Being Obedient to Share Jesus- Week 4

Happy New Year and welcome back to the Women’s Bible Cafe! We just finished Share Jesus Without Fear by William Fay- congratulations on completing the Bible study! During Christmas week you had time to reflect on Jesus and possibly talk to others about Him. I hope you found this bible study useful for these conversations. If you did not have the opportunity to share your faith with others, watch for opportunities. Remember that success is not converting someone…success is obedience to God. Look for opportunities to share your testimony and listen to the heart of another person as you bring him or her closer to a relationship with God.

The final chapter in the book includes 36 responses to objections when sharing the gospel with others. Most of these are supported with scripture verses. I took time to write out the verses and I’m sharing them on my Facebook page along with the question “What does this verse say to you?”  I’ve enjoyed reading the responses and engaging in the conversation. Give it a try and see what happens when you share scripture on your Facebook page.

A few women in the small groups said they enjoyed this book so much, they’ve already started reading it a second time. This was the same experience I had…the book is so rich with wisdom that it’s not something I read cover to cover and then place on a shelf. I’ve read it twice and will continue reading it as I encounter new opportunities and challenges.

Please continue to update me on your personal stories as you witness and Share Jesus with others. It has been my pleasure to study with you and I look forward to starting Experiencing God  next week.

Prayer Requests

Our Prayer Wall is the place to reach out with your prayer needs and praise reports. Please visit the page and pray for those people who are asking for you to lift them up in prayer. Pray for the leaders of this study and the women in your small group.

Discussion Questions- Discuss with your small group or if you’re doing the study independently, post a comment below

  1. Did you have any opportunities to share your faith this past week? If so, what happened?
  2. What characteristics make us fear that some people are unlikely to receive Jesus as Savior and Lord?
  3. How does this perspective become a barrier to our sharing Jesus with certain people?
  4. Remember, success is not bringing someone to Christ. What does success look like to you personally?

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  • Nancy James says:

    I too enjoyed the study very much. I particularly felt that by being given specific questions to ask & common
    scenarios that anyone can be equipped to share Jesus. Even those who are new to the faith like me who do not have many scriptures memorized.
    I will reread and also suggest the book to my church as a small group study.
    I am grateful how God works by a chain of events that was planned before the creation of man. It astounds me how perfect his plan is for us.

    • I like the way this study is leading into the Experiencing God study. As we share our testimony and revisited the foundation of our faith, we’re now learnign to experience God’s love. Wow!

  • Carolyn Peters says:

    This was the most freeing study I have ever taken. I have had a real fear in my about sharing Jesus with anyone because of a past experience that didn’t turn out well. I learned through this study that it wasn’t my fault and now I am also prepared to share Jesus with anyone that I meet. I am so thankful for Christine and Tina who poured their hearts out to us as they lead us through the study. Their guidance and love was simply amazing. I met a lot of beautiful sisters in Christ Jesus through this study and am honored to know them on such an intimate level. I thank my Lord God for showing me to Women’s Bible Cafe and this study. Thank you Christine, Tina and all of my sisters!

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