The Good Week

By February 25, 2012Cancer & Faith

This post is written by Cindy Hamilton as she shares her cancer journey with you.

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; 
His love endures forever. Psalm 107:1

What a blessing this week has been to me!

       So many good things have happened; the spring flowers have started to bloom, and God is Good!

A week out from my second “healing drip” and I’m feeling alive again.  Sitting here in my chair, the windows open to the fresh air; I listen to the beautiful wind chimes and thank God for my week.

This is what has happened:

  • Attended church—glorious praise and powerful teaching
  • Attended Bible Study with my friends (We’re studying Beth Moore’s James)
  • Was treated to a Birthday Lunch by my two precious friends.
  • Hugged all three of my children and five of my seven grandchildren; was serenaded by all of them, some via Skype, some on the phone, and three in person!
  • Received a beautiful “Hope” scarf from a dear friend. (She sewed silver charms that said, “hope, peace, love, faith, etc.” on to the scarf.  Beautiful and so meaningful.
  • Received a prayer shawl from another dear sister.  I know that she prayed with every stitch.  As I wrap it around my shoulders, I feel her love.
  • Went by Hancocks Fabrics and purchased four beautiful yards of material for headscarves. I have decided that this is my new look!

Girl With A Pearl Earring
by Johannes Vermeer 1665
  • Friends have gone through their drawers and brought me their square scarves. 🙂
  • Ate a wonderful meal, lovingly prepared  by another sweet friend.
  • Birthday flowers have overtaken my house from friends and family.
  • Because of family and friends, our freezer is full of casseroles, soups, and goodies.
We are blessed.

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  • sheilasmith says:

    Blessing to you! My aunt has just been diagnosed with breast cancer and will be going through her fist phrase of chemo, I will direct her to your blog. You are an inspiration. My older cousin was also diagnosed with breast cancer over three years ago received treatment and has been healed for cancer. God is wonderful.

  • Sue Alice says:

    That is the way to go girl!!!! Satan wants you down and GOD wants up, so go for it. My prayers are with you. Happy belated birthday. Have many more. Blessings.

  • Vicci Mauldin says:

    Keep fighting Cindy. Keep your spirits up if possible. It is a hard fight, but Dr. Jesus is fighting for you. O Father, please continue to bless Cindy and heal her. In Jesus’ name, amen. Love in Christ, Vicci 🙂

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