Wonderstruck Online Bible Study Week 2

Welcome to womens online Bible study as we study week two of Wonderstruck by Margaret Feinberg. Our focus this week has been on how life unravels and discovering the great I AM in the midst of trouble. I was delighted to study this lesson after a tough week and two family funerals! When faced with our own “Job Moment” we really have two options: 1) throw yourself a pity party or 2) lean in to Jesus. Margaret Feinberg offers us this truth:  “God listens to our stinging words, embraces our frail hearts, and meets us where we are.”


He certainly met me one month ago today when I learned my Aunt Pat died! After the initial shock of the phone call, my husband and children heard me repeat the “why” question. “Why didn’t you tell me she was going to die, so I could pray for her?’ I’m certain I repeated this at least ten times, because my husband gently told my children “Mom is not mad at God. She’s just asking Him why this happened.” I then explained to my husband and children that on several occasions, the Lord revealed to me someone who was going to die and I prayed. The person either died the same day or 3 weeks later. So when He did not reveal to me that my aunt would die, I asked Him the why question that would eventually heal me.

You see, after I waited long enough to hear God answer in my heart, I understood why. He did not reveal her death to me ahead of time because Jesus was praying for her.

I never angered and my question was answered in love. Immediate peace washed over me as I understood and acknowledged His will, not mine. In fact, later I realize that I was sitting in pride…who am I to insist on an opportunity to pray, when my prayer was not necessary or called for by God. Ouch!

Have you examined your own “why” questions this week? I’d enjoy sitting in a room with you and listening to your stories. What did you discover when God answered, or are you still waiting patiently for His response? Did you ask Him in a confrontational manner, or with love? Did you have a Holy Expectation to your question, or were you judging His will?

When you’re busy having a pity party, you miss the glory of the King. His wonder is dulled by your own reflection. isn’t it time to clean the mirror? How do we do this? Through worship and Bible study! “When life unravels, we must come to terms with the loss or pain in order to move forward with life and with God,” writes Margaret Feinberg.

Take time this week and look at your own catastrophic events of the past 12 months.  Did you walk through the stages of grief Margaret mentions on page 35, or do you still have some work to do?

Are you receptive to the wonder of God…or is your vision clouded? Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal this to you. Share your thoughts in small groups or privately with your small group leader. You can also message me when you click here.

Prayer Requests

Our Prayer Wall has many requests, so please visit the page during the week and pray for these women who are asking for your help. If you have a prayer request, post a comment on the wall.

For Next Week

  • Read Week Three in your book.
  • Listen to Video Session Three (optional due to cost)
  • Check in with your Small Group for prayer requests and fellowship

Group Discussion- Answer one question or as many as you like

  1. Do you tend to focus on the Why or the Who in the midst of life’s challenges? (page 37 )
  2. What does it look like for you to pursue God in the moments when life unravels? Describe the scene. (page 37 )
  3. In the past week, when have you been reminded of God’s presence in your life? (page 49 )
  4. When is the last time you encountered something in nature that nurtured your desire or appreciation for God? (page 53 )

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  • Susan says:

    1.Do you tend to focus on the Why or the Who in the midst of life’s challenges? (page 37 )
    I tend to focus on the WHO and the WHAT . . my prayer is constantly, God, What am I supposed to do with this? How will you/can you be glorified through this?

    2.What does it look like for you to pursue God in the moments when life unravels? Describe the scene. (page 37 )
    I think of a old Twila Paris song, about running to you faster now . .. and that is what I do – -run to God . . . . fast!

    3.In the past week, when have you been reminded of God’s presence in your life? (page 49 )
    when dealing with the death of a friend.

    4.When is the last time you encountered something in nature that nurtured your desire or appreciation for God? (page 53 )
    wow – I am behind in answering my questions and this week was the tornado in Oklahoma . .. and it reminded me that ONLY God can bring healing to those people.
    I love walking in parks – the springtime and fall are my favorite – -the crispness, the colors, the smells – all reminders of what a creative God we have.

    I really loved what she wrote on page 49 about God being the “Mem” in our lives.

  • mandy3381 says:

    I am soo far behind in this study it isn’t funny. I was sick when we started and last week was a very sick week with bad sinus infection. I just now completed week 2. Please pray for me as I struggle trying my hardest to catch up. I don’t want to rush too much through the study to catch up because i already feel i am missing alot of God’s gems along the way

  • Carolyn Wall says:

    1.I have to say that getting to know the Who helps describe the Why in our lives sometimes-He is always Faithful-when I found out my son Chris was diagnosed with a terminal disease in the middle of adoption process the challenge was pray for healing which two sisters and many other people felt the Lord was guiding us, we did and he was healed of enzyme disease–we would of taken him whether or not he was healed, that was the Lords decision for Chris. 2/In my Mom Lois’s case after finding out she had colon cancer, the Lord had said to me Carolyn, I will work out the details of Lois’s life, a wk. later in her sleep she went Home, and she was healed there of that cancer, she wanted to go Home to be with my Dad, and others. Asking Him in humble attitude WHY lets us get to know the WHO, and learn about Him and His character and Love, Carolyn

    • mandy3381 says:

      Oh my goodness, i am soo sorry about the loss of your mom, and completely uunderstand the decision to take your son, healed or not. Those circumstances alone would have left me totally distraught and with anger questions of WHY to God. I admire you seeking the Who God is through those situations. I fully agree with you on the asking WHY allows us to get to know God more intimately. Thank you dear sister for sharing

  • Carolyn Wall says:

    Dear Ones, I had to comment on the Rest part of the study Margaret talked about Sabbath, I seemed soooo tired today and my whole body hurt, I don’t usually complain, I thought whats going on???Then, as I read Margaret s book and study I thought I need a Sabbath today, I had done mowing, trimming, decluttering, and been busy all weekend, I needed a Sabbath so today I watched movies and multi-tasked computer and did study some and felt all muscles get calmer and mood restored and also ordered Pizza Hut and did NO cooking!Not even exercise, ha!Needed a break, so if you each need one, do something for yourself, restore my soul and spirit Lord, this part of study was good for me, please pray empowerment, strength, wisdom, and also 2 unspoken thanx so much,Lord don’t let me run ahead of You, strengthen us, and bring laughter and refreshment, Carolyn

  • Carolyn Wall says:

    Dear Ones, I’m answering number 4/ In nature its been looking at Eagles, they are soooooo majestic.Love the verse where it says we mount up with wings of Eagles, In Maryland where I visit my sister they have a Dam where eagles gather and its a great time watching the huge birds there and all wild life. Also my son Chris gets egg pods of praying mantis’s every year, and at least he raises one to adult hood and goes and goes and catches bugs for them to eat, one Thanksgiving at my Moms I looked over at her Dining room hutch there in a bug cage full grown stared a bug eyed praying mantis wanting my turkey, what Chris does is different and amazing he used to do butterflies also every yr. also!!After my parents passed away I put stuff more on my deck and more wildlife came up and ate and I would sit and watch with amazement, also we live on a ravine so all kinds of animals are around, I thank the Lord for choosing where we live its like being in woods in the city!! Warmly, Carolyn

  • Carolyn Wall says:

    Dear Ones—I wrote a whole paragraph and then I forgot to fill in the bottom below and it deleted, GRRRR!!Anyway I’m answering question 1/I discovered more about trusting in the WHO when Chris our son was 13 mo’s and I was in the process of adopting him and we found out he had a terminal enzyme disease, the Lord decided to heal him, even when we agreed to adopt him no matter what transpired, you discover the Lord’s heart and sovereignty, Hes the one who knows the number of our days, but humanly speaking the devastation of finding out what life sometimes hands us—throws us to the WHY and too the WHO–I believe He welcomes both, because in asking WHY to the WHO we find out His character and Heart of God—-He holds the Beginning to the End of our lives. 2/My Mom passed away in 2010, she wanted to go—she found out she had colon/bladder cancer, she just wanted to go Home to Heaven and see my Dad, and others, she felt her time here was done–a wk. after she found this out the Lord told me Carolyn, I will work out the details of Lois’s life, He did He took her in her sleep in the Hospital, just as simple and quiet!She was a greattttt lady-quiet with great faith in her WHO–when she didn’t understand the WHY–knowing the WHO and His heart was enough—ohhh, I miss her soooo much–BUT I have the GENUINE HOPE of seeing her again and my Dad, Uncle, etc.!!Their souls are eternally His!!I felt unraveled at times, and on the edge, but envisioned me in the center of a BIG HAND—, it took 2 yrs. this year I’ve healed more, they would want us to go forward one step at a time one day at a time is great gain—and sharing about the WHO so others can find out WHY we believe in Him and salvation, etc. My husband and I, and my sister Linda and brother-in-law Jim spoke each at my parents funerals, we couldn’t help but speak of their faith and WHO they believed in, they were sooo “RICH” in knowing the WHO and running their races and finishing their courses.Jesus empowered us, Hes always Faithful to be there for us and all of you–I know and I’m sure many of you sisters know we do it daily with His empowerment–I have to be reminded to come to Him!!Christine, you and family have been on my heart and in my prayers—I pray a special touch and empowerment for you and family, and peace and may you all be ministered too!!He loves you all, Warmly, Carolyn I’, behind on study please pray empowerment for me, thanx, Ladies!!

  • missy2u says:

    Once again I’m sorry about your lost Christine.

    Do you tend to focus on the Why or the Who in the midst of life’s challenges? (page 37 )

    To be honest, I cannot remember a time when I blamed God for things that have happened in my life. For as long as I can remember I look at the bad as a learning playground or a space for me to question God as to what i need to learn from this? After 12 years I found myself single, I was angry, hurt and confused, but I didn’t move from God I ran to Him, now don’t get it twisted I cried and screamed first and wanted revenge on the person, but then I got a vision and REMEMBERED. I do the same today so I remember WHO in the midst of my turmoil, after fear, and anger set it.

    When is the last time you encountered something in nature that nurtured your desire or appreciation for God? (page 53 )

    There is a vacant lot near my home that I past every day on my way to the train, this lot has been an eye soar for a long time. I noticed last year that so much trash is being thrown in it, that it looks like a dumping ground for garbage. BUT if you look real close smack dead in the middle among ALL the paper and bottles you will see purple weeds sprouting out saying look at me not the trash. Now that is an amazing moment from God, showing the world how He can make good out of bad.

    This week really touch my heart, and showing me a new appreciation for what I rush through in life at times.

    • Carolyn Wall says:

      Missy, what neat little/BIG stories mean alot to hear them they ministered to me, be neat if they could make the vacant lot a park done with community help made beautiful like you saw somehow!!!Thanx, Carolyn

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