Breaking Free Online Bible Study | Week 4

With a soft whisper I say “welcome back to bible study.” I know this has been a very difficult week of Breaking Free with Beth Moore. Looking in my workbook, I see the words I penned the first time I completed this study. When Beth Moore asked “how does God want you to respond to what he showed you today?” this was my written response five years ago: “I feel utterly nauseous, tight chest, numbness, pain in my stomach, clenched teeth and physical pain. I’m feeling instant depression and sadness and I have this strong desire to run away and hide.”

breaking free online bible study week 4

After writing this I pushed through my discomfort and broke free from generational bondage. I suspect a few of you are noticing similar feelings of discomfort, while others decided to close the book and keep inside your comfort zone. Change is not comfortable…yet if you do so through prayer and with Jesus beside you, you’ll be thankful when you complete the journey and break free. Don’t hide in your emotions, your addictions or your past. See yourself as God sees you and experience freedom in Christ.

Many of the ruins have been in your family generation for a long time. Satan has been using these ruins to hold your family hostage and keep them from a full relationship with Christ. Did you find any of these while digging into your family archives?

  • Alcoholism
  • Addiction
  • Racism
  • Aggression
  • Abuse
  • Sexual Immorality
  • Affair
  •  Lust
  • Pornography
  • Greed
  • Pride
  • Materialism
  • Self-centerdness
  • Divorce
  • Abandonment
  • Theft
  • Lying
  • Anger
  • Resentment

What other ruins are missing from this list? Post a comment in small group and share what you found while digging around your family tree and tending to the garden. Beth reminds us to purposely seek generational strongholds or they will become so familiar to us that we no longer recognize them in ourselves, our children and our grandchildren. Be the one to break the negative cycles in your family and pass on new values based on Christ. You need to be the change in your generational line.

Satan uses family weakness and generational sin to hold us in captivity. If you don’t recognize and acknowledge the bondage, how can your family ever be set free? What bondage are you passing on to your children and grandchildren? It’s time to re-construct the family tree and sow seeds for the Fruit of the Spirit to thrive. “Accept God’s appointment as a reconstruction worker,” advises Beth Moore.

Assignment For the Week

Group Discussion- Answer below or in your small groups this week

  1. What might be a right reason or attitude for looking back at family history, and what would be a wrong reason? (page 80)
  2. On page 81 Beth Moore says that many of us carry the chains of bondage from pure habit, lack of awareness or lack of Biblical knowledge. Of these three, which most likely keeps you in bondage?
  3. What did you discover after completing the family diagram on page 82 in your workbook? Did you uncover any generational bondage? Do not share anything that you want to keep private.
  4. What behavior might you see in your life that you disliked in your parents or grandparents? Do not share anything that you want to keep private. (page 88)
  5. Knowing that Satan’s priority is to create generational bondage in the life of a Christian, what are you willing to do in your own life to protect future generations of your family?

With Love,

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  • Debbie says:

    I am so far behind. But God keeps nudging me. I have been moving, trying to deal with a situation at work regarding a mistake they made on my last contract years ago, cleaning up a desolate place full of bad memories, dealing with stress and health problems as a result. But I think this week, even though it’s taken too long, has been the most revealing. I am even more motivated to let God break me free from bondage than ever before. I have gone through this Bible Study once, but I saw things now that mean more to me than they did before. God has his timing.

    Habit has kept me in my chains, reacting in panic to threatening situations. Real and unreal.

    I had not realized the concept about moving boundaries like I do now. My first thought was “where are the boundaries!” I have some very strong areas where boundaries were kept, but the others are so difficult to see. I am so used to them.

    I guess the most damaging behavior in my family has been covering things up, second would be doing everything our own way and changing the rules mid stream. It left me in an unreal world. I had to make up my own rules and I didn’t know but I kept it up even after more than 40 years of being a Christian and thinking I was doing fine because I didn’t have any overt bad behavior. I think I was a model only in my own eyes.

    Now instead of trying to work on everybody else I am working on my own response. I have grandchildren, I would like to be someone they will see God in. I am working on my response to what happens to me. This is big. I have so much work to retrace. God is giving me a second chance. I am so thankful. It’s tough for me not to work on solving problems and let God work in His way and timing.

  • Robbin Weigle. says:

    I. A right reason to look back is seeing the generations of habits and how it affects our personal bondage and walk with The Lord.
    2 . The wrong reason is to judge. Lack of biblical knowledge.
    3 . Yes
    5 . Break the cycle in gentle ways i do see repeated habits In my self and my family. I pray and I’m learning I need to remember they are not in this study program so I must be gentle.

  • Kate says:

    Anxiousness can be added. Anxiety attack? I’ve been learning, by The Lord’s grace, to step outside myself long enough to ask some questions to help refocus. Questions like, “Honestly, to what degree am I trusting God in this situation? Scale of 1-10 “Breathe! Relax your chest!”

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