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Surfing for God: Discovering the Divine Desire Beneath Sexual Struggle
Michael John Cusick

An addiction to pornography isn’t about sex.  That’s the message Michael Cusick shares in his book: Surfing for God: Discovering the Divine Desire Beneath Sexual StruggleInstead, like any addiction and like any struggle with habitual, enslaving sin, it’s about believing God’s best isn’t good enough.  It’s about filling up the gaping holes in our soul with idols that will never satisfy.  surfingforgodAs G.K. Chesterton wrote, “Every man who knocks on the door of a brothel is looking for God.”

As a woman who has never struggled with an addiction to pornography or any other stronghold of sexual sin, I’m clearly not the target audience of this book.  In fact, the book limits its focus to men and even beyond that primarily married men.

Still, the lessons Cusick shares about sin in general and about addictive behaviors specifically are helpful for a wider circle of readers. All of us can learn to identify the false gods to which we turn for satisfaction and that the second best offerings of the world make us lust perpetually for more.  We can learn how to break endless cycles of shame and repentance, failure and self-hatred.

This book also serves as a useful tool for women who are married or dating men with a sexual addiction, as well as ministry and lay leaders involved in counseling and leading mean with this struggle.

And it is a significant struggle.  The church has so often overlooked or simply not chosen to talk about a sin that holds many of the men (and women) in our pews and even the pastors in our pulpits absolutely hostage.   It’s time to talk openly about it so we finally force Satan’s lies into the light.  Cusick starts the conversation, sharing his own personal story with addiction and what he went through to now live in freedom.

Divided into three sections, this book identifies the lies and underlying desires that lead men to struggle with porn; reveals why breaking free from the addiction is so difficult; and then unearths the Gospel message that leads you to freedom and wholeness.  The second section includes a discussion of how pornography physically changes your brain and how failure to recognize that and deal with it so often prevents men from breaking the addiction.

Perhaps one of the great message of the book is, “You are not alone.”  If this is your struggle, there’s no longer a reason to slump down in your pew when the preacher mentions sin or to hide and lie and pretend any longer.  Others are struggling, too, and the simple honesty of confession can begin that process of breaking through to freedom.

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