When Jesus Knocks On Your Door

By October 21, 2011Identity

What if Jesus visited your home today, are you prepared? I was thinking of this while walking past a kitchen filled with dirty dishes and bread crumbs. It bothered me that I might be tempted to clean the kitchen like Martha, instead of dropping everything and sitting in the Living Room to listen to my Savior.

But Martha [overly occupied and too busy] was distracted with much serving; and she came up to Him and said, Lord, is it nothing to You that my sister has left me to serve alone? Tell her then to help me [to lend a hand and do her part along with me]! Luke 10:40 Amplified

So I stopped what I was doing, washed the dishes and cleaned the mess. As I cleaned I saw a book on my kitchen table. It was the Life Application Study Bible Devotional and attached to it was my yellow highlighter and a pencil. My husband’s bible is sitting on a beautiful hutch, and my office and bedroom are overflowing with books written about Christianity.

This made me think of you and I wondered what books were sitting on your tables. If Jesus walked into your home today, what books would He see? Would He see that you are reading the Word and feeding yourself scripture or would you run and cover them with a towel? Would you go to a dusty bookshelf, grab your bible, and place it on the coffee table before you invited Jesus into your home? Are there some books you’d throw into the trash? If Jesus walked into your home would He see a stack of unfinished bible study books….and would you be able to explain why you purchased them, yet never read them?

As I walked through my home, I noticed a box of individually wrapped chocolate mints sitting on my counter. I thought “these would be wonderful to share with Jesus when he comes.” The thought inspired me to focus on hospitality and always keep something special in my home. What if my neighbor Liz knocked on the door today- I would invite her into my clean home and pass her a bowl of hospitality mints! Better yet, what if I walked over to her home, knocked on the door and invited her to my house just to sit and chat about God.

Although the doors were locked, Jesus came and stood among them and said, “Peace be with you.” John 20:26 ESV

While today seems like an ordinary Friday, it’s special to me because I realize that anytime and any day, Jesus may arrive. I’m prepared mentally and emotionally. If He knocked on the door today I’d feel good knowing my home is ready, I’ve got hospitality in my heart and I’m ready to be still. I would not worry about cleaning the dishes, hiding the crumbs or covering up things in my home. Nothing else matters this day.

Jesus answered, If a person [really] loves Me, he will keep My word [obey My teaching]; and My Father will love him, and We will come to him and make Our home (abode, special dwelling place) with him. John 14:23 Amplified

I’m curious, how do you feel about Jesus walking right into your home today?

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  • Sue Alice says:


    As you know on my coffee table are computer books and mazs. On my table are Christian novels, and my Bibles are in my bedroom so I can study where my Computer Sage is. Dinning room table all Chess. My kitchen is picked up but the rest is messy. So I would just often Jesus and His friends something to drink and sit down. Hope the Lord does not mind dog hair/fur everywhere. Oh a thought maybe He could get Brandy to stop shedding so much if I ask nicely. Someone once asked COULD I TAKE JESUS everywhere I went? That is also a pondering question.

    Thanks for the post Christine. And the thoughts. All the time and studies. Blessing to you.

  • Ann Hilliard says:

    Thank you for this devotional. It really made me stop and think. Thank you for all the Bible studies you do. They have taught me so much! God bless you!

  • Susan says:

    I really appreciated this post Christine. Thanks for sharing.

  • Nancy says:

    If Jesus were to walk into where I live, He would have to navigate His way around 7 cats and a dog. Of course He already knows this about me. I like your idea about always having something on hand to be offered to guests. Even though guests to any home I’ve had have been few, still I can do all I can to make them feel comfortable. Thanks for this post.

  • Pam says:

    Very nice- And I here him at the door now, gotta go.

  • Becky M says:

    Thanks for that thought – I was busy cleaning house this morning and said I didn’t have time to sit and study His Word that I would do it later. I did it later but it wasn’t as fulfilling.

  • Deandrea says:

    Wow. I am sitting here on my lunch break nodding my head. I love what I read. It really made me think of things I need to do to prepare myself for when Jesus comes. Thank you.

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