How to Use the Online Small Groups

The Womens Bible Cafe is leading online small groups for Bible study. We use a private Facebook group to discuss the lessons each week. Attendance is highly recommended for fellowship and personal growth. We share our thoughts about the weekly reading assignment, fellowship and pray for one another. You’re welcome to attend any group, so if you are in the Saturday group and miss the session because of a family event, then you can attend the Sunday night group or another time that fits your schedule.

We have 300+ women participating in the study, so we have many different small groups sessions. Each small group will discuss the EXACT same questions so you only need to attend one each week. There are about 10-15 women who will attend each small group, and some women who are not on Facebook and doing the study independently.

To join the Facebook group, you need to login to your Facebook account and then request to join the chatroom. A leader will approve your request. To join the chatroom click here.

How to participate in the online small groups for the Womens Bible Cafe:

We’re a very active group on Facebook, so you should change your email notifications for the group or you will get 300+ messages in just one day! Go to the right side of the group page, click “NOTIFICATIONS” then click ‘SETTINGS” and turn OFF the email messages. Go to your personal settings, find “notifications” and then “groups” and change the settings. Finally, turn off the setting that says “notify me when someone comments after me in a post.”

Change your personal settings here:

For more information see:

If you are using a MOBILE PHONE then you need to change the notification settings on your mobile phone application.

LIVE CHATS are posted on the group page, not the fan page. Once a Facebook group exceeds 200 people the Facebook chat feature is disabled and you must use the main wall. It might seem as if the conversation is moving too quickly, one way to keep track is to click the “like button” after you have read a comment. Then you know where you are in the timeline. This usually happens on the first group meeting, and once the women learn to use the group then the speed of the conversation slows to a normal pace 🙂

To reply to a question or comment, please use the “comment” button below each post. To edit a comment after you posted it….go to the right top corner of your comment box and hover with the cursor, then you’ll see the edit button!

Your comments are PRIVATE and only the women in the chatroom will see them. It will not appear in your timeline or in your personal profile unless one of your personal friends is also in the WBC private group. Please do not share your personal information with anyone on Facebook and do not accept friend requests unless you have established a level of mutual trust.

We hope you enjoy the live small group discussions as much as we do!

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