Wonderstruck Online Bible Study Week 1

Welcome back to womens online Bible study as we study Wonderstruck by Margaret Feinberg.  We are gathered with women all over the world as we discover the magnificent and glorious Father who loves us. What a blessing to be in small groups this week and discuss our definition of wonderstruck. I saw many women using the word through this past week, more attentive to the Presence of the God who sees.


This week we were awakened to His wonder, opened our hearts to expect the unexpected, and saw a glimpse of God in our everyday lives. He captured our attention in small groups as we discerned what takes away His wonder in our lives and what renews it. A few of you mentioned that physical and emotional pain blinds us to His wonder. Some of you said that pride and self-interest cloud our vision. It’s tempting to be pulled away from the majesty of God when our eyes are not on Him. Easily we become the brother of the prodigal son, looking at our own needs and blinded to the goodness of the Father. To be filled with wonder is to have all eyes on Him, with open hearts and minds.

On day four in the workbook, you created a list of 20 ways God revealed Himself through scripture and deeds. It’s wise to create  a habit of journaling His deeds, so I hope you’re using the back of the workbook or a spiritual journal for this purpose. Recalling His deeds allows you to become a historian of your family experiences and to share God’s deeds from generation to generation.

My prayer is that you will be astonished by God in the week ahead. May you see Him in the details of your day and record your personal observations. Pray for His Presence, seek His face and listen for His whisper. Never be too busy for Abba!

Prayer Requests

Our Prayer Wall has many requests, so please visit the page during the week and pray for these women who are asking for your help. If you have a prayer request for our prayer wall, post a comment on the wall.

For Next Week

  • Read Week Two in your book.
  • Listen to Video Session Two (optional due to cost)
  • Check in with your Small Group for prayer requests and fellowship

Group Discussion- Answer one question or as many as you like

  1. When is the last time you encountered the wonder of God? (page 12 )
  2. What prevents you from living with the expectation that God wants to do awesome work in, through, and around you? (page 13 )
  3. What stops you from taking bigger risks in your walk with God? (page 18 )
  4. When have you been amazed by God’s work in someone else’s life? (page 27 )

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  • Susan says:

    I think my mom helped me from the time I was little to be appreciative and in awe of God’s creation – if it was the beauty of His creation, the beauty in art and music she always would help me see God.
    The question that touched my heart this week, was
    3.What stops you from taking bigger risks in your walk with God? (page 18 )
    because it made me honestly think of what does make me not always be obedient to God or what prevents me from stepping out in faith . . .and it’s my own insecurities, my lack of self-worth. fear of failure. and I realize I need to take the focus off me and look more to Him.

  • Lynn says:

    When is the last time you encountered the wonder of God? (page 12 )
    Last week I lived with holy anticipation and divine expectation-WOW! Was I amazed and wonderstruck! My sister who does not live here came to town and has not spoke with me in two years called me and asked if I wanted to have coffee-Then the next day our Dad came in to town and she has not spoken with him even longer than that-We had a family reunion here at my house Monday morning! It was a time of forgiveness, love, sharing and prayer. God was definitely the master of this beautiful plan! Thank you Lord Jesus of your bigness in our small lives-Thank you for your divine blessings in our little lives.

    • Carolyn Wall says:

      Lynn, thanks for sharing that, that really ministered to me and I’m sure many others, Carolyn

  • Carolyn says:

    Answer to number 4/I would say when my son was healed of mycopolysacridocious an enzyme disease we were in the middle of adoption process to get him in our home many people praying,he was 13 months, at 16 months the disease was gone, factual on paper, I still told God I would take him even if the other happened, that was a work in my heart and my husbands, it was all Him. Son is now 20yrs. old struggles with ADHD/Biopolar, but is trying with all his heart in Community College.God has a PLAN!Carolyn

  • Carolyn Wall says:

    Missy, thanks for your comments, I laughed with you as you said if I think BIG, what He could DO!!AMEN, after years and years of getting to know Him, I still want to grow BUT keep our WONDERSTRUCK amazement of HIM, and His ways, amen, Sister, Carolyn

  • Carolyn Wall says:

    2.Probably impatience, and also gaining doubt in my heart, when I shouldn’t BUT God breaks thru and He waits for the perfect time, and He designs all things for our lives so perfectly, and when we don’t think Hes working, thats a lie, He is always working going ahead of us preparing the way—and leaving us Wonderstruck–I LOVE that about Him NO BOXES for HIM, Praise Him!3.He turns my fears to Faith- BUT I don’t want to get ahead of Him, when I take a step, or RISK HE MORE THAN MEETS ME and teaches, and carries me! Warmly, Carolyn

  • missy2u says:

    What prevents you from living with the expectation that God wants to do awesome work in, through, and around you? (page 13 )

    Umm this is a tough convoluted response which I pray I can convey in the way I feel it. First off I know God loves me and only wants the best for me, which is why He has laid it all out for us, no confusion, no tricks no hard puzzles to figure out.
    But when it comes to these God size blessings I feel those things happen to other people not me. Not that I don’t deserve them but just because I don’t expect them. So since I think small and I am happen with MY blessing which fit my life style that is what I get, (the blessing that are for me are always on time) and I am still awestruck. But I wonder what would happen when begin to THINK BIG!!!! My Lord…

    I have been amazed by God’s work in someone else’ life, one of my good friends work PT and she is single. She just recently purchased her first home and that amazed me on so many levels. But as William Blackaby said in Experiencing God, what you believe about God revelas what you will do. My friend believes God brought that house to her and since He did that the Holy Spirit will show her how to manage and keep it. My Lord.

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