Breaking Free Online Bible Study | Week 2

Welcome back to Bible study, as we discuss week two from Breaking Free by Beth Moore. This week we examined the five primary benefits God extends to His children. Beth writes “the absence of any one benefit will become a very helpful indicator of captivity.”  The purpose in recognizing the benefits is to become aware of any captivity in your life. Beth Moore says as “A Christian is held captive by anything that hinders the abundant and effective Spirit-filled life of God planned for her.” When you are lacking in one or more of the five benefits, you’re probably in captivity and it’s time to break free.

breaking free online bible study week 2

Recognize that breaking free is not always easy, and you can expect some pushing and pulling from Satan as he clings to his captives. He’s not letting go without a fight and the longer your captivity, the harder you’ll feel spiritual warfare. Wouldn’t you agree that knowing God, believing God, finding satisfaction in God, glorifying God, experiencing God’s peace and enjoying God’s presence are all WORTH fighting for?

Are you revealing God’s glory to others, or are you revealing the shame and worry Satan has placed upon your back? As you continue the journey to break free, you’ll reclaim the five benefits from being a Daughter of the King. Your journey does not begin and end in one or two bible lessons, it’s a process over time. Stay with us…even when the ride gets uncomfortable or Satan whispers “the study is too hard, you don’t have the time, it’s just too much for you.” Stay the course and know freedom from captivity.

So now there is no condemnation for those who belong to Christ Jesus.  And because you belong to him, the power of the life-giving Spirit has freed you from the power of sin that leads to death. Romans 8:1-2 NLT

Beth reminds us that as you grow in spiritual maturity, Christ is more recognizable in you. You must be honest with God and with yourself to make this journey. Surrender your thoughts and feelings to God. You can’t duct-tape your past, put a bandage over the wounds and expect to know full joy and peace through Christ in you. It’s time for all captives to be set free and know the joy of living with the peace of God, who surpasses all human understanding. Phil 4:7 NIV

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Romans 15:13 NIV

Prepare your hearts and minds for the joy of God’s presence. Through Breaking Free with Beth Moore, you will notice a new mindset and attitude towards your past and your future. Your commitment and participation are essential to this journey.

If you’re struggling with the online format or the workbook itself, please check in with your small group leader or contact me. Don’t think for one minute that your answers don’t matter! They are important to this study and we all learn from one another. I know you can do better this time…so please post a comment below and join the group discussion!

Assignment For The Week

Group Discussion- Answer with your online small group or post a comment here

  1. Can you think of anything you worked hard to attain that ultimately failed to bring about the satisfaction you were expecting? Explain. (page 41 )
  2. How do you know when you are spiritually hungry or thirsty? Explain.
  3. Can you think of a time when you sensed God’s presence the clearest? What were the circumstances? (page 50 )
  4. Can you think of a time in your Christian life when you could not sense God’s presence at all? What were the circumstances? (page 50 )

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  • Debbie says:

    Can you think of anything you worked hard to attain that ultimately failed to bring about the satisfaction you were expecting? Explain. (page 41 )
    I am a work-a-holic. I thought I was living in grace but I wasn’t. So I have my whole life decisions to regret. I do not regret my decision in 1969-70 to give my life for Christ. I read chapter 32 verse 23 instead of 31:23. But it summed up my life very well. I am learning to turn it around. I went thru this study last year and saw my life free up. I love the change but still have lots to work on.

    How do you know when you are spiritually hungry or thirsty? Explain.
    I realized from this part of the study that I am satisfied in Him because I do miss Him when I have not met with him. That was encouraging to me. I hadn’t been sure of that answer before.

    Can you think of a time when you sensed God’s presence the clearest? What were the circumstances? (page 50 )
    Can you think of a time in your Christian life when you could not sense God’s presence at all? What were the circumstances? (page 50 )
    I am starting to understand and believe strongly that God is with me and cares. It is easier when I work through my days now to know God is always there. I need Him and He is always there for me.

  • Shantel says:

    4. Was there ever a time when I couldn’t feel Christ’s prescence? Yes. Right now its so hard to hear from about my situation. I have been single for 4 years now. In the past 1 and half years I’ve really developed a desire to be in a relationship/marriage. It seems like the only time I hear from Christ is when I’m with someone he doesn’t want me to be with. Then they go off and get married/engaged and Im left looking crazy. All I keep hearing is “Wait on the Lord and be of good courage.” At this point Im tired of waiting and I’ve wanted to walk away from him, but every time I try I seem to draw closer to him. The only thing I have left is my love for Christ.

  • Robbin Weigle. says:

    Yes, I worked so hard,prayed and researched a lot of hospitals for months until I found one in Texas that mentioned they had treatments that would not cause horrible bladder systems. It took me another 2months to get everything they need. I flew out there with my sister and a friend I was told I could be there for more than 7 days. Well I met with the oncologist it was a 35 min meeting only to find out they use chemo and they are not specialized in urology. Big disappointment for all of us.,
    2. My heart and soul are not satisfied to touch the surface I want to know The Lord personally and learn as much as I can about him in every way.
    3, yes, I was lying in bed reading the bible when out of nowhere I felt an overwhelming presence of love,joy and peace. It’s hard to really explain the feeling that I experienced it was just a wow factor.
    4.yes, it’s been a very difficult road medically I feel separated with no concise direction and answers for 8 months but he showed me yesterday during a visit to my oncologist that he is very much answering prayers in a still and quiet way. My tumor markers are very good I don’t have to make a decision for treatments at this time I will have another bone scan in July to see we’re I’m at. She’s wants to give me quality of life and I hope to find the cure for the pain but I know it’s God who has his Hands on me he shows me with each test result what a gift a miracle of his love,compassion, his reality in my life and my family it’s just awesome. I could not feel his presence or see the answers to prayers but all the while he is saying ‘ I’m here just trust me ‘

  • cindi jones says:

    I thank God so much for His presence!I am walking through the deepest valley of looss of three of closes love ones, and I’m not quite sure how, but I do Know that God does. He left us a comforter in the Holy spirit is abundantly always there. Satan enters into when we are weak and says God doesn’t care about you Where is He? Heb 13:5 He promises never to abandon us. I get to be more like Him in the end. I hunger and thirst for Him even more now in this season of life, and He is holding my hand .

  • Beatriz says:

    How do you know when you are spiritually hungry or thirsty? Explain
    Every Friday I look foward to go to my church womens bible class is were we all get together and express out thoughts and feeling ..Two fridays ago I was very happy and looking foward to in bible study I express my self like I never did before I encourage one of the ladies that were there and she was going thru some ruff time with her family as soon I started talking I looked right in to her eyes and I was speaking Gods word…was amazing…

  • Carol says:

    I like to share my morning daily word that I received faithfully from Joel and Victoria Osteen….I enjoy reading them daily as well as I record them weekly on TV to receive my hunger and thirst…..this is what encourage me to stay strong…think positive….and do my upmost to be kind to others….and give back…’s daily word is what we are talking about in our bible study today….Capative……I quote to you Joel and Victoria Osteen daily….as it reads below…
    “TODAY’S WORD from Joel and Victoria”
    “In the Old Testament when this scripture was written, God’s people were going through a very dark time. They were being held captive and mistreated by other nations. God sent this word to encourage them and give them hope for their future, and when the time came, God was faithful to His Word!
    Are you going through a difficult time today? Let this word bring you encouragement, too. God wants to give you double for your trouble. He is the God of restoration — that means He’s not going to just repay you for every wrong done, He’s going to go above and beyond and make things even better than they were before.
    If you are facing challenges today or going through a time of adversity, remember, it’s always darkest just before the dawn appears. Your days are destined to shine brighter because God is faithful. As you stay in faith and are obedient to His Word, you’ll receive double for your trouble and see His promises come to pass!”

    With said…..yes…we all are going through difficult time right now..praying for a love one…..praying for our children…praying for restore in a relationship….praying for a better job….and more….that the Captive of challenges is holding up back from receiving the direction from God…where he wants to lead us with open doors of blessing…..I am not saying it is going to be easy….because it is not….I am going through them myself….but I have prayed to God to help me with these Captive challenges and give me the direction he wants me to go…so that I can be set of “Breaking Free” of the obstacles and receive my blessing of what God has in store for me…I have good days….and now it is become better days… I mentioned yesterday comment…I was having problems in getting into the 1st week bible study…..that the devil was trying to keep me from the bible study class and the reading of the homework….well, yesterday morning…I woke up saying to God….today is going to be a good day…..through my day traveling to work…..I listen to a CD book with positive thoughts…that will help and encourage me to focus on positive thoughts and keep negative thoughts out of my head…..I read something that said when negative thoughts comes into your mind…hum and song in my head…..and pray to God to remove all negative that is coming into my head….we my day went very well during work and after…..after I got settle in and relax from work…..I prayed and ask help to help me focus on my bible study….so I started reading week 1……I was so amazed how focus I was reading and learning about Isaiah…..that I felt I was “Breaking Free” of being “Captive”…oh boy what a joy I had reading it… I completed reading week 1….I had so much energy to read week 2…that I am now caught up with the lesson….because I am “Breaking Free” of some of the challenges I am going through….you too can do the same…talk to God in your own way privately…ask him to help you….I feel and believe he wants to help each every one of us….if we only ask…

  • Laura Evans says:

    I have sensed God’s presence most during the illness/death of my mom. I knew I had no control, and felt God’s presence. He guided me to visit at the right time, and I was with her when she died unexpectedly even though I lived 600 miles away.
    I have had a hard time sensing God’s presence during the rebellion of 2 of our children. I think it’s because I still believed I could somehow control them. I’m working on this. I’m learning to trust God with everything – including children.

  • Carol says:

    How do you know when you are spiritually hungry or thirsty? Explain. How do you know when you are spiritually hungry or thirsty? Explain. Before joining the Women’s Bible Café Online Study….I was hungry and thirsty finding a church to attend Bible Study……as I was sitting at my desk that Wednesday afternoon…I had called a church near our home to see what time their evening Bible Study starts….they lady said it was that night at 6:00 p.m. EST…, I said okay I can attend….well, I am still sitting at my desk….and this soft voice spoke to me and said look online….so, I Google Bible Study for online…..I came across three that interest me…..I read about each one…..the Women’s’s Bible Café Study was the third one for me to read….before I could read it the presentation was so beautiful….I started to get more hungry and thirsty trying to come up for air because I was so excited….I couldn’t hardly read it because I was so overwhelmed…..that I had to take a deep breath and focus…to read what was so impressive to me…..when I had finely calm down…I regroup and start reading the web site….I joined immediately…this is why I am here today….since joining I have read “The Voice” by Pricilla Shirer and “Fasting” I cannot remember the author name…however, it was someone that the Women’s Bible Café study had mentioned….both books I had really enjoyed…..I have never read a book in a week in a half….with said, my spiritual hungry and thirsty is that I cannot wait to logon the computer when I am at home or work to read the comments….and reply…..I am truly glad I join…this is why I am here today….

  • Jenny Sharpe says:

    How do you know when you are spiritually hungry or thirsty? At times I have felt and over whelming yearning for God, to be in his presence, to be alone with him to worship. A craving for more of him, and nothing makes that feeling go away until I submit myself to Holy Spirit and spend alone time with God. Just praising him! just loving on him!

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