ and make it STOP!

  • Jessica says:

    1) God chose not to give me another job at college last fall. If He chose to give me another job, disastrous results could have happened, such as being fired. I also would not have learned to be more patient and respectful, as well as more grateful.

    2) We may want others’ approval of us due to pride or because we feel like we want to be loved and accepted by others, even if they do not approve of us.

    3) I do not deserve God’s love; I do not deserve to be forgiven or accepted by Him. God’s love for us is amazing.

    4) Knowing that I am completely redeemed by God’s grace and that nothing can separate me from His love

    • Stephanie says:

      Jessica, would you elaborate on pride causing us to want others’ approval? I have a big issue with approval and perhaps pride is the key that will break that stronghold. I always thought of it as insecure, not prideful. Do share! 🙂

      • Lauren says:

        Sometimes insecurity is a form of pride itself. if we are so busy looking down at ourselves, we are still self-absorbed… does that make sense? I can see how seeking approval could come out of pride, because we want others to think highly of us, even if/ when we don’t…

  • Monica, NY says:

    I LOVED the 3 words of advice this week..(Eat more bread, Drink more Blood, Remember your Redemption) That’s RADICAL!! & I <3 it!! The comment was great on pg. 36….."Christ has come, through the bread of His body, to supply our hunger for satisfaction with a feast on the bread of HIS PRESENCE!" …I Truly want all my God given hungers for acceptance & satisfaction to be filled by the only One who can!

    Favorite Scripture reading this week was out of Exodus 16: & the Israelites satisfaction issue which reminds me so much of myself @ times instead of just trusting Jesus to be my daily Provision & Portion! I'm learning that it's in the times that I don't FEEL His presence or see Him, is when He's never more present. It's in those times He's teaching me to walk by faith, trusting His Words, , instead of my Feeling of Him not being there. Also loved Tammie's comment that our chief purpose is to ENJOY God!

    Oh, & the "Nothing But the Blood" hymn was awesome! Loved the part ♪What can make me WHOLE again?…&..♪Oh! precious is the flow that makes me "White as Snow".."Lord, give us a Pure Heart so we may See You!"…….Thx. again for this study! I'm blessed every week with it & all these precious sistas comments & your leading of it Christine, You're a blessing!!

    Love & Blessing, "With all my heart I wait for the Lord to help me. I put all my hope in His Word.'
    Psalm 130:5

    • mayra says:

      Love the song too. Found myself singing it and praising Jesus for HIS BLOOD!

    • Sheree says:

      Oh did y’all sing “Nothing but the Blood of Jesus” too? I found I couldn’t just read it, I broke out in song out loud no doubt…LOL. No one was at home and my dog was sitting at my feet looking at me and cocking his head from side to side while I was singing. At least he didn’t howl…LOL.

  • Amanda says:

    3. This really blew my mind when I read it. I never even thought about the rejection aspect. Of course God knew how terribly He would be rejected. He loves us anyway. I just had to stop reading for a minute after I read that….. Wow. Oh how He loves us.
    4. I also liked the “abandoning man-made expectations” part, right through the “its time” phrases.

  • mayra says:

    Why do we seek approval when we already have it from Christ? That question really hits home with me. I seek the approval of others. I want others to be happy and proud of me. I seek approval from my husband and from those I work with and from ladies in the church. It can be exhausting! I want to rest in God’s approval of me. I don’t want others to define what I do. I want my personal worship with Jesus to be unique to my personality and His work in me.
    I like the quote/lesson that Christine added about guilt drawing you away from God and conviction drawing you toward God. How thought provoking!
    My verse for meditating on is Hebrews 10:19-23. Love it!

  • Angie says:

    1. Remember a season when God did not take you down an easier route. What lessons might you have missed if given a quicker and easier path? (page 41)
    I am in just such a season right now and am learning to wait on God. In the past I have always made my own plans and have failed time and time again, making a huge mess of things. He knows my future and I desire to walk in His will so I am learning to seek Him and His direction for me and to wait for Him.

    4. Share a favorite moment from this week’s study.
    “If God isn’t the inspiration for doing what we do, let’s abandon those man-made expectations and run to the cross.” I absolutely love this – I want God to be the inspiration for everything I do.

    And I agree with Adrienne – I am loving this study!

  • Cara Louise Reitbauer says:

    I confess I did not finish this week’s lesson- I think I am using the lack of daily markers as an excuse for not even attempting a portion. Please pray for me that I not allow the enemy to rob me of the wonders God has for me through this study!

    My apathy and lukewarm-ness are exactly what Tammie is speaking about on page 43: ” Sometimes life isn’t working for us because God is stirring a holy dissatisfaction. He want us to want Him more. He allows and even creates wilderness places in our lives to shake us from our apathies and lukewarm conditions. Why? Because God created us for satisfaction, and He knows we are most happy when we are most satisfied by Him.”

    • Christine says:

      The lack of daily markers frustrates me also Cara. So I’ve been reading “until my heart is full.” Somedays I’ll read 4-5 pages, other days I’ll read 2. I prefer a structured study with daily markers. The content of this study is so good that it overrides my frustration with the book structure. 🙂 Keep moving forward.

    • Dutchess says:

      This is something I’ve been struggling with lately – lukewarmness and almost total slothfulness. It has become a struggle to rise up early in the morning to spend time alone with God though I realize that’s the best time – BEFORE I come face to face with the daily demands of life. Yet, I know I have to push through. My pastor said Sunday that some of us know we are blessed and life is good, yet we know deep in our hearts that there is more and life could be better. That’s me. Life is good but could be better. I have made it from Egypt and am packed up and ready to leave the wilderness and enter the promised land. But the heat of this desert is draining me so I fear I’m growing lukewarm. Can anyone relate to what I’m saying or does my rambling make sense to only me?

      • Christine says:

        There are two things to consider and it reminds me of the encounter Mary and Martha had with Jesus. Mary simply sat at His feet and listened, while Martha prepared and worked and was concerned about his comfort. Pray about this and ask yourself if you are content at the feet of Jesus and satisfied with your relationship, or is GOD CALLING you to do more. The devil can convince us we are unworthy and tell us lies. God can call us into a greater relationship with Him. Discernment is your goal. Ask, Pray, Receive. Look into your heart where Jesus resides and ask the Holy Spirit to counsel and guide you in this matter.

        If you want to explore it more, I recommend the book Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World:


        PS- I keep recommending this book, maybe we should have a bible study on it???

        • Sheree says:

          I have heard a lot of people talk about this book but I have never read it. Sounds like a great Bible study to me, too 🙂

        • Angie says:

          I think it’s a great idea to have a bible study on this book Christine! After reading your book review on it, I purchased the book but haven’t gotten around to reading it yet and would love to read it as a group.

        • Dutchess Horton says:

          After posting last night I went to the Father and we had a serious heart to heart. (Probably should have done that before posting, huh?) Anyway, He reminded me of the messenger He sent my way to tell me plainly, “You’ve been reaching out to me, now it’s time for you to step out. Put your faith to work.” I tend to be all Mary or all Martha when I need a balance of the best of both. I realize that I must sit at His feet and allow Him to minister to me and then I am to go forth and minister to others – put my faith to work. I do have the book you recommended but have never got around to reading it. Maybe if we do the study I’ll be motivated to dust it off.

          • Christine says:

            We’re doing the Martha-Mary bible study I just posted it along with some others you may like:


            It’s good you posted last night, because it allowed myself and others to pray and interceded for you. God can use total strangers in this way- working behind the scenes when the Holy Spirit convicts us to pray. 🙂 Don’t hold back- when the Spirit convicts you “put it out there” and allow Him to work in your life and in your heart. I’m excited to see how God will use you for His purpose. Keep us informed!!!

          • Christine says:

            PS- I also recommend the book “A Different Kind of WILD” by Debbie Alsdorf. It’s the book that led me to lead bible studies. Set aside time to read a chapter a night or go to the pool, sit on a beach chair and read. Make some time for yourself. 🙂


          • Sheree says:

            Christine, WOW…what awesome Bible studies God placed on your heart for us this Fall!!! I just want to share something about “When Godly People Do Ungodly Things”…this was the first Bible study I led in my church back in 2003. I had so many unanswered questions and prayers a few years prior to that study being written, and when this Bible study came out and I saw the title, I almost fainted!! I think I bought the first copy that hit the bookshelf at LifeWay. I bought the entire kit, DVD’s and all, and did the complete study on my own. When I popped the first DVD into my DVD player my hands were shaking, the first thing I remember Beth Moore saying is, “God sent me to the mountains of Wyoming to write this study”…(I believe it was Wyoming if memory serves me correctly). She went on to say that He had her write this study with such an “URGENCY.” Don’t laugh…but I was talking to Beth on the DVD saying, “Beth, I’M THE URGENCY!!” I’ll never forget those words!! Once I finished, God spoke to my heart and said, “now go and share what I just taught you.” And then when someone at church asked me to lead a Fall Bible study, I almost fainted again, because I knew God was speaking to me so clearly because the timing was just too perfect. I accepted and told our Women’s Ministry leader the Bible study God had placed on my heart to share, and what an amazing time I had leading this study…It was incredible!!! I would like to do this study again with y’all, and I will share with y’all at that time what the urgency was at that time in my life. I have my marked up workbook, and I even have an extra workbook left over from the Bible study that I kept in the kit. Hmmmm….somehow I think God planned for me to do this again!! So it will be so awesome to go through the study again and to see how God speaks to me this time and to compare my notes to what I wrote eight years ago and to share with y’all what God showed me. Look forward to it 🙂

          • Christine says:

            This was also my very first bible study. It was life changing for me and started my passion for bible studies. It will be fun to have both of us in this study “repeating” and leading others through our experiences. Here is what happened when I studied this book:


          • Sheree says:

            Thanks, Christine, for sharing your experiences with this Bible study. I think it is soooo interesting that we both had two totally different reactions to the title of the book…LOL. I am sooooo looking forward to going through this Bible study again. I wanted to mention also that my sister and I usually do a Bible study together on Wed evenings at church. And we just signed up last night for Joanna Weaver’s new book study entitled “Lazarus Awakening.” It just came out this year. I thought that was interesting since you just posted the Mary/Martha book. Her new book also includes a 10-week study guide within the book itself. I wish I could read the Mary/Martha book as well, but I already purchased the Ruth book, so I may have to narrow it down and just do Joanna’s new book study along with Beth Moore’s study. Two Bible studies is about all I can handle at one time. I will try to squeeze in the Ruth book. One thing I have learned in the past is that if the enemy can’t keep you from Bible study, he will try to overwhelm you with too much Bible study at one time to try and discourage you so you’ll drop out of the study altogether. Isn’t he a sly devil? I just have to pray God’s will for where He wants me.

          • Christine says:

            I’ve read Lazarus Awakening and it’s a good book. Two studies is all I can manage as well- one in the morning and one at night, or I’ll read two chapters in Ruth and then two chapters in Mary/Martha. One study is better because you can really meditate on the words of the study and think about them during your day. I enjoy the church small groups as well as online studies because God will position us to speak into the hearts of others.

            “if the enemy can’t keep you from Bible study, he will try to overwhelm you with too much Bible study at one time to try and discourage you so you’ll drop out of the study altogether” so true! Or we set ourselves up for failure by taking on more than we can manage. The best solution is to always pray before selecting a bible study and ask the Holy Spirit for guidance.

            Lazarus Awakening, Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World and The Gospel of Ruth are book formats and can be read anytime with or without a small group.When I read these books I read 1-2 chapters a night and read them like I’d read a non-fiction book. Beth Moore’s study is like a classroom textbook, has more meat and will be a daily meal. 🙂

        • Lauren says:

          Loved this book… recommend it wholeheartedly!

      • Lauren says:

        You make sense. I, too struggle with the early mornings… I did so good at the beginning of the year but summer has destroyed me. It makes such a difference, too. I am working through the brave study (a week behind) as well and had to laugh when I came to week 3… I am undisciplined… because I am. But God loves us anyway. Hang in there!

  • adrienne says:

    Remember a season when God did not take you down an easier route. What lessons might you have missed if given a quicker and easier path? (page 41 )<—————-I kept going through the same thing. Taking the SAME test. I KEPT failing. It wasn't until I went through it the HARD way that I learned the lesson. Had I not gone through it the hard way I would have missed it again.

    Share a favorite moment from this week’s study. <———————— "When we are desperate, we become willing to listen to whatever God says." That was mind blowing to me.

    I'm loving this workbook.

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