Surrendering the Secret Online Bible Study Week 7

Welcome back to the abortion healing bible study at the Womens Bible Cafe.  We’ve just finished reading week seven in Surrendering the Secret by Pat Layton. If you watched the video session then you heard Pat say “God’s work is a process and this is just the beginning of your journey….sometimes you need to retake this study to complete certain stages of healing.” So if you stumbled in this study or stopped working on your abortion recovery, please consider repeating the study in a local group with the trained Surrendering the Secret leaders. God will continue to heal you and the devil will continue to keep you from a pure heart. Make the choice to heal.

Acknowledge your unborn child’s life this week. You know your children are with God and not abandoned as you may have imagined during all those years of grieving. Your child lives in your heart and now you realize he or she has a place in heaven too. Do not be discouraged if you did not hear the name of your child or children this week, it may not be the right time for you. Continue to pray and to ask the Lord to reveal his or her identity to you. Continue to work on abortion healing and sharing your testimony with others. Trust the Lord to reveal his or her identity when He is ready.

If you struggle with this exercise, consider that you may still be detached from your child and hiding your pain. Seek help from a professional counselor if you cannot get past this point. Watch the session seven video and discover how other women reconnected with their children. It’s powerful!

If you participate in the live studies of Surrendering the Secret then you would have experienced a very touching memorial service for your baby during this week’s session. At home you had a memorial for your child and completed these statements:

  • My baby’s name is (or babies names are)…
  • One thing I never got to say to my baby (or babies) was…
  • I wish we had been able to…
  • I miss you most when….
  • When we are together in heaven, we will….

You’ll hold your baby forever inside your heart.  Release the peace that you deserve as a Daughter of the King. God has led you to this place of comfort…you are loved.

National Memorial for Unborn Children

There is a National Memorial Wall for the Unborn where you can order a nameplate for your unborn child or children, for more information- click here You can read more about the mother of this child when you –click here

Words from past participants of the STS bible study:

“It was freeing to acknowledge my aborted child as a son, a person, rather than a secret.  I anticipate heaven even more knowing I will “meet” someone I will know and love instantly.  And I believe the verse “There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” (Ro 8:1)  So All fear is gone.  I actually chose the name Christopher for my child and in my praying I believe God confirmed this name. After the memorial service for my unborn child, I felt free to both grieve and to celebrate the life that was.  The life that was going to be known here on earth to me and his father and the life that was(is) going on in Heaven with his Heavenly Father.  Not really a feeling of closure per se, but rather permission to think about this child, acknowledge this child, love this child, and rest that I am his  mother as well as my earthly children’s mother.” Tricia Heflin, former StheS participant.  Current Leader and National Trainer

“When I acknowledged that my child still exists and was not destroyed, it gave me such peace. Acknowledging her name and writing her a letter was an amazing experience as I dug deep into emotions I never allowed myself to feel. I learned her name is Grace Ann and after having the memorial service for her I felt much peace. I no longer hated myself.” Denise, past participant


Your journey continues this week. Start by viewing the video for session eight (optional due to the cost) and then complete the exercises in Session Eight of your Surrendering the Secret Learners Guide


During this abortion recovery bible study, we encourage you to pray for one another and for the leaders of the study. Please post a prayer request or praise report below, or visit the Prayer Wall.

Please pray for those women who do not know Jesus are are still living in the pain of past abortions. Pray they will accept His invitation for healing and peace and have the courage to face their past choice.

Group Discussion Questions

God will comfort you in the heart and voices of other women who share this journey. For confidentiality, we’ve created an anonymous email address for use during this bible study. Please use the same nickname throughout the study and use the email if you want to remain anonymous and keep your comments confidential.

  1. How did it feel to acknowledge your son or daughter as a child rather than as a secret?
  2. When you wrote your letter to your child or children, did God reveal if your child was a boy or girl, and did He reveal your child’s name to you?
  3. How did you feel after having the memorial service for your child or children?
  4. If you want, share with us your poem or letter to your child.
  5. Post a prayer request or tell us how we can support you right now.

If you need additional support for this journey, please contact Carrie Bond from Surrendering the Secret at or 817-629-9435



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  • Ellen Philpot says:

    Sweet friends,
    Just a word of encouragement to you this week. This time is one that will get sweeter as time goes on. While the LORD gives each of us a different sense of our child’s presence, whether it is by gender, name, appearance or all three, it is the acknowledgement that we can honor and are able to memorialize this little one (s). It has helped me to have something tangible to see, or to touch. Some have put a candle next to a family picture to signify the missing one, while others have even done an anonymous painting of a small child.
    My first memorial was to frame 3 of my g-grandmother’s antique handkerchiefs, one for each of my children. On the back of the frame, I put their names and dates of birth. Recently, I felt touched to do a small garden around a tree in our yard. Only God could have provided (3) heart-shaped stones from the creek bed behind our home to memorialize these precious lives. However, these acts of memorial have taken place over years, not just a matter of weeks. I have found a special flower that speaks to me, the hydrangea bush. In it, I see the many flowers that represent the many children sitting at Jesus’ feet. You, too will find solace and comfort in these temporal, but beautiful ways to honor your child. But, be patient, as it is all in God’s timing, sweet sister. And most importantly, it is His Presence that heals, His Love, His redeeming grace!
    My love to you as your study is beginning to close, but your joy in this journey is just beginning. Praying for you!

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