Small Groups For the James Bible Study

By November 17, 2011James

Beginning today we’re placing each registered guest of the James, Mercy Triumphs bible study into a small group with an online leader. Your leader will contact you within the next day or so and introduce herself. Each small group will have between 8 and 12 members. Check in with your group once a week so they know you’re on track. We’re a no-shame zone and our purpose is to draw you closer to God, not make you feel guilty for not performing. If you do not wish to participate in the small group, please ask the leader to remove you from her list. One of the difficulties of online studies is the lack of accountability, so the small group is an opportunity for you to fellowship with others and keep on track.

We now have more than 250+ women participating in the study. Some of you signed up this week and are waiting for your workbooks to arrive. We’ll take one week off during Christmas so there will be no group lesson on the week of December 26th.

While it’s not a requirement to participate in the studies, some of the leaders are creating a Facebook group as a place for the group to post questions and prayer requests. The Facebook group settings are “Closed group/private” so the prayer requests remain confidential and discussions do not appear on a group member’s Facebook wall. We have a Women’s Bible Café group on Facebook at and it’s gotten too large to use for our studies, so the women now use it for prayers. You’re welcome to join us there.

May God Himself  be a wall of fire around your small group and may He be its glory within. Zechariah 2:5 NIV

Pray for the other women in your group and encourage each other in your bible studies. This is the first time we’ve offered small groups at the Bible Café, so we’ll learn as we go. We’ll still participate in Monday online group discussions via comments on this website. Welcome to small groups!



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  • Barbara Moore says:

    Excited registered today and can’t wait to be assigned to a group. Read weeks 2 lesson and it blessed my life and gave more meaning to the prayers that I am sending up for my family. Joy is not of this world it comes from the Father and in order to receive it you have to have Faith and Faith that works not just saying it.

  • Neli says:

    So excited! Thank you for the accountability. My leader seems really nice and helpful.

  • christineanne says:

    Fabulous idea! I was so excited to be contacted by my small group leader last night and the eager responses from the other group members as we made our introductions was so encouraging. I am so thankful to you, Christine, for this site and for all the women who stepped up to become small group leaders. I am praising God for yet another opportunity to meet other Christian women who thirst for an understanding and knowledge of His Word!

  • Tiffany says:

    Registered – does this mean we did the initial introduction or did I miss something?

  • Bienve says:

    Writing from beautiful sunny 78 degrees Florida…I am so excited about this study I can just run, ride and swim a marathon… the way i do not know to swim. On a serious note..I can not even beginning to say what a blessing this website is to me…Christine- you are a God sent. I am a full time ED nurse and my schedule is crazy, I am a single mom with two teens (who keep me very busy) and one pre-teen who is a “little me” (poor child) and this study and website is perfect for me. I look forward to hearing from my group leader. I just finish Day Three of Week One. Interesting stuff from Melissa on James and the Nazirite Vow. Look forward to hearing from you, have a beautiful and blessed day 🙂

  • Susan says:

    250 women – – isn’t it amazing? oh, Christine did you ever dream when you started this that you would be ministering to so many? you are such a blessing! I know your leading this takes a lot of time (physical, emotional and spiritual). . are in my prayers daily and when I count my blessing – you are among them!

    • Christine says:

      I never dreamed I’d even lead a bible study Susan, it was definately God’s idea and not mine. 🙂 He continues to tell me not to be prideful or celebrate the numbers, just focus on the ministry and leading others to intimacy with Jesus- one sheep at a time. 🙂 Whenever my heart starts swelling with pride I just look UP and remember that it’s not about me, its all about Him and it’s His Bible Cafe, not mine. God is good.

      One of my life verses:
      He must become greater; I must become less. John 3:30 NIV

  • Kelly Green says:

    I love the small group idea. Our group leader contacted us last night and it was great to exchange emails to get to know other ladies in our group. So far those that have responded are all in Illinois and some of us are just a few hours from each other. I’m really looking forward to this aspect of the study. Our leader created a facebook page for our group too! AWESOME!

  • Stephanie says:

    Great Idea! And a wonderful way to help us stay accountable.

    • Christine says:

      Thanks Stephanie. I know we need this as I’ve watched many women buy the workbooks, begin their studies and then fall behind or quit all together. With an accountability group, you have the benefit of knowing someone cares enough to say “Hey…what’s getting in your way” or “How can we support you today?” Even I need this so when I lead, I’m accountable while at the same time growing in my faith 🙂

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