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By April 22, 2012Cancer & Faith

This post is written by Cindy Hamilton as she shares her breast cancer journey with our readers. Please post a comment below and say a prayer for her today.

Samantha is only a young teenager.  During praise and worship at church last Sunday, she tentatively stepped on stage.  There was something she wanted to say.  She didn’t think it was very profound, but felt God’s leading in sharing it.  At spring break, her family went to an amusement park to ride the roller coaster.  Now, she had been on rollercoasters in the past, but nothing like this ride.  Her dad wanted her to experience it with him.  Trusting her father, she agreed.  As the ride sped up, she looked down to see her white knuckles wrapped around the railing.  Then she found herself upside down!! She trusted her dad!  She began yelling at him, ‘I’m going to get you after this!”  She was terrified.  How could her father do this to her?  Of course, they ended the ride safely.  She explained her walk with Jesus was a lot like this.  It was scary and exciting all at the same time.  She trusted Him, but sometimes she just wasn’t sure where He was taking her or why.  Her courage in sharing this touched all of us in church.  It certainly hit a chord in me.  I was sitting there in church listening and shivering.  Shivering because my white blood cells were plummeting.

Yes, it seemed like my last treatment was not being kind to my body.  I started running fever and felt terrible.  Going to the doctor the next day for my weekly treatment, I was still running fever and my blood count was too low to continue the next treatment. Discouragement began to set in.

In the mean time, on the other side of the country, I received this email from Christine from Women’s Bible Café: Let God work….and be still. Keep your focus on God…look UP….and He will heal. You’re on a rollercoaster with the safety belts attached firmly….God will never let go.”

Why does it still amaze me that God knows what He’s doing?  From two sides of the country, I received a special Word from Him.  This is truly how the Body of Christ works.  He uses each one of us to be His eyes, mouth, and ears to encourage and edify each other.  Sometimes we are hesitant to share a Word with a friend who is going through a difficult time, thinking that it really is nothing.  But, you never know how much that Word might mean to your special friend.

So, you and I ride that roller coaster, fingers clutched tightly and knuckles bleached white.  We are assured that He has clicked that safety belt and fastened our harness.  Hold on, it’s going to be an amazing ride.  Just remember, “to look UP”.



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  • Vicci Mauldin says:

    Hi Cindy. It is so good to hear from you. I know when my husband was sick with cancer, sometimes the only thing I could say was, “I trust you Lord. I trust you Lord.” I didn’t think I could pray but after a while I began to realize that these few words were prayers and He heard them. Cancer is a big rollercoaster ride. I ask you to continue to focus on Jesus. Matthew 11:28-30 are verses that I lean heavily on every day. Please read them and take on Jesus’ yoke. He is right there with you. Just fall into His large, comforting and healing arms. They are gentle and humble. Love you, Vicci 🙂

  • Sue Alice says:


    I am amazed at you and your trails. You are such a strong woman of God. Keep your seat belt on , and the Lord will lead you thorough this to a wonderful place. Blessings and prayers.

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