600 Women and 50 Small Groups!

By June 26, 2012Nehemiah

We now have 600+ women participating in the 2012 Summer Bible Study and 50 small groups…wow! One-hundred women registered on Tuesday and we quickly formed small groups and searched for leaders. Your leader will introduce herself and give you the first assignment for the week. The assignment is based on Beth Moore’s blog where she listed several questions for discussion. You have TWO WEEKS to answer the questions. Your small group leader will then post a comment on Beth’s blog to represent your group. Beth wants you to name your group…so you might try “WBC Group 55” or something more creative.

NOTE: Small groups are now full.

Here’s a list of the leaders:

Small Group Leaders

  1. Group 10- Traci
  2. Group 11- Traci
  3. Group 12- Traci
  4. Group 13- Traci
  5. Group 14- Jennifer D
  6. Group 15- Linda
  7. Group 16- Jennifer D
  8. Group 17- Lynn S
  9. Group 18- Jennifer D
  10. Group 19- Lauren
  11. Group 20- Pam
  12. Group 21- Sheree
  13. Group 22- Jennifer D
  14. Group 23- La Tanya
  15. Group 24- Esther
  16. Group 25- Linda
  17. Group 26- Carla
  18. Group 27- Beth
  19. Group 28- Sonya
  20. Group 29- La Tanya
  21. Group 30- La Tanya
  22. Group 31- La Tanya
  23. Group 32- Pam
  24. Group 33- Sharon
  25. Group 34- Sonya
  26. Group 35- Sonya
  27. Group 36- Sonya
  28. Group 37- Sonya
  29. Group 38- Laverne (Missy)
  30. Group 39- Debra
  31. Group 40- Amy S
  32. Group 41- Amy S
  33. Group 42- Michelle
  34. Group 43- Amy S
  35. Group 44- Marico
  36. Group 45- Sheree
  37. Group 46- Mel
  38. Group 47- Heather
  39. Group 48- Sonya
  40. Group 49- Carla
  41. Group 50- Terra
  42. Group 51- Jamie
  43. Group 52- Karen R
  44. Group 53- Karen R
  45. Group 54- Karen R
  46. Group 55- Sheree
  47. Group 56
  48. Group 57- Carolyn
  49. Group 58
  50. Group 59

Thank you to these amazing women who have stepped up to be small group leaders! You’ll receive an email from me later this week with information for your groups.

In Him,

Author Christine Abraham

Founder and Ministry Director of the Womens Bible Cafe™ since 2009, Christine has led 60+ online Bible Studies for women. She completed a Graduate of Biblical Studies from Liberty University. She's an inspired writer, Amazon Top Reviewer and Blogger Follow on Facebook

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  • Amy says:

    Hi, I was wondering when the next group study begins.


  • Suzanne says:

    I’m not sure if I’m signed up (I hope so), but I would love to be, so will you please add me to a group? 🙂

  • Amber says:

    Hiow do I know who my group leader is ?

    • Karen says:

      I’m wondering the same thing. At the top is says “Your small group leader will then post a comment on Beth’s blog to represent your group.” Maybe we will find out at that time?

      • Christine Smith says:

        Karen, you are not registered for this study so you were not placed into a small group. Do you want me to add you to a group?

    • Christine Smith says:

      You should have received an email from her and you can look on this list with your group number to see who is leading.

  • Susan says:

    Christine, isn’t God good? did you ever imagine three years ago that 600 women wold be doing Bible Study together here on this site! Thank you, once again, for your vision, your using the gifts God gave you to help all of us grow closer to Him!

    You know these studies over the past three years (I began three years ago with an Anne Graham Lotz study & have been involved in at least one study ever since) have helped walk me through good days and the hardest days of my life – -I am grateful for the lifeline they have been to me ! You are a blessing!

  • Carrie Simpson says:

    That is so awesome that Christ has reached out to so many!

  • Victoria says:

    How awesome it is to see so many women thirsting for God, His Word and His People! Praise Him for the work that He is doing through this summer study! 🙂

  • Sparki2003 says:

    Wow ! That is a whole lot of women seeking Jesus through His Holy Word ! Hallelujah !

  • Dianne says:

    Christine am I to late to get onto a gro. Lofeway has a book if I can still sign up.

  • Jean Burden says:

    I have a face-to-face small group in Conway, SC. We want to participate in the online groups too since some of my women will miss due to vacation. Can I still create a group for my Conway girls?

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