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Mended: Pieces of a Life Made Whole
by Angie Smith

In her book, Mended: Pieces of a Life Made Whole, Angie Smith writes about being shattered into tiny pieces by life and then lovingly put back together and held into place by God.  She talks about the healing work God did in her following the loss of her newborn baby years ago and how even though she feels still broken and cracked in places, God loves her and wants to be glorified in her.

Isn’t that the story for so many of us?  Even if our pain and our testimony isn’t exactly the same as hers, still we experience brokenness and still God lovingly rejoins our pieces and then uses us.  In fact, we’re better at reflecting His glory that way—with His light shining through all the holes and missing pieces.

She also has a wonderfully fresh perspective for a long-time church girl like me.  Angie Smith didn’t grow up doing the Christian-thing, so she writes as someone remembering the discovery of God’s Word and His character.  I love this about her.  It makes what she has to say fresh and full of grace.

Angie Smith’s writing is also lovingly honest and funny, vulnerable and true.  She’s an engaging storyteller who finds God in the everyday bits and pieces of life.  This book is a collection of her more devotional-like blog entries, reworked a bit to fit the format and style of a book.  They could be used as a daily devotional and slowly worked through with time for reflection or it can be read like a normal book.  There are no homework lessons or discussion questions per se, but she finishes off each chapter with a brief section called “mending,” where she prompts you to think and apply.

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