Wonderstruck Online Bible Study Week 3

Welcome to another week of online Bible study for women as we study Wonderstruck by Margaret Feinberg. This week we discovered the wonder of rest, as we looked at resting from a Biblical perspective. Were you convicted to make some changes in your schedule this week? Margaret reminds us that resting on the Sabbath is not a suggestion, its actually a commandment and one we most often neglect.

Be Still

I looked at the NIV Bible translation this week and there are more than 500+ scripture references with the word “rest.” Then I looked at the Strongs Concordance #1515 and saw that eiréné is the Greek word meaning “peace, peace of mind; invocation of peace a common Jewish farewell, in the Hebraistic sense of the health (welfare) of an individual.” So it appears “rest” is good for your health!  Digging deeper, in Strongs Concordance #5117 the Hebrew word nûach means “settle down, to dwell, stay, let fall, place, let alone, withdraw, give comfort.” Looking at the Greek and Hebrew meaning, ARE you taking time to find peace of mind, settle down, withdraw and improve your health?

Margaret Feinberg suggests adding reflection and relaxation time into your schedule. She writes “The pause awakens us to God…when I’m physically tired, weary or stressed, I’m less likely to live with an awareness of the Holy Spirit.” Then she gave us two helpful tools for resting- the art of saying “no” and the activities list we created on page 73 in the workbook.

Ladies, it’s imperative that we create that quiet place in our lives where we sit and reflect. In small groups this week we’ve been discussing what prevents us from finding the quiet place. There is simplicity in resting…my prayer is that sometime this week you’ll find that quiet place to be!

I’m asking God for one thing,
only one thing:
To live with him in his house
my whole life long.
I’ll contemplate his beauty;
I’ll study at his feet.

That’s the only quiet, secure place
in a noisy world,
The perfect getaway,
far from the buzz of traffic. Psalm 27:3-5 Message Version

That quiet place is in your heart…where Christ dwells. Seek Him!

Prayer Requests

Our Prayer Wall has many requests, so please visit the page during the week and pray for these women who are asking for your help. If you have a prayer request, post a comment on the wall.

For Next Week

  • Read Week Four in your book.
  • Listen to Video Session Four (optional due to cost)
  • Check in with your Small Group for prayer requests and fellowship

Group Discussion- Answer here or with your small group

  1. What challenge do you have in slowing down and resting more?
  2. In what areas of your life are you prone to overcommit and overextend yourself?
  3. What happens when you spend more time with Jesus, how do you feel while “resting in Him?”
  4. What is one thing in your life right now that you wish you had said “no” to? What stopped you from saying “no” at the time? (page 69 )
  5. What did you discover from the activity list on page 73 in your workbook? Did you select an activity from your list and make time for it last week?
  6. How does observing the Sabbath rest challenge you to trust God for the provision in your life? (page 78 )


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  • Susan says:

    For me I have been undergoing some major change to establishing my Sabbath time . . I am now an empty nester. I have been taking Saturdays as “my” day. Doing Bible studies in the morning, rest a little enjoying things I like in the afternoon . .supper has become a simple soup/sandwich time . .. I have really enjoyed this – it was hard having my daughter and grandson move out (glad for the reason she remarried – but I miss the “life” they bought into our home). Now, instead of dreading Saturday, I look forward to it. Good quality time with God that gives me the time to prepare for Sunday teaching and worship, and family time.

  • Carolyn Wall says:

    Christine what do you do on your Sabbath??Carolyn

  • Carolyn Wall says:

    Tracy, thanks for sharing that thats cool—the Blessings that happen!!I needed to hear that positive feedback!!Carolyn

  • Carolyn Wall says:

    I was raised in a time when Sunday was just considered a rest day, sometimes at the time I would get bored as a teenager.Now as my parents are with Lord, I thank the Lord for the Sunday dinners in our little house where with realtives we would laugh and eat and laugh more with my Dad’s southern realtives and I loved the YA’LL accent!!Then as we got older my Mom;s brother Uncle Dave brought his 3 kids over to play basketball and eat, that was great!!Then after we adopted our kids my sister and family and my parents and our family would hang out!!I’m praying Blessing upon each of you and your Sabbaths, also Mine, sometimes I have it in the middle of the week also, I took an old green plastic bench and cleaned it up and placed it down by our ravine in the back, then I found a plant stand,put a pansy plant in it, and put a little flag I found in garage next to it!!On the Sabbath I just want to sit there, and meditate, I need to re-learn this also, but we all will, Lord help us and pour out your Blessings, I need you!!Thanks, for sharing!!Carolyn

  • Carolyn Wall says:

    Missy, thanx for the feedback!!That ministered to me, Carolyn

  • Missy (Laverne) says:

    Our lesson forced me to take a look at a few more Scripture about rest and this is one that really gave me peace:

    Psalms 55:6 And I say, “Oh, that I had wings like a dove! I would fly away and be at rest (now this is a vision huh)

    I thought I was lazy or unmotivated because I don’t really nap, but I do rest. For me resting is doing work on my book club or bible study and reading the bible. For me all those refresh my mind and body. But don’t get me wrong there are times when I need to lay it down and I do. But this lesson validated my feeling of being busy I don’t have to be and just because others are it doesn’t make me non-productive..(smile)

    Observing the Sabbath challenges my faith and pushes it to another level, a place I am ready to go with God.

    Lord help me to you and your answers in my everyday activity, bless this ministry.

    • Tracy says:

      Istarted observing the Sabbath years ago in Medical school. It was very difficult because many of our exams were on Mondays! I told God I would observe the Sabbath, but that he had to take care of my grades.Guess what? They went up!

      • Tracy says:

        As a family we have decided to forgo all media except for Christian music. It is marvelous! Even our kids like it. By Sunday evening we are relaxed. I have plenty of time to read books, go on a walk, work on my quilt or in my garden. It is lovely!

      • I worked in retail and then real estate so I never knew a day of not working on the Sabbath! I’ve been doing this since I was 16 years old so I’m re-learning…

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