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Welcome to our first week of Lies Women Believe at the Women’s Bible Study Cafe. We are leading this study because so many women have been deceived or know someone who had been deceived! This is a ten-week Bible study and focused on exposing the lies and replacing them with truth. We’ll be reading the book Lies Women Believe by Nancy Leigh DeMoss as she gives insight into breaking free from deception and enemy schemes. As you read the book and companion guide, you’ll discover Nancy is a woman who is not afraid of telling the truth. She backs the truth with wisdom from scripture and reveals ways to avoid traps and temptation through these lies.

 As we participate in the study, we begin to discover lies we knew …and lies we were blinded to, just like Eve when she tasted the apple. “You and I have been lied to. We have been deceived,” writes Nancy and we’re about to take a 10-week journey to uncover specific areas of our lives where the enemy tried to deceive and destroy us.

As I write this tonight, my heart is breaking and the image above brings tears to my eyes. The image reminds me that we can be tempted by Satan as he makes the lie look appealing…or we can weigh the lie against the Truth of knowing God. We’re in a spiritual battle for our lives and if we don’t know the difference between the lie and the Truth, we lose.  We can choose to live in ignorance and battle the lies year after year, or we can choose knowledge and arm ourselves for spiritual battles. Through our own desire we can recognize the lies and guard our hearts, minds and souls. When we know the truth…we find peace and comfort by knowing God’s Word.

Fighting the enemy will not be easy and you will experience resistance. I’ve completed the Lies Women Believe study with my church small group and the spiritual warfare I saw surrounding it was intense. Do you really think Satan wants you to know the lies he’s been using against you? Of course not! So he will discourage you, distract you, and even deceive you to entice you into quitting the study. He’s not willing to let go of his captives and the longer you’ve believed the lies… the bigger the battle. Decide now to live in ignorance to the lies you are permitting in your life…or decide now to discover the lies and reclaim the Truth in scripture. I’m on a journey to discover these lies and arm myself with the Truth…and I hope you’ll join me in this informative bible study by Nancy Leigh DeMoss.

Prayer Requests

Our Prayer Wall is the place to reach out with your prayer needs and praise reports. Please visit the page and pray for those people who are asking for you to lift them up in prayer.

If This Is Your First Bible Study- How to Participate

Here is what you can expect from your participation in the Lies Women Believe  Bible study

  • Pray before you begin reading. Ask the Holy Spirit to open your heart to wisdom.
  • This online Bible study provides flexibility and convenience for you. Just read your daily lessons, five total, lasting about 30-45 minutes each day. A good plan is to read each morning Monday through Friday, allowing the weekend to make up any lesson you missed during the week.
  • Visit the Bible Cafe anytime on Tuesday and join in the group discussion by posting a comment.
  • Seek truth. God uses the most ordinary people for his extraordinary purpose. Listen to each other and be willing to share, just remember to allow judgment and healing for God.
  • If this is your first bible study, you may enjoy using highlighter markers. I start with a blue highlighter and mark the scripture verses, such as John 3:16, in my workbook. I’ll mark all the verses for week one, before I start my reading. This way, when my eyes leave the pages of my workbook to find a reference in my bible, I can quickly go back and locate my place in the workbook. The blue highlighter is a “place marker” when I study. I then use a yellow highlighter to mark my favorite words. If I like what the author is saying, I will mark the letter “Q” next to the sentence, and this reminds me I’ll want to quote the author and post it on Facebook or Twitter.

For Next Week

  • Write a letter to God on the inside cover of your workbook. Put today’s date inside your book and tell Him where you are in your life right now, and where you hope He leads you during your 10-week study of Lies Women Believe.
  • Read Chapter One in your book and companion guide.
  • Check in with your Small Group Leader. Contact us if you have not heard from your leader.

Group Discussion- Answer one question or as many as you like

  1. What lie (s) do you want to break free from during this 10-week bible study?
  2. Nancy says “”Anytime we receive input that is not consistent with the word of God we can be certain Satan is trying to deceive and destroy us.” How do you feel about this?
  3. If you were sitting in a room with the other women participating in this study, what words of encouragement would you say to them?

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  • Jean says:

    Just started this study even though it is May! Reading the first chapter was so enlightening. Satan has tried this past week to detract me from studying. In answering questions from Chapter 1 in the Companion Guide, the questions were harder that I anticipated and I can tell that Satan is battling me on that front as well. I am so thankful to have found this website and this Bible Study. I truly want to be the woman that God has created me to be.

    • Christine Smith says:

      Its a great study Jean….and the final two are the very best chapters. Stick with it to the end even if you disagree with some of the opinions of the author…the main message of separating lies from truth is very valuable.

  • Wendy says:

    1. I would like to lose the bondage of feeling that I am always inadequate & that no matter what I do it will never be enough. What do I mean? Being a good mom & maybe being enough of a mom, or housewife, or a professional, or a Christian. Because I work full time I feel like I have to accomplish so many things in all of the different areas just so that I feel ‘okay’ because I met “a standard” or a “requirement”, something that is basically expected by society. It is exhausting & asfixiating trying to incorporate all of these things in one day.

    2. I believe this statement is true. Anything that contradicts the word of God is a way to turn our focus away from what He says is right & true. The Enemy loves to occupy our time in wasted efforts trying to view things in ways that may seem more enticing yet deviate from what IS WRITTEN.

  • Susan Duncan says:

    I want to break free from from satan keeping me in bondage about my weight. Satan uses this to make me feel insecure at times. It really hinders my ministry some times. I know God builds us from the inside out; but the world builds us from the outside in. We need to see ourselves through God’s eyes. “You are all radiant my daughter”

  • Cazel says:

    Greetings Sisters ! I am new to this but so glad to have found it.

    I know we are all going through different stages in life. I am so glad to have found this web-site
    and walk along side of Christian Women who loves Jesus.

  • Shar says:

    Well, I’m really behind, but I did the first week today, mostly because I”m in a place where God has shown me many, many lies I’ve believed in the past 6 months and freed me from so much. My place of bondage still seems to be that I can fix my husband or keep him from running from God. I give that up, the TRUTH is that God sets the course of man and His plan will not be thwarted (Proverbs 16:1, Job 25:2, Isaiah 14:27). Praise God for He is so good and trustworthy. I am just beginning to trust Him. I encourage women to seek God with all, with everything and just see what He will do.

  • Lisa S. says:

    Read through Week One: I guess one of my first thoughts is I don’t even know enough scripture to know if I am believing a lie or not, so I pray God opens my eyes and reveals these to me. I have read through the Bible once with the Chronological Bible Study, but that still didn’t give me complete knowledge (or recall). So, I need to (in my notes) start a list of truths that will help me find my way. Thank you so much for this bible study. I hope to find my truths along with the rest of you.

  • Melissa says:

    I too am trying to catch up. I am doing the best I can, but I imagine it will take me a little longer to finish.

    I am trying to break free from doing it all. Or feeling like I have to do it all. Besides working full time, being PTA President, Assustant Cub Scout leader, and a mother, and wife. It means I give up myself a lot. On top of that I lost my mom right after she turned 55 and it has beyond thrown me for a loop.

  • Bee says:

    I am so behind but I am trying to catch up.
    There are many lies I want to break free from. One is the need to feel like I am in control. I need to let go and let God work.
    My words of encouragement to other women would be to always seek the word of God.

  • joannna says:

    well I am not sure of all the lies I have been deceived by but i do know i struggle with guilt. the fact that I didn’t come to really know the Lord till I was 54 just 11 years ago this month, therefore I didn’t raised my children in Christ. As a result they are not Christians today even though I have tried to talk to them about Christ. I keep praying i know it will be in Christ’s timing. I am sure I will find more lies as I go through this study and I have asked God to reveal them to me. continue in prayer

  • Teresa Ramirez says:

    1.What lie (s) do you want to break free from during this 10-week bible study?

    I think one area I want to change is that I am bitter from my soon to be exhusband deceiving me, even though I say I am not to others, I know deep down inside I am. I am very hard on my current relationship that I am in and let me explain (I was married one month when I found out my husband was cheating on me) and this was five years ago and I have not seen or heard from him (we are still married but seperated for five years). I am controlling and I hate to admit this but selfish in this relationship. So I hope to change those areas of my life. It’s my way or the highway! I am very independent and I could take it or leave it. However, this is only with men on the other hand I am a giving women and love my family and treasure my friendships.

    Teresa (California)

  • Sue says:

    What lie (s) do you want to break free from during this 10-week bible study? The lies that leave me afraid to be alone.
    If you were sitting in a room with the other women participating in this study, what words of encouragement would you say to them? God is good and wants best for us. I am looking forward to see what new truth He will teach me so I can combat the lies Satan throws out.

  • Tara says:

    1. The lies that I would like to break free of are those that cause me to worry excessively, that make me think that most actions can be based on emotions, as well as those lies that affect my marriage and work lives.
    2. I never thought about it in those terms before…..when I look at it in this way, it makes me feel slightly overwhelmed that there are so many things out there that are contrary to God’s Word, like I need to be on guard constantly.
    3. I would say to keep working and hang in there…..for me at least it seems that there are a lot of things trying to derail my working on this study. I hope that we can all perservere through to receive God’s message for us.

  • Carin says:

    Woops, missed this part. Sorry.

    What lie (s) do you want to break free from during this 10-week bible study?
    Worry, fear doubt….I worry way to much!

    Nancy says “”Anytime we receive input that is not consistent with the word of God we can be certain Satan is trying to deceive and destroy us.” How do you feel about this?
    Angry & mad. Angry that the enemy has tricked me again. It happens way to much for me.

    If you were sitting in a room with the other women participating in this study, what words of encouragement would you say to them?
    What I try to do now and suggest it to others….Stop and step back and ask if what is happening right now. Are any of these things (feelings) fruits of the spirit? Is it love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith. If it is not then it is the enemy.
    This is something new I am trying to do. It doesn’t work all the time because I am tricked and after I realized I am trick I get frustrated. Praying that I see it first off not after the fact!!

  • Jennifer D says:

    1.What lie (s) do you want to break free from during this 10-week bible study? Actually, there are alot of lies that I would like to break away from. They are staying away from negative feelings, keeping positives in my life. The other one would be the negativity of my weight

  • Guelda Redman says:

    1. I don’t think I know yet which lies I want to break free of. I think what I am hoping for is to learn about and identify what lies I have believed so that I can better recognise when they are taking hold of my actions and recognise where those lies are impacting my life. I am hoping that as I put on the armour of God’s truth that I will be able to fend off the lies that swim around in my head and with God’s strength expel them from my life. I am hoping that by doing this, I will be able to bless my family and be who God made me to be.

    2. I hesitate to give Satan too much credit. I think on our own our human nature can rationalize away any choices we make. We can justify almost anything. I would say is that Satan will certainly use anything to destroy us. Whether he has planted the seed, or whether we have just picked it up on our daily travels, he will certainly encourage that seed to grow where he sees us faltering and adding our own ferilizer. I do believe that there are certainly lies I hear that I know are from Satan, and sometimes its just me lying to myself because I want to justify my behaviour.

    3. In order to recognise lies, we need to KNOW the truth. If we have God’s word written on our hearts, then we can pull it up anytime we need to in order to defend ourselves from disseption. So fill your heart and mind with His word, and TRUST HIM!

  • Carmella says:

    1. After getting an understanding of the direciton of this study, I realized that there were lies that I lived with knowing, but not consciously aware of. They had become in some instances, staples in my life.

    My desire is to allow God to reveal to me lies known and unknown, that I recognize them for what they are and my role in allowing them to exist in my life, then I will utilize all the resources God has made available to me to receive my delieverance and walk in it all the days of my life so that He gets the glory as I am free to be a blessing until all families of the earth are blessed.

    2. I agree. I believe that the input we receive daily is either of God, or sent to distract us from God and His will for our lives at that time.

    3. I would say to us all:
    “With God ALL is possible for us.”
    “With God NOTHING is impossible for us.”
    No matter how big or how small, how right or how wrong…God can turn what the enemy meant to destroy us into something to Bless us.>>>The Lord has girded my strength unto the battle. He has subdued under me those who would rise up against me.<<<

  • Jennifer says:

    2. I agree with this. This shows the importance of maintaining a relationship with God and getting into His word. Without that it is easier to fall.

  • Dana says:

    #1 Poor self confidence. I am a good person, beautiful and strong!
    #2 I completely agree with this, although I never quite thought of it this way. I sometimes blamed myself for having those thoughts rather than Satan.
    #3 God created us perfectly and that we are beautiful creations of God. He loves us no matter what we do!

  • Kimberly F says:

    Having been emotionally and mentally abused as a child I have been very vocal about the injustices that have come up in the last several years of my marriage. Instead of taking it to God in prayer and fasting I have been filled with contention and jealousy. I have caused my marriage to crumble because of lack of knowledge and now my husband is in adultry and out of our home. I am praying that God will humble my spirit, lead me in a better way, change the heart of stone to flesh in my husband as HE has so graciously done in me and restore my marriage. I am learning to not walk mans path, but Gods through my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I have never before realized how little in my life I controlled and how much of it was controlled by sin and by not walking towards the narrow path.

    • Christine says:

      It’s a lie women believe, to blame yourself for your husband’s affair. He has free will to stand faithful or be tempted and seduced. Don’t blame yourself for his behaviors. Seek help from a Christian counselor or the woman’s pastor at your church and continue to learn the Truth through this bible study.

      Recommend the book: Love Must Be Tough by James Dobson

      • Lori says:

        There must be a like button here, Christine! I totally agree, Although it takes two people to have a marriage, you should never blame yourself for your spouse’ affair. That is a choice they make to go outside of the marriage. Even if you were nasty and selfish, that still doesn’t give him the “right” to commit adultery. Period. Satan is lying here.

  • Shukeria Anderson says:

    1. I am not quite sure what I need to break free from, I am sure it is more than I think. But I just pray that throughout this study I will be willing to hear and accept what God is telling me. Because I know that I want to FREE.
    2. I am in agreement with that statement. Satan is a great deceiver. He comes to steal, kill, and to destroy. I am now becoming aware of the ways in which he tries to deceive us. I refuse to continue to allow him to deceive me any longer.
    3. I would just tell them to hang in there no matter how difficult their situation may be. God is always there to comfort you in the midst of your hardships. I would just remind them that God’s love is unconditional and no matter how bad we may mess up he is always waiting with open arms.

  • Michelle T says:

    #1– I would like to break free from the lies about priorities. Right now, I lead a very busy life, but I want to examine it closer to see where I can improve.
    #2 I totally agree with this comment! That is why it is so important to stay close in God’s Word. The more you read God’s Word, the better you are able to see when Satan is deceiving.
    #3 I say– Stay strong in God’s Word! Stay close to Him. Like was stated previously, Satan will do everything to keep us from doing this study. I already feel it and have been praying that I will stay strong in Him!

  • Bethany says:

    1. I want to break free from the lies of my past and a childhood of verbal/emotional abuse. The lies that I am unlovable, unworthy, ugly, fat, a slut, and never good enough.

    2. I completely agree with this. I think that as humans with a sinful nature everything influences us for the good or bad. But to be honest I am always hesitant to completely limit the input of things around me like movies, tv, or music that might not be completely Christ-centered.

    3. I would want to remind them that we are God’s beloved and we are perfectly and wonderfully made. We are beautiful and loved, simply because God created us. We are exceedingly good – humans were the only thing that God created that he described this way. I would also just remind them that with Christ all things are possible and that with his power we can heal and overcome the world.

    Genesis 50:20 – “You intended to harm me, but God intended it all for good. He brought me to this position so I could save the lives of many people.”

    John 16:33 ““I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

  • Ruth says:

    There are many lies I believe and need to break free from: that I can sin and get away with it, that God will not heal me, that I’m not contributing, that God cannot use me. That I cannot lose weight, like several others have mentioned.
    3 – If I were in a room with all these women, I’d probably be too shy to say anything! What I would WANT to say is God wants to help us see Satan’s lies, He wants us to succeed. He loves us all very much. He wants us too be quiet and wait to hear His voice. This verse just came to mind, so I’ll share it:
    James 4:7 Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

    • Bethany says:

      Ruth – I love this Scripture. It is so true that in order to find healing and freedom we must completely submit ourselves to God. And with this submission Satan looses all power. Thanks for this reminder! I often have a difficult time letting go and letting God – it is a daily struggle for me.

  • Sylvia says:

    1. The one lie that I I would like to combat with God’s truth is that I need the approval, admiration and acceptance from people in order to feel loved and worthy.

    2. I know that Satan loves nothing better than to discourage God’s beloved and I need to remember that he is constantly on the prowl to devour us with his lies.

    3. God loves you with an everlasting love – Jer.31:3

    • Christine says:

      With social media…it’s easy to become addicted to the approval of others. There are many people who need to see this lie and to break through it…I’m glad you are sharing your journey with us here.

  • Diana says:

    1. I want to break free from the bondage of needing approval from others for what I do as well as constantly measuring myself up against others and wondering what they think of me.

    2. I agree with Nancy on this one. Satan is our biggest enemy and is always on the look out for ways to discourage us.

    3. My encouragement to others would be to continue to look to God for strength to overcome the lies that have taken hold on our lives.

  • Kimberly D says:

    1. I think I share the same lie as many other women in this group – I want to break free from the lie that I have to be better than others in order to get recognition. I don’t need to stand out, I just need to be me.

    2. I definitely believe Satan is the king of liars and deception and if I’m feeling a little out of sorts, that feeling makes me stop and think about what’s going on. If there is confusion, I know Satan and/or his deminion are not far.

    3. Encouragement. This Bible study is one example of what the Bible tells women how to support and train/bring up one another. We, women, are supposed to be there for one another, be examples, teachers, and comfort. I think Titus is where this is talked about.

  • Lisselle Osuna says:

    1. What lie (s) do you want to break free from during this 10-week bible study?
    I have been giving this question some thought during the last few days, and one of the lies I would like to get rid of during this bible study is “You Are Not Good Enough.” I often feel that I am not good enough as a mother, as a wife, as a teacher, as a friend, as a daughter, as a sister, etc. This has definitely affected the way I perform in different areas in my life. I often feel insecure and overwhelmed because I am focusing on perfection instead on executing the job at hand. I wasn’t aware that this was one of Satan’s lies until I started reading the book and I was very astonished to realize this.
    2. Nancy says “”Anytime we receive input that is not consistent with the word of God we can be certain Satan is trying to deceive and destroy us.” How do you feel about this?
    I feel empowered to know that now I have the knowledge to fight against Satan’s lies. I now feel that I am not going to be feeling miserable and incompetent, but aware of Satan’s tricks.
    3. If you were sitting in a room with the other women participating in this study, what words of encouragement would you say to them? I would say, “The Bible is the truth and the truth will set us free. So, let’s read it, study it, memorize it, so that when Satan comes to tell us something contrary to the Word of God, we can boldly say…”It is written…….”

    • Bethany says:

      Lisselle (beautiful name by the way!)

      I just wanted you to know that you are not alone in this lie – I too struggle with perfectionism and never feeling good enough. Just know that as a child of God you are loved, you are cherished and you were created for a unique purpose. You are perfect because God does not make MISTAKES!

  • Carol says:

    What lie (s) do you want to break free from during this 10-week bible study?
    I would like to get rift of any negative feelings that are not of the Lord. I am not sure which ones because sometimes I overcome some areas then fail in others. This has been quite a year and I have had to acquire a thicker hide when it comes to people. I have been a people pleaser all my life and I seem to realize the need to be a God pleaser instead of the other. I will be in prayer and I want God to show me those areas that He most wants me to work on during this bible study.

    Nancy says “”Anytime we receive input that is not consistent with the word of God we can be certain Satan is trying to deceive and destroy us.” How do you feel about this? I feel rip-off!

    If you were sitting in a room with the other women participating in this study, what words of encouragement would you say to them? I would say that the Lord loves them through and through. We are on a lifetime journey to becoming more Christlike and the remolding process will be hard but worth it in the end. We need to pray for each other, too.

  • Kim says:

    1. I don’t think I’ve fully discerned all that I want to be free from. I pray that during this journey my eyes will be opened. I do know that I want to be free from fear – fear that I don’t keep house well enough, dress well enough, articulate my thoughts well enough, cook well enough etc. This fear of not measuring up keeps me from really living and relating with others. My life could be so much more full if I can could just get over all of my insecurities.

    3. We are all beloved by God. It doesn’t matter what warts, foibles, or baggage we each carry. Although we don’t realize it, God can work through us if we only let him. I pray that we all learn to listen to that whisper that is God’s voice and learn to hear it through all the shouting of the lies of our fallen world.

    • Becky P says:

      Kim – I have always been a God fearing woman, but in the past 2 years, I have talked to him more than I ever have. Some days I can hear him speaking to me. I know I hear him whispering to me and it is greatly appreciated.

  • Sue Alice says:

    1. I want to break free from anger, sin, emotions, circumstances in my life and past. Also having too many priorities to put God frist in my life again…..He always needs to be frist, not STUFF.

    2. This is so true in my thinking….Satan tries and makes you think it is God’s way or doing…..when we are the ones with free will and make the choices not God……we can always find the truth in God’s word…..God never lies, nor can He. Satan is the lier.

    3. This is going to be hard to handle. but we ALL NEED to learn the truth and stop believing the lies we have been told for years. Yes, it may hurt our pride, but we need to hear it and do something about it. We need to pray over what we will learn and are learning from God.

  • Brittany says:

    1. I want to break free from the lie that I have to hold on to anger or seek revenge when a friend has hurt me. I want to be able to let that go and to be able to open up to and trust other women again as friends.

    2. This is disturbing to me because it makes me realize how many times in my life satan has tried to get me away from God.

    • Kim mills says:

      Brittany, I had to give that one up too. I totally had to let go, but from that experience I gained a new friend whom would never do me wrong.

  • Olayinka says:

    Hi ladies, Olayinka from Nigeria.
    1. The first lie is that i can’t be better than i am right now and i wont be a mother, you see i have been trying for children for more than3years with only one conception terminated before due date, so the devil had been ringing some lies into my heart that i will want the truth of God to replace.

    2. I think it is very true because God’s Word is true in all situations and circumstances so if there its anything negating it then it is the devil trying to deceive us.

    3. We are on the right path, regardless of the issues around you, GOD has our life in His hands.

    • Becky P says:

      There was a time when I felt the same as you Olayinka, I thought we wouldn’t have children. We tried and tried for several years and finally I decided we were not going to try anymore and that if God felt we should have children, he would give them to us. The very next month, we were pregnant. I contribute this to putting my faith back in God. I don’t think it is the same for every person – we are all different. But I feel like God spoke to me and told me to stop worrying over something that I was not having any control of. I gave my worries over to Him and I believe in my heart, he gave us children. Peace and Love to you!

  • AdeleAlys says:

    #1 LIES Two lies I tell myself are: that a woman must be conventionally pretty to be happy or successful and that, as a 56-year-old I can no longer influence my family or impact the kingdom.
    #2 Satan surely works outwardly but, I have given in to so many of his schemes in the past, that I could finish his sentences. It reminds me of what MacKenzie Phillips said on a recent episode of Extreme Clutter, that, when she relapsed, she moved her drug dealers into her house.

  • Kristin says:

    1. I have given up hope that I will never be able to stop worrying about my children. .
    2. It can seem very overwhelming to think that we need to be ready for a powerful fight. We need to follow the bible’s instructions be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power.
    3. We need to remember that our God is mightier than Satan, our Savior has conquered Satan, and our Holy Spirit is ready to breathe into us God’s word when we submit our hearts through prayer and petition

  • Jeannie says:

    Hi everyone! I have to agree with Nick and Christine. I struggle with my weight as well.

  • Mandy Clark says:

    1. My answer is similar to many of yours. I want to break free from trying to measure up to other women. I constantly compare myself in all my circumstances and relationships to other women. I want to remember what God has already taught me and that is that my worth is beyond measure…I am worth Jesus! It is so hard to do that in this world of seeking ageless beauty and perfection!

    3. God sees us so differently than the world does. We are his children. Just like I look at my own children and see God’s perfect creation, he sees that in us. Claim it ladies!

    • Lynn says:

      Mandy, thanks for your statement on how God sees us as we see our children. That statement really spoke to me, and let me view my life in a totally different way.

    • Kimberly D says:

      I’ve always wondered if God is really sad when we’re hurt. But thinking about your statment Mandy about how we look at our kids is how God looks at us. I’m sad when I see my kids in pain or hurt; now I can imagine how God feels when I’m in pain or hurt. Thank you for the mental picture <3

      • Becky P says:

        Ladies I am so with you on this one. I think the worst pain a parent can have is to watch their children in pain or hurt inside and there isn’t anything we can do to stop it but to just keep loving them. I feel like that is how God sees us. He sees us hurting, he feels our pain, but just as we are parents, the comfort of knowing that he is there for us gives us the faith to go on.

  • Becky P says:

    I think one lie that I want to leave behind is that I have to do everything on my own. I do everything at home with 2 boys and my husband. Is it old-fashioned? Is it just so I can have control over it being done and not depending on someone else to get it down? Probably – but I need to change my mindset that says I have to do it and not depend on others to do it.

    I look forward to working with everyone!

  • Judee says:

    Hello. I want to God to show mw all the strongholds in my life so together we can work through them. I think anything contrary to the words of the Bible are Satan’s lies and he is good at sneaking them in there sometimes we don’t even realize you have given in until its to late and we are hooked. I am looking forward to doing t;he study.

  • Esther T says:

    1. I am great at comparing myself with someone else, then I can’t measure up. I hang on to guilt. I am horrible at asking for help. I feel like I am bothering someone by asking for help.

    2. For me the stage of dwelling on something is the problem. The question about listening and hearing. Two different animals. For me not dwelling on the issue.

    3. I am glad I am not alone and that are other sisters who feel the same way, we are not alone.

  • Nickie Fuller says:

    I want to break free from the lie that I can not lose weight… I need to trust god in this because I can not do it on my own strength.

  • Kelly says:

    I want to break free from the lie that I do not provide value in my job and that I must work 24/7 to get ahead in this world.

    PS – I am curious how people are posting their photos next to their names? I am a visual person and the photos are a nice touch as we take this journey together.

  • Lori says:

    1. I’m going to be honest and say I’m not sure yet what lie I want to break free from. Sometime insight from God comes slowly. Since a nasty break up of our church I have sat back on the sidelines and have preferred to be a pew sitter in the church I currently attend. Some of the meanest , nastiest people can be church people and fellow Christians. I found that out only too well. At the time (about 4 years ago now) , I knew what Satan was doing and watched him destroy good people and a good church. As I was highly involved in the church, I received the brunt of much of the criticism and judgements even though I really had nothing to do with why the church ended. I vowed then to never be anything but a pew warmer after that. Much safer that way. And that’s the way it’s been since the breakup of our church. I joined this study because it seemed safe AND after so very long I want to be back in God’s word. I was involved in some wonderful Bible study groups and had some wonderful Christian sisters. But like the church, they broke apart too. I have so missed all my sisters. So I for one, know the power of Satan on God’s people and what Satan can do when they(God’s people) believe his lies.
    My encouragement to the other women in this study would be : Be kind and not quick to judge –remember Christ will judge you by those same standards. Pray for them that God would show them the error of their ways, love them, encourage them, but do not bash them.In my opinion, that is one of Satan’s lies in the church–(and mind you I may be wrong), he lies and tells them they can pass judgement on each other, gossip about each other, cause pain to each other. They do it in the name of God. When a church believes Satan’s lies, what do you think non-believers think when they look from the outside in?

    I look forward to this study and to getting to know some of you. God Bless.

  • Ijeoma says:

    The lies that I would like to break free from are: “the need to be perfect”, “the need to only trust myself, because you can’t trust anybody else”, “there is no one to talk to when you are down because you look like you have issues and no one wants to inherit your problems”.

    If I were in person with the wonderful women if this bible study, I would say to them, “we can be ourselves with God. He loves us just the way we are….He knows that we are not perfect. We can go to Him knowing that we are not alone”.

    But why is this easier said than done?

  • Lori says:

    1.) There are a lot of lies that I want to break free from! I’d like to determine what is a lie and what is the truth….being able to recongize the difference is important….but probably most importantly lies that I have to have a perfect home (always OCD clean!); I have to be perfect in the eyes of others and that people won’t like and love me for who I truly am. I want to live a God given happy and free life without worry or the need to control everything.
    3.) Word of encouragement for others participating would be….that this is going to be a wonderfully blessed learning experience and that we are all here for basically the same reason. So let’s use the support we have, lean on each other, continually encourage each other, and truly embrace the word of god to break free from the lies! We can do this! My mind is alert and my heart is receptive. 🙂

  • Jill says:

    I want to break free of the lie of worry.

    • Kristin says:

      Jill, I also want to break free of the lie of worry. Carrying a yoke is hard work.
      Jesus yoke …is still work…but His burden is light.
      Matthew 11:29-30
      29 Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30 For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

  • Shan says:

    1. That I’m just not good enough…period. That I need to hang on to guilt.

    2. I agree.

    3. We all found our way here for some reason. Many of us have probably walked in each other’s footsteps, and we are in this together ladies!!!

  • Brystan says:

    1. The biggest lie I want to overcome is probably the same one any woman in her 20s (like myself) would face. You have to be pretty, you have to be sexy but not sexual (which contradict themselves and is confusing) you have to have brains, but be domestic, and independent but still wanting to settle down and have a family. This is of course related to an even bigger lie: the media is more trustworthy than God or your faith.

    3. God will love you no matter what. Just try your best!

  • Karen says:

    #1…what lies? I guess one lie I would love to break free from is the lie that I have to be good enough to earn God’s love. If I don’t perform…I disappoint God!

  • Erica says:

    Question #1: I want to reject the lie that I need to be the perfect mother, wife, room mom, housekeeper, well… everything. As hard as I try, I will never be perfect. Yet I find myself frequently disappointed and terrified of failure (especially as a mother), even when I know I’m doing the absolute best I can do. I feel the need to be in control of everything, inducing fear of chaos… disruption… failure. But the Truth is… control is not mine to take. I wish to learn to reject the lie that I can be one woman act, on top of the world and in control.

    Question #2: However simplified, there is truth in this quote. While I do believe I face temptation (and that it comes from Satan), I believe temptation is within me, and does not come from without. I cannot control the words and actions of others, but I can control my own. I sense an undertone in this statement that would imply differing world views are Satanic. I feel this quote walks dangerously close to putting too much power in the hands of others, and not enough accountability within oneself. I am looking to become more empowered to reject outside influences, rather than judge others for making statements with which I disagree. I believe that calling the words of another ‘Satanic’ promotes judgment rather than compassion. We must remember that the lips that utter lies also belong to souls, deserving of God’s love, and therefore, our love as well.

    • Kristin says:

      Erica, I agree with your statement that we can not control what others do or say, but we can control ourselves. I think that self-control is one of the fruits of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23) and that we need to embrace God’s Holy Spirit within us to be empowered. It is so important to remember that this strength of self-control comes not from our own strength, but from God who strengthens us. I agree that these souls are the same lost sheep who need to hear and see God’s love.

  • Cathy says:

    1. I want to break free from feeling like I have to be a martyr and do
    It all by myself when it comes to kids, work, home, etc. I then feel guilty to ask for help when I need it.
    2. I agree I think Satan is sneaky in feeding us lies that we perceive as truth.
    3. God always has the best plans for us, even when we doubt Him.

    • Becky P says:

      We are in the same boat Cathy. I always feel like I have to do everything and be totally independent when it is okay for us to seek help from others.

  • Nicole says:

    I think what Nancy says about Satan using lies to destroy us is so true. And to recognize a lie, we have to know the truth. That is why it is so important that we are in God’s word, memorizing and meditating on it. I have recently started memorizing scripture passages with our children, and it is amazing how God uses them at different times throughout the day. His word is so powerful!

  • Chesca says:

    Q1: I want to break free from the lie that being “religious” is enough. I find it too easy to walk, talk & act like a “christian” when I’m supposed to but my heart is often revealed when I’m by myself or not around people who I know will hold me accountable. I am finally aware that my life has traces of duplicity. I desire to walk in truth as a follower of Jesus, even when it means the darkest parts of my soul will be exposed.
    Q2: I totally agree with her quote. I often want to please people so (unfortunately) I listen to what people offer, which tends to be humanistic, faithless, worldly thinking. I love Jesus’ prayer in John 17:17, “Sanctify them by the truth; your word is truth.” (NIV) God’s word is the only thing that has to the power to set me apart from the world & change my heart.
    Q3: Well, to hold true to Nancy’s quote, I want to encourage each woman, in this group, with these words: “His divine power has given us everything we need for life & godliness through our knowledge of Him who called us by His own glory and goodness. Through these He has given us His very great & precious promises, so that through them you may participate in the divine nature and escape the corruption in the world caused by evil desires.” (2 Peter 1:3-4, NIV)

  • Liz says:

    #1. I would like to break free from entertaining the lies that I’m not smart enough, I missed my calling, I can’t do……… (fill in the blank)

    #3. I would encourage the ladies to keep pressing in, and to always remember our past does not determine our future, there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus, he’s the lover of our soul and lifter of our head. Let’s uncover lies the enemy uses to keep us bound. And let’s begin to apply the truth of the word of God to our lives & situations.

  • Beth Stradling says:

    There are several areas where I’m in bondage and would love to be set free!
    I totally believe that every sin starts with a lie. This should be a daily reminder to us all.

  • Susie C. says:

    1) I would like to break free from the idea that what I do for a living is no big deal. I did not graduate from college and it is a huge regret in my life. I don’t feel like I met my expectations. I am always wondering “what if”.
    2) Most definitely! It is actually kind of scary in a way to think that Satan is constantly behind the scenes.

    3) I would tell every woman that we are in this together. Don’t give up and don’t be afraid to be honest about your feelings or struggles. We are all here to help 🙂

  • Wendy says:

    1.) I want to break free from the lie of satan that I am not good enough in my marriage… I feel that I need to be a better wife which leads me to compare myself to other women. Having fear that I will not be here long enough to see my childeren grow up.
    2.) I feel that anytime we hear something that does not line up with the word of God, we need to research it and find out what the word really says. In chapter 1, Nancy talks about Christian leaders preaching a message that doesn’t match up. Too many times, and I am a guilty of this, people can listen to a message and agree with them because it sounds good. But biblically it is wrong. Which is why it is so important to be in the word.
    3.) I am really happy that we all get to come together because we all have one thing in common an that is we Love God!! I love that we get to share our thoughts and lift each other up! This is my first online bible study and I am looking forward to growing even closer to Him. Also I hope to gain friendships from this experience as well. Iron sharpens iron. Proverbs 27:17

    • Kristin says:

      Wendy, I think that is a great answer. Where else can we go to clarify something which sounds good but doesn’t quite line up with the Truth…God’s answer book!

  • Lynn says:

    So many have you have expressed my exact feelings, the guilt, etc. I never looked at it before as being “lies” that we believe. So I’m already thankful for some new insight. Thank you all for the great comments and keep them coming!

  • Mandy says:

    I want to break free from the lie that it’s never going to get any better and that I am not going to get anything back from the “sacrifices” I’ve been making. Sick of listening to the doubt! Question 2 really reinforces to me that I am not feeding myself enough Truth, but letting the world bombard me with it’s view of reality. It makes it difficult to sort out what’s real if I am not giving myself the reference point of the word of God on a regular basis. My encouragement is that we’re all in this together! No matter what you’re going through, you are not alone!

  • Stacy says:

    Group Discussion- Answer one question or as many as you like

    (1.) What lie (s) do you want to break free from during this 10-week bible study?
    ~that my identify is based on what others think/say or on my performance
    (2.) Nancy says “”Anytime we receive input that is not consistent with the word of God we can be certain Satan is trying to deceive and destroy us.” How do you feel about this?
    ~I believe this absolutely true but often allow my emotions to contradict the very words of God.
    (3.) If you were sitting in a room with the other women participating in this study, what words of encouragement would you say to them?
    ~That even in the darkest of times, if you will WAIT for the Lord, He will send a light.

  • Candice says:

    I definately agree with Nancys words. We need to look at what we are taught and make sure the bible tells us the same things. Satan is trying to decieve us at every turn in our lives. I am hoping to see the Truth through this study and know God’s will for my life as I transition from one season to the next.

  • Jenny R. says:

    I’ve been guilty of believing most of the lies in Chapters 3, 5, 6 and a bit of 9! I think those Chapters of the book encapsulate why I need this study. I’d like to break free from believing I have to be the perfect wife, mother, daughter, worker and stop being such a martyr all the time.
    Satan is working on us non-stop and often we fail to even notice because he is so subtle. But he is the Father of Lies and all those little voices in our heads breaking us down are him and his lies! He can take the good things I do (care for my family, for example) and turn it into something bad (Your family doesn’t appreciate you, Your husband is so selfish and on and on and on…)
    I would encourage us all to take those voices and ask ourselves, “Would Jesus say this to me or about me?” God is abounding in love!

  • Stacy says:

    (1.) I would like to fully accept that my identify is not based on what others think/say but on Christ and Christ alone! Performance isn’t what places me in the heart of my Heavenly Father.
    (2.)Nancy says “”Anytime we receive input that is not consistent with the word of God we can be certain Satan is trying to deceive and destroy us.” How do you feel about this?
    ~I wholeheartedly agree yet I too frequently allow my emotions to outweigh the very words of God.
    (3.) If you were sitting in a room with the other women participating in this study, what words of encouragement would you say to them? ~Even in the very depths of darkness, if you will WAIT upon the Lord, He WILL send a light your way.

  • NANC says:

    1. I want to gain more trust and faith in those close to me…let go of past hurt.
    2. Absolutely agree.
    3. There is nothing better than having a group of women to study and pray with for positive change in their lives.

    • Stacy says:

      Can relate to your desire to gain more trust and faith in others and to let go of past hurts. It seems impossibly hard at times. Hold on to the TRUTH that with God, all things ARE possible. 🙂

  • Kim mills says:

    #1 I would like to not believe that I have to feel guilty for everything I do.
    #2 Absolutely, we are instructed (in the Bible) to compare all of what is told to us to the Word.
    #3 I would say, we are all guilty of listening to the lies, each one of us are not alone in this.

  • Kim Hopkins says:

    I have had this book for years, would love to do this study

  • rosan bush says:

    ready to see what God has in store for me this year! 🙂

  • Debbie says:

    Looking forward to victory over the lies I tell myself about who I am. I’ve been listening to the wrong source.

  • Mala White says:

    Question #1
    What lie or lies would I like to break free from: Feelings that the Lord is dissapointed in me when I dont live up to what “I” feel that I should be. Or what Im not.
    To name a few! I know in my heart he loves me unconditionally, so much that we cant even understand. We only experience human love unlike his uncomprehendable love.

  • Sunny Girl says:

    If you were sitting in a room with the other women participating in this study, what words of encouragement would you say to them? Any time something new starts in my life, like this bible study. I see it as if I’m on a bridge and the goal is to get to the other side. Some times while I’m on the bridge the storm will rage, but I must keep walking forward. One special thing about the bridge is, you can look back but the desire to go back is never there. I must get to the other side, that is were Jesus is waiting for me. So I encourage all that are participating in this journey to walk the bridge with me and together we will learn, grow and come closer to Jesus… Praise His Name…

  • Teresa Ramirez says:

    Great beautiful Tuesday morning from California, I am interested in this course.

  • Barb LaRose says:

    Yes, I am interested in joining the “Lies Women Believe” Online bible study. Thanks. Looking forward to hearing from you

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