How Do You Face Discouragement

By November 20, 2012Identity
Jesus Painting by Akiane

Jesus Painting by Akiane

Author and women’s ministry leader Marie Wikle just published an article called Discouragement, Why Bother on her Spreading Joy website. She asked me to read and comment on the article, and here’s what I posted:

How do you face discouragement?

I face it with Jesus. I know He is beside me and I know at times He faced it too. Then I ask myself what He would do, and I’m certain Jesus would pray and spend time with His Father. So in essence, I face discouragement with HOPE. It’s my faith and my belief in a higher Kingdom and purpose. It’s my TRUST in His will and purpose. If I dare to face discouragement from a world view, then I am lost and drowning in self.

The Lord is my strength, my Rock, my Hope and my Encouragement. He lives.

Please read Marie’s full article and post a comment on her website when you click here.

To learn about the 12 year old girl who painted this image of Jesus, click here.


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  • Jemme says:

    Despair seems to have been following me for 14 years, am 26 and still waiting for my life to begin. How do you keep your faith when it feels like you don’t have a family, your friends don’t have a clue what you go through, life becomes a battle of pretense just so others don’t acknowledge cracks in your life!! I try to trust on God but how long can one bare pain and misery!! (Don’t mean to be heavy but sometimes it feels easier to give up. If suicide was not a sin, i truly believe i would result to it) Life should not feel too painful to live

    • As you journey through life, you will see purpose in your trials and suffering. Suicide is a medical condition and depression needs medical assistance. There are times when the brain chemicals are out of balance, causing hopelessness. It’s not a sin to get medical help for this illness. I pray you will seek help and not linger in the darkness of depression. You are loved.

  • Marie says:

    @Nancy – that happens sometimes but its wonderful that you are well aware of it and can take action. praise and prayer are the greatest weapons you have…use often!

    @Carol that gratitude journal will be more powerful than you realize. when discouragement and/or depression sets in, you’ll be able to hold, see and remember beyond doubt the blessings that surround you!

    @anna – HE not only will hear your cry, HE cares – 1 Peter 5:7 – reminds us….. cast all your cares on HIM – HE Cares for YOU

  • Nancy says:

    Discouragement seems to be working overtime in the lives of those around me right now. My two daughters and a friend of ours have all complained about being in a funk/having the blahs/ finding it hard to get motivated. I have told all three to make a list of 12 things for which they can be thankful and then send the list to me (so I know they have actually done it). It seems to have helped them.

  • Carol says:

    I realize that discouragment can really tax your strenght and focuses on the desparity of the situation. Sometimes I conquer it and other times I hit the cookies or the chips. Since being in the “True Woman 101” bible study has opened my eyes to a lot of things I do that base on myself rather than the Lord. Recently, Christine you had us post a comment on having “Gratitude” for Thanksgiving and I thought I will start a “Gratitude Journal” and remind me every day of my life what Christ has done for all of us on the cross.

  • sibongle anna mmifi says:

    Things are not going well now in my life,I hope God will hear my cry

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