Choose Joy Online Bible Study Begins July 30, 2012

You’re invited to participate in online bible study as we read the book Choose Joy, Because Happiness Isn’t Enough by Kay Warren. In this 4-week womens online bible study you’ll learn why some people seem to experience joy in their daily lives–even in the tough times–and others can’t seem to find it no matter how hard they search. You’ll explore the question “Is a joy-filled life really possible?

The answer is yes! And it’s possible for every woman, no matter what her circumstances may be. In this inspiring book, Kay Warren teaches women what joy really is, where to find it, and how to choose it in the good times and the bad. With compassion and wisdom, she shows readers–even those who live with the constant companions of discouragement and depression–that true joy is deeper, richer, and more accessible than they might think. Perfect for small groups or individual reading, Choose Joy will empower women who feel like their emotions and well-being are at the mercy of others by helping them understand the life-giving truth that joy is within their grasp–every day.

To participate in this online womens bible study, you’ll need a copy of the book Choose Joy by Kay Warren, available at Amazon or your favorite bookstore. We also recommend the Choose Joy Participants Guide and Choose Joy DVD’s for your study, however they are optional due to the cost.

If you’ve never participated in online study at the Womens Bible Cafe, it’s pretty simple. You’ll read the book at home, then visit the Womens Bible Cafe anytime to participate in a online group discussion. Make sure you read the Getting Started page because the most common questions are answered here.

Participate by yourself or with a friend. Either way, you won’t be alone! We have many women from around the world and your participation in the group discussions makes the study enjoyable for all! Join us in live Facebook chats for a deeper study.



How to Join the Choose Joy Online Bible Study

  • Register for this study at the Womens Bible Cafe when you post a comment below. Be sure to introduce yourself and tell us where you live.
  • Subscribe to the email updates for the Womens Bible Cafe- click here
  • Get a copy of Choose Joy by Kay Warren (required)
  • Get a copy of Choose Joy Participants Guide (optional, for use with DVD’s)
  • Get a copy of Choose Joy DVD’s (optional due to the cost)


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