Welcome to Online Bible Study!

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Welcome to online Bible study, we start two new studies on April 22, 2013. We have more than one thousand women registered for Breaking Free by Beth Moore and Wonderstruck by Margaret Feinberg. It’s not unusual for at least 200+ more women to join us the first week of study. If you would like to join the online Bible study for women then click here.

Welcome to Online Bible Study for Women

What to Expect in Online Bible Study

  • If you received this update by email, then you are registered for the Bible study updates. If you did not get this by email, look in your spam folder and also make sure you verified your email address with Feedburner. If you’re not sure if you registered, then type your email into the “subscribe by email” box in the right column of this website and follow the instructions.
  •  On April 22, you will start reading chapter one (week one) in your workbooks. You’ll have five daily lessons. It’s important to do one lesson a day, so you can reflect and pray on what you learned. If you miss one day during the week, you still have the weekend to make up your missed lesson.
  • Video and audio sessions are optional for online Bible study. We don’t violate copyright laws so we do not share them here on our website. You can purchase them from Lifeway.com (we are not affiliated with Lifeway Publishers)
  • Once a week you’ll have the option to meet in a small group, this is optional though highly recommended.
  • Once a week you’ll get an email update from this website with a summary of the lesson, discussion questions and the next reading assignment.

What to Expect in Online Small Groups

  • Currently the online small groups meet via a private Facebook group. They are very popular and powerful in content.
  • Small groups meet for about one hour. To see the small group schedule click here.
  • You can use a mobile device to participate in the Facebook groups.
  • The first small group meetings are INTRODUCTION meetings. The leader and co-leader will introduce themselves, explain how the small groups function and you’ll meet the other women in your group.
  • The first week the small groups will be very crowded….so it seems like the timeline is moving too fast. Don’t worry, you can go back anytime during the week to see what you missed. After the first week the timelines go back to a normal pace and it’s much easier to follow.
  • You can edit or delete your small group comments anytime.
  • Only the members of the chatroom (private Facebook group) can see your comments in the timeline.
  • If you are concerned about the safety or privacy of Facebook, we suggest you create a Facebook account only for use in online Bible study. Most women are using their personal Facebook accounts…however we want you to feel comfortable, so do what works best for you. Facebook terms of service only allow one account per user, yet we know people who do use more than one account.
  • As a general rule, don’t say anything on Facebook that you wouldn’t say in public. Be careful. Dont share something that might hurt another person, violate someone’s privacy, or cause harm.
  • We are non-denominational and have zero tolerance for legalism. We do not debate religious rules and doctrines; we fellowship in love and respect for one another. Our chatrooms are monitored by 11 ministry leaders. Learn more about our leaders when you click here.
  • We are testing software for a chatroom off Facebook and this group will have less flexibility and features. As soon as it’s functional we’ll post an announcement. Because of the limited interest in this type of chatroom, it will not meet as frequently as the Facebook groups.
  • The same questions are discussed in each small group, so you only need to attend one group per week. Some women like to attend more than one group to fellowship and learn.
  • Optional: We’ll have accountability partners for this study if you want one. Each day you will text message, email or Facebook message your partner to tell her “I finished my lesson today.” If she does not get an update from you, she will reply back to encourage you. She will also pray with you as you need it. You will be paired up with a partner after your first small group meeting.

What to Do Next

  • Pray for the women who are joining you in this online Bible study
  • Pray for the ministry leaders as we prepare the materials and discussions
  • Watch for spiritual warfare as the start date approaches. You’ll observe distractions, discouragement and deception from the enemy as he tries to prevent you from Bible study. Read about My First Bible Study when you click here.

I look forward to the introduction week and reading through these amazing Bible study workbooks with you. If you have any questions please post them below and I’ll reply to your question.


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  • Laverne says:

    Welcome to those of you starting your first study with WBC, my name is Laverne Brown, but on Facebook you will see Laverne AsIam (which represent who I am As I AM…:) some people thought that was my last name, just a play on take me as I am.

    I’m so looking forward to WonderStruck and possibly joining some of the chats. Christine I like the idea of the sisters journeying with one another during the bible study.

    God bless and I hope to see you all on the other side at Face book 🙂

  • Can’t wait! I am reading the book in an online book club. I am itching to jump into the Bible study workbook. This is such a great book!

  • Susan says:

    I will most likely use the new chatroom platform, as I don’t feel comfortable openly discussing personal things on facebook.

    • Over time I have become more comfortable with Facebook. I disliked the format and then realized that many of the guests for our Bible studies were using Facebook, so I joined them there and we created the small groups for them. Now I love it! Do what is comfortable for you Susan. As I leader I needed to go where the people are gathered…and unfortunately that is Facebook 😉

  • Donna White says:

    I have an earlier study book for Breaking Free. Is it necessary for me to purchase the latest one?

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