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By November 10, 2011Book Reviews

When I saw The Well, Why Are So Many People Thirsty by Mark Hall on the Christian Bestsellers list, I was interested enough to buy it and see why it was so popular. I was not disappointed and really enjoyed the book! In fact, I’ve recommend it to at least five other people- so I thought it was time to write a book review for you.

The Well, Why Are So Many People Thirsty is written by the lead singer of Casting Crowns and I observed a beautiful writing style not common to other authors. Many times his word’s pierced into my heart and I grasped what the author was communicating to a thirsty world. The book is woven with stories of real people thirsty for Jesus and includes many examples from Hall’s own life. The author invites us to dip into the well of truth and knowledge, and not simply life on the surface as Christians. The water analogy is woven throughout the book and an effective visual to his message. We read about the dry well, mud, deep wells and filling our cups. We learn about the hole of control, approval, entitlement and other things that simply cannot fill our hearts. We see ourselves as the woman at the well, the thirsty traveler and the one in need of Jesus. I found  The Well, Why Are So Many People Thirsty to be perfectly written, from the personal stories to the poetic words. This is one of the best books I’ve read this year. Get a copy and read it yourself!

My Amazon Rating 5/5


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