Esther Online Bible Study Week 8

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Welcome back to the Bible Cafe as we continue Esther by Beth Moore. We’ve just finished week eight in our workbook and we have one more week of study. One of the ladies in my small group mentioned that this week was s life-changer for her and a powerful lesson. Did you have a similar experience? If so, post a comment below and let me know.

This week in our study Mordecai was given the task of writing a new edict to save his people, while at the same time restricted from reversing the first one. In a clever turn of events he orchestrates a new plan birthed by God. Once again we know God is present yet His name is never mentioned directly. “If it pleases the King….” is repeated a few times in this study. One can’t help but wonder if Esther was referring to the King of Kings….

Have you ever stopped and thought about this yourself? When you make your next big decision, why not pause and ask yourself “if it pleases the King.”  Seek His will, not yours.

We are reminded on page 180 of our study that “to lay everything on the line for her people would either kill Esther or heal her.” This is a powerful conclusion by Beth Moore. Not only did her actions heal Esther, they healed a nation of people.

We saw in our study that God prepared Esther in advance for this time in history. Look into your own life story and see where He specifically prepared you for something. At the time you might not see it as clearly as you would now.

Prayer Requests

Our Prayer Wall is the place to reach out with your prayer needs and praise reports. Please visit the page and pray for those people who are asking for you to lift them up in prayer. Pray for the leaders of this study and the women in your small group.

Homework For The Week

  • Read Week Nine in your workbook.
  • If you’re using the video or audios for this study, watch Session Eight and Nine
  • Join a small group this week. To see the small group schedule please click here
  • For those in my Saturday small group, we’ll be discussing week 8 on Saturday
  • Register for the next Bible study- Share Jesus Without Fear when you click here

Discussion Questions- Discuss with your small group or post a comment below

  1. Have you ever had an ugly cry in public? If so, share what happened. (page 178)
  2. Without defaming anyone, when we the last time you enlisted someone’s help only to hear the equivalent of “it’s not my problem?” (page 182)
  3. Can you think of a time when someone else really needed you to be his or her hero but you couldn’t? Explain why. (page 183)
  4. Can you think of a time when God wanted to show you what you could do, rather than let you find someone do it for you? If so, please share it. (page 185)
  5. What differences has Jesus made in your life that are outward signs of your new identity as a member of the royal priesthood (or an heiress!)? (page 192)

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  • missy2u says:

    The more bible study classes I partake in the more I understand how the bible is a type of mirror. It forces you to look at yourself and in tis study that is exactly what I am doing.

    When my marriage suddenly ended in 2005 I had a UGLY cry in church several weeks in a row. And as quickly as I was breaking down God wrapped me in those loving arms and wiped my tears away. After time passed I remembered the break up and the incident but believe me when I say I didn’t remember the pain. I remember being IN pain but not the pain and that is what i love about God.

    I needed to be PFC Knapp’ hero when we were in the military. Obviously she clearly should not have been in the Army however she was and she was on my squad. She was mentally challenged and it was clear to see in her speech, and how she cared for herself. The other soldiers stole from her and picked on her and I SHOULD’ve been her hero and I was not.

    Knapp where ever you are please know “I knew not what I didn’t do” but I am glad the Holy Spirit protected you and got you out of the military a place where your parents never should’ve let you join, and the military never should’ve accpted you.

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