Surrendering the Secret Online Bible Study Week 1

Last week we began an online bible study for abortion healing.While more than 50 women are actively participating in this post-abortion healing, more  than 3,000+ people visited our website the day we started the study! You’re not alone in this journey as many women and men sitting beside you in church each week are also affected by past abortions. This is the final week to register and become an active participant for this online bible study- so to register for this study click here. We’ll be too far into the journey next week for late registrations and it will be months before we repeat the study here at the Bible Cafe. Prayerfully consider if you should participate in the healing journey. If you need to talk to someone who understands where you’ve been, contact Carrie Bond from Surrendering the Secret at or 817-629-9435 and she’ll connect you with a STS Certified Leader in your area.

Your post-abortion healing through Surrendering the Secret involves these 8 steps:

  1. Share the story
  2. Look at the truth about abortion
  3. Deal with anger
  4. Pursue forgiveness
  5. Work through grief and guilt
  6. Exchange bondage for freedom
  7. Conduct a service
  8. Share through healing

source: Surrendering the Secret

Each week you’ll be learning and journaling one of these steps and so you must have a copy of the Surrendering the Secret Learner’s Guide  in order to participate in this online bible study.

This past week you completed Session One- Share the Story- and unpeeled the past. You’ve probably experienced different emotions during this past week- relief, anger, fear, numbness, shame or detachment. Over time your healing journey will  lead to a peace like you’ve never know before. You need to complete all eight steps and not fall behind or jump ahead of the group during this study. The Lord will not give you more than you can handle…so He gives it to you a step at a time. Don’t get too far ahead…and don’t lag behind in this study because nobody is watching you.

“Close to 30 million women in the United States have had an abortion, resulting in the loss of over 40 million babies since abortion was legalized… Abortion is a secret that many women have held for so long that just speaking of it is often the most pivotal step in their healing,” writes Pat Layton. You took your first pivotal step this week when you journaled your story. The work you did at home was intense and we’re here to pray and support you. This is your personal journey and not everything needs to be shared.

Here’s what some of the women healed post-abortive have experienced when completing session one of the STS study:

 “I am a National Trainer with Surrendering the Secret, am post abortive and healed.  Any time God uses my story to help others I am thrilled!  During my healing journey, writing it down for the first time was very insightful.  I was surprised at the memories I had and I realized that the fear that was the basis for my choice of abortion (fear of the out of wedlock pregnancy being exposed) was the same fear that kept me hiding the abortion choice for 25 years. FEAR & PANIC:  paralyzes, liars; never  good counselors. My score in the Survey was 10.” Tricia Heflin, National Trainer and Group Leader for Surrendering the Secret email or visit

“I remember completing Session One in 2010. When you write things out and then read your own story it’s almost as if you can smell the aroma of freedom in the air. It was a good thing for me to reflect on my choice and see the pain come from my heart onto the paper. And as the reader of my own journal, I wanted to erase some sentences and re-write my own ending and make my self into the hero Mom who walked out of the clinic still pregnant. That was the beginning of my healing journey was having the courage to put my mess of a life into writing.  I recorded 13 yes and 17 no when I took the survey in 2010. Today my answers would be different, but that’s how I felt when I started me healing journey. I was surprised by my response. I never thought of abortion as traumatic. Shameful, horrific, regretful yes, but never traumatic.” Lelia Chealey STS certified leader in Nebraska…email at or visit

“I still remember the day I wrote my abortion experience in my STS  journal. I cried buckets of tears, yet releasing them felt so good after keeping them stored up for more than 20 years.  The questions were great because they triggered my memory and helped me release my shame. I scored 19 on the ‘yes’ side of the survey so I made sure I had professional help during my STS study. I was then diagnosed with PTSD…and twice I had postpartum depression after my kids were born. I never associated these conditions with the abortion. The birth of my children made me more susceptible to shame…I felt I didn’t deserve to have kids and would be a rotten mother. Parenting post-abortive without any healing was extremely difficult until I completed this study. Today I see myself as a good and loving mother.”  Denise, past participant


Your journey continues this week. Start by viewing the video for session two (optional due to the cost) and then complete the exercises in Session Two of your Surrendering the Secret Learners Guide.


During this abortion recovery bible study, we encourage you to pray for one another and for the leaders of the study. Please post a prayer request or praise report below, or visit the Prayer Wall.

Pat Layton Quotes

  • Abortion crosses all racial, social and economic lines.
  • Approximately 43% of women have an abortion by age 43
  • 79% of women having abortions claim to be Christians
  • Post abortive women need to tell their stories to people they trust.
  • God is always working as you invite Him in.
  • God wants to use our past in His calling for our future.

Group Discussion Questions

God will comfort you in the heart and voices of other women who share this journey. For confidentiality, we’ve created an anonymous email address for use during this bible study. Please use the same nickname throughout the study and use the email if you want to remain anonymous and keep your comments confidential.

  1. How did you feel after journaling your abortion experience in the STS workbook?
  2. If you feel comfortable, share your overall survey score from page 17.  How did you feel after taking the Past Trauma survey?
  3. Jesus values and treasures you as His sheep. How do you feel knowing He has been searching for you and do you have a willingness to be “found” by Him?
  4. Share any thoughts you have about this week’s lesson.
  5. Post a prayer request or tell us how we can support you right now.

If you need additional support for this journey, please contact Carrie Bond from Surrendering the Secret at or 817-629-9435

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  • Nicolie says:

    I journaled and found that the common theme was fear of people’s opinions and not seeking advice beyond what I already planned to do- have an abortion.
    As far as God chasing me, at first I felt like he was haunting me, but now I see Him as a comfort- someone to run to not from. Now if I would just be obedient to do that in ALL circumstances instead of trying to control…
    This week’s lesson was good, but I’m ready to dig in. I want to sink my teeth into the study and get to the core of the issue.

    • Christine Smith says:

      Isn’t is comforting to realize God was there all along…He never abandoned you and never stopped loving you.

  • Missy says:

    1. I wrote what I could remember, but noticed I was “numb” through some of it…that or I just can’t recall. I saw another post about someone praying to remember what had happened back then. Maybe I need to do the same if I hope to fully heal. I also had to stop at times when I was journaling because it was pretty painful. But I know this is something I need to do.
    2. My scores: 14, 13, 7. I didn’t realize some of the things I answered yes to, were connected to having had the abortion and of course, still affecting me til this day.
    3. I am amazed that Jesus would even be searching for me after all I’d done. I feel unworthy. Why would he care? Because of how I was raised, I felt judged. I felt Jesus was too angry with me. At times I feel relieved and happy to know, other times, I am still in disbelief.
    4. This week’s lesson was difficult, I had to take a break at some points and just cry it out. But I pray for all of us to have the strength to see this through.

    • Christine Smith says:

      While the journaling lesson is difficult, it is also quite healing. Take it in small steps and pray for the Holy Spirit to be near and comfort you. Jesus is near and you are loved.

  • Natalie says:

    I have done this study several times since my abortion, but this is the first time I asked God first about my experience before writing it down. It is amazing how much I had forgotten after walking (or more like being carried) out of that building. I stumbled upon this study only about 3 months after my abortion and could not remember near as much as I did this time. However, I’m sure I would not have been able to handle the new memories that first time around. Even after going through this study before and seeing the other side and being healed, it’s still hard to remember that day. It is also still a huge relief to get it out and on paper.

    I had 10 Y, and 19 N. The number has gone down since my first time doing the study, but I honestly am just frustrated to still be affected by the abortion, even after going through the healing process.

    I was sad to see this week that I still struggle with believing lies about myself and God, and I want to come out of this fully believing the truth about both. This is my prayer request for all of us — that we will not just know the truth in our heads, but truly believe it with all our hearts!

  • evie730 says:

    1. I couldn’t believe after 20 years, I am still having the affects of the abortion. I can’t seem to reflect on it without tears coming to my eyes. I kept it a secret for so long because I didnt want others looking down on me. I didn’t tell anyone when it happened. Not even my sister, whom I am close to. I realized what a dangerous thing I did. Being all alone with no one, not even a friend. Anything could of happened and my loved ones wouldnt of had a clue.
    2. my score let me know that I am still in need of healing from the experience. I believe it was b/w 16-20.
    3.I think God is wanting me to forgive myself.
    4.I saw how I’ve been carrying the guilt around for so long about it. I knew better. I should of never been in this situation in the first place. I also saw how I have been delivered from low self esteem. A lot of what was going on at that time of my life, the root was anger, hurt, and low self esteem. Oh how many times I wish i would had walked away from that moment. Til this day I wish it didnt happened.
    Also I was shocked to see the many years ago abortion was done by other women here. I thought I was going to be looking silly talking about healing from something that happened 20 years ago. So to be honest, that was an encouragement to me.
    5. My prayer request is for the guilt of it to be removed and for me to forgive myself.

    Thanks for this Christene and for the women that are here being brave!

    • Christine Smith says:

      God loves our healing tears and it’s healthy when we don’t keep them bottled inside. During this study you’ll shed soft tears and cry buckets of ugly sobs…it’s all part of the healing. You are entitled to forgiveness and self love. You’ve been robbed of peace and joy for too long and now it’s time to break from the strongholds of the past. The journey involves 8 steps…and it’s nice to imagine as you cross each step you leave the past behind once and for all, washed away by Truth and love. Embrace the arm of Jesus as he keeps you strong and carries you through this healing process. You are loved.

  • Vicci Mauldin says:

    I did not go through this Bible study but went through one in the fall of 1991. I do not regret going through it because of the healing blood of Jesus. Through Jesus, God is there for you and there is not one sin that He cannot forgive if you are truly repentant. It was hard, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. I am praying for all of you. I pray that you will work through this Bible study and receive the healing and forgiveness of God and also forgive yourself. That’s the hardest thing to do-forgive yourself. If you don’t forgive yourself, you are saying that what Jesus did for you on the cross was not good enough and I do not mean this in a harmful way. I just know what you can receive. He is standing there just waiting on you. Love each one of you. Vicci 🙂

  • Sue Alice says:

    1. I can not remember most of my experience, as I may have blocked it out. I was okay with writing what I remember of that time. Back on the note of can not remember much, I really do not remember most of my childhood to teen years.

    2. My number was 19. I feel as if I need to speak to someone.

    3. I have more of wanting to be found by Jesus than I , have in a long time. My walk with Him has been spotted over the last years, and I need to get back on track with Jesus. I need to know where I stand.

    4. That this whole thing has brother me more than I realized at the time or now. I need to come to terms with it once and for all, and the hurt I feel toward people.

    5. I pray for each of use as we take this step in our lives at this time, and the strenght to finish this. Blessing to each and every one.

    • Christine Smith says:

      Please connect with an STS leader, they have the gift of compassion and healing words waiting to roll off their hearts. God places these women into our lives to gently bring us back to a healthy spiritual life and a relationship with Him. You deserve healing Sue, you deserve peace from the past and you deserve to be loved upon. Open the doors to your heart and gently accept the comfort of Jesus as He walks the journey with you. Know that you are loved.

  • Ellen Philpot says:

    Courageous friends, You are brave and I have such admiration for you! For most of you, the journey you’ve been on since your abortion has been a lonely one. I hear your heartache and can almost see your faces, as I’ve looked at other faces similar to yours in times past. I wish I could help pass the box of tissues to you, or give you a hug…but just know as a prayer partners, we’re here for you!

    I’ve been a part of and led Surrendering the Secret classes for several years. The first time I took this survey, like many of you; I never associated my “issues” with my past abortions. A score of 24 was a wake up call!
    Keep walking the path of healing and know that you are no longer alone. Christ is with you on this journey, just as He has been all along. There are surrendered sisters around the nation praying for you and sending you encouragement as you undertake this journey to freedom.
    Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.
    You are beloved.
    A little note on bandaids: The section on page 9 where Jeremiah 9:14 is referenced: “They dress the wounds of my people as though it is not serious. “Peace, peace,” they say, when there is no peace.” 2 years ago, my son-in-law was clearing land all alone on some remote property when he dropped his chain saw on his leg accidentally. Through divine intervention, he was able to drag himself to his truck and drive to the nearest hospital where his wife, my daughter works as a nurse. The ER doctor thought cleaning it up, stitches & a quick patch was all he needed on top of his leg. However, his wife took a quick cell phone photo, rushed it to a surgeon (with whom she works) who examined it and said “No, he’s severed some strategic —-, we’ll have to operate or he may lose his leg.” While that was much more painful to dig deep and do the surgery, his leg was saved by his wife’s loving intervention to get another opinion.
    In my mind, that’s an example of what God wants us to do. While we must commit time to go back and re-visit painful events that we’ve tried to forget, He will bring loving comfort to us. Each day. With each step.
    My love to you sweet sisters… Praying for you to feel His Grace
    Ellen Philpot – National Trainer for Surrendering the Secret

    • Shannon says:

      Thank you it is so helpful to know that there are others out there that feel the same as I do but it is even more helpful to know that there are others out there that are praying for me. My shoulders feel lighter some how and I thank you!

      • Ellen Philpot says:

        There are numbers praying for all of you. While you may not see our faces, just know that we surround you in prayer, love and hugs! Any sister who has surrendered this secret and taken this healing journey wants to share this freedom! Please feel free to contact me by email at Praying for you today, sweet daughters of the King! Press deeply into Him when you feel you are unable to make this walk any longer and He will carry you.
        Isaiah 61: 7 “Because your shame was double, and they cried out, “Disgrace is their portion,” therefore, they will possess double in their land, and eternal joy will be theirs.”

  • Tammy says:

    1.How did you feel after journaling your abortion experience in the STS workbook?
    After 24 years it was difficult to remember the details. I was sad while I wrote it, but to be honest I think I was more angry….at myself for doing it, for not even thinking twice, for allowing what others thought or would think of me to influence my decision.
    2.If you feel comfortable, share your overall survey score from page 17. How did you feel after taking the Past Trauma survey?
    14,15,1. I wasn’t surprised at all by the results. I suppose I felt a little bit of peace that it validated some of what i’ve felt over the last 24 years.
    3.Jesus values and treasures you as His sheep. How do you feel knowing He has been searching for you and do you have a willingness to be “found” by Him?
    I know we should not go on feelings, but to be honest my answer to this would depend on when you ask me this. Yesterday I was happy to be His, so happy He found me. Today, right this very second i’m agitated.
    4.Share any thoughts you have about this week’s lesson.
    Keeping it real with you ladies-every time I picked up this book I quit this study. After only 2 days into it I started questioning why am I doing this to myself? For 24 years I thought I had everything under control, God starts dealing with me about this and within a month i’ve had a thousand different emotions all at the same time! I’m either on the verge of tears or just plain angry most of the time.
    I suppose the one thing that did become quite evident to me over this week was the fact that i’m alone, i’ve pushed everyone in my life away, my kids have even told me that before.
    I’m still here….At least at this point I realize that if and when I get to the top that it was truly a ‘God thing’!

    • We’ll be dealing with that anger in the coming weeks and you might find the anger is directed at the wrong person. The world tells you abortion is acceptable and a wise choice…yet your heart tells you something different. You’ve carried that anger for 24 years and it’s time to let it go…one step at a time. Don’t hate yourself Tammy…you were deceived and placed into bondage by Satan’s lies. He makes the truth appealing and real and millions of men and women have fallen into his trap. STS will help you recover your identity as a Daughter of the King, loved by the Father and forgiven. The decision you made 24 years ago does not need to be your identity today. You’ll learn to stop labeling yourself, stop blaming yourself, stop hurting your relationships when someone draws close to your heart. You’ll learn trust yourself again, trust God again and trust others. It doesn’t happen in session one, session two or session three…you have to walk each of the 8 steps one at a time. When you feel wobbly and need a supporting hand…you MUST call one of the STS leaders to keep your feet on the path. You are loved.

    • Natalie says:

      Fight hard for this. I promise it’s worth the effort! Don’t quit this time

  • Sarah says:

    How did you feel after journaling your abortion experience in the STS workbook? I felt good that I was able to write it down, it brought up feelings from long ago but I wasn’t crushed by them, like usual.

    If you feel comfortable, share your overall survey score from page 17. How did you feel after taking the Past Trauma survey? I had 17 yes’s I was surprised yet relieved that there was a “reason” for SO much in my life.

    Jesus values and treasures you as His sheep. How do you feel knowing He has been searching for you and do you have a willingness to be “found” by Him?
    I WANT to be found by Him, I am ready to be found and FREE.

    Share any thoughts you have about this week’s lesson.
    This week was so hard, but I feel like I am doing well. I named my babies, something I never thought about doing. I always felt like I couldn’t mourn the loss since I caused it. I was able to see that I am aloud to mourn them and feel “that” pain and not just guilt, shame and unworthiness.

    Please pray that I can be free of the depression/anxiety, self-harm & hatred. That I can open up and confess and help others.

    • You can be free of the past and start walking in peace. You deserve healing and walking in freedom…it is your gift from Jesus. Stay with the journey and if the road becomes bumpy give Carrie Bond and the STS leaders a call. You’re already making great progress when your feelings did not overwhelm you as you thought they would. don’t isolate yourself as you heal and allow us to pray for and with you. You are loved.

  • christine says:

    Please pray for my intimacy. Because of abortion, I was unable to have relationships. After 13 years, I met a man who said he loved me. He was driven away by my anger and coldness. Four years after we broke up, I contacted me and asked him to reconsider the break-up because at that time, I was punishing myself for the abortion. He said he would get back to me in two weeks. I am surrendering this to you O Lord, please help me to fight this uphill battle. if you have forgiven me, who can condemn me? their condemnation will slide off my face. O Lord, please guide and direct, Amen.

    • Praying for restoration of your intimacy and to break the bondage of your past pain. May the Lord’s loving grace comfort you and remind you always- you are His treasured daughter and He seeks a relationship with you. You are loved.

    • Tristine says:

      Christine, I went from one abusive relationship to another. Deep down inside I was quite literally punishing myself–even after I was saved and knew in the deepest part of me that Jesus forgave me, but I didn’t. And you are so right…no one can condemn you, not even Christ Himself condemns you, the ONLY One pure enough to do so. So the next thing we need to do is stop condemning ourselves. That’s what I love about the story of the woman caught in adultery. Because out of all of those accusing her, Jesus says, “Those without sin cast the first stone.” Jesus was the one who had every right to throw that stone at her and condemn her, as He was sinless. Yet the one who had not sinned, was the one who forgave her…not judged her. So He says to her, “Who here condemns you?” She looks around and no one is there: “No one, Lord.” And He responds, “Then neither do I condemn you.” Our response to ourselves needs to be that same response. “Then neither do I condemn you.”

      This also gives us such sweet insight into God’s heart. For many of us, our abortions are the one thing that keeps us from surrendering to His call. We feel our “sin” is too big, too unforgivable…there’s no way God would forgive something like that. But that story tells us that it’s our sin and the desire to be forgiven that will ultimately bring us real freedom.

  • CRK says:

    1. I was uncomfortable writing about my experience. I didn’t elaborate and used short answers. While I think about it daily, putting it on paper was very hard.
    2. I had 16 yeses, 11 nos, and 2 not sures. I am shocked at how much my abortion is still affecting my life.
    3. I have a huge desire to be found by Jesus as I see that as my way of breaking free of the abortion bondage.
    4. I would have answered yes to several other questions had I taken the posttrauma survey within eight or nine years of the abortion. I wish I had known about having postabortion PTSD and received help for it. I need to be aware of emotionally detaching from my experience during this study.

    • The exercise is difficult, yet necessary, to get the thoughts out of your heart and mind. Sometimes it brings up painful memories and this is why we recommend having a partner to support you as you complete the healing journey. Isn’t it amazing how the abortion can and still does affect women many years later? I assure you the STS method will bring healing and peace back into the deepest parts of your heart. You are loved.

    • Tristine says:

      Unfortunately our society calls abortion a “choice,” and figures that choice has no real consequences. Many so-called medical experts still refuse to believe that these symptoms are real despite the evidence.

      That’s why programs like these were developed, so that hurting women could find a safe place to deal with their “real” pain, come to terms with it, and be healed. And the reason why so many of these types of programs are Christ-based is because there is honest freedom from guilt and shame through our surrender to Him. No one knows that better than someone who’s experienced that firsthand. So many of the post-abortion healing courses have been designed by women who have been healed. That’s a good sign that we are all on the right path! The best news is that you found this program now and you are on the road to healing!

      One other encouraging thought: Jesus has already found you, the next step is believing YOU are worthy of being found, too. And I promise you from the bottom of my heart…YOU ARE!

  • Tristine says:

    Even after 23 years, I realized I’m still struggling with some core issues: anger, intimacy and low self-esteem. I wasn’t too surprised by that, after coming back from Rachel’s Vineyard a month ago and realizing certain issues are still lurking about. The healing process is just that…a process. Once we open the door to the healing, we have to be absolutely positive to continue following through, otherwise we’ll create more problems that will spiral out of control. Rachel’s Vineyard was a great experience for me to be with other women and share our stories and encourage one another to push through the pain. But when I got home, I knew I had to keep dealing with it. Healing doesn’t mean we won’t forget, or that we won’t ever again regret our decision. That is something we will carry with us, but it doesn’t have to define who we are anymore. It simply means God longs to comfort us and guide us through the process through His loving forgiveness. Our regret and shame will soon turn into peace…and a story to help other women realize that there is hope in Jesus. It may seem mind boggling and incredibly difficult to face now, but I promise it will get easier as long as we continue to trust God’s love through it all and not feel defeated.

    I want to also share that the enemy doesn’t want us to heal. Everything we feel about our abortions stem straight from the pits of hell. It will try to continue to badger us and try to make us believe God can’t heal something like this. Don’t be surprised if things in your life around you begin to feel out of control and take you off focus. I just want to encourage everyone to remain strong and determine yourself to stay in this process no matter what!

    • Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom Tristine. Your love and compassion for others is overflowing and I’m thankful you are participating in this study with us. Thank you for encouraging others and for your continued prayers. You are loved.

      • Tristine says:

        Thanks Christine S. You are loved, too. Thank you for starting this program and having a heart for hurting women to be healed! I pray that God will continue to strengthen you through this process, too! As our group leader, you need prayer, too!

        • I can use those prayers!!! Intense spiritual warfare as I lead this study and thankfully I’m being covered with prayer and not internalizing the personal attacks. It amazes me how many Christian “pro-choice” people are offended by this study and what I’m doing. Keeping my heart and mind focused on God the Father…He loves all of you so very much.

  • Shannon says:

    It was releaving and sad to journal about my abortion. It is something that I have kept hidden for so many years, trying to hide it from not only others because I was ashamed but also trying to hide it from myself, which has been impossible since it has followed me everywhere. I do have a prayer requet for further healing for myself but also my step daughter recently had an abortion and this is when my own abortion resurfaced ten fold. I so depereately wanted to help her, to stop her from making a decision that I knew very well she would regret and never be able to go back on but I couldn’t! This has hurt me, bringin up my own sorrow and regret and then knowong the sadness that she will feel and not being able to help her. I so desperately feel that I need to some how be abel to use my story to help others but I know that I am not quite there yet so I do need prayers. Prayers for further healing!

    • Thankfully you are healing from your own pain and someday will be able to encourage your step daughter through your STS experience. God will place it in your heart when the time is right for you to help others. With the work of the Holy Spirit, He will clean and heal your own wounds so you can minister to others. Once you take care of yourself and heal from your own past, you’ll be on fire to seek and find other women with similar pasts. Be still and wait for God- Psalm 37:7 as you are loved.

    • Tristine says:

      Shannon, I’m so sorry to hear this. Unfortunately we don’t have the power to change people’s minds. All we can do is love them through it. Your step-daughter may not “feel” much right now, but all you can do is offer your heart to her when she needs you. In the time being, focus on your healing and try not to let her decision affect your process. You and your step-daughter are in my prayers.

      Christine is right, once you begin to truly heal, you will be confident to share your story with others and it will make an impact where you least expect it.

  • Pat Layton says:

    I am writing to you from beautiful Tulsa, Oklahoma where I am training 30 NEW STS Leaders today and speaking tonight with Shari Rigby from October Baby.
    Stop by my Facebook and say hi to us. I would love to hear how your week goes.
    God has wrapped His arms around us as we all press in together to embrace His precious redemptive healing.
    Sister, God wants you healed.
    He wants your voice in the heartbreak that is stealing personal freedom from your sisters; neighbors; best girlfriends and daughters.
    Thank you for staying the course and hanging on. This is a tough week. I pray that you will be ministered to as God promises that we overcome the enemy by “The Blood of the Lamb and the Word of OUR testimony”!

    Lord, I lift up my sweet sisters today God. I ask you to give them strength and peace. I ask that you pour your spirit upon them. That they are STRONG AND COURAGEOUS as they take this next step towards healing and freedom from the heartbreak of abortion so that they might become women of truth and life in your Kingdom work. Amen!

    Blessings my friends. I’ll be back over the week to hear how you are.

    • CRK says:

      Pat, I will see you at Tulsa’s Night of Hope tonight. Thank you and Shari for coming to share your stories. I look forward to meeting you both.

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